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Linda M. Adams
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

We are a recognized child of the universe, finally! It took 5 yrs of this Earth Walk to complete UMS course requirements, but with it came many opened doors and lifted veils. Our intended path now, although uncertain, is to walk as a Light-Bearer and share the light and love we carry.

Joy N. Alboro
Master of Metaphysical Sciences M.Sc.

Joy has recently completed her Bachelors in Metaphysical Sciences at UMS, with the ultimate goal of achieving the Doctorate degree. She currently practices Energy Healing, Hypnosis, NLP and Soul Coaching in Honolulu Hawaii. Her studies at UMS has been valuable, rewarding and has enhanced her healing practice greatly.

Photo of Low Hon Loon Alfred
Low Hon Loon Alfred
Master of Metaphysics, M.M.

Low Hon Loon Alfred is an educational technologist who is fascinated by the way in which modern technologies are shaping humanity, work and ways of knowing or learning. He is deeply concerned about the blurring between artificiality and reality, and is determined to sort it out in Metaphysics.

Veronica Alvarez
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Veronica was born in Los Angeles, California. She has a Bachelor of Arts, in English Literature from the University of California, at Berkeley, and has received a Bachelors degree in Divinity and a Masters degree in Metaphysical Sciences at UMS. She has always had an affinity and a love for metaphysics since she was a small child. Reincarnation and past lives, crystals, meditation, and psychic abilities. She considers herself a Lifelong Learner and Global Citizen. She currently works on transforming energy on a daily basis. She believes in putting into practice what you learn, leading through example, and believes in the empowerment of being a co-creator of your own life. She has enjoyed her studies at UMS and plans to continue her education there to pursue her Doctorate Degree.

James Sunday Aremu-Cole
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

James S. Aremu-Cole is a student and teacher of the Bible. He is an ordained member of one of the largest churches in the world: (Winners Chapel International a.k.a. Living Faith Church Worldwide) headquartered in Ota near Lagos, Nigeria. He is a retired college lecturer with over 30 years’ experience of Bible teaching and Church Administration.

James has a passion for souls via prayer and intensive outreaches. On his website:, he shares insights on the Christian experience, evangelism and church growth as successfully practiced by The Living Faith Church Worldwide which has vibrant churches in every continent and over a million members worldwide.

Michelle Armstrong
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Michelle is as internationally recognized Empowerment Coach & Motivational Speaker. She is the founder of The Armstrong Method™, author of Manage Your Mind, Master Your Life & contributing author in the book series ‘Thank God I…’ Michelle is a university trained Mental-Health Counselor accredited in Australia, a Clinical Hypnotherapist & NLP Trainer. She is currently completing her certification through ACE as a personal Fitness Trainer. Originally from down-under, Michelle has coached & trained thousands worldwide in the areas of human effectiveness & performance issues, spiritual development, relationships, health & emotional challenges. Michelle has appeared on numerous TV & radio shows in both Canada & the US.

Boris M. G. Artemieff
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Boris lived many years in Asia, and got introduced to meditation by different teachers in Thailand and Nepal. Currently he resides in France where he uses Mindful meditation in his coaching practice.

Jeanine Marie Aufiero
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Jeanine Marie Aufiero is a Psychotherapist in New York, working with –

  • Individual / Family / Couples./workplace
  • Beyond Consequences Certified Instructor : A Love-Based Approach to Helping Children With Severe Behaviors / Adoption complex issues
  • Personality Disorders- Support for families and individuals
  • Professional Mediator
Jacqueline Backman
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Msc.

Jackey Backman M.Msc, is an internationally recognized speaker, trainer and author. Her passionate message of purpose and gratitude is embraced by people around the world. She is joyfully committed to life long learning and is at her best when she is teaching people how to be their best and experience happier more fulfilling lives.

Harvey L. Bailey
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Harvey L Bailey is the father of two, a teenage boy and a young girl. This veteran of the US Army seeks to enlighten others thorugh his two businesses- Harvey’s Healing Hands and The One Thought Life Coaching.

He is a member of Toastmasters and enjoys spending time with his kids, reading and writing, teaching Reiki and Chakra classes, as well as helping people find their path in life through visioning.

Kimberly Anne Ruble Balstad
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Msc.

