The way to disperse the energy of several branched beliefs from a core belief is to eliminate the “root,” the core belief. By changing one’s outlook from “the world is dark” to “the world is heavenly,” an entire set of beliefs simply disintegrate because the root belief was removed. This is a powerful method for removing old patterning.

So where do these core beliefs come from? They couldn’t have just dropped out of the sky! No, they came from some life experience, most likely the childhood. The childhood is where most decisions about reality are made, and from there they are reinforced and embellished. Some event in childhood made the child create a belief about reality. If that event happened over and over again, then the belief became as solid as a rock! The reason the event happens again and again is because the belief invites it.

As a child’s belief solidifies, it causes reality to “prove” the belief. As an adult, the mess that the belief makes of reality has become quite clear! Now it is possible to change a belief that was made early in life and choose another one. In this process of coming to terms with old childhood patterning, you are starting a “new life,” so to speak, which is what “born again” means. One drops the old patterning and becomes fresh and new. Once you drop chunks of old patterning, it does seem like a whole new kind of life, almost like another reincarnation. A new personality emerges based on the new belief structures.

Dropping old patterning is not always graceful. The old patterning of the personality resists change. Old paradigms, scientifically, must have built in resistances or the universe would be chaos because it would not be able to hold patterns at all, and thus no experiences could be had on the physical plane. So do not blame yourself for having difficulty in shifting old belief structures, for the old patterning is only obeying natural laws to preserve itself, as it should. One must use persistence with asserting new patterning, for it will take some time of continuing with the process without seeing results to affect a change. However, once the old patterning begins to fall apart and disappear, the process happens fast as one asserts the new patterning into one’s consciousness. The new patterning blossoms into manifestation quickly because the natural law of the universe is that all form finds patterns for itself and maintains that pattern. If an old pattern is forced out of order, a new pattern is “grabbed” in order to preserve order. If you continue to assert the new pattern, it will take quickly in your consciousness.

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