“By learning you will teach, by teaching you will learn.” ~Latin Proverb

Our writers and teachers are what makes UMS so wonderful. Many minds have come together to create the UMS curriculum. Our teachers are varied in background and training, each bringing their area of expertise to the courses they write. They have gathered much knowledge in their own studies and training, and have also collectively gathered vast amounts of real world experience as practicing counselors, teachers, and healers in their communities.

The following is a roster of some of the writers involved in creating the curriculum for the university. All come from various walks of life. Not all teachers and writers are listed here as there are too many contributing writers to list and some are a little shy… There are new writers coming aboard all the time, though, for UMS is always adding new electives to its curriculum offerings.

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An author, lecturer and workshop facilitator, UMS founder Christine Breese has taught many classes on metaphysical subjects. She holds workshops and retreats, offers meditation journeys on tape and CD, and is the founder of University of Metaphysical Sciences. She earned her A.A. Degree in Audio Engineering, and another A.A. in Film and Video Production. She worked in the entertainment industry on commercials, TV shows, music videos and independent films. She then earned her Doctor of Divinity Degree in Metaphysical Sciences, and her Ph.D. in Metaphysical Counseling.

Courses Contributed to: Archetypes; Astral Projection; Attracting Clients; Attracting Your Mate; Aura Viewing; Chakras & Auras; Channeling Skills; Divination Systems; Dreams & Dreaming; Ear Candling; Emotional Well-Being; Enneagram; First Causes / Core Issues; Gods, Goddesses, & Mythology; Great Spiritual Masters & Teachers; Leading a Meditation; Lucid Dreaming; Mantras & Mudras; Practitioner Ethics; Pranayama & the Art of Breathing; Psychic Skills; Sacred Labyrinths; Spiritual Symbols & Colors; Transforming Personality; Wizards, Adepts, & Mystery Schools; World Religions; Yoga

Devon Love is dedicated to the process of self awakening and assisting others on this journey. Devon practices what she calls “spiritual medicine,” in which she offers sessions in multi-dimensional intuitive healing, witnessing spiritual awakening, conflict resolution, and compassionate communication. She also works full time as an Admissions Advisor and research writer at UMS.

Courses Contributed to: Becoming a Spiritual Teacher & Leader; Feng Shui: The Art of Placement; Gods, Goddesses, & Mythology; Great Spiritual Masters & Teachers; Meditation Skills; Native American Studies; Radical Reprogramming & Absolute Affirmations; Shamanism; Vibrational Healing

Margaret Branch has completed graduate coursework in psychology, and has developed dream-work classes and workshops from a Jungian perspective. As a visionary artist and writer, she integrates imagination and the superconscious with practical tools for uncovering the authentic self. Margaret Branch facilitates professional dream consultations and workshops in Arcata, CA.

Courses Contributed to: Communication Skills; Death & Dying; Gods, Goddesses, & Mythology; Intimate Relationships in Today’s World; Psychic Skills; Shadow Work

Laurel Sherer has always been fascinated with plants, which developed into a deep interest in herbs and food as medicine. Through her Bachelor’s studies in Spanish, she had the opportunity to travel to several countries where she experienced new ways of eating and living. She also spent a year of her life cleansing in Hawaii. There, she experienced a great sense of healing at the emotional, spiritual, and physical levels, and is continuing this through her diet of mainly raw foods. She is currently living in Arcata, CA working in the field of energetic and intuitive healing.

Courses Contributed to: Awakening to the True Self, Cleansing & Fasting, Finding Life Purpose, Forgiveness, Herbs: A Spiritual Approach, Nutrition, Unconditional Love

Tristan Anderson is a graduate of Humboldt State University with a Bachelors Degree in Religious Studies. Through this degree he was exposed to many of the world’s spiritual philosophies and healing modalities. He continues to deepen his connection with spirit through meditation, raw foods, fasting, and mindful living. It brings him great joy to write courses about some of the things he has learned over the years.

Courses Contributed to: Finding Life Purpose; Gods, Goddesses, & Mythology; Nutrition; Taoist Healing Arts; Unconditional Love

Carolyn Hoppe is a teacher, healer and inspirational speaker. She has taught Elementary School for 14 years and has a Master’s degree in Education. She does Spiritual counseling and Emotional Release work. She has taught workshops on topics such as “How to have more Joy in your life” “How to connect to your Angel,” Aroma-therapy and also “Ways to release Emotions.” She has the ability to tune in to a client’s core issues, and assist in reaching full potential.

