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Healing the Inner Child

The inner child is a concept that has been thoroughly explored by psychologists, psychotherapists, spiritual, and religious healers throughout time. Carl Jung called it the “Divine Child,” Sandor Ferenczi the “Wise Child,” Emmet Fox the “Wonder Child,” and Charles Whitefield the “Child Within.” Each discipline of thought has its own specific explanation for [...]

Emotional Well-Being

Emotional well-being is well within your grasp. You can train your emotional body to gravitate toward certain emotions rather than others. It is possible to choose emotions at will, rather than let your life be run by emotional "weather." The Law of Attraction is inescapable in physical reality. It is the most powerful law of [...]

Communication Skills

The improvement of interpersonal communication skills is integral to the healing of our planet in these fragmented, complex times. The individual must heal the spirit inside before the spirit of humanity is healed. Good communication is very important to our survival as well as our evolutionary progress. However, improving how we communicate must [...]