“Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart.” ~Rumi

As humanity continues to feel the calling to look within, heal, and awaken, the need for spiritual teachers and leaders is ever increasing. Those of us who are currently more attuned to the deeper rhythms of our true nature have the direct experience, understanding, and developed sensitivity and compassion to assist others with their own healing journeys. UMS studies are geared toward preparing you to do this type of work with confidence and grace.

The program offers a unique blend of personal, spiritual, and professional development, which gives a high level of validity to the degrees earned. The credentials will help establish you as a professional in your field, and on a practical level, this helps you market yourself in whatever area of the field of metaphysics you choose. Most importantly, studying with UMS will help give you the self-awareness and confidence to realize your dreams, whatever they may be.

Professional Opportunities

Spiritual Counselor /Metaphysical Life Coach

It is so amazing to watch someone who is ready to learn about self-inquiry, energy systems, consciousness, and enhanced psychic awareness to begin to tune in and experience their own expansive nature. Starting a practice as a spiritual counselor or metaphysical life coach is a wonderful way to share your knowledge and experience with others in awakening to a more fulfilling, joyful life. The UMS program offers a multitude of tools, inspiration, and training to support you in creating this type of practice.

Spiritual Healer

Spiritual healers are the human angels who are channeling boundless, radiant healing love, light, sound, scent, and touch to those who are ready to realize their own beauty and wholeness. We are creating space for the healing and awakening of human consciousness on every level of being. UMS studies provide a vast array of knowledge, tools, and support for you to fully develop your confidence and abilities if you are one of the healing angels ready to do your work in the world.

Professional Spiritual Presenter / Speaker

Many different spiritual gatherings, events, expos, schools, shops, churches, and fairs seek presenters and speakers to inspire and entertain their participants. This is a really powerful way to teach and get your message out to large groups. If you have an affinity for this type of work, and you like to travel, this could be a great option. The promoters of these types of events also look for credentialed speakers as this is, again, helpful for marketing purposes. This work often goes hand in hand with being an author, as authors often travel and lecture to promote their books.

Spiritual Teacher

This planet cannot have too many spiritual teachers! We need you out there spreading your own message of love, peace, joy, acceptance, surrender, enlightenment, cleansing, healing; whatever you’re called to share with the world to increase the positive vibrations and help awaken the consciousness of humanity.

Whether you choose to do workshops, a local class series, online classes, or some other teaching method, UMS studies will help prepare you to guide and teach with confidence and grace, and give you the credentials to present yourself as a professional.

Metaphysical Author

Metaphysically focused people who are interested in healing, awakening, and spiritual growth are generally also avid readers. We are the out of the box thinkers, who question everything, who search for truth, who want to “know.” We comprise a huge market for all things metaphysical, and especially books. If you are a writer or an aspiring writer, this is a great area of the metaphysical field to get into. Having credentials, especially a PhD, in your chosen area of writing greatly increases your chances of obtaining an agent and  publisher. On a purely practical level, a PhD credential is a major marketing advantage for a writer and this makes you more attractive to a publisher.

UMS does not publish metaphysical books. There are many resources online for authors to learn the ropes of publishing, and the difference between self-publishing, royalty publishing, and print on demand publishing. Small Publisher’s, Author’s, and Writers Network (spawn.org) is a great resource for lots of information to assist you in becoming educated and getting started in becoming a successful published author. UMS is happy to write a review of students books, and we will tell others about them through our social networking circles. Get those creative juices flowing and write that book!


Most of us on this path have developed our intuitive abilities to some extent. Some are drawn to explore a stronger pull in fully awakening their psychic abilities and using them to help and support others. If you naturally receive psychic information, and would like to fully develop these abilities as a professional psychic, the UMS curriculum and credentials will be a wonderful support for you.

Founder of a Church, Spiritual Center or Metaphysical Store

Many people are called to establish a church, healing center, retreat center, or other spiritually focused business. There is a clear need for these types of places for gathering, healing, and learning within each community, as these are the places where people know that they can come for classes, healing, gathering in spiritual fellowship, and connecting with others of like mind. These kinds of gathering spaces create much needed sacred, safe environments for people to fully express and explore their healing and spiritual growth, which is vital especially at this time on the planet. If you are feeling the calling to provide this type of space for your community, UMS credentials and curriculum will help you make this goal a reality. One specific advantage to having the credentials is that these are attractive if you are looking for an investor to back your vision. Live your dream!

Online Practice

The information available through the internet is astounding. Never before in the history of our species (as far as we know) has so much information been available to so many with such ease and organization. Between the instant communication capability with cell phones, and the instant access to information with the internet, we are in touch on a mass level in a way that completely alters how we relate to each other and the world. Clearly this has its benefits and drawbacks, as it is a tool…like any tool, it is the intention behind its use that determines the outcome.

For metaphysicians and those awakening their consciousness, the internet has given us a glimpse of the universal mind, and insight into oneness in a whole new way. Starting an online metaphysical practice is a wonderful way to reach many people and develop and hone you intuitive abilities, psychic awareness, and your ability to work with energies from a distance. It is definitely a unique and amazing way to practice, and allows one to work form home, raise a family, and have maximum freedom and flexibility. There are so many possibilities for what you can do online, blogging, articles, readings, books, meditations, youtube is an amazing resource for metaphysicians, you can teach classes online, hold webinars,  the list goes on and on. UMS, being an online distance learning process, can certainly help prepare one for this type of work.


Clearly you are entering into a rapidly growing field with a huge potential for continued growth and expansion, in a area of exploration that is on the cutting edge of human evolution. Humanity is awakening, and you are riding the crest of this immense, unstoppable, wave. New modalities and practices are being created every day. You have something to offer that no one else can offer, as you are a one-of-a-kind reflection of Divine consciousness. UMS holds the intention of supporting you in finding our what your unique gift is, in order for you to step into your life’s purpose with clear intention and grace. Namaste!