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Simply Ponderous

Simply Ponderous by Elizabeth Erenberger Our world is a mysterious place. As children, even the smallest things appear miraculous through the lens of youthful innocence. It is in childhood that we often most authentically relate to the idea of fairies and gnomes, angels and dragons, and other “mythical” or rather, intangible beings. But as [...]

Shine Your Light

Shine Your Light by Elizabeth Erenberger In this age of technological overload and civil uncertainty, where can we find the truth of our being? Where does one go to find the essence of life purpose and personal destiny? Many times, we are told to look within, and there is a truth to this for [...]

Mantras and Mudras

Mantras are a phrase or word that is repeated over and over again during meditation. They are meant to assist the user in reaching a higher state of consciousness, especially as relates to the particular mantra being used. It is a very widely used technique, especially in Tibetan, Sufi, Hindu and Orthodox [...]

Channeling Skills

Channeling is an ancient metaphysical science. Although it enjoyed a peak level of acceptance in the late 1980’s in the United States, it has been around longer than the word itself. After the 1980’s, channeling practices lost some of their luster after a few people who channeled made predictions that didn’t come [...]

Connecting With Angels

Related Elemental Beings Nature spirits could be regarded as the “cousins” of the angelic family, and are on a different wavelength. They are the devas, fairies, and gnomes. They are the presiding patterns that oversee all plants and minerals. They nurture physical environments which they do independently of human efforts. You can [...]

A Course In Miracles

Lesson 31: “I am not the victim of the world I see.” Today's idea is the introduction of your declaration of release. Again, the idea should be applied to both the world you see with out to the world you see within. We will use a form of practice that will be [...]

Hypnosis and Beyond

There may be as many different types of hypnotherapy as there are different healers who employ hypnosis. However, some broad categories of hypnotherapy can be outlined, keeping in mind that not everyone’s technique will fit neatly into one of these pigeonholes. Firstly, we can divide hypnotic techniques generally into two classes: self-hypnosis, [...]

Spiritual Symbols and Colors

Symbols have always surrounded us in our daily lives and allow us to process immense amounts of information in a short time. We make quick decisions based on a glance at street signs. We connect business logos and brand names with an array of meanings. Every time we read a book we transform [...]

Gods, Goddesses & Mythology

Of all the systems of mythology, the Norse mythic cosmology -- along with its own pantheon and language, the Runes—is the only one that does not claim its origin in an ancient super-civilization. The Norsemen saw their religion as coming directly from their gods, primarily Odin. The Roman pagans and Druids of [...]

World Religions

The subject of religion has as many beliefs, feelings, and perceptions around it as there are people on the planet.  In a way, everyone has their own religion, even if they subscribe to a religion that many others do.  This is because everyone has their own interpretations of the religion they subscribe [...]

Soulmate Relationships

There are many who are searching for their soulmate as their “one and only” person in life, and yet do not have a clear understanding of what a soulmate may be. The conception of what a soulmate consists of can only be an idea of what that term means, in our lives. [...]

God is Not Outside of You

God is Not Outside of You Video Transcription Don’t trust the mind, the mind is not to be trusted. It’s the great trickster, the coyote, and it’s here to fool you. It’s designed that way on purpose. You couldn’t forget who you are if you didn’t have the mind. So don’t see you mind as [...]

Good or Bad Is Irrelevant

Good or Bad Is Irrelevant Video Transcription Whether it’s good or bad is irrelevant; this is a very important thing to grasp, in order to drop the mind, is to realize that it really is irrelevant whether it is a positive experience or a negative experience. We have so much invested in having positive experiences, [...]

Enlightenment, Imagination of God

Enlightenment, Imagination of God Video Transcription You are the mind of God. The awareness of God…looking at itself, everywhere you look, it’s a mirror. Every molecule, every atom, every tachyon in the universe…this is your mirror; this is who you are. This name you have, this body you’ve inhabited, all of this is but a [...]

Be Here Now Experiment

Be Here Now Experiment Video Transcription Just as an experiment, just for right now, forget your name. Pretend you had never been here for a day before this moment. You have had no bad experiences; you have had no good experiences. You just appeared here, right now, just now. You are observing the table, the [...]

All of it is God…Stop, Be Present

All of it is God…Stop, Be Present Video Transcription You are what you’ve been looking for…if you want to know who God is, explore your own consciousness; explore yourself. What was meant in the bible by “man was created in the image of God” wasn’t meant to be about the body or the personality, or [...]

Now is a Good Moment

Now is a Good Moment Video Transcription Your happiness is not in your future, it is not in your past, it is right here, right now…and for the most part, you must admit, it’s probably not a bad moment. There’s no bombs falling on your house, nobody’s mugging you. Mmm, some people might have minor [...]

After Enlightenment, There’s a Deepening

After Enlightenment, There's a Deepening Video Transcription You do not have to be the struggler, or the projector. You are the consciousness that observes it all. This is bigger than just the observer and the observed. I’m not just speaking of the observer and the observed concept that many have spoken about, of which you’re probably [...]

Manifesting Simplified, Surrender Yourself

Manifesting Simplified, Surrender Yourself Video Transcription Many people are now learning about the ability to create using your thoughts and your emotions. These are all very useful concepts to learn. These are concepts being introduced through movies like "What The Bleep," "The Secret" and other things, other books and teachings where people are learning how [...]

Mind Powers and Surrendering

Mind Powers and Surrendering Video Transcription What I do is: I think of the human mind like a cistern. A cistern catches rain water. It's like a bowl that catches rain water and comes down through a small slot in the middle and stores the water. Sometimes I think of the mind like a catcher’s [...]

Patience is a Virtue- Learn How to Wait

Patience is a Virtue- Learn How to Wait Video Transcription Sometimes the hardest thing to do is WAIT. Waiting is so difficult for so many. Learning to wait is a true skill. When challenged to wait, learn how to do it without anxiety or fear or pressure. You'll be challenged many times so just [...]

Non-Duality Bliss Out

Non-Duality Bliss Out Video Transcription There's a new phenomena that I call "non duality bliss out." What's happing is a lot of people are getting to the point where there getting so blissed out on this "non duality" that they don't really understand that its not about just blissing out and saying "oh everything's [...]

How Do You Know If You’re Enlightened?

How Do You Know If You're Enlightened? Video Transcription Many people ask, "How do you know if you're enlightened?" This is the big question everyone wants to know. How do you know if you're enlightened, and then once you're enlightened how do you stay enlightened? Well the formula is actually pretty simple. Always staying [...]

God Consciousness Everywhere

God Consciousness Everywhere Video Transcription So many people play the game of my God is more powerful than your God. This has been happening for eons. This has been happening ever since… there were more than one God. And the funny thing about it is, is that it's all one God. It's all the [...]

Special Ordinary

Special Ordinary, Be Willing to be Ordinary Video Transcription So the question is: what's wrong with being ordinary? After all you are the drop in the ocean. And yet the same time you are the drop, you are the whole ocean. But every drop looks the same. Have you ever seen two drops of [...]