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Frequently Asked Questions2019-12-09T15:47:24-08:00

Take a look at some frequently asked questions

If your questions require a more detailed answer, or if you need more assistance please feel encouraged to contact one of our rockstar team members in the office.

What is metaphysics?2018-05-16T06:51:41-07:00

In short, traditional metaphysics is essentially the exploration of the fundamental nature of non-physical reality in relation to origin, existence, and understanding.   Read More: What is Metaphysics?

Why metaphysical sciences?2018-08-21T14:40:34-07:00

“Science is not only compatible with spirituality; it is a profound source of spirituality.” ~Carl Sagan   Read More: Why Metaphysical Sciences?

How were the courses created?2018-05-16T06:51:41-07:00

UMS presents a vast amount of information condensed into course format for accessibility to the student. The courses also serve to create a reference library that can be used well into the future.

The course content was extensively researched by a team of more than 40 writers and teachers. Many minds have come together to create this curriculum. Our research team members are varied in background, each bringing their own unique perspectives, wisdom, skills, and expertise to the courses they contributed to. Having a wide range of voices, writing styles, and perspectives keeps the curriculum fresh, interesting, and dynamic.

Roster of Writers and Teachers

Is UMS accredited?2018-05-16T06:51:41-07:00

University of Metaphysical Sciences is accredited by the AADP, American Association of Drugless Practitioners and the AAMA, American Alternative Medical Association. The AADP and AAMA exist to meet the need of accreditation on the part of those who practice and teach metaphysics. It consists of many metaphysical practitioners and schools. UMS has been evaluated by both agencies and meets all of the criteria to be grated accreditation. The AADP accredits the undergraduate degrees at UMS, and the AAMA accredits the doctoral level degrees at UMS.   Read More: UMS Accreditation

UMS Policies2018-05-16T06:51:41-07:00

For UMS policies on non-discrimination, confidentiality, withdrawals, and program completion, click here.

Tuition & Payment Plans2019-01-08T10:31:09-08:00

Tuition for University of Metaphysical Sciences is as low as $950.00 when paid in full at the time of enrollment; course materials are additional. UMS payment plans offer flexible payment options to fit your schedule and your budget. The tuition and course materials fees can be prepaid, or spread out over 1, 2, or 4 years.

Our program is set up to be pay-as-you-go, meaning that with each payment made a set of course materials will be released. This offers you flexibility with your payments, and the option of moving more quickly through the courses if you choose.  We hope this will assist you in pursuing your spiritual and professional goals.

For more detailed information, visit Tuition & Payment Plans.

Can I use student loans to cover tuition?2018-05-16T06:51:42-07:00

UMS is a non-secular, religious school, and is therefore ineligible to receive funds from FAFSA student loans or the GI Bill. We do offer payment plans to spread out the cost of tuition and course materials.

Does UMS offer scholarships?2019-10-23T17:22:20-07:00

UMS offers a partial scholarship for students who choose the long term payment plan. The down payment for this plan is $50.00 (additional for postal course materials), and the scholarship waives this initial payment and allows the student to get started at their 1st monthly payment amount. See pricing information here.

If you feel you would qualify for this scholarship, and it would be helpful to you in getting started with the program, please apply! It is a simple process and we will let you know within a few days if you do qualify. Please submit the scholarship application at the same time that you submit your enrollment application if possible.

UMS Scholarship Application

Shipping Overseas2018-05-16T06:51:42-07:00

All prices listed on our Payment Plans page are for shipping within the United States. International shipping fees vary and are worked out on an individual basis. Students are also responsible for any duties that may be due to their government when they receive the course materials.

What is the cost for a second doctoral degree?2019-01-08T10:39:00-08:00

The second doctoral degree costs $300 in addition to the full tuition cost of your first three degrees.

What will I learn?2018-05-16T06:51:42-07:00

The UMS curriculum is designed to give you a broad understanding of the field of metaphysics. The material is inclusive of many religions and belief systems to create awareness of the multitude of ideas and beliefs out there in the world. We endeavor to give accurate information, this being especially important where there are misconceptions or misinformation commonly held about a particular belief system, witchcraft being a good example.

