Here you can access excerpts from many of the courses in our metaphysical degree programs. To see a list of the courses for each level, visit the bachelor’s curriculum, master’s curriculum, or elective pages.

Transforming Personality

Transforming one’s personality can be quite a challenge. The personality is a rather wily entity unto itself, and at times resists being controlled. It is a dualistic creation consisting of both dark aspects [...]


The word Enneagram (pronounced any-a-gram) comes from the Greek language. Ennea means “nine” and grammos means “sign/figure” in Greek. The Enneagram is a symbol that you may have seen before, and is often [...]

Great Spiritual Masters and Teachers

Lao Tzu (Dates estimated by scholars that he lived between 300 and 600 B.C.) The biography of Lao Tzu is difficult to trace, and several people questioned whether or not one actual person [...]


Guide (Guru, Sage, Crone, Wise Woman, Spiritual Master, Evangelist, Preacher) The guide takes the role of the spiritual teacher. Even a common person who is often the giver of advice to friends has [...]

First Causes and Core Issues

The way to disperse the energy of several branched beliefs from a core belief is to eliminate the “root,” the core belief. By changing one’s outlook from “the world is dark” to “the [...]

The Mystical Beginnings of Christianity

The history of this region of the world goes back some 5,000 years. The Canaanites were the earliest known inhabitants of Palestine, about 3,000 B.C. They became urbanized and lived in city-states, one [...]

Shadow Work

Shadow Work can be defined as a deep process of psycho-emotional healing. The purpose of Shadow Work is to help us evolve through cultivating our awareness of as many physical, mental, spiritual and [...]

Crystals and Gemstones

One of the most simple and effective ways to utilize crystal energy is to wear them as jewelry. The main spots on the body they are usually worn are around the neck, on [...]

Wizards, Adepts, and Mystery Schools

Egypt, for the most part, is where all magical traditions began. Most magical practices have their roots in the traditions practiced in ancient Egypt. Even Christian practices have roots in the magical practices [...]

Energy of Money

It is likely that many of us have heard the adage that money is the root of all evil and that it can’t buy us love or happiness. Although it is all too [...]

Cleansing and Fasting

In looking at cleansing and fasting for ourselves or others, the environment in which we detoxify is highly important. One’s environment can hold a range of toxic energies to healing energies, which will [...]


Throughout time, humans have explored the boundaries of consciousness and beyond, and journeyed between the worlds of energy and form. Shamanism describes this practice, and the many forms it takes throughout the cultures [...]

Holistic Life Coaching

In order to fully understand what life coaching is, it helps to have a working definition. It turns out this is not quite as straightforward as it sounds; many references seem to describe [...]

  • Transpersonal Counseling and Healing

Transpersonal Counseling and Healing

The dilemmas of our postmodern civilization make it necessary for us to adapt to new ways of being in the world. One might experience this in everyday life as their reaction to horrors [...]

Spiritual Counseling

Spiritual counseling offers clients sessions that focus on the spiritual side of their being. Spiritual counselors may look at their clients through a lens that is unique from other forms of counseling, [...]

Practitioner Ethics

For the most part, being a spiritual teacher is a very pleasant experience. I only bring these darker aspects of being a teacher up because they are possible, and it is important [...]

Attracting Clients

It is one thing to advertise your services or classes, but it is quite another to do energy work on the inner planes. It is possible to do most of your work [...]

Becoming a Spiritual Teacher and Leader

Only through deeply knowing what it means to be a student, mentor, teacher, son, daughter, mother, father, employee, lover, friend, etc. can we understand and have empathy for people as they struggle [...]

  • Abstract Image: Ancient Mayan Calendar and Woman Eye

Mayan Calendar

The Maya occupied a vast territory in Central America that included the present Mexican states of Yucatan, Quintana Roo, Tabasco, and eastern Chiapas, as well as parts of Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador. [...]