Kimberly is blessed to be the mother of two wonderful sons. She currently pursuing her Ph.D. through U.M.S. She has her own business, The Aum Shop, which she enjoys designing for as it allows me to promote positive spiritual messages to the world. Her experience with U.M.S. has had a wonderful impact on her spiritual journey. It has helped her to examine her inner self more profoundly and she is very grateful to everyone at U.MS.

Melody Barton-Helmick
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

As a Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist, Science of Mind Practitioner, and Life Journey Coach, Melody is pleased to add Master of Metaphysical Sciences and Minister to her credentials and skills as she assists those searching for their own unique path in life through her practice “Alternative Pathfinders”. Are you on the path You’ve Chosen or the one Chosen for You? If the answer is “Chosen for me” or “I’m not sure”, then let’s uncover it together so you can discover your life purpose and obtain the freedom you desire.

Rachel Bato
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Msc.

Rachel works with dream interpretation and energy medicine, which includes color therapy, guided meditations, Reiki, Pranayama, crystal healing, art and music healing, positive affirmations, life energy movement, biofeedback, kirlian photography, and the energy of nutrition.

Kelly Leigh Baye
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Kevin Jermain Benjamin
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

When I came to the University of Metaphysical Sciences I was looking for a deeper spiritual guidance. The staff and the courses provided above and beyond guidance that I was seeking. I plan on using my Knowledge to help others and start a community healing center.

Photo of Ines Beyer
Ines Beyer
Master of Metaphysical Sciences M.Sc.

Ines Beyer, M.Sc. is the author of the award-winning book “Death is Not the End: Understanding the Transition between Lives.” Having gone through a personal life crisis facing her own mortality, she started to explore out-of-body experiences, NDEs, and the afterlife. She became an instructor and researcher at the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) and has been a volunteer at the Los Angeles Center for 9 years, helping people have OBEs of their own. In 2006 she earned a Masters in Metaphysical Sciences and is also certified in Clinical and Past Life Hypnotherapy, which further expands her work in the field of death and dying.

Julie Bleau
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Msc.

Julie Bleau holds a B.Msc. and M.Msc. with the University of Metaphysical Sciences. She is a certified Hatha-Yoga and Aqua Kriya Yoga Teacher, a Reiki Master-Teacher, a Crystal Healing Practitioner. She also holds a B.Ed. and taught kids and teenagers with special needs in Montreal-Canada. Julie is a loving, caring, dynamic, and joyful person. She loves spending time in nature, doing photography and traveling the world while learning about different cultures.

Betty A. Bonnenfant
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Beth is currently working on her Doctorate Degree here @ the University of Metaphysical Sciences. She is also working on coordinating “Dream Work” and “Intuitive Workshops”.

Jeffrey Botton-James
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Jeffrey is an active spiritual life coach with an energetic life coaching practice in Sydney NSW Australia

Louise Suzanne Boyd
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Louise is a self-published author working on her third book about life and death.

Louise truly believes spirit helped guide her to UMS as she was mourning the passing of her 12 year old daughter, Elianna. She wanted to understand more about the world of Metaphysics. This journey has been enlightening to Louise. UMS has helped deepen her understanding in many ways. She would like to continue writing books helping others through her words.

Christopher Bradshaw
Master of Metaphysics, M.M.

Founder of Urban Revolution Ltd and originally from the UK Christopher is currently living and working in Southern China. Having completed his UMS Masters degree with a research project that he carried out in India he is expanding his metaphysical studies in China and continuing to research and practice with Biofield and other non invasive medical technologies. His aim is to collaborate with a Chinese organization to create a centre of research where he can integrate the knowledge that he has gained so far into a clinically based Doctorate study.

Photo of Margaret Bridges
Margaret Bridges
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

My journey to finishing my Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.SC. degree has been rewarding especially since I did not start pursuing my college education until age 57 – I am now 70.

The journey started when my children were grown and I saw an opportunity to back to college and finish my higher education goals since I had to postpone them while raising a family. When I re-started school, I had no idea what I wanted to do, so I just started taking courses. So far I have obtained two associate degrees (AA and Office Systems Technology), a BS in Psychology, a BS in Metaphysics, a MA in Liberal Arts, a BA in Metaphysics and four post graduate certificates (Global Affairs and Criminal Justice, Online Ed. and Positive Psychology). This journey has enabled me to attend five different colleges and taken over 50 on line courses – how blessed I feel.

