Following Through on Yourself

Written by Elizabeth Erenberger

Have you ever decided to do something out of your comfort zone? There is a beauty in just making the decision. For many, this decision may be focused on a goal foreseen to better the self, or to further your goals and aspirations in a new way. And even though the worst case scenario would be the sensation that nothing has shifted, or a sense of less than mastery; it can be nerve wracking to accept a challenge which feels so alienating, foreign and uncertain.

Many spiritual writings speak about this human experience, and the idea that much of what we are seeking in life lies beyond the fear which diverts us. The idea makes sense when we begin to have awareness for the fact that most of the blocks imposed on us in this lifetime are self-imposed and come from a lack of belief in our own power to achieve, or our sense of self-worth.

What’s also interesting is that once a decision has been made to follow through, self-doubt does not disappear or even always soften. Often our own doubts and fear continue to follow us, creeping in to tell us we still may not make it, or that our lofty goals are out of reach. It takes an individual willing to ride the wave of emotion, and tune into one’s inner knowing in order to overcome these voices and fight for what is still just a distant possibility.

Being spiritual, enlightened beings often requires us to be gentle, patient and compassionate in order to achieve the level of peace and understanding we are seeking, to give and receive with heartfelt gratitude. But there is another side to spirituality which is reflected in almost every culture, tradition and sacred guidebook.

Ferocity, fearlessness, determination and an unbreakable spirit are also signs of an empowered and awakened being. In a world full of obstacles and diversionary tactics, there can be a power in knowing that you will achieve your goal and refusing to back down and wither in the presence of adversity. Trying something new awakens our senses, opens our eyes, and shows us what we’re made of.

There is so much to be learned by challenging ourselves to live outside of the boxes, color outside of the lines and “experience the other side of the coin”.

When people walk away from an exhausting, unhealthy job of thirty years; or a marriage after decades of abuse, the fear of losing that “comfortable safety net” can send the individual into a tailspin of negative thought. Often, even the surrounding community and family members will be terrified for the well-being of those involved. However, after having time to process, adjust and settle many people express that it is a transformative process of recreating and redefining the self. That as old patterns and habits drop away, we create space for new opportunity and knowledge to find their way in.

Many of us go to the same restaurants, order the same dish, take the same way home, hang out with the same friends; without ever considering the blessings that might be in store for us if we were just able to let go and experience something new. Stability can be comforting and safe, but a deliberate choice to press our own boundaries can bring new life to our hearts, minds, and bodies.

So don’t be afraid to take that risk, get excited about pushing the status quo; no one else will “fail” or “succeed” in the same way you will. And both experiences lead to greater sense of self awareness, as both sides of the coin hold mysterious blessings. -Namaste