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Visualization for Success

Visualization for Success By Kathleen McGill, UMS Alumni I used to wonder why some people appear to be wildly happy and prosperous while my life seemed to be heading nowhere. I there something wrong with me? Not at all; the only thing that was in my way was the wrong attitude. Do you [...]

Visualization for Success2020-01-20T07:35:52-08:00

Healing the Body with Holistic Awareness

Healing the Physical Body with Holistic Awareness By Elizabeth Erenberger When the body cries out, experiencing injury or illness which demand our attention; we are being offered an opportunity to heal ourselves on many levels. If we have the means, we often go straight to the medical doctor with our ailments, seeking immediate relief.  [...]

Healing the Body with Holistic Awareness2018-10-10T16:36:53-07:00

Holistic Life Coaching

In order to fully understand what life coaching is, it helps to have a working definition. It turns out this is not quite as straightforward as it sounds; many references seem to describe the coaching process rather than defining it. For example, Curly Martin offers the following description of life coaching in the [...]

Holistic Life Coaching2018-07-25T17:03:08-07:00

Self-Care is a Must

Self-Care is a Must by Elizabeth Erenberger Through my own life experience and personal evolution I have come to believe that one of the most important aspects of metaphysical practice is a dedication to self-care. As we step out onto the path of the Healer, we make ourselves accessible to others for support and [...]

Self-Care is a Must2018-10-10T16:36:32-07:00

Transpersonal Counseling and Healing

The dilemmas of our postmodern civilization make it necessary for us to adapt to new ways of being in the world. One might experience this in everyday life as their reaction to horrors of war and violence change or even diminish after increased exposure. We become used to it in a sense. This [...]

Transpersonal Counseling and Healing2018-07-25T16:55:13-07:00

Getting Better with Age

Getting Better with Age By Elizabeth Erenberger No matter how sweet the first part of our lives prove to be, it seems inevitable that as we approach our thirties and forties many feel a looming sort of emotional stagnation, an inner call to action, or a need for a change. Some call this phenomenon [...]

Getting Better with Age2018-10-10T16:36:05-07:00

A Gap Year Alternative

A Gap Year Alternative By Casey Barton As our needs in society change, it is becoming more common for young adults to explore different opportunities before continuing onto higher education or before pursuing an alternative vocation. According to the Gap Year Association’s article, “Gap Year Data and Benefits,” at least 92% of reporting gap [...]

A Gap Year Alternative2018-10-10T16:35:23-07:00

Affirming the Self

Affirming the Self By Elizabeth Erenberger What is a Mantra and how is it useful? Why would it benefit us to integrate the practice of Mantras into our daily lives? Mantra is a term which originates from Hindu and Buddhist traditions. One example of the traditional use of Mantras are the Vedic hymns. In [...]

Affirming the Self2018-10-10T16:33:11-07:00

Good Vibrations

Good Vibrations By Elizabeth Erenberger As students of metaphysics we often find ourselves focused on healing modalities which can benefit others and promote healthy lifestyles. But as we hold space for others through powerful emotional release, we often notice a sort of residual energetic pull on our own energy and health. These are the [...]

Good Vibrations2018-10-10T16:31:50-07:00

Simply Ponderous

Simply Ponderous by Elizabeth Erenberger Our world is a mysterious place. As children, even the smallest things appear miraculous through the lens of youthful innocence. It is in childhood that we often most authentically relate to the idea of fairies and gnomes, angels and dragons, and other “mythical” or rather, intangible beings. But as [...]

Simply Ponderous2018-10-10T16:31:27-07:00

Shine Your Light

Shine Your Light by Elizabeth Erenberger In this age of technological overload and civil uncertainty, where can we find the truth of our being? Where does one go to find the essence of life purpose and personal destiny? Many times, we are told to look within, and there is a truth to this for [...]

Shine Your Light2018-10-10T16:17:20-07:00

Mantras and Mudras

Mantras Mantras are a phrase or word that is repeated over and over again during meditation. They are meant to assist the user in reaching a higher state of consciousness, especially as relates to the particular mantra being used. It is a very widely used technique, especially in Tibetan, Sufi, Hindu and [...]

Mantras and Mudras2018-05-16T06:51:31-07:00

Channeling Skills

Channeling is an ancient metaphysical science. Although it enjoyed a peak level of acceptance in the late 1980’s in the United States, it has been around longer than the word itself. After the 1980’s, channeling practices lost some of their luster after a few people who channeled made predictions that didn’t come [...]