I think of myself as being a very creative learner with multiple interests. In 2014, I started Bridges on the Blue Ridge which is counseling and coaching service that guides others to conquer weight issues, self-esteem dilemmas and spiritual challenges. I have also acquired certifications as a Life Coach and Reiki Therapist and want to get certified in hypnotherapy, color and sound therapy – all will enable me to approach the issues that people need help with in a more Holistic manner, but most of all, I’ve learned to follow my “bliss” and be grateful for all my blessings.

Sissel Imsland Bridges
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Sissel Imsland Bridges is originally from Norway, but are now living in USA. She is a Certified Life Coach, and Licensed Massage Therapist. Since 1992 she has facilitated numerous workshops in Spirituality, Health and Healing. She offers spiritual solutions to everyday challenges.

Her mission is to give people simple, grounded, practical tools to be applied in everyday life for people to opens up to their fullest potential , whatever that is for each individual.

Chasity Broussard Vice
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Rev. Chasity Broussard Vice has studied metaphysical concepts and spiritual teachings for over 15 years. Over the years, she has developed a passion for spirituality and energy work by studying among a fascinating list of teachers. In her free time, she practices the ancient art of Reiki and teaches natural healing alternatives. She holds a Master of Science from UMS and is currently a candidate for the Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Metaphysical Sciences.

Martine G. Brousse
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

After graduating from UMS, she published a book under the penname Alix Mahe “Mantras & Words of Power”. A 2nd book and a French translation are in the works. She continues to study and practice various spiritual techniques, especially Hawaiian-based. Martine graduated as a Ho’oponopono practitioner, and also became a Reiki master. She is working on a new project which will combine her expertise as a patient advocate and mediator with teaching self-healing and alternative medicine. She enjoys guiding beginners through the initial ascension journey steps, while encouraging self-practice and individual exploration. Looking forward to a time when her practice is 100% “spiritual”, she enjoys being a Lightworker at any level, sharing her knowledge and experience with those in need.

Connie Brown
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Connie Brown is very proud to have attained her bachelor of metaphysical sciences, and master of metaphysical sciences degrees. Her studies at the University of Metaphysical Sciences have pulled her out of the mystic closet and have opened new doors to her spiritual journey. As an ordained minister, EFT practitioner, Reiki master teacher, and certified clinical hypnotherapist, Connie will be of great service in helping others heal the mind, body, and soul.

Debra Ann Brown
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Debra Brown (aka Debb ),Earth Angel, Metaphysical Teacher, Spirit’s Messenger, Empath and Healer. Debb uses many different modalities in her healing’s and always comes from a place of Unconditional Love. She assists people from all walks with their journey in this life. Debb officiates Weddings and Baby Blessings. She is also a Certified Herbalist,Usui-Seichim and Dolphin Reiki Master/Teacher.

Michaela C. Brummer
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Michaela C. Brummer, M.Msc. runs a psychotherapy and ethnotherapy practice in Munich, Germany. She devotes herself into spreading out the knowledge of Shamanism, gives lectures, courses and workshops all around Germany and is part of a worldwide healer group. Right know she prepares her dissertation by meeting shamans all over the world to share their wisdom.

Heather E. Brunetti
Master of Metaphysics, M.M.

Heather Brunetti is a fine artist from beautiful Ashland, OR. Sensitive since birth, she found a home in the mysteries of life early on. Metaphysics gave her the platform to deepen her craft which she plans on using in various modalities. Her intention is to help people understand themselves more deeply and cultivate the courage to walk their unique path. As each of us looks within ourselves we realize that we are all artists of our own lives. What we create is our choice as well as our future.

Dagmar Bryant
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Dagmar Bryant is a Psychic Medium, Holistic Counsellor, Hypnotherapist and Past Life Regression Practitioner.

Dagmar is passionate about helping people and assisting them in moving forward. It is about helping them on all levels – physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

As a psychic medium, she believes that we all have the ability to connect into our intuitive side and our guides and helpers in the spiritual realm.

Dagmar teaches Psychic and Mediumship Development and helps you find your life path. She works with clients from all over the world and does readings from her home but also via phone and Skype.

Dagmar is very grateful that her life takes her to all parts of the world helping and healing others. As a metaphysical practitioner, she wants to make a difference.

She can also be seen as an inspirational Public Speaker giving presentations on helping others moving forward.

