Sit Still in Meditation

Video Transcription

In your meditations, see if you can sit still without a thought for five minutes. A lot of people think that doesn’t sound like a big challenge, but try it and you’ll see. Can you actually sit there, start the timer, can you actually sit there still for five minutes, five whole minutes without one single thought?

If you can, then you’re ready to start bringing through the spiritual teachings and wisdom that any spiritual teacher can give you. You’ll be able to pull froth from within everything that you can get from a spiritual teacher. It will come from within and this is the greatest truth of all. This is the truest information that you can get.

Now be careful that it doesn’t just come from inventions of the mind. It’s a very fine line to tread. Sometimes people have all kinds of mental constructs about the mysteries of the universe, and all kinds of hierarchies and mental constructs about truth. Be careful with that; that’s not it. It’s not inventions of the mind. It comes forth when you sit in that silent, awake, alert, waiting space. It’s not about a “falling asleep” kind of thing, to sit without a thought. It’s not that. It’s an alert waiting space where you’re wide awake, very alert, waiting. So see how long you can sit in that waiting space before the mind comes in and tries to invent things.

In that waiting space comes full ideas, completed ideas, completed “ah-ha” moments. So in this place of alert waiting space, these fully completed ideas come forth. They’re different than the ideas and thoughts that come from the mind. Again, here, use the mind as a catcher’s mitt, the cistern that catches the rain water, rather than figuring it out with the mind. Let it [the mind] be a catcher’s mitt to catch ideas, catch the thoughts of the whole self.

You’ll know the difference, believe me. You will know the difference between an invention of the mind, which will seem quite illusion oriented, and the truth of the whole self.