UMS offers a range of metaphysical degree titles at every level. Students receive the same metaphysical education throughout the program, but we offer different titles for your degree, depending on your preference. At the doctoral level there are a greater range of choices, and at this level, you are specializing in the area of metaphysics you will be working in.

Metaphysics degrees are awarded as requirements are completed for each level.

University of Metaphysical Sciences is accredited by the AAMA & AADP. Learn more about our accreditation.

Bachelor Degree Titles
From UMS California

  • Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
  • Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
  • Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.

You will receive your bachelor’s degree after completion of the written and audio lessons in the bachelor’s curriculum. You must be in the program for 6 months and have satisfactorily completed all required coursework before you are eligible to receive this degree.

Master Degree Titles
From UMS California

  • Master of Metaphysics, M.M.
  • Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
  • Master of Divinity, M.Div.

You must first complete your bachelor’s degree in order to earn your master’s. This curriculum usually takes a minimum of four months to complete. Once you have completed the master’s level written and audio lessons, and passed the Master’s Culminating Project, you are eligible to receive this degree. This diploma leads to creating a more professional image for your books, classes, practice and other endeavors.

Ordination and Practitioners Certificate
From Wisdom of the Heart Church.

Upon completion of the master’s level, you will also receive your Ministerial Ordination and your Practitioner’s Certificate.

For your ordination, you may choose the title of Minister or Reverend.

The Practitioner’s Certificate is necessary in some states for hands on healing or counseling. This protects your right to legally practice.

Doctoral Degrees
You must have the bachelor’s and master’s level requirements of your metaphysics education completed before you are eligible for the doctorate program. You must also have been in the program for a minimum of one year prior to be eligible for your doctorate.

Doctoral Degree Titles
From UMS California

  • Philosopher of Metaphysics, Ph.M
  • Doctor of Metaphysics, D.M.
  • Doctor of Metaphysical Sciences, D.Ms.
  • Doctor of Holistic Life Coaching, D.HLc.
  • Doctor of Divinity in: (D.D. or D.Div.)
    •Metaphysical Sciences
    •Metaphysical Counseling
    •Spiritual Counseling

Ph.D. Degree Titles
From UMS Minnesota

  • Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
  • Philosopher of Metaphysics, Ph.D.
  • Philosopher of Holistic Life Coaching, Ph.D.
  • Philosopher of Metaphysical Counseling, Ph.D.
  • Philosopher of Metaphysical Theology, Ph.D.
  • Philosopher of Metaphysical Life Coaching, Ph.D.
  • Philosopher of Parapsychology and Paranormal Sciences, Ph.D.
  • Philosopher of Transpersonal Counseling, Ph.D.
  • Philosopher of Pastoral Counseling, Ph.D.