Course Excerpt: Manifestation Skills

Written by Carolyn Hoppe, M.A.

>>Manifestation Skills

You can have a magical life where all your wishes come true. You have the magic wand already. It’s a simple matter of harnessing the power of your mind and your feelings to bring your desires to you. Think it, feel it, believe it and be open to receive it. You are a creator! You can reach out anywhere in the universe and pluck out just what you want. You have the power to bring all the beautiful things and feelings into your reality.

Manifesting is the ability to create what you want in your life. Like a magnet, the energy of your thoughts and emotions draw things, people, and experiences to you. Whatever you focus on, negative or positive, will, by the “Law of Attraction,” come into your life. Manifesting is a deliberate creative process of creating consciously.

The essential key to manifesting is to focus on the results and not the problem. If you focus on what you do not want, the energy of your thoughts and emotions will bring it to you. You are constantly creating whether you realize it or not. Robert Anthony, in Know How To Be Rich (2005) says, “What you think equals what you feel and what you feel equals how you vibrate and how you vibrate equals what you attract. Your life will not change because you know what to do. It will change when you do what you know.”

The Law of Attraction is the Law of Cause and Effect. What you put out is what you get back. The more you focus on what you don’t like, the more of it you attract to you. What you are presently feeling at this moment is the message you are sending that says, “Give me more of what I think and feel.” The same energy that creates the infinite cosmos flows through us and gives birth to where we direct that energy. As we see, observe, ponder, imagine, envision, focus upon, or pay attention, we put into motion the magnetic energy that draws to us that which we desire. The Law of Attraction states that you can have whatever you want, but you must give it to yourself first.

The manifesting process starts with the thought and then the emotion. Thoughts and emotions work together to manifest reality. Thoughts act like a magnet, attracting that which matches the same vibration. Your emotions and intent determine how fast you get what you are thinking about. The emotions energize the thoughts and propel them from an inner to outer world. An important part of this process is to feel worthy and deserving of what you desire. Next is the intent, which is a steady focus on what you are creating. Third is to trust and believe that it is already on its way and simply allow it to come with gratitude.

The goal is to remain in the vibration of love and deliberately choose thoughts of love and gratitude no matter what is happening around you. This keeps you connected to the source of love. The Law states that when you choose these higher thoughts, the conditions around you must change. The process is about the awareness of how you are feeling, for feelings can be an indicator to let you know exactly what you are attracting; your desire or the absence of it.

Negative vibrations come from focusing on what you don’t want. When you are not thinking about what makes you happy, you are in the frequency of attracting the opposite of what you want. Need comes from fear, and desire comes from excitement. When you are worried or fearful, you send out that vibration that brings more of the same to match what you are feeling and thinking. “Happy vibrations attract happy circumstances, and yucky vibrations attract yucky circumstances,” according to Grabhorn. The real challenge is to overcome the habit of looking at what’s wrong. Negative thinking projects into the future and limits what you want to create. Learn to replace the negative beliefs with positive ones, because beliefs are just practiced vibrations. When you hold a thought long enough, the law of attraction takes you easily into that vibration. It becomes a point that is set, thus matching your vibration.

You attract as you vibrate, as intentions are electromagnetically drawn to you by your feelings. If you want to change your life, change the way you think about it. Nothing, absolutely nothing, comes to you by accident. Placing your attention on anything will deliver conditions, experiences, circumstances and other people to match your vibration

There is unlimited abundance waiting to be received. All you have to do is ask, be open and believe you are worthy to accept all the blessings that are waiting for you. Our vibration affects everyone else’s vibrations. So, it is time to think big and model this new thought of abundance. Stay in the place of trusting that everything happening is preparing you to receive. Free yourself of limiting beliefs, unleash your creative genius and dream the desires of your new reality. Use your imagination to transcend to the dimension where all things are possible. You now know how to create with light and energy. Believe in the possibility of the impossible. You have the power to create miracles!

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