Self-Care is a Must

by Elizabeth Erenberger

Through my own life experience and personal evolution I have come to believe that one of the most important aspects of metaphysical practice is a dedication to self-care. As we step out onto the path of the Healer, we make ourselves accessible to others for support and companionship. After holding space for others, we often feel a heightened need to defuse, unwind, or clear emotions and energies that may be lingering after collaborating to create such significant shifts.

Self-care is an important and relevant way to maintain our own health and wellbeing while being of service to others. Many self-help books speak to the theory that in order to have something to give, one must first have given to themselves in some way. In the airplane the stewardess will remind you; first your own mask, then you turn to help others put their mask on. Because if you’re not breathing, in theory, you will not be able to make sure anyone else is.

Society and the modern mentality often make us feel ashamed of taking too much time for ourselves or thinking of ourselves first. We are taught that by spending money on ourselves, pampering ourselves, or otherwise indulging that we are being selfish and somehow not honoring our highest self. In the extreme, others may even suggest we are stealing time, love and energy from our families and friends in some way.

This could not be farther from the truth. What else would be more worth investing in than your own health or future? Who else will give you the love and nurturing you need the most, if not yourself? The answer is simple, no one will. It is up to each of us to find sustainable ways of replenishing and nurturing ourselves.  We must seek out and commit to the practices which allow us to live our fullest expression without becoming overburdened or exhausted by what we give to others. It is important that we find ways to give to ourselves, and replenish the joy and happiness we have to share.

Meditation, exercise, education and healing work all fit in to the spectrum of self-care. It is important that we take time for our inner work, allow ourselves time to focus on the spirit-self and build our emotional stamina. Many of the most successful people in today’s world admit to integrating some sort of self-care as a ritual into their morning routine. The more attention we give to proper rest and nutrition, exercise and relaxation, personal hygiene and even proper hydration, the better we begin to feel in our bodies and minds. We begin to emanate a different vibration of self-respect and self-love that is visible and prominent to others. Our communications and relationships often become less stressful and we have more patience with ourselves and others.

It can be hard and emotionally jolting to make big shifts when we are familiar with a certain pattern or routine. Reflecting on and integrating in self-care techniques throughout your day is an excellent and easy way to begin making small changes toward your goals and visions. By committing even small amounts of time throughout our day to tuning in with the self and personal needs, we begin re-patterning our relationship with ourselves, and often find more grace and ease in accessing the higher self.

Want to manifest something new and exciting? What about a deeper, more meaningful and loving relationship to the one that is you? Believe me you’re worth it, and you deserve this.