Acceptance of all people’s spiritual experiences and belief systems is something that UMS deems vitally important to the future of humanity, and so we focus on a neutral and factual presentation of all kinds of beliefs. We do not ask that you believe or practice anything that you feel is not right for you, but we do ask you to keep an open mind when learning about the great variety of spiritual beliefs people hold. This can be especially helpful when, as a spiritual teacher or counselor, you find yourself working with people from many different spiritual backgrounds.

The curriculum spans many different areas of spiritual studies, as can be seen in the list of courses. The most powerful thing that you will learn though, as a student, is about your self, your gifts and skills, and your own true nature.

What are the courses like?2018-05-16T06:51:43-07:00

The courses consist of reading material generally between 20-120 pages in length. Most have a review of literature for further reading, and many have extensive reference material. Many of the courses also include meditations that are central to the overall course content.

Each course has an exam that includes true/false and multiple choice questions. These exams are primarily meant to enhance your integration of the material. If the course has meditations, you will be asked to share your experiences with the meditation. We encourage you to write about your process, whatever it was, and be gentle and accepting with where you are on your own path. We have a very supportive philosophy, and feel that there is no wrong way to experience these meditations, as long as you bring your full awareness and presence to the experience.

Download Sample Courses

What are the meditations like?2018-05-16T06:51:43-07:00

The meditations are all in a guided format. They are focused on teaching skills, affirming concepts, and assisting you in accessing expanded states of awareness. They are very different from, though generally complementary to, silent meditation, and can support you in having deeper experiences within your own practice.

These meditations were all created by Christine Breese, the founder of UMS, with music by accomplished new age musician, Michael Hammer. They are very unique and powerful, and are definitely the heart and soul of the UMS curriculum.

We encourage students to fully experience these meditations to whatever degree they are able. Going as deeply as possible with the meditation work is what gives you the greatest potential for having a truly transformational, life changing journey with UMS.

Listen to Sample Meditations

How long will the program take to complete?2018-05-16T06:51:43-07:00

The UMS program is designed to be self-paced and to fit comfortably into your lifestyle.

It is possible to complete the entire program in 1 year, if you have ample time to dedicate to the process and are very motivated. We do ask that students take a minimum of 1 year to complete the program, to ensure that they have really integrated the material and gotten the most out of the journey.

Most students complete the program in around 2 years, fitting their studies into their lives in an enjoyable, practical way. One thing to note is that if a payment plan is chosen for paying the tuition, this affects the speed at which the courses can be completed. We ask that students do their best to complete the program within a 5 year time frame, but are very flexible and supportive with students as life happens.

How do I access my courses?2018-05-16T06:51:43-07:00

UMS offers 3 different options for how you will receive your course materials:

  • Internet Downloads– All course materials are downloaded through the student center. You will download PDF files for the written materials, and MP3 files for the guided meditations.
  • Partial Downloads / Postal– Download PDF files through the student center, receive meditation CDs through the mail.
  • Postal Delivery– All course materials will be sent through the mail. Printed materials are 3-hole punched for insertion into binders. Guided meditations are on CD.
How do I submit my work?2018-05-16T06:51:43-07:00

Upon completion of your enrollment, you will be set up with a profile in the student center, which you will be able to access through our website. This is where you will download course materials (if choosing the internet option), as well as choose your electives, submit your exams, and keep your contact information up to date. You will be sent your login information via email upon completion of your enrollment.

Exams for each course are submitted through the student center. From here, you are able to print a copy of the exam if you prefer to take it on paper before submitting your responses online. Upon completion of an exam, an email will be sent to you with your score, a copy of the exam itself, and any feedback from faculty.

All exams are pass/fail, a passing score being 80% or better. Scores are not tracked, and grade point averages are not used at UMS. However, you will always receive an email of your graded exam, which will include your score.

Projects & Dissertation

Most students submit student projects and dissertations electronically, by email. If it is your preference, you may mail a hard copy.

*Students without internet access are still able to complete the program by completing the exam at the end of each course, and sending a copy in through the postal mail.

If I fail an exam, can I take it again?2018-05-16T06:51:43-07:00

Our system will allow you to submit an exam 3 times. Beyond this, staff is alerted so that we may connect with you, and open the exam to be submitted again. You are able to retake exams as many times as you need.

Do you give grades on tests?2018-05-16T06:51:44-07:00

We have a pass/fail system on exams. However, you will always receive an email of your graded exam, which will include your score.

