“Learn how to see. Realize everything connects to everything else.”
~Leonardo DaVinci

University of Metaphysical Sciences has chosen the flower of life as our logo because it is such a beautiful structure which, when observed, shows us the incredible nature of reality, awareness, consciousness ~  The Mind of God.

However you choose to think about and speak about the creative force underlying and organizing all that we experience and perceive, when we look deeply, we can see that almost all faiths and all spiritual gleanings from cultures throughout human awareness are based on the understanding that we are ONE BEING, and this ONE BEING is the source of all that is. What Leonardo DaVinci said so simply but with crystal clarity, is the profound truth that UMS is dedicated to offering and sharing through our unique program.

Our Vision

UMS envisions humanity coexisting peacefully on our beautiful planet through a spiritual awakening in which individuals come to recognize the oneness of all creation, and live with love, caring, and compassion for one another, for all living beings, and for our Mother Earth.

Our Mission

UMS offers a distance learning program designed to assist spiritual seekers, teachers, healers, and leaders in becoming knowledgeable about metaphysical concepts and discovering the true self. Through self-healing, introspection, and increased spiritual awareness, our graduates become a radiant source of love and grace prepared to assist humanity in its spiritual evolution and awakening.

Wisdom of the Heart Church 501(c)3

University of Metaphysical Sciences is a program of Wisdom of the Heart Church, a 501(c)3 which is registered as a non-profit corporation in both California and Minnesota, USA. Through UMS, Wisdom of the Heart Church is able to offer metaphysical teachings to people all over the world who are seeking to expand their consciousness, and fully integrate spirituality into their personal and professional lives.

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Our Founder

University of Metaphysical Sciences was co~created, and birthed into form, by Christine Breese. She felt an undeniable calling to create a school where people could heal, learn to meditate, and discover ever deeper layers of truth about the nature of the self and reality, while earning credentials to help others do the same. She also felt a strong calling to make sure that people could access this affordably. Christine literally started UMS with a small loan from family, and by using a month of grocery money to pay her first few employees to begin to manifest the vision.

In those early days, Christine would work very long hours and often would express not knowing what she was signing up for when she began this project. Christine had reached a point in her journey where she became totally surrendered and dedicated to fulfilling her life purpose. She would express that she was being lead, shown, and often pushed by spirit to create this school, because the world needed it, and she was the one who was not only hearing this call, but the one who had the fortitude, energy, creativity, and just pure stubbornness to make it happen. Thank you, Christine! The Blessings return many times over to you…

Our Family

When people become involved with UMS, whether as students, employees, or in another capacity, there is often synchronicity, a strong sense of alignment, or a certain magnetism that happens for them. Those of us who have been involved for years know that UMS has powerful support from spirit. This is truly unique and transformational work, and those called to enroll have access to this very focused support.

The advisors at UMS who work with students also experience this special magic, and it supports us in our work and in our lives. We are all so deeply honored and overjoyed to work with those who feel the calling to engage in this process. We all have a very powerful, day to day direct experience with ONENESS as our deeper reality, as we see and feel it all the time in working with our amazing students! It is a very common occurrence in the UMS office to hear an advisor exclaim loudly and with great enthusiasm “I love our students!”  We truly feel a sense of heart connection with all of our UMS family who are spreading the healing, love, awareness peace, and blessings far and wide.

We look forward to welcoming you if you feel the call.