Our Students Return the Love

At points during the program we ask our students to share feedback with us about the program. We are often overwhelmed with the amount of positive feedback we get. It would not be exaggerating to say that many students gush about their journey with UMS. We know that this is a reflection of their own beautiful spirits, and we are so happy to bask in their joy and radiance. We will share our students words freely throughout our site to give you an idea of what we mean…here are some examples:

I have adopted so many new ideas, meditations and set up a different series to my daily life during my time at UMS. I have had an amazing experience with the staff and feel very much welcomed and supported by each and every member. The emails were always answered right away, phone calls within 24 hours and in office visits were always so pleasant. This staff has done an amazing job!
Dr. Angelita Pepper Hernandez, Arcata, CA- Bachelor of Metaphysics
The UMS course didn’t just raise my consciousness, the course sent me out in the
Universe. Each lesson was a gift, a challenge to rethink old thinking. As the days, months went by I knew my horizons had elevated, but the comments from friends and relatives was the best barometer. After the first few months the feedback was not only well received it was a gift. The more I challenged the courses the more they challenged me. Unlike other work at the college level that awarded grades, this work awarded a better life, a new beginning. The studies fulfilled my goals beyond my wildest expectations. The world of Metaphysics Is so much more, as the lessons proved, than any goal I may have had with intention. I now find metaphysics constantly in my world, thank you UMS!
Gearil Leer, Bend, OR- Bachelor of Metaphysics
First let me say that the meditations are awesome. They have helped me to open up to healings in my life that have helped me to release energy blocks that were holding me back… The coursework has given me a better perspective on a multitude of subjects in the metaphysical field. This perspective has provided me with the paradigm shift that seemed to propel me into another direction that created a hunger for more knowledge. I have shared this knowledge with friends and family, I am kind of passionate about this stuff, and believe it has helped to provide another perspective to them as well.
Cathy Harper, Huntsville, AL- Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences
I didn’t meditate at all before I enrolled at UMS so I have learned how to meditate completely from the guided meditations. Quieting my mind for even seconds has relieved anxiety, depression, and greatly helped me to be a calmer more grounded person. The meditations have also helped me work through past trauma, parts of my shadow self that were displeasing to me and most important a connection to spirit, angels and my guides. I have and will continue to recommend UMS to everyone I feel lead or seeks to learn more about metaphysical science.
Saundra Rose, Daly City, CA- Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences
When I first signed up for this program, I was gratified to see how meditation was an integral practice. Some of the coursework requirements included meditations on specific topics that I may never have meditated upon otherwise. It opened portals that I never knew were accessible to me. Meditation took the mystery out of so many cosmic possibilities. Focused study on both familiar and new topics helped me to experience the spirituality within myself more fully. I learned to tap into and trust my innate connection to universal consciousness, and that truth has set me free. No longer limited and inhibited by the individual consciousness that has been shaped and misshaped by the many variables along my path, I am better equipped to consciously create life experiences of my own choosing.

I know that my every reaction is yet another opportunity to be proactive in creating my experience for the now and the future. The knowledge, tools, and skills taught enlarged me in ways I couldn’t have imagined. The courses seemed to teach me exactly what I was looking for and in need of. As one who shies away from spiritual seeking groups simply because of all the different wavelengths of energy that people embody and that I tend to pick up as an empath, I was able to learn in my own sphere. That helped me sense more clearly and to strengthen my own vibration during the learning process. The materials are written in clear, easy-to-understand language for those who are approaching metaphysics for the first time. The authors were respectful of all ideologies so the materials are safe even for those who still cling to remnants of antiquated dogma.It isn’t for everyone, but for those who come with a yearning to evolve, it can be quite soul-expanding.

Lori Phillips Orange, California- Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences
…where do you go to get GOOD Reliable information? UMS! Meditations are awesome. I have them all saved and will revisit them… Because most of the meditations were guided, they forced me to revisit issues I thought I resolved. They allowed me to look at them with a new thought. My degree is a stepping stone to my PhD. This will allow me to feel qualified to teach classes I am destined to teach: meditate for health, angels among us, the anatomy of a dream, intuition and intention and vibrating at the speed of love.
Laurie Werner, Waldo, WI- Master of Metaphysical Sciences
This experience that I have had with the course work at UMS has been priceless. I feel so blessed to have been able to have gone through this conscious raising coursework. The meditations have absolutely been a true blessing for me in my life. I am so much more at peace with myself and the world I live in. I have learned to practice the presence of GOD and surrendering my will to the upliftment of humanity. These recommended spiritual exercises are amazing and life changing.
Lauron Jones, Los Angeles , CA- Master of Divinity