Courses contributed to: Connecting with Angels, Building a Business in the Metaphysical Field, Children & Metaphysics, Manifestation Skills, Unconditional Love

Nicole Yalsovac graduated from Washington State University, earning a B.A. in Sociology. She has been a VISTA (now AmeriCorp) Volunteer, a social worker, flight attendant, interior decorator, travel specialist, and an Innkeeper/Owner. Through her studies in spirituality and meditation practice, she gained much understanding of how to achieve inner peace, the power of prayer and daily affirmations, and the universal connection we all have with one another. She shares some of this knowledge in her writings for UMS.

Courses contributed to: Divination Systems; Solstice, Equinox, & Moon Ceremonies

Teri Callaghan is a psychotherapist who has spent twenty years combining spiritual and psychological principles into her own unique style of service. She specializes in helping to identify and eliminate emotional-cognitive blocks to our natural evolution into individual and personal Sovereignty. Teri has written mental wellness training curriculum for schools, law enforcement agencies and counseling programs and has had the opportunity to teach and lecture on many of these topics. She is currently in private practice in Arcata, CA.

Courses written: Breatharianism: Fed by Light, Dolphin Healing, UFO’s and Extraterrestrial Intelligence

Dominic Daley has earned his Associate of Arts (A.A.) Degree in early childhood development from Los Angeles Harbor College in San Pedro, California in 1981. He earned his Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) Degree in Waldorf Education from Rudolf Steiner College in Fair Oaks, California in 1983. Currently he farms, works as an internet artist at www.3foldsun.com, creating online novels, and presenting various metaphysical materials to the public.

Course Contributed to: The Mystical Beginnings of Christianity

Nova Love is an educator with a passion for lifelong learning. With a teaching style that is interactive and dynamic, he shares his years of personal research, education, and experience with his students. Recently earning a B.A. in Elementary Education in 2011 and a California Teaching Credential in 2012, he has experience teaching in classrooms, outdoor settings, workshops, and writing for online coursework. Nova envisions a world where diverse people interrelate in joyous co-creation; his connection to life and learning is contagious.

Course written: Witchcraft, Altars & Rituals

Genevieve Marie Trimarco has written poetry and short stories throughout her life. She is a violinist and plays with the All Season’s Orchestra of Arcata and is artistically inclined in the mediums of acrylics, graphic pen, watercolor and pastels. She has acted in several plays and was an extra in The Majestic and Small Town Life, and had a small role in Escape In Time. She is an active member of the Wisdom of the Heart Church and is deeply involved in her spiritual path.

Course contributed to: World Religions

Jamie Kessler is a religious studies major at Humboldt State University and has been studying spiritual concepts for many years. He is a proficient meditator, Reiki practitioner and teacher. He has studied with various spiritual teachers and explored several spiritual avenues. He is often traveling in other countries.

Course contributed to: Gods, Goddesses, & Mythology

Sharose Niedelman has over two decades of experience as a resource specialist, multimedia artist and mentor for youth in arts & technology. As an arts educator in progressive learning environments, she has applied process-oriented approaches for youth and adults of all ages, assisting with special needs (autism, dual-diagnosed)), learning disabilities, at-risk, tutoring, in-home services, and seasonal programs in private and public sectors. Children’s spirituality and orientation of the whole child is a basis for her philosophy concerning interacting with children.

Course written: Polarity Therapy

Daniel Barnhart has written for many media avenues, including screenplays and stage productions. He is the author of two children’s book series. Additionally, he has been a contributing author to educational newsletters and one children’s psychology book. He has worked on many projects including education videos, musical entertainment, marketing philanthropic pursuits, historical research, and book editing. A 15 year student of metaphysics and a trained metaphysical healer, Daniel endeavors to make his art a healing work.

Courses Contributed to: Anger Management, Reincarnation, Unlocking Creativity & Imagination

Bill Timm is a teacher and practitioner of Falun Gong, also known as Falun Dafa, and has done much to promote and teach its concepts and techniques in various areas of the United States. He has trained in martial arts, he is an avid surfer, and has studied nutrition. He is a certified medical assistant and also a certified mediator. For the past twelve years he has focused on teaching Chinese disciplines and the healing arts, and for the past three years, specialized in teaching Falun Gong.

Course Written: Falun Gong

David Bradley was born, raised, and lives in California, residing in Arcata. He has practiced Geotechnical Engineering in California, and has been a Urantia Book reader, for over 25 years. He has published a book titled An Introduction to The Urantia Revelation (White Egret Publications, Second Edition, 2002). He also plays cajun-zydeco music with a local band, the Bayou Swamis.

