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Partial Scholarship

UMS offers a partial scholarship which waives the $75 down payment on the extended pay plan, allowing you to get started by making your first monthly payment.

If this scholarship would be helpful to you in getting started with the program, we encourage you to apply.

Please submit the scholarship application after you have submitted your enrollment form.

Apply for a Scholarship

Help Spread the News About UMS!

You can earn a little extra money to put towards your tuition by helping us spread the word about UMS! If you feel moved to help us reach more people with our program, you could distribute course catalogs in your area. We would send you boxes of our course catalogs to distribute to your local metaphysical bookstore, health food store, yoga center, and other places where people who might be interested in this information frequent.

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Is there an option to attend on campus courses or is everything online?
Thank you


This is so wonderful!!!! I will be enrolled shortly. So excited!!!!
Blessings. I just don’t know if I want a PhD, or start with the bachelors degree? I want to practice crystal healing.


Hi, in the pricing it is mentioned that it is for all the program. Please clarify if it includes both batchlors and masters both?


I have a question regarding the long term monthly payment plan. If you are able to pay the balance in full sooner can you do so? Would the price be lowered or would you have to pay the full amount for the long term payment plan?


I’m moved beyond words. Thank you for this program and pricing. I’m crying and feeling joy and anticipation. No college coursework that I’very found, has ever offered the studies I need, until now. Certainly not at a price I can actually afford. Being able to complete my degrees quickly means I can restart my life after age 50 and still have time for a new career. I am humbled.

…Thank you

Hello Brigitte, Thank you for being in touch, and for your beautiful sharing. Please let us know how we can support you in getting started.


Devon Love, UMS Advisor


I feel the same. Humbled. How is your practice going?


I was just wondering.. How long does it take (on average) to finish these 3 degrees? Because the payment is for 4 years? Are these actual REAL degrees? Because in my country, a bachelor degree at a university is 3 years, a master 1 or 2 years and a PhD another 4 years (all these with full-time studying)
Kind regards,