A Gap Year Alternative

By Casey Barton

As our needs in society change, it is becoming more common for young adults to explore different opportunities before continuing onto higher education or before pursuing an alternative vocation.

According to the Gap Year Association’s article, “Gap Year Data and Benefits,” at least 92% of reporting gap year students claimed that taking a gap year allowed them to gain life experiences and grow personally. However, gap years can look different for everyone; some individuals will travel, another may learn a special trade, one may volunteer, and some may feel drawn toward something else…

We at University of Metaphysical Sciences see how the consciousness of our world is awakening and expressing in creative ways, which is why we offer our unique program. A primary goal of our school is to offer access to wisdom that will continue to  support the rising consciousness of humanity. We have developed a distance learning program, for spiritual adepts and beginners alike, to encourage deeper understanding of spiritual traditions, healing modalities, and professional skills in the field of metaphysics. For young adults who may be considering a gap year or alternative education in general, we are so happy to offer the following to you:

  • An affordable degree program that can be completed within one year and from anywhere in the world! We have designed a program which allows many of our students to earn a Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate degree all within the same year, at an independent pace. We have also designed affordable payment systems for the program, in which a student can earn all three degrees for less than $3,500.00 in total. Our program is available online (or by post) which means that all one needs is stable internet access and a little determination to complete degrees with UMS. Visit our Tuition and Payment Plans page here.
  • A unique collection of course topics and electives. As a spiritual university, we feel fortunate to provide courses that enhance the knowledge of individuals who are interested in metaphysical and spiritual topics. Our courses cover a myriad spiritual topics including the studies of world religions, spiritual masters, crystals, spiritualizing relationships, understanding dreams, and so much more that can help us make sense of our world and learn how to better serve others. We encourage you to take a look at our course listings for each part of the program, download course samples, and listen to a meditation or two. Visit our Curriculum page here and download our Sample Courses here.
  • An experiential component. Throughout the program students complete multiple choice exams, respond to course meditations, and several unique projects. Designing the program in this way promotes student interaction with the course material in a safe and constructive manner. This method of experiential learning has inspired our students on many life paths including professional writers, life coaches, workshop management, and becoming bodyworkers and healers to name a few. Read about student experiences here.
  • A supportive community and help from our amazing Student Advisors and Staff. Deepening self-exploration can bring forward great transformation. With the guidance of our Student Advisors and other Staff, students find that the program can teach them more than they expected and that there is a strong, supportive community present at UMS. See how our students are moving forward here.

Whatever your path may be, we would love to hear from you and help you on your journey! Our website has an abundance of information and we are happy to answer your questions by phone or email as well. If you’re ready to begin, you are welcome to submit an enrollment form here.