Getting Better with AgeGetting Better with Age

By Elizabeth Erenberger

No matter how sweet the first part of our lives prove to be, it seems inevitable that as we approach our thirties and forties many feel a looming sort of emotional stagnation, an inner call to action, or a need for a change. Some call this phenomenon the Saturn return, some call it a mid-life crisis.

However you coin the term, by normalizing and creating conversation about this common spiritual developmental stage, we bring new possibility to the table. What if we were able to step away from the idea that this is a crisis moment and look at the transformative properties within this type of self re-evaluation?

It is true that this “mid-life” need for re-evaluation is often inspired by a tragedy or an ending. Often it is divorce, or some other type of confusing, emotional moment which inspires us to recreate ourselves.  Late thirties and early forties can bring a different set of life challenges than our younger years did. Some experience the loss of a parent, others may be letting go of a child moving away from home.

Many find themselves completely unhappy with career path they had previously been working toward and feel an insatiable need for change and fresh ways of thinking. I’d like to suggest that this is a healthy and self-preserving strategy for moving forward in times of turmoil and dissatisfaction.

So what to do now? Your life has become unrecognizable. How do we rebuild ourselves after losing a way of life that felt so secure and stable? In these modern, busy times many become aware of the need for greater self-care, a healthier lifestyle and a deepening of self-love. By choosing to vibrate with these higher frequencies and make cohesive decisions in our own best interest, we often see those friendships and connections which are no longer serving us drop away. This can be a huge shift socially and emotionally and can feel uncertain and vulnerable to the one experiencing the shift.

Only we can set ourselves free. What have you always wanted to know but never given yourself permission to find out? What do you always wish you had time for, but somehow never make it? There is so much accessible to us through the availability of technology. Perhaps there is a program, or a class that would inspire and motivate you. Whatever you do, build yourself a community of strong powerful people who support your visions and dreams. Start by building a network that will truly hold and support you when you’re down and defeated.

This is a new era of power for you. Treat yourself with the love, patience and acceptance that you hope to receive from others. Give yourself permission to try something new, in fact, find little ways to integrate new things every day. Life is short, and you are being filled with new inspiration for living it. It is so vital to our mental health that we allow ourselves to follow our hearts, and achieve personal success. Do not let anyone tell you that you have become derailed, instead keep your eye on the prize. Set yourself free. This is not a journey anyone else can define for you. Follow your bliss to a truly new and inspired you.