“An affirmation opens the door. It’s a beginning point on the path to change.” ~Louise L. Hay

Your Affirmation for Today

The history of affirmations can be hard to trace. However, the power of positive thinking has become well revered and respected in many cultures as a tool for happiness, health, and success.

Affirmations invite us to take a look at the stories we tell ourselves and others, and to reconsider the emotional narrative. Affirmations can be written, spoken aloud, or silently yet consciously integrated throughout the day. By speaking to ourselves with love, appreciation and compassion we begin to expand our own potential for understanding, acceptance and empathy for others.

Affirmations ask us to change the vocabulary and thought patterns associated with what is lost, stagnant or is believed to be impossible.  A true affirmation will focus on what is desired, a potential positive outcome, and speak of its potential as if it’s already in place.

By using affirmations throughout our day we give weight and intention to our thoughts. We begin to see the benefits through our relationships and interactions with others, as well as feel the emotional shifts within our own psyche and subconscious mind.

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