Dena M. Buchanan
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

I’m so excited to have completed the Master of Divinity program through UMS. I have so enjoyed my journey and have learned so much in my travels. When first deciding to pursue my Bachelor’s in Metaphysical Sciences UMS stood out as the university that was best suited to my needs. The staff was always available for questions or just conversation if I was stuck on a topic. They were so supportative that I am so happy that I continued my education with the Master’s degree program. I use my training on a regular basis and encourage others to check into UMS so that they may gain knowledge whether a degree is their desire or just the awesome information it brings. Namaste!

Suzanne R. Bully
Master of Metaphysics, M.M.

Suzanne Bully, CVT, MM is the owner of Universal Healing and is dedicated to the physical and spiritual well-being of animals and humans alike.

Suzanne offers many types of Vibrational Energy Healing modalities of which both contact and distant healings are available.

Jennifer (Djen) Burns
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Msc.

Djen Burns is an Emotional Relief Counselor, Life Coach, Reiki Master, Astrologer and Workshop Facilitator. She holds a Masters Degree from UMS and is an Ordained Reverend and she is currently living in the United States after Manifesting a Green Card last year. Djen is a caring and compassionate counselor. Her intention with clients is to have them remember “Who They really Are” and give them the tools allowing them to have the Life that they want. Her own life experience allows her to connect with people on many levels and from all walks of life. Her passion is teaching Law of Attraction, Creative Manifestation. “You are Meant to be Happy!”

Sephira E. Bushere
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Metaphysics has been the only thing I have ever been interested in. Growing up, I wanted to be an artist, teacher, counselor, and work as a professional psychic. I wanted to help others and I knew there was more to life than what can be seen.

I began my spiritual education with a certificate in Parapsychology before beginning my studies at U.M.S. During my Bachelor’s studies, I learned about many healing modalities which lead me to becoming a Reiki Master-Teacher and Quantum Hypnosis Practitioner. Most importantly, I have learned how much healing I needed myself. The best spiritual practitioners who have helped me on my path were the ones who had already been through what I was experiencing. I learned that healing oneself first is essential to being able to help others. I now work from home as a spiritual blogger, writer, healer, consultant, custom spiritual jewelry maker, and psychic medium. I’m a “Jane of All Spiritual Trades, so to speak ;-). I look forward to furthering my accomplishments, challenging myself and being the best practitioner I can be, thanks to U.M.S. Blessings to All!

Celia Jane Butcher M.M.
Master of Metaphysics, M.M.

Celia Jane Butcher, M.M. Classic Celtic Mystic working with past lives, soul retrieval and other-realm beings to bring understanding and healing to both this realm and the other realms.

Stefanie J. Butler
Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Michelle Stephanie Caceres
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Msc.

Michelle has been drawn to the Divine and had mystical experiences from a young age. She was raised Catholic and later introduced to eastern spiritual practices by her Mother. Her mother was a nun in Peru who later was part of a self-realization healing group situated in a small area in the mountains of Peru. At the age of 17 she had a Near Death Experience during an operation. This experience changed her views of life and death. At the age of 22 she began to have kundalini experiences and since then has been interested in living a more balanced and conscious life all the while helping others a long the way. She is an artist, healer, musician, vegan, animal and earth activist. Her current passions include progressing her elemental inspired art (Gold Wizard fantasy art), writing for faerie magazine, helping others become aware of their beautiful divinity and raising conscious children.

Lesley Cameron-Douglas
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

As a child, Lesley was always a deep thinker and was often called, ‘inquisitive’; she liked to ask, the larger questions in life. She spent a lot of time, alone, contemplating what life meant and at the age of five, she remembers asking herself, “Who am I?”.

By the age of nine, she moved to the United States, in Manhattan, New York; and in her early teens, she moved back to England to live with relatives. As she studied, she went on to be quite spiritual, although she could no longer say, that she embraced any particular religious ideology. Eventually she began embrace ancient philosophies and wrote her first published poem in 1995, called ‘Approaching 2000’ published by Triumph House Publications(1995)

At the age of 19, she went to university; where she earned a teaching degree in Education and English, a diploma in Business Administration and she also she studied British Sign Language. However, she soon returned to her main interest, which is spirituality. In 2008, the main turning point came in my life, when she lost her son, Joshua at the tender age of 15 years old and she again began to question the meaning of life with a fervent passion, ’Who am I?, why are we here?’.