What kind of support is available?2018-05-16T06:51:45-07:00

UMS has skilled student advisors available Monday through Friday, from 9-5 Pacific Standard Time, except holidays. Advisors do take lunch midday and have regular staff meetings, so if you are prompted to leave a message you can expect a call back in that same day. During office time advisors respond to calls and emails and are available to answer questions and offer encouragement, guidance, and support to potential and current students. Advisors are spiritually focused and knowledgeable, and are very good listeners and support people who genuinely love to connect with and get to know students. A high level of program support is maintained throughout the process, and advisors work with students on a personalized and individual basis. Extra support is offered by trained thesis advisors for students who are doing their final projects.

Would I be assigned a student advisor?2018-05-16T06:51:45-07:00

There are several staff members who can answer emails and phone calls pertaining to student questions, so there is no one person who assigned to a student.

Does UMS staff offer spiritual counseling?2018-05-16T06:51:45-07:00

Studies at University of Metaphysical Sciences are deeply transformative in nature, and at the core of the curriculum is an introduction to non-duality concepts. You are supported and encouraged in realizing the master within yourself, and also in facing your shadow selves and accepting and healing them. If you have done this type of work prior to enrollment, you may find yourself moving through the curriculum effortlessly. If not, you may find the courses trigger old hurts up for re-examination or processing. Sometimes the work in the curriculum may cause emotional releases, deep healing, or the need to talk to someone about the process.

When you enroll with UMS, you are held in loving energy on the inner planes throughout your studies by staff members. This is to assist you in successfully reaching your full potential. Wisdom of the Heart Church also maintains a prayer circle for specific requests. UMS is sensitive to difficult transformative processes, and wants to help you in every way possible. If you find yourself having a difficult emotional process, you are encouraged to write about what is going on in a letter or email to UMS. All letters are read by a staff member, and responded to with loving support.

UMS staff is limited in the scope of spiritual counseling it can offer. Answering questions or providing support and guidance through brief phone calls or emails is within that scope. More in depth counseling, advice, psychic readings, or especially any kind of crisis response or intervention is not within that scope. We strongly encourage you to cultivate and utilize your own support system and have access to local teachers, mentors, healers and counselors as needed, particularly in cases where you have experienced trauma, abuse, or mental health issues.

Whatever is going on in your life, the UMS curriculum is a very conscious way to explore your own deep healing and transformation, and, with proper support as needed, is well worth the challenges presented.

Admission Requirements2018-05-16T06:51:45-07:00

All that is required for enrollment is a high school diploma or equivalent, and the ability to read and write fluently in English. To qualify for enrollment, check the box on the enrollment form verifying that you have completed the equivalent of high school in your country.

When can I enroll?2018-05-16T06:51:45-07:00

We have an open enrollment, so you can get started whenever the time is right for you.

Can I apply previous education or experience?2018-05-16T06:51:45-07:00

Because of the unique nature of our program, with its extensive curriculum and focus on personal growth and healing, consciousness expansion, and professional development, we do require all students begin with the bachelor’s level and then proceed to master’s and doctorate. We are often asked about this, as many of our prospective students are already professionals in the field, or already have advanced degrees. We stand behind our program and our graduates, and feel that the program is most beneficial when experienced in its entirety. Upon completing the program, we are confident that our graduates would agree.

How quickly can I finish the program?2019-07-12T13:49:37-07:00

While students are able to work at their own pace, it is our hope that students will take the time to digest the material thoroughly and integrate what they are learning.

The minimum time requirements for each degree are as follows:

  • Bachelor’s Degree: 6 months from date of enrollment
  • Master’s Degree: 4 months from completion of bachelor’s degree
  • Doctoral Degree: 2 months from completion of master’s degree

It is possible to complete the program within this time frame if you prepay or enroll in the short term payment plan, and have at least 8-12 hours per week to devote to your studies.

Can I receive my courses more quickly?2018-05-16T06:51:45-07:00

If you are enrolled in the medium or long term payment plan, and wish to move more quickly, you may make additional payments to receive more courses.

How long to I have to finish the whole program?2018-05-16T06:51:46-07:00

There is no time limit on completing the program.

