All of it is God…Stop, Be Present

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All of it is God…Stop, Be Present

Video Transcription

You are what you’ve been looking for…if you want to know who God is, explore your own consciousness; explore yourself. What was meant in the bible by “man was created in the image of God” wasn’t meant to be about the body or the personality, or the mind, or the emotions; it is about the consciousness that God is. Everything has been created in the likeness of God. Every atom, every cell, every animal, every plant, every human, every alien, all of it is God; all of it is you.

When you start looking around and see all the things as your own self, as not separate from you, this is when you will experience yourself as having been enlightened, having achieved enlightenment, because you know yourself, who you really are.

So keep asking yourself the question “Who am I?”… “Who am I?” This was the question Ramana asked…until he found out who he was. What he found out was that he was awareness itself, and that was the only thing that didn’t come and go…all these things that come and go, appear and disappear…rise and fall in your consciousness, these thoughts that come and go, emotions that come and go, experiences that come and go, relationships that come and go, people that come and go, houses come and go, civilizations come and go, planets come and go, entire universes come and go… but one thing remains after all of that…it’s consciousness…awareness…whether it has form or not is irrelevant…consciousness remains. It does not have to have form to be aware of itself. You do not have to have a body to continue to have awareness, to be awareness, you do not have awareness, you are awareness…live your life as this awareness that you are…and you will live the life of a master on earth.

You will live knowing the secret knowledge that you are not just a human, and all these people are running around, thinking their human thoughts, their human ideas, and their human goals, human pursuits, oh, must get to the front of the herd…I must achieve, achieve, achieve, I must be a successful human…you can let all of that go. It might happen anyway…it’s fine…most likely it will happen, because as you live as this awareness, as this consciousness that you are, the powers that be find lots of things for you to do on this planet to help others realize it to.

For now, though, don’t worry about any of that. Forget about all your goals, forget about all your plans, forget about all your dreams, just for now. Stay out of the future. Forget about your history, stay out of the past. Pretend you have no history here, and spend at least a month or two, if not a year, just staying in the present moment.

Police your consciousness to stop moving; enforce the stillness of your mind. You can give yourself little reminders, all day long, to stop. Some people have this little beeper thing that can go off every hour, I know, in my younger days, it was really useful. It would go off every half an hour or hour, and I’d ask myself, “Oh, is my mind moving?” Am I in the future? Am I in the past? Am I thinking about something else, other than what’s right here…right now in this moment. Some people put little post-it notes around the house; they can say anything…be still, stop.

This is your only task at hand. Everything else will follow, you’ll see. And you’ll be happy with the outcome. Those dreams and goals may well come back to you. You’ve been preparing for a lifetime, for this moment, when you become aware of yourself, for who you really are…eternal consciousness. And all the talents and skills you have achieved up to this point, they’ll come into play, they’ll be used, but for now, forget the rush to getting to your future and becoming a successful human…just forget that, for now, and learn to be present, learn to be…the awareness that you are, with a still mind.

Without emotional reactions to things, without opinions about everything, learn to be empty…It’s actually something you don’t have to learn. You already know how to do it, that’s the good news, you’ve just forgotten. You’ve fallen out of the habit of that. When you were a child, it was your habit; it was your natural state. As you grew older and fell into the human condition, started forming opinions, and hurts and armor and starting to basically become jaded, that was when you forgot how to be present.