It is one thing to advertise your services or classes, but it is quite another to do energy work on the inner planes. It is possible to do most of your work on the inner planes rather than spend a lot of money and effort on advertising. Of course advertising is necessary, for people will find you through your advertisements, especially if you learn how to put light and love on each ad and flyer. What I mean by putting light on an ad or flyer is that you are “charging it up.” This means that it will literally leap out at a person from the page and hold a lot of light, attracting that person to what it is you offer. It is important that if you’re going to do advertising at all that you do some energy work on those ads so that they truly bring to you students and clients who can benefit from what you offer.

Doing energy work on the inner planes is the fastest way to manifesting the reality you want. If you want something to appear in your outside world, as you know, you must make the changes on the inner landscapes first. This means seeing yourself surrounded by your practice and your students, seeing yourself as a master and a teacher or healer, and seeing the changes in your life that having your practice manifested in physical reality will bring. You must be able to imagine this before it can happen. So now is the time to take inventory of whatever it is that blocks you from manifesting your practice and your life’s work. If you have doubts about yourself, now is the time to let them go. If you have personality flaws that prevent you from being a true teacher or healer, now is the time to address them and get to the root of why they are there (and of course, don’t try to strive for perfection for this is unachievable in the human condition). If you have an inability to imagine your brightest future where your metaphysical practice is manifested in physical reality, now is the time to expand your imagination.

Realize that you can speak directly to the souls of others on the inner planes just as you have conversations with people on the physical plane. They do receive your messages and hear you. You can speak with the souls of people who you have never met yet and invite them to come and work with you. Those who are attracted to what you have to offer will come to you and those who are not will move in other directions. Let whatever their choice is be all right with you. Do not take offense if people are not interested in what you have to offer, for there are styles and techniques that are attractive to some and not others. This does not have to do with you personally, it has to do with the free will choice of the public. This is why so many teachers and healers are becoming visible on the Earth plane now, each with their own style and flavor of being a metaphysician, and you are but one of the many that are needed in order to meet the demand that varies so much in style. Some people are attracted to Eastern Indian teachings and others are not. Some are attracted to American Indian teachings and others are not. Some people are attracted to the meditation techniques you offer and some are not. It is very important that you do not take this as a personal affront. As a teacher you must be willing to allow a free flow and hold on to nothing in particular, especially people who want to move in other directions.

Some of the souls who come to you are going to be people who you have met in other lifetimes, perhaps even people who you owe a debt to of some sort. Remember that you are always in service, it is not the other way around. You are the servant, not the King, when it comes to facilitating the healing and spiritual growth of others. Remember your true place, and be careful not to let the ego get too excited about the fact that your metaphysical practice is manifesting around you.

Speaking of the ego, let’s talk about this for moment. The ego likes to believe that it is the healer and the teacher. The ego likes to own the fact that IT has created all of this. This is far from the truth, as you well know. However, as with all teachers, healers and leaders, there are growing pains with moving into this new role in your life. Be patient with yourself, and kind to yourself, if you catch the ego trying to own the creation of your work. There is a balance that all teachers and healers must find, and before that balance is achieved there will be movement to and fro between the two extremes for a while. Let this be all right and understand it as the natural progression of the evolution of the human psychology.

As for energizing your practice, it is good to visit this exercise every day for at least five minutes, visualizing in your mind, more and more light around your practice. You must keep the momentum going, for just meditating on it once is not enough. You must let the powers that be see that you are serious about creating this manifestation. You must keep the forward movement, or it might stall and disappear again. I would advise at least five minutes a day of seeing yourself surrounded by your students and clients, engaged in your metaphysical practice, and also opening your heart to this level of being. It may take some adjusting to feel like you fit into this new role, and by visiting it at least once every day, what needs to be adjusted will show up in the increments that it needs to be worked with.

If your metaphysical practice and life’s work has not manifested yet, there is obviously something blocking it, or growth still has to take place. Be willing to do your homework and grow as you are aware of areas needing growth. Remember that you are always a student, no matter what levels of teaching and healing you reach. Even the greatest of masters will admit to being a continuous student of life. The challenges never end. You will never reach a place where there is nothing left to learn. Step up to your challenges the way that you would expect your students and clients to step up to them, and lead by example.

Energy work can do magic. Sometimes it is quite a mystery as to how it brings about physical manifestations, but the proof is in the pudding that it does. Don’t try to figure it out, for it may cause quite a mental tangle! Just be at ease with the processes that are introduced in the meditations and know that they work. Energy work is alchemy in its truest sense. You are using the powers of thought, emotion, and intention to bring about the manifestation of physical form out of the nothingness. Use these powers to increase your spiritual practice the same way that you use these powers to create your reality. Energy work can do 10,000 times the amount of work that physical-plane efforts can do. Somehow what you are creating finds its way back to you. Your mind will never be able to follow all these possibilities, so relax and let your heart be your guide. Remember that the heart is much wiser than the mind will ever be.

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This is an excerpt from one of the 25 required master’s courses in the University of Metaphysical Sciences curriculum.