She remembered what Josh had told her, several times before he made his transition, “Get the internet mum!!! ” so she began to teach metaphysical concepts to others. She created a You Tube channel, devoted to Josh’s memory and today she is working on acquiring her PhD in Metaphysical Sciences and is planning on writing more and doing lectures on spiritual ascension. Her main goal is to assist spiritual seekers in discovering who they are and to learn how to ‘stay in the now’ moment at all times.

Her journey in life has taken her through so many experiences; all to teach her and bring her to where she is now. She wants to share what has assisted her to grow and fulfill her life’s purpose here on Mother Earth and to help others transform and empower themselves.

Annalise Marguerite Campbell
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Annalise Campbell is the founder of Awaken and transform, crystal bowl healing and workshops. She is a transformational therapist and sound healing coordinator.

Suzanne Campbell
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Rev. Suzanne Campbell is currently working toward her Doctorate Degree with UMS, having earned her Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences and Master of Divinity. She has been a life-long student of metaphysics and an avid practitioner of Light Body Meditation as taught by Duane Packer and Sanya Roaman. She holds numerous certifications in the healing arts, including that of holistic counselor through The American Society of Alternative Therapists and Master Regression Specialist, from the world-renowned, Hypnotherapy Training Institute.

Suzanne is a Certified Advanced REAP Healing Practitioner and enjoys working with the vibrational energy body to facilitate physical & emotional healing, soul & destiny retrieval activation, and DNA coding activation.

Trained by The Newton Institute as a Certified Life Between Lives Practitioner, Suzanne has founded Spirit Life Hypnotherapy, where she specializes in assisting individuals in learning who they really are as a soul, as the sum total of all their previous lives. This powerful spiritual integration fosters clarity, peace and comfort and alleviates any fear of death.

Carolyn Marie Cannistraro
Master of Metaphysics, M.M.

I feel grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in the world and bring joy to millions. Go forth and Life the Life You Were Born To Live.” Blessings, Carolyn

Amberleigh Renée Carter
Master of Metaphysics, M.M.

Amberleigh Carter is a Holistic Health Practitioner in New Orleans, Louisiana, and works with clients on transforming their health through food, movement, lifestyle, and spiritual coaching.

Kara L. Cavanaugh
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

I am working on several fiction novels relating to spiritual topics, and hope to soon be published. I was honored to receive my M.Div. from UMS in February 2017.

Alexandra Salazar Ceballos
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

I am a pharmacist practitioner for more than 20 years. I have had a passion for metaphysics since I was a child. This passion, my family, and the counseling time with customers at the pharmacy, had made me pursue a career in metaphysics, with emphasis on hands on healing and yoga. I am here to serve God and be of service to others.

Brittany Rae Chapman
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

7 year Reiki practitioner and now founder of Inner Light Church in Honolulu, Hawaii. So blessed to have the energetic support of UMS during all my journeys!

Maria Chavez
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Maria has obtained the master’s in divinity through UMS and she is glad she did. She was able to open her mind to diverse metaphysical concepts and practices. She is also a spiritual coach and working towards a master’s in marriage and family therapy.

Raffi Chefikian
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Reverend Raffi Chefikian is a Lebanese-Armenian. He has made his studies of philosophy and theology in the Holy Spirit University of Maronites, Kaslik- Lebanon. He is the parish priest of the Armenian Catholic St. Gregory the Illuminator church of Athens – Greece. He lives with a moral code of mine “TODAY I CHOOSE YOU” because it is God’s will to choose any one of us without any advanced notice in a any given day, to accomplish his will or to ask us to return home, to the Divine source, to God Himself. So he lives each day as a given gift and he does handle it with gratefulness and he tries to accomplish God’s will, at the same time to be ready when called upon. He helps people to realize to their Soul Agenda in their Spiritual Journey on earth, heal them from their trauma’s and make them realize and be transmitters in their turn of the Divine energy that surrounds us.

Christine R. Chico
Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Ciara M. D. Clarke
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Ciara is delighted to have earned her Master of Metaphysical Sciences degree at UMS. She is now looking forward to completing her doctoral degree and is excited to announce the up-coming publication of her book, ‘The Way I See It’, which tells the story of a beleaguered woman with a novel approach to life.

Robert A. Clarno
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Msc.

Robert A. Clarno has the title of Master of Metaphysical Sciences. Robert is currently writing both fiction and non fiction in the metaphysical field as well as investigating the paranormal.

