Now is a Good Moment

Video Transcription

Your happiness is not in your future, it is not in your past, it is right here, right now…and for the most part, you must admit, it’s probably not a bad moment. There’s no bombs falling on your house, nobody’s mugging you. Mmm, some people might have minor pain in the moment…but for the most part, it’s a good moment. You are most likely warm, cozy, ask yourself right now: “What’s good in this moment?” And you will see, that most of the suffering you do, has everything to do with your mind, the future, the past, and has nothing to do with this moment.

So enjoy the moments for what they are. You’re missing them, you’re missing them all. There’s many good moments for you all the time…everyday. But if you’re sitting around and brooding, being depressed, moping, it probably doesn’t have much to do with the moment that you’re in, it has to do with the mind…moving, into the past or the future.

Now you’ll really be a master, in earth-life, being a human, if you can take the bad moments, and bring awareness to them as well. If you are having a bad moment, if you are in terrible pain, if you are being mugged in this moment, can you still be in that still space.

As the day goes by, just observe, today, just observe, as soon as you feel an emotion coming up, having to do with the situation, as soon as you think a thought, just stop, and ask yourself: “What’s really here in this moment? If I don’t color it with my lenses, if I don’t color it with my perceptions, my projections from my mind, if I don’t color it with my thoughts and emotions, what is really here, in this moment?”

Just do this exercise, for now, and your future will be brighter, but not because you are worrying about it today, but rather because you are dropping the human condition of monkey-mind…let that go…and be a monkey-mind no more. You will see.