Channeling Skills2018-05-16T06:51:31-07:00

Connecting With Angels

What is an Angel? The word angel means messenger. Angels are literally messengers who are themselves the message.  Angels are holy beings who perform divine tasks in the service of the Holy Spirit and the greater good. They bring messages of hope and joy. In her book, Ask Your Angels (1992), Alma Daniel [...]

Connecting With Angels2018-05-16T06:51:31-07:00

A Course In Miracles

A Course in Miracles (ACIM) is a step-by-step system of spiritual thought that consists of a three-volume set of channeled literature. It includes a 622-page Text, a 478-page Workbook for Students, and an 88-page Manual for Teachers. Students may decide themselves how they choose to read and study these texts. The workbook is [...]

A Course In Miracles2018-05-16T06:51:31-07:00

Hypnosis and Beyond

Hypnosis as a complete practice seems to encompass a wide range of techniques designed to produce very different effects or achieve particular ends. The art of hypnosis blends into mediumship and spiritism. It borders on the occult closely enough to be used in combination with sorcery and voodoo, yet finds itself equally [...]

Hypnosis and Beyond2018-05-16T06:51:32-07:00

Spiritual Symbols and Colors

Symbols have always surrounded us in our daily lives and allow us to process immense amounts of information in a short time. We make quick decisions based on a glance at street signs. We connect business logos and brand names with an array of meanings. Every time we read a book we transform [...]

Spiritual Symbols and Colors2018-05-16T06:51:32-07:00

Gods, Goddesses & Mythology

Of all the systems of mythology, the Norse mythic cosmology -- along with its own pantheon and language, the Runes—is the only one that does not claim its origin in an ancient super-civilization. The Norsemen saw their religion as coming directly from their gods, primarily Odin. The Roman pagans and Druids of [...]

Gods, Goddesses & Mythology2018-05-16T06:51:32-07:00

World Religions

The subject of religion has as many beliefs, feelings, and perceptions around it as there are people on the planet.  In a way, everyone has their own religion, even if they subscribe to a religion that many others do.  This is because everyone has their own interpretations of the religion they subscribe [...]

World Religions2018-08-29T09:48:58-07:00

Soulmate Relationships

There are many who are searching for their soulmate as their “one and only” person in life, and yet do not have a clear understanding of what a soulmate may be. The conception of what a soulmate consists of can only be an idea of what that term means, in our lives. [...]

Soulmate Relationships2018-05-16T06:51:35-07:00

God is Not Outside of You

God is Not Outside of You Video Transcription Don’t trust the mind, the mind is not to be trusted. It’s the great trickster, the coyote, and it’s here to fool you. It’s designed that way on purpose. You couldn’t forget who you are if you didn’t have the mind. So don’t see you mind [...]

God is Not Outside of You2018-05-16T06:51:35-07:00

Good or Bad Is Irrelevant

Good or Bad Is Irrelevant Video Transcription Whether it’s good or bad is irrelevant; this is a very important thing to grasp, in order to drop the mind, is to realize that it really is irrelevant whether it is a positive experience or a negative experience. We have so much invested in having positive [...]

Good or Bad Is Irrelevant2018-05-16T06:51:35-07:00

Enlightenment, Imagination of God

Enlightenment, Imagination of God Video Transcription You are the mind of God. The awareness of God…looking at itself, everywhere you look, it’s a mirror. Every molecule, every atom, every tachyon in the universe…this is your mirror; this is who you are. This name you have, this body you’ve inhabited, all of this is but [...]

Enlightenment, Imagination of God2018-05-16T06:51:36-07:00

Be Here Now Experiment

Be Here Now Experiment Video Transcription Just as an experiment, just for right now, forget your name. Pretend you had never been here for a day before this moment. You have had no bad experiences; you have had no good experiences. You just appeared here, right now, just now. You are observing the table, [...]

Be Here Now Experiment2018-05-16T06:51:36-07:00

All of it is God…Stop, Be Present

All of it is God…Stop, Be Present Video Transcription You are what you’ve been looking for…if you want to know who God is, explore your own consciousness; explore yourself. What was meant in the bible by “man was created in the image of God” wasn’t meant to be about the body or the personality, [...]

All of it is God…Stop, Be Present2018-05-16T06:51:36-07:00