Course written: An Introduction to the Urantia Book

Susan Vaughn is a published author, public speaker, and teacher. She has been teaching courses in reality creation for over fifteen years. She has a Master’s Degree in Marriage and Family therapy and is currently working towards further licensure. She is a trained hypnotherapist, and spent numerous years working with A Course In Miracles and the channeled being Lazaris, both of which are at the core of her work. The mother of three grown children, she currently resides in Eureka, CA, where she has a thriving private practice.

Course contributed to: Healing the Inner Child & Adolescent

Tina Ball lives with her family in the Pacific Northwest where they enjoy gardening, hiking, cooking and laughing together. She feels nature and food can be magnificent sources of health and healing. Tina has been a student of spiritual and healing arts for twenty years including art therapy, acupressure, food medicine, and breath work. Recently Tina has found great inspiration in the study of compassionate communication, the art of deliberate creation and is working towards becoming a facilitator in conflict resolution with the use of these new techniques.

Course written: Ayurveda

Nicole Rieth graduated from Humboldt State University with a B.A. in French. She also has a strong interest in healing arts with an emphasis in Ayurvedic principles. She has traveled extensively throughout Europe and Southeast Asia and has lived a year in both France and India. Nicole has returned to Arcata ten years after her college graduation to co-found the opening of the Spiral of Life Wellness Center where she conducts her Ayurvedic massage practice. She is an active member of the Wisdom Of The Heart Church and enjoys working for UMS.

Courses contributed to: Gods, Goddesses, & Mythology; A Course in Miracles

Katy Wilson, M.D. is a public sector psychiatrist who has been practicing psychiatry for over 10 years. She was born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area and went back east for her education which included medical school at University of Rochester and residency at Dartmouth. She has worked in a number of community mental health centers in New Hampshire, Maine and California. She has had several teaching positions including affiliation with the Maine-Dartmouth Family Medicine Residency and Assistant Professorship at UC Davis in the Department of Psychiatry. She has taught classes on empathic interviewing and Mindfulness and has supervised medical students and residents. She also teaches her patients a wide variety of health-promoting strategies. She practices yoga and mindfulness on a daily basis and lives in the redwoods with her husband and her pets in California.

Course written: Using Mindfulness to Cope with Stress

Julie Achterhoff is a single mom to 5 wonderful, healthy kids. She is also a midwife with a focus on nutrition. She started studying nutrition 20 years ago when she lived in Chicago. Health food was hard to come by in the beginning, but it’s been a wonderful adventure finding more and more options through the years. She is currently studying nursing at the College of the Redwoods in Eureka, California.

Course contributed to: Nutrition: Spiritual Eating & Cooking

Visionary artist and writer, Sheranda Tay, works to restore peace and well being to humanity through expressive art forms. Her healing silk paintings can be viewed at her new website, www.angelmatrix.info. She is co-author of “The Return of The Dove,” a book about Mary Magdalene, to be published in 2006. She has researched Mary Magdalene for twenty-two years and her insights are enlightening regarding this amazing woman. Sheranda teaches silk painting and she offers a children’s art program. Sheranda is a mother of three, and she lives in Trinity County, California.

Course written: Exploring the Life & Soul of Mary Magdalene

Meenal Chaudhari has a Master’s in Clinical Psychology and a M.Phil. in Psychology of Education, from highly reputable universities in India . While practicing psychotherapy she has also grown deeply interested in transpersonal psychology and consciousness studies. She has explored several avenues of self-expression including writing, theater and visual arts, as well as diverse spiritual paths. She practices yoga and meditation. She offers sessions in transformative therapy, rebirthing breathwork and past life regression. She also conducts workshops in self-exploration and awareness. She currently lives in Santa Clara, California.

Course written: Rebirthing

Jill Semonin was born and raised in northeast Ohio and was a K-12 cheerleader. She took cosmetology in high school and achieved her license with the State of Ohio. She had three kids by the time I was 24. She bought a beauty salon and ran that while studying metaphysics at home. She became allergic to salon chemicals so badly, she was forced to change careers. She then went into doing permanent cosmetics. Studying metaphysics was still the main focus, which lead her into paranormal investigations in 1993. In 2005, she found UMS and signed up immediately. She is a graduate and now moderates on the UMS discussion board. It was UMS that brought out her desire to be a hypnotist, so she went through more training and graduated as hypnotherapist. Her current goal is to become licensed by the State of Ohio in Mental Health Counseling, but her heart and desire is with Metaphysics. Her spiritual side has opened up many doors and is the underlying drive. Her career is Hypnotherapist/Spiritual Counselor. Her hobby is paranormal investigations, sports, and learning. Her way of life is Metaphysics. She is married now to her best friend and soul mate, and together they have 5 wonderful children.

Course Contributed to: House Healing for Ghost Hunters