Receptivity and its Healing Potential

Written by, Elizabeth Erenberger

As a mother to four dynamically different children; I find myself giving more of myself to others than ever before. I realize that my community, friends and even my family often give the most praise and understanding when I speak of what I have to offer others.

Throughout the globe; there is an admiration for those who give selflessly to others. In these modern times we often put great weight onto the generosity and gracious giving of ourselves and others. As individuals we find many different ways of sharing our love, resources and skills with the world.

The repercussions of constant giving however often have similar and uniting effects on us as humans, profoundly effecting the psyche. Depletion, exhaustion and fatigue are sure to ensue if we do not find ways of replenishing the source which is “us”.

Even something as simple as the intake of air, the basic function of breathing, can be symbolic to the flow of energy to and from the body. Through basic breath-work training and awareness we are reminded that our bodies are in a constant state of energy exchange. Our exhale is a release, or giving back. Our inhale is an act of receiving or bringing in the divine abundance available to us at any given moment.

Even as children we are often taught that to give freely without expectation of return, is the ideal. But as with most things in the life, balance is the key. Also, the idea of “expectation” is an interesting theory to further examine. Though several spiritual and religious theories ask us to refrain from expectation, still others offer expectation as a tool for personal manifestation. (ie- Expect a Miracle and/or “All unhappiness is due to wrong expectations.” –Buddha)

If we cannot believe in the benevolent and plentiful nature of the Universe, if we cannot believe in the wealth of the resources and the benefit of community comradery; how can we possibly hold hope for attaining their glories? Many powerful and successful people have attributed their own rise to fame and fortune as a commitment to the personal belief in positive outcome. This type of internal contract saturates every aspect of personal manifestation as a daily practice.

To give open ended-ly without allowing ourselves to receive, is an unsustainable practice. While it is true that we should not expect immediate return for every act of generosity, we must find ways to allow our surroundings, relationships and communities to replenish and nourish us on a soul level. Often this type of mindset and personal acceptance can be most easily accessed through the emotion of deep gratitude.

For some, the mere act of receiving a gift can be uncomfortable and difficult. This insecurity may even be rightfully tied to toxic memories or abuse of gifts as a manipulation: later associated with guilt, social pressures or non-consensual actions. However, when we step away from past trauma’s we find ourselves bathed in the light of new possibilities. To be in the position of giving generously, whether material or just through simple emotional support, is in and of itself a blessing. By allowing yourself to receive, you offer another the chance to experience the gift of giving.

Subtle, conscious dedication to the practice of receiving can be transformative for those indoctrinated into depleting lifestyles. The subtleties of an inhale, our relationship with food, even our ability to be neutral active listeners: all of these very basic life principals hold secrets about our own personal journey with receptivity. The way we speak up for our personal needs and the way we allow others to assist us, are deeply tied into this spiritual practicum.

A true need internalized can fester, and devour our sense of connection in relationships and beyond. You are indeed entitled to the same support, love, communication and honor you bestow on others. You must truly believe it in order to receive it.

So open your arms wide. Embrace the abundance surrounding you. Say “yes” to life and all its offerings.

By allowing yourself to receive you increase your capacity to give from a place of nourishment and stable centered-ness. Opportunities expose themselves suddenly, possibilities abound and blessings reign down, when we open our hearts to life’s generous lessons.

May many miracles finds their way to you, today and always. Breath, believe, receive. It’s all happening.