Receiving Your Ordination
Through University of Metaphysical Sciences

In addition to offering Bachelors, Masters, and Doctoral degrees in the field of Metaphysics, University of Metaphysical Sciences also offers a ministerial ordination from Wisdom of the Heart Church (including titles of Minister or Reverend) upon completion of a Master’s degree.

In becoming ordained, graduates make an agreement to serve the highest good of themselves, their families, communities, and the planet. It is, in essence, a spiritual agreement/commitment. We offer this recognition along with the master’s degree because our graduates who have attained this degree have shown a high level of dedication to their own personal and spiritual growth. They have shown that they are on a deeper journey of the heart, mind, and spirit, focused on finding their life purpose in service to humanity.

Becoming ordained gives the authority to assist people through life transitions such as weddings, blessing ways, baby blessings, coming of age rituals, life transitions, and any other life events for which one would like to offer support. It also bestows the authority to start a church, offer spiritual counseling, and start non-profits in one’s community to support those who are in need.

The final course for the masters degree is Becoming a Spiritual Teacher and Leader. It is a comprehensive manual answering many questions about what it means to serve in this way, what options there are, the legal aspects, 501c3 status, as well as providing outlines and ideas for ceremonies and rituals. Topics covered include:

  • Creating a Ministry
  • Starting a Church
  • Church Focus and Structure
  • Applying for Non-Profit Status
  • Minister/Reverend as a Spiritual Counselor
  • Facilitating Life Rituals
  • Elements of Ritual
  • Blessing Way
  • Baby Naming and Blessings
  • Coming of Age Rites
  • Weddings
  • Sample Ceremony Outlines and Complete Ceremonies
  • Life Celebrations and Memorials

A course excerpt of Becoming a Spiritual Teacher and Leader is available here