Just think of what a single day in your life would be like if you did not use any numbers at all. You would not be able to use your cell phone, banks would close, schools, hospitals and airports, would all cease to operate. Basically, life as we know it would revert to the dark ages.

The science of numbers (numerology) originated in Greek and Hebrew cultures. Although the significance of numbers dates back to prehistoric times when mankind was first able to sense numbers using pictures or by comparing a four-legged animal to four animal skins when trading. Simply put, by Ellin Dodge in Numerology Has Your Number (1988), “Numerology is a mystical arithmetic system that reveals character, personality, and experience through the sensible progressions of numbers.” There is a powerful link between letters and numbers. Divination with numbers was first devised by the ancient Egyptians who assigned “magic” numbers to certain letters, using them to foretell the future. Mathematicians think the Egyptians must have had a special understanding of numbers and mathematics in order to build the pyramids. It seems quite natural that they also used numbers for divination purposes. Numerology was “modernized” in the sixth century B.C. by Pythagoras, a Greek born in 580 B.C. He is considered by most to be the father of modern numerology. Even though it has developed and evolved in current time, there are still varying forms of numerology practiced today. There have been a very large number of books published on the topic, according to The Prediction Book of Divination (1984) by Jo Logan and Lindsay Hodson, “This is considered to be one of the easiest occult subjects to learn and master.”

Have you ever noticed that certain numbers appear repeatedly throughout your life, in addresses, phone numbers, license plates and so on. It is a well-known theory that everyone has a lucky number and an unlucky number. Think back to the happiest events in your life, and think about the dates. Does one particular number appear again and again? Then recall traumatic or unpleasant events in your life, and go through the same process.

Generally, odd numbers have been considered luckier and more powerful than even ones. Odd numbers are thought to be masculine, even numbers are feminine. However, according to the book Oriental Mystic Book of Fortune-Telling by Plutonius “Numbers are, strictly speaking, neither lucky nor unlucky for they depend entirely on expression of harmony that the person has with vibrations affecting them.”

When we apply the meanings of individual numbers corresponding to the letters in our names, and the numbers from our birth dates, it provides a complete personality-lifestyle profile. Some who are knowledgeable in metaphysics maintain that the soul selects its name to prior to birth to reflect the sound of its capacities. Our universe contains millions of vibrations and every person coming into this world has a unique vibration. Our names can repel or attract depending on their vibrations. The original name chosen for you by your parents is significant, as it was created by the natural laws of attraction, or vibrations, and is more important than any other name you will have, even your married surname.

Although there are other methods of converting letters to numbers, such as the Hebrew Kabalistic system, the easiest and most common method for converting letters to numbers is the simplified modern Pythagorean system, using your name.

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