Connect with your inner guidance about enrolling with UMS.

We at University of Metaphysical Sciences honor each individual’s chosen path, and understand that embarking on a life-changing journey is a major decision.

If you are not feeling clear about whether UMS is a good fit, you may want to try this short meditation to tune into your emotional intelligence and see where it leads you.

Is UMS the highest path for me at this time?

Close your eyes and breathe deeply. Spend a few minutes letting your mind become quiet and still. Allow all of your thoughts, concerns, stresses, worries, and tensions to melt away with each breath.

Begin to be aware of your energy body. As you continue to breathe deeply, find yourself going inward and connecting with your own wisdom. Feel how you are a fluid, dynamic energy system, and also how, at the center, you are completely quiet, still, and at peace. At this moment, place your hands over your heart, and feel the energy here, at the source of your emotional and spiritual intelligence.

Now, through this lens, begin to visualize the energy of UMS. What does it look like? How does it feel? What are the colors, shapes, and general vibration? When you imagine enrolling with UMS, and beginning this type of journey, how does it feel? Take your time, and look closely, as your emotional and intuitive intelligence will steer you in the best direction for you at this time.

Now imagine being a student of UMS, and completing coursework in all these areas of metaphysics, and doing intensive meditation and healing work through this process. Though you may not know what this looks like physically, you can connect with the energy, and see what it looks like in this moment. How does it feel? Does it resonate with you?

UMS has many light beings who work with the students and with the overall energies. You can connect with them and see what their energy is like as well. Take a moment to connect with these high vibrational beings. See how this feels to you. You can ask them questions if you feel like it. They will help guide you in a loving, neutral, and objective way, as they are only concerned with the highest good of all beings.

Now imagine yourself finding whatever it is that brought you to this inquiry. What does it feel like? Are you ready for this level of transformation in your life? Tune into your deepest heart’s desire… trust that you hold all the answers you need within. Take a few moments to reflect on the messages you received.

Give thanks for these messages, and for all beings who assisted or contributed in this moment. Blessed be.

We hope that this process helps you to look within and gain clarity to assist with your decision. We truly want all of our students to feel that this is the highest path for them before they enroll.

As always, let your heart guide you.