The courses listed below are electives which may be applied to both the bachelor’s and the master’s. The bachelor’s curriculum requires 10 electives, the master’s requires 5. Drop down for course descriptions.

Gaia is the Primal Mother Goddess, and has come to be synonymous with Mother Earth. Learn about the history of our connection with Gaia, including the Gaia hypothesis, which presents the Earth as a full sentient being.
Different types of ceremonies are discussed. Specific directions for leading these ceremonies are given.
Learn about the subtle healing arts in Taoist concepts, self-healing, healing of others, and healing of the world.
Stress can be addressed by being mindful of daily activities, the mental state and the emotional state. Here are some spiritual approaches to coping with stress.
Notoriously misunderstood and thought to be a prostitute Jesus rescued from stoning, Mary was far more than just a follower of Jesus and some believe she was actually his most beloved friend and lover.
Learn about the art of placement. Feng Shui is an oriental system for placing your furniture and other objects in the home in order to allow for the most optimal energy flow.
Discover what polarity therapy is and how to use it in various healing modalities for individual sessions for self and others.
Radical forgiveness goes beyond ordinary forgiveness in the concept that there is no harm done by any other person against another, adopting blamelessness of others and taking responsibility for one’s creation. Radical forgiveness frees the consciousness to love.
Ayurveda is an Eastern Indian system for knowing what your body type is and eating right for your type. It is very effective in creating health in every individual.
The Qabalah is an ancient system of divine numerology. Letters and numbers are intertwined. This course is only an introduction to this vast and complicated subject.
Falun Gong is a very widespread practice that has been persecuted by the authorities. It is a gentle and benevolent practice for calling in energy from the universe for self-healing and maintenance, and processing the suffering of others.
Explore the concept of the labyrinth as a spiritual tool. The labyrinth of the Chartres Chapel, and modern replications of the labyrinth experience are covered. Included are instructions on building a backyard labyrinth.
The Urantia Book is an extensive amount of material that was and is widely read and studied. Find out what the Urantia Book is about and read some excerpts and their explanations.

Journeys for attracting a mate into your life, and opening yourself to your partner and being loved.
Audio Meditations: Preparing Yourself to Meet Your Mate, Attracting Your Mate

This is an introduction to some of the concepts of Tantra. Tantra is not about spiritually focused sexuality alone, but is a way of being and living, bringing awareness to all that one does.
What is the truth about UFOs and Aliens? An intelligent and level-headed discussion on this subject, and how to make sense of it all.
This course explores several methods for House Healing and working with ghosts who are haunting families or places. Written by a true ghostbuster, this course gives you a look into what is the best way to handle difficult spirits who are disoriented or refuse to leave.
Altars and rituals are discussed. Some basic patterns, designs and ideas are given. From there, creativity does the rest.
In this course, the student will paint, draw, or sketch several different emotions, learning how to interpret emotions through art rather than words.
Hope is a necessary ingredient in our emotional coffers. Without hope, nothing would have ever progressed or evolved. Explore all the aspects of hope and its effects.
Dolphins are a wonderful species that is helping humankind with healing and evolving consciousness. Learn about how to connect with these highly evolved beings.
Rebirthing is a breathing method created by Leonard Orr and has become a very popular Metaphysical healing method. It entails specific breathing methods to induce resurfacing of early traumas in life, including the trauma of birth itself, and bring healing and peace to the events.
This course surveys the experiences of and contributions to the realms of spirituality and religion by gay, lesbian, and transgendered individuals.
This course explores the various concepts in relation to soulmates and ways to have a deeper connection to ourselves and a partner.
Learn about the mysteries of the Mayan Calendar, the meanings of the numbers and years, how the calendar was constructed and what it means to humanity.
Learn the basics of writing in different formats including non-fiction, fiction, self-help and research books. Learn how to make a book outline, how to find your “voice,” and how to find a publisher or self-publish.
Ear candling is an easy way to maintain the health of the ear canal. It is a wonderful way to relieve the sinuses and create well-being in other areas. Specific directions for ear candling are included.
How do they do it? People truly do live on air, light and earth energy alone, without food. Breatharianism produces wonderful states of consciousness and defies the “unescapable” physical law that we think we must eat food in order to live. Find out all about it from a living Breatharian.