The study and knowledge of chakras and the human aura is common to almost everyone who studies metaphysics, for it is nearly impossible to not run across this information in metaphysical studies. First to consider is the gathering of collective knowledge about chakras and their functions, as well as the auric connections to the chakras. Next to consider are the direct experiences of the spiritual aspirants who observe their own auras or the auras of others.

Although there are literally hundreds of chakras all over the human body (for each acupuncture point is a “little chakra”) we will only look at the seven major chakras along the spine in order to simplify this material. One could easily write an entire book on the many chakras in the body. Acupuncture addresses the individual purpose and adjustments possible for each of these “little chakras.”

Chakras are considered vortexes in which etheric energy can enter or leave the human energy body, which in turn affects the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the human. They are energy centers that govern the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects of the human form, whether or not the human is aware of them. These vortexes are metabolizing centers in the human energy body. Their healthy functioning is vital to having a healthy human body, mind and emotional life. They are also vital to experiences of divinity, or altered states of consciousness.

Chakras and auras can most easily be seen with the inner eye, psychic perception, during meditations or healing sessions. They can also be seen by the physical eye after much meditation, concentration, training and study of the human energy field. Some people who can see them do so without formal training. Sometimes the ordinary person will see auras spontaneously and unexpectedly. Others work for years to achieve the spiritual power (siddhi) of aura viewing.

It is a common belief that children see chakras and the auric layers around humans until they shut down these extra-sensory perceptions. This happens because of the need to connect more fully with physical existence or because they are in environments not supportive to such endeavors. Often, a child is told that he or she is seeing something that isn’t there. Eventually the child lets go of this experience and ability, considering it “not real” in human life.

Not everyone is a believer. Bob Larson says in his book Straight Answers on the New Age (1989), “Because New Agers often concentrate on the healing aspects of occult indulgences, the use of auras for relieving problems is stressed.” There are many who feel this way about metaphysical types of healing practices, that they are indulgences, or fantasies. This attitude is part of what is holding back the discoveries mankind can make about the laws governing the auric energies. The healing possibilities that can happen, once those laws of the aura are discovered and studied, are immense. There seems to be great resistance to these ideas from circles who believe playing with chakras and auras is the “work of the Devil.”

Being able to see chakras and auras would be a very useful skill to have. One could, “See people as they really are, and not what they pretend to be,” as said in The Third Eye (1986), a book by T. Lobsang Rampa. Rampa describes spying on visiting Chinese dignitaries at the lamasery. This exercise happened after he was able to see auras for a while, so that he could learn how it is that people’s true motives and feelings could be deciphered simply by observing their auras, rather than listening to their words. “As I looked at them from my place of concealment I observed the shimmering of their aur as, the opalescent sheen, shot with murky red, the turgid swirling of hate-filled thoughts. Bands and striations of color, unpleasant colors, not the clear, pure shades of higher thought, but the unwholesome, contaminated hues of those whose life forces are devoted to materialism and evil-doing. Their speech was fair but their thoughts were foul.”

The Dalai Lama used the services of these gifted Tibetan people who could see auras. Rampa goes on to describe a time when the Dalai Lama called for him and his teacher; “…We have to analyze the colors of some foreigner from the Western world. You must hurry to get ready…” It is astounding to think of the possibilities in this world if everyone was able to see a person’s true motives and feelings. Lying would be impossible if this were the case. People’s thoughts and feelings would no longer be private.

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