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If we all come together, and focus to affect the mass consciousness of humanity,
we can change the world.

Meditations to Share

Please share these World Peace Meditations with as many people as possible. Let’s all come together and focus on a peaceful planet and the healing for humanity that is happening.

These meditations come from Christine Breese’s heart to yours, offered because now is such an important time in humanity’s history. We hope you join us as the world comes together in focus and intention for the better world we all want to create!

Watch this video to see proof that it works: Can Group Meditation Bring World Peace?

Using These Meditations

Use headphones if you can, as you will get the full sound experience if you do. Just put your headphones on, relax, close your eyes, and see where these journey takes you.

These meditations are designed to be listened to more than once, so feel free to reuse them, perhaps focusing on different situations and people in the meditations that guide you to focus on something you want to see change or improve. There are a lot of opportunities here for you to affect change in many different places, situations and people.

We hope you enjoy the meditations, and thank YOU for doing your part to change the world!

Click to view the file, or right click and “Save link as” to download.

While copyrighted, these meditations are free to everyone!  We do ask is that if you create any public display or sharing, please give credit to the creators of these meditations. We also ask that you do not sell these meditations.

Required Credits are as follows: Free World Peace Meditations by, Music by, Produced by University of Metaphysical Sciences

Making Donations
If you get a lot out of these meditations, and are moved to make a donation feel free, but it’s not required. Any donation you to Wisdom of the Heart Church 501(c)3 will go to the scholarship fund for assisting low income people who want to attend UMS. We have had more requests in these challenging economic times for scholarships than ever before!

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wow, awesome forum topic.Thanks Again. Really Cool. Oconor

Jason Walz

I needed to hear the meditation Loving the Bad Guys.

Stella M Stockton

As always, powerful, beautiful, and inspiring messages from Christine. This has boosted my hope and offered a powerful tool to contribute positively to the collective. So needed in light of recent world events. Thank you UMS!

Tarek El Chayeb

“Loving the bad guys” really pulled me out of a deep depression/frustration that I have been living with since I recently witnessed first hand the monstrosities that some people unleash on the people under their control… i wish I could get to the point where I would believe that people like that still have concepts like love or compassion in their hearts as they constantly degrade other people… But at least now I have room in my heart to love them instead of hating them… thank you for that