Partial Scholarship

UMS offers a partial scholarship which waives the $195 down payment on the long term plan, allowing you to get started by making your first monthly payment of approximately $60 (depending on course materials plan chosen).

If this scholarship would be helpful to you in getting started with the program, we encourage you to apply.

Please submit the scholarship application after you have submitted your enrollment form.

Apply for a Scholarship

Help Spread the News About UMS!

You can earn a little extra money to put towards your tuition by helping us spread the word about UMS! If you feel moved to help us reach more people with our program, you could distribute course catalogs in your area. We would send you boxes of our course catalogs to distribute to your local metaphysical bookstore, health food store, yoga center, and other places where people who might be interested in this information frequent.

Catalog Distribution Form

Course Translations

At this time, we are in the process of translating our program into Spanish. This is a very exciting project for us; we look forward to being able to share this transformative program with many more people. If you are fluent in writing both English and Spanish, and would be interested in a work trade opportunity with UMS, please fill out the Work Trade Application along with your Enrollment Form. Someone from our office will be in contact to discuss the details.

Translation Application