The improvement of interpersonal communication skills is integral to the healing of our planet in these fragmented, complex times. The individual must heal the spirit inside before the spirit of humanity is healed. Good communication is very important to our survival as well as our evolutionary progress. However, improving how we communicate must be practiced regularly to learn how to bridge the gulf of our emotional differences. In order to break through the defenses that have been built around our different perspectives, it is necessary to actively cultivate increased sensitivity to the needs of all humanity on both a spiritual and a practical level in the arena of communication. It is of utmost importance that the metaphysical practitioner, minister and spiritual leaders of our community lead the way in achieving a highly functioning ability to communicate with each other in a way that serves to enhance society. The spiritual teacher must lead by example, so communication skills are a must for the metaphysician.

Communication can happen on many levels, not just through verbal conversation, or body language. Communication can happen in the unseen worlds and translate into physical reality in surprising ways. For instance, the conversation you wish you could have with a problematic person, in physical reality, might best be had at the soul level in your meditations. Amazingly, these communications are “heard” by the other person, and responses to these communications are possible, even though the other person may or may not understand why he or she suddenly sees, and has compassion for, your point of view.

The first thing to do in a conflict is to recognize that each of you are God. Neither is “more God than the other,” and neither person has a monopoly on the understanding of what is right and wrong. In your meditations, stretch yourself to the point of recognizing the other person as God, rather than the enemy, or someone who is simply “wrong.” Realize that the battle taking place between you and other people, or another person, is a battle that is taking place within God. Recognizing each person as an extension of your own self, God, makes it easier to communicate in ways that are respectful and might bring about positive resolutions.

A conflict can be solved simply by putting light and love around the situation or the relationship, putting light between you and the other person, or between you and a business. You could think of this as if surrounding the situation and the people involved with whatever color light or type of inner knowledge about how to use light effectively. Light is a powerful method with which to work out issues in conflicts. When you put light on a situation, or a relationship, light finds a solution even though your mind has run out of ideas. Light is a tool of consciousness. It finds a solution that is best for both of you, not just one or the other.

You can do most of the work in problem-solving and communication in conflicts on the inner planes, where new words are spoken, and you will find that less work will need to be done on the personality level. This is an easier way to solve communication problems than traditional psychological approaches. This is a radical new method of affecting physical reality in a positive way. Since all beings are interconnected and made of the same stuff, this is why it is possible to communicate without words on the inner planes.

When using light to change a situation or relationship you do not have to understand how it works. All you need do is be willing for a shift to happen, especially in yourself. The other person may or may not respond to light, depending on how stubborn he or she is to stay in the dark. Some people refuse to shift, no matter what. In this case, you must be willing to let go of a positive resolution between you and the other person, and move on without an understanding on their part of your efforts to create a positive resolution. Sometimes what happens is that a resolution comes later, after-the-fact, after the “emotional charge” on the situation has dissipated. You might find that years later the light has finally done its work.

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