“Why, sometimes I’ve believed as many as six impossible things before breakfast.”  ~Lewis Carroll, Alice in Wonderland

The UMS curriculum is designed so that you can experience a holistic process throughout. At the core of the program are our unique guided meditations. These meditations are designed to encourage you to have progressively deeper experiences. Quieting the mind enables one to connect with pure consciousness, spirit, creator, or whatever you choose to call it. The main underlying intention within the UMS curriculum is to give you ample opportunity to experience deep states of spiritual awareness through meditation. This process helps you live more and more in what Christine Breese, UMS founder, would call the “magic zone,” where anything is possible, where you become aware of and begin working with energy or “pre-matter,” and become a conscious creator of your reality.

The UMS curriculum also takes you on a journey which touches on many aspects of human spiritual development throughout time and all over the world. You are introduced to significant spiritual teachers, world religions, divination systems, psychic skills, and many different spiritual teachings and healing modalities. There is an intentional progression throughout the program beginning at the bachelor’s level, and moving sequentially through the master’s and doctoral programs.

  • The Bachelor’s level curriculum contains 40 core courses and 10 elective choices, and is the most curriculum rich level. Upon completion of this program, you will receive a bachelor’s degree. The UMS Bachelor’s curriculum must be completed in order to move on to the Master’s program.
  • The Master’s level curriculum contains 25 core courses and 5 electives, including the final Masters Culminating Project, which is specifically designed to support you in stretching your abilities and furthering your spiritual, personal, and professional goals. Upon completion of this level, you will receive a masters degree, be ordained by Wisdom of the Heart Church, and also receive a practitioner’s certificate which allows you to practice hands on healing. The UMS Bachelors and Masters programs must be completed in order to move on to the Doctorate program.
  • The Doctoral level contains no coursework, and instead gives you the opportunity to choose an area of research and exploration in metaphysics that you are interested in to further your own growth, and increase your spiritual knowledge and awareness. Upon completion of this level you will receive the high honor of a doctoral or Ph.D. degree. If desired, upon payment for and completion of a second dissertation, you can earn both a doctorate and a Ph.D.
  • Our Elective choices apply to both the bachelor’s and master’s curriculum. We are always expanding this list, as we focus on covering many different topics in metaphysics.

Sample courses are available for free download, to give you a glimpse of what you will be learning through our metaphysical degree program.