Is there coursework in the doctorate program?2018-05-16T06:51:46-07:00

All of the coursework is in the bachelor’s and master’s programs; there is no actual coursework in the doctorate program. Doctorate degrees are based on your own personal research and work, which is presented in your Doctoral Dissertation. Learn More: Doctorate Program

How do I earn a second doctoral degree?2019-01-08T16:07:46-08:00

Do research on another metaphysical subject and write a second Doctoral Dissertation. The cost for the second doctoral degree is $300.

Can I complete all three degrees through correspondence?2018-05-16T06:51:46-07:00

All courses are correspondence courses and are completed in a distance learning format. We have designed the curriculum so that students can complete their studies and receive their degrees from home, by downloading courses from our student center, or receiving them through the mail.

Degrees, Certificates, & Credentials2018-05-16T06:51:46-07:00

Degrees offered by University of Metaphysical Sciences are non-secular, religious degrees. Our bachelors, masters, and all doctoral degrees except the Ph.D. are registered with the California Office of Education.  We offer our Ph.D. degrees through Minnesota, as these degrees are registered with the Minnesota Office of Education. For a complete list of degree titles, visit Metaphysical Degrees & Credentials.

Why be ordained?2018-05-16T06:51:46-07:00

Upon completion of the master’s degree you have the option to be ordained by Wisdom of the Heart Church. This is a way of strengthening your status as a spiritual teacher, mentor, and counselor. It shows that you have completed a rigorous process of spiritual growth through Wisdom of the Heart Church and UMS, and that we stand behind you as a spiritual leader. This lends support and a sense of validity to your work with others. It helps to give others a sense of confidence and security that you have met the personal and spiritual qualifications to be ordained.

Why get a doctoral degree?2018-05-16T06:51:47-07:00

A doctoral degree adds a new level of professionalism and legitimacy to your credentials. It shows that you have such a deep interest in and respect for your work that you have intensively focused on research and contributed to the information available in your area of study. This can be especially relevant if you are teaching, lecturing, or writing books, as agents and expo producers specifically look for this level of education in their writers and presenters. Learn More: Doctoral Degree Program

What is the difference between a Ph.D. and a D.D.?2018-05-16T06:51:47-07:00

The Doctor of Divinity, D.D. degree is more recognizable as a religious degree. If you will be practicing as a minister, or as a spiritual counselor or teacher, this is a good choice for your doctoral degree. For those who wish to write books and give lectures, a Ph.D. is a great option, as those who have a PhD preferred by publishers and event promoters. Some students choose to get both credentials, and in this case, the second doctorate can be applied for.

What are the limitations of a UMS degree?2018-05-16T06:51:47-07:00

UMS degrees are religious degrees, not secular degrees. They do not give you qualifications to teach at a secular or traditional college, and we caution our students to be careful in how they represent themselves so that they are not seen as psychologists or licensed counselors or therapists, nutritionists, or medical doctors.

Can I use my degree to call myself a Dr.?2018-05-16T06:51:47-07:00

Realize that these are not medical degrees, nor are they secular degrees. These are religious degrees, and must be used in this fashion. We do not recommend connecting your Dr. status to your work with medical practices in a way that would mislead your clients to believe that you have studied medical subjects. State specifically what your degree is in your advertisements, for instance: Dr. Jane Doe, D.D., Doctor of Divinity in Metaphysical Counseling, or Dr. Jane Doe, Ph.D., Doctor of Philosophy in Metaphysical Sciences. Spell out your degree rather than just using the letters if you connect it to your medical type of practice so that there is no misrepresentation as a medical degree. If you are advertising for anything other than medical-type services, for instance your classes, writings, lectures and such, spelling out your degree would not be necessary. In the case of counseling, be sure to refrain from misrepresenting yourself as a psychologist by making it clear that you are counseling in a spiritual format with a ministerial license.

What are the laws for teaching & counseling?2018-05-16T06:51:47-07:00

Spiritually based healing, counseling, or teaching is not (at this time) regulated in most parts of the world. This means there are no laws that govern this type of work. To be a marriage officiant, you will have to register with your county clerk or other agency, as marriage is regulated as a civic process. Otherwise, as long as you clearly represent yourself, you are in legal standing to do this type of work. The credentials offered by UMS can give you legitimacy in representing yourself as a qualified healer, teacher, or counselor.

Are there careers in metaphysics?2018-05-16T06:51:47-07:00

More and more people are feeling the call to enter careers in metaphysics as the population looks to its spirituality and seeks guidance. This program is purposely designed to give qualifi