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Spiritual Seeker / Spiritual Teacher

Video Transcription

Well actually it’s good for you that there are so many spiritual teachers around, because now you can shop! It’s like going to the grocery store and you can pick one out that you like best. No one spiritual teacher can teach it all. If all the people in the world had to go to one spiritual teacher to get all these teachings that all these people are talking about, one person couldn’t handle that amount of energy being directed at them. Not even a great master could handle millions and millions of people projecting on them, and reaching to get something from them.

There’s a huge energy that happens between teachers and students, teachers and spiritual seekers. And so it’s good that there are different teachers all to handle the energies in palatable amounts. The other thing is: what if that one spiritual teacher in the world who was spouting all these spiritual truths wasn’t somebody you didn’t particularly like? What if you didn’t like their personality, or their image, or their name reminded you of someone who you didn’t like when you were younger? Then spiritual teachings would be lost to you. You wouldn’t have an opportunity to sit with a spiritual teacher.

So it’s a good thing that there are all these spiritual teachers talking about the same thing: non-duality, be here now, advaita, who are you really, self inquiry, so many things… law of attraction, take responsibility for your reality… So what if they’re saying all the same things? Enjoy the ones that you like, and bypass the others. It’s a good thing, because there are so many different styles of humans, and we need all sorts of styles of spiritual teachers… so many different individuals, and now they have choices. This is a good thing.

Oh and what if that one spiritual teacher suddenly fell from grace by doing something wrong? Where would the world be if everyone was following that one person?