  • Bagua with Yin Yang: Feng Shui

Feng Shui: The Art of Placement

Feng Shui is a very old Chinese system of understanding the relationship between humans and the forces of the cosmos. The literal translation of Feng Shui is “wind and water.” The meaning has [...]

  • Woman Praying: Forgiveness


When you hear the word forgiveness what do you think of? There are many forms of forgiveness. It can be an art and a gift to both ourselves and others. Forgiveness can bring [...]

  • Rainbow Flag with Heart Hands: Sexual Identity and Spirituality

Sexual Identity and Spirituality

Gender and sexual orientation nonconformity have been reported throughout history, although the manner in which these dispositions and identities are understood varies with era and culture. Western religious traditions, predominantly founded in Abrahamic [...]

  • Display of dried medicinal herbs. Herbs: A Spiritual Approach

Herbs: A Spiritual Approach

“Everybody needs beauty as well as bread, places to play in and pray in, where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul.”—John Muir, provided by Let us begin [...]

  • Man in Contemplation: Finding Life Purpost

Finding Life Purpose

When you think of life purpose what comes to mind? Do you think about what you have learned in life or what you have done? Do you think of your career or your [...]

  • Haunted House: House Healing for Ghost Hunters

House Healing for Ghost Hunters

Wouldn’t you want to be healed if you were a ghost? After all, we will all eventually experience leaving this physical world, and it does take some time to adjust to being [...]

  • UFO with Full Moon: UFOs & Extraterrestrial Intelligence

UFOs & Extraterrestrial Intelligence

The Metaphysical Nature of the Universe or Beyond The Crossing Point of Light “Thinkest thyself a puny form when within thee the universe is folded?” —Ancient Sufi tradition Dolores Cannon is adamant with [...]

  • Singing Bowl: Vibrational Healing

Vibrational Healing

Vibrational Medicine: Past, Present and Future “When all your energies are brought into harmony, your body flourishes. And when your body flourishes, your soul has a soil in which it can blossom in [...]

  • Healing Hands Using Reiki Energy


Reiki is a Japanese word that means sacred or spiritual energy. Ki is that life energy or universal energy that is cultivated and used in the art of Reiki. The term “universal” [...]

  • Astral Projection

Astral Projection

What is an astral projection? Many of you have most likely heard this term tossed about in metaphysical circles and communities, but do you really know what it is? Perhaps you have [...]

  • Little Girl with Glowing Crystal Ball: Predictions Course


Purification of the Emotions ...Purification is a twofold process that clarifies the emotions, or astral body, and the mind, or mental body. Since emotional problems lead to mental confusion, the emotions must be [...]

  • Looking Out From a Cave: Awakening to the True Self

Awakening to the True Self

Awakening to the True Self is the path home for each of us. It is the path of leaving behind illusions of separation and identification with the mind, body, and emotions for true [...]

  • Dhyana Mudra: Mantras and Mudras

Mantras and Mudras

Mantras Mantras are a phrase or word that is repeated over and over again during meditation. They are meant to assist the user in reaching a higher state of consciousness, especially as [...]

  • Man being a channel for spirit: Channeling Skills

Channeling Skills

Channeling is an ancient metaphysical science. Although it enjoyed a peak level of acceptance in the late 1980’s in the United States, it has been around longer than the word itself. After [...]

  • Angel Statue: Connecting with Angels

Connecting With Angels

What is an Angel? The word angel means messenger. Angels are literally messengers who are themselves the message.  Angels are holy beings who perform divine tasks in the service of the Holy Spirit [...]

  • Beautiful Image of Sun and Clouds: A Course in Miracles

A Course In Miracles

A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is a step-by-step system of spiritual thought that consists of a three-volume set of channeled literature. It includes a 622-page Text, a 478-page Workbook for Students, and an [...]

Hypnosis and Beyond

Hypnosis as a complete practice seems to encompass a wide range of techniques designed to produce very different effects or achieve particular ends. The art of hypnosis blends into mediumship and spiritism. [...]

