Visualization for Success

By Kathleen McGill, UMS Alumni

I used to wonder why some people appear to be wildly happy and prosperous while my life seemed to be heading nowhere. I thought…is there something wrong with me? Not at all; the only thing that was in my way was the wrong attitude.

Do you know that you can contribute to the things that are happening to you and that you can influence and possibly outright control much of what takes place in your life? It takes focused visualization and an open mind but your thoughts create your reality.  Many successful people use visualization methods to help them achieve the goals they want to achieve in their life, and it works. You don’t need special training or magical powers you can use visualization with just a little deliberate action and practice. To be able to allow visualization to materialize in your daily life, you will also need to change your attitude.

There are many famous people that used visualization to become successful. It is true that you cannot completely control everything going on around you, but you can at least influence it in your favor. Let us take the case of the actor Jim Carrey. He is a well-known actor, very well paid and appreciated in Hollywood. But he wasn’t this successful right from the beginning. When still striving to make it in the movie world, he wrote an imaginary check with his name on it and the sum of $10 million, as payment for his acting services. You may consider this silly, but he visualized his success and financial stability. He actively manifested what he wanted in his life. A few years later, after making the movie “Dumb and Dumber” he received $7 million.

Jim Carey is not alone. Many famous and successful people admit to using visualization to make things happen. But it is not enough to just imagine what you would like. You also have to feel positive about, and live like that thing is already yours, like opening yourself and your life to receive it. A negative attitude, feeling sorry for the things you don’t have and being envious of your neighbor because he or she is happier and wealthier will not make your visualization happen. Here is what you can do to start making things possible in your life.

  1. Change your attitude

You cannot attract positive things in your life, with a negative attitude. You have to start changing the way you think and the way you are. Always wake up in the morning being thankful for what you have. I call this the attitude of gratitude.  Never be discontented, because there are so many people that don’t have even half of what you enjoy. Smile and feel happy as much as possible, and you will see how things change around you. If you feel stressed or upset, because of various reasons, you need to adjust your mood immediately. You can either use meditation or listening to your favorite music, exercise, something that will get you out of that state. You can choose your attitude.

  1. Experience your goal

Take some time to be with yourself, somewhere quiet and far away from the interference of other people, and think what you want to happen in your life. Be honest with yourself and decide how your life should look. What are you trying to accomplish?  Visualize an image of this goal, and think about it in the smallest detail, as if it were already there, present in your life. Experience the colors, textures, sounds, smells; everything matters in this visualization.  Be in the space with your accomplishment, feel what it is like to hold the object you desire or be in the place you want to be.

  1. Use different supports to keep your goal on track

Visualization can be done in many ways, and you can pick the one that suits you best. You can either start every morning being thankful and meditating about your goal, visualizing the road to get it and how you are thinking, feeling and acting once you reach it. Many people use a visualization board, which you place in a spot where it’s visible every day. Either they put messages or write down their wishes there, or some even put picture that will help them even better visualize their desire. The visualization board is not there to make you think about your dream all day long. It is there to be as a motivation to keep on going and a reminder that every day you are making progress towards your life goal. It is there to adjust your mood whenever you feel down. Each time you visualize your goal, you should feel happiness and contentment knowing that it is already yours.

  1. Be selfish

Say no to the things that do not make you happy or comfortable, live your life as if you have already achieved your goals and do not allow obstacles to derail your progress.  You have obstacles so you can learn and potentially help others on the journey.  Being selfish doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be considerate or supportive to others just don’t forget about yourself. As they say on the airplane, you have to put the oxygen mask on yourself before helping others.

These are simple changes that you can make to change your life and achieve your goals. Visualization can help, as it helped so many other people get the life they wanted. And these changes will not cost you a thing, maybe just a bit of focus and remembrance, until they become a natural part of your daily life.  You live in an incredible world, and you have the power to change everything in it to achieve your goals.