Spiritual Symbols and Colors

Symbols have always surrounded us in our daily lives and allow us to process immense amounts of information in a short time. We make quick decisions based on a glance at street signs. [...]

Gods, Goddesses & Mythology

Of all the systems of mythology, the Norse mythic cosmology -- along with its own pantheon and language, the Runes—is the only one that does not claim its origin in an ancient [...]

World Religions

The subject of religion has as many beliefs, feelings, and perceptions around it as there are people on the planet.  In a way, everyone has their own religion, even if they subscribe [...]

Meditation Skills

In recent years the scientific community has taken a strong interest in studying the effects of meditation. Because of the links found between stress and disease, and the interest in relaxation as [...]

Pranayama and The Art of Breathing

Emotions have a lot to do with breathing. When a person is relaxed and happy, diaphragmatic breathing is a natural result. When people are angry, fearful or otherwise “tight,” they mostly use [...]

Divination Systems

Just think of what a single day in your life would be like if you did not use any numbers at all. You would not be able to use your cell phone, [...]

Mysterious Experiences

In 1882, a group of eminent thinkers formed the British Society for Psychical Research to investigate paranormal phenomena, in the form of telepathy, mediumship, séances and apparitions.  In Alternate Realities (1976) we [...]

Dreams and Dreaming

Dreams have long been a source of intrigue and mystery to humankind since the beginning of time. When was the first dream? It is speculated by scientists that dreams began 130 million [...]

Anger Management

The aim of anger management is to construct a means to dismantle the automatic anger reflex by introducing conscious awareness of how and why we react, and to develop acceptable alternative behaviors [...]

Astrology Basics

Early humanity forever searched for order in the chaotic world, an order the gentleness of the night sky provided. In the heavens, the cycle of the Milky Way's starry inhabitants recurred. The [...]

Native American Studies

In order to enter into the world of indigenous, Earth centered people, it is first necessary to try to begin to understand the ways of perceiving and understanding of the First People [...]

Soulmate Relationships

There are many who are searching for their soulmate as their “one and only” person in life, and yet do not have a clear understanding of what a soulmate may be. The [...]

Chakras and Auras

The study and knowledge of chakras and the human aura is common to almost everyone who studies metaphysics, for it is nearly impossible to not run across this information in metaphysical studies. [...]

Manifestation Skills

You can have a magical life where all your wishes come true. You have the magic wand already. It’s a simple matter of harnessing the power of your mind and your feelings [...]

Psychic Skills

The extra-ordinary powers of the mind known as "psychic abilities" are an inherent gift to all of us. Melita Denning and Osborne Phillips tell us in their book The Development Of Psychic Powers (1988) [...]


As a general statement, reincarnation is the belief that the same soul can incarnate into different physical bodies to experience multiple lives on the physical plane over a course of time. The [...]

Unlocking Creativity

Unlocking your creativity can be both magically transforming, and yet supremely practical. How much better off would we be if government were more creative in dealing with the issues it faces? The benefit [...]

The Craft

The craft practiced by those who may be recognized as a “witch” is an evolving methodology. Webster’s Dictionary defines “craft” within this context as “a special skill, art or dexterity…an occupation requiring special skill…members [...]

Healing the Inner Child

The inner child is a concept that has been thoroughly explored by psychologists, psychotherapists, spiritual, and religious healers throughout time. Carl Jung called it the “Divine Child,” Sandor Ferenczi the “Wise Child,” Emmet [...]

Emotional Well-Being

Emotional well-being is well within your grasp. You can train your emotional body to gravitate toward certain emotions rather than others. It is possible to choose emotions at will, rather than let [...]

Communication Skills

The improvement of interpersonal communication skills is integral to the healing of our planet in these fragmented, complex times. The individual must heal the spirit inside before the spirit of humanity is [...]