Annie Clay
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

With her scientific and thirsty mind, Annie has spent the last 35+ years studying all things under the Metaphysical umbrella, and is importing this knowledge into an holistic counseling practice. At a very young age, she acknowledged the strong connection between the mind and the body together with the underlying energies and vibrations of thoughts and emotions, and uses this realization as a reliable diagnostic tool for revealing some core issues in her clients’ lives. Annie is a certified Life Coach, Reiki Master, Reconnective Healing practitioner and Intuitive empath, and is currently studying for her PhD with UMS.

Pauline Marguerite Coleman
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Msc.

Pauline Coleman was born in Coventry, England and emigrated to Santa Barbara, California with her family in 1974 where she worked as a Retirement Counselor for Santa Barbara County for many years. After her retirement she served on various committees and Boards but once she happily discovered the University of Metaphysical Sciences she began following her lifetime desire to seriously study Metaphysics and gain her qualifications. She plans to become part of a Hospice team and also to write a book on a metaphysical subject.

Caroline A. Cook
Master of Divinity M.Div.

Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Sound and Vibration healing, Certified Angel Card Reader through Doreen Virtue and Hay House, Certified Angel Practitioner through Charles Virtue, Second level Karuna Practitioner, Certified level 1 Solfeggio Tuning Fork Practitioner.

David F. Coons
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

David Coons is the organizer for Colorado Springs Spirituality and Self Discovery, and a General Contractor in the Colorado Springs area, David is also the founder of Abundant Light Outreach. David is combining Construction with Metaphysics to create a business model that is unique to the construction industry and will embrace the new emerging consciousness. In addition David facilitates Monthly meditations, Workshops, spiritual counseling, and Divination in Colorado Springs.

George H. Crist
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Msc.

Having retired from the business world, George now offers spiritual counseling/healing at the Pathways to Consciousness spiritual center, a non-profit organization he founded for this purpose. He has a degree in Biology from a secular university and has taken classes in many different healing modalities. His current goal in life is to help as many people as possible to climb the spiritual ladder towards Christ Consciousness and to enjoy the peace that comes with it.

Christopher Wayland Dahlberg
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

I have had the beliefs and practiced a metaphysical lifestyle before knowing metaphysics was a science. I have always known there was more to our existence and had more power than what we’re told we have. UMS has helped me to reawaken this power and rise to my fullest potential. I am so grateful to have crossed paths with Christine and the University of Metaphysical Sciences.

Henn Datta
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Henna Datta wants to live in a world where everyone is happy and free to be their authentic self and express their unique gifts lovingly and fearlessly.

As a sought-after Intuitive Healing Coach, guiding and supporting creative women entrepreneurs through their journey to manifest sparkling wealth, health, love, happiness and deep peace in their lives is what truly lights up Henna’s soul. She is humbled and honored to have mentored hundreds of amazing women from all over the world.

When she’s not creating fun, intuitive strategies for her clients or writing her first book, you can find her indulging her eternal wanderlust through exotic cuisine, books or travel.

Her latest courses, Manifest Your Meadow Of Luminescence© and Home Is Your Flower Of Light© are being polished to a shine for their online debut this year.

If those names speak a language that seems familiar to your soul, don’t hesitate to get in touch with her for more information. She is always delighted to meet kindred beings.

Kimberly Ann Davis
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Kimberly A Davis holds a Master of Arts in Metaphysical Science and studied philosophy in conjunction with practice of yoga, meditation and the principles of Chakras. My goal is to enable youth to make a mind, body, and spirit connection that allows them to understand life at a deeper, more meaningful level and ultimately make decisions that positively affect their lives.

Chris C. Dayian
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Chris is retired from two professions, law enforcement and special education. With his degrees he hopes to counsel and possibly have a ministry that serves victims of trauma and/or PTSD. He is excited about starting down this new metaphysical path.

Photo of Ellen Wilson Dees
Ellen Wilson Dees
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Ellen is a Healing Touch International Level 4 Apprentice.  She has been actively involved in many aspects of healing touch arts since 2010.  When she first began learning about healing touch therapies, she immediately realized that healing touch improves one’s balance in both the physical and metaphysical planes.

As a volunteer, she provides Healing Touch therapy for cancer radiation patients, for surgical patients, and stress reduction for patients at a local hospital.  Her ministry is focused on bringing balance, healing those in need using her Hands of Love.

She is a retired accountant who worked for the State of Connecticut for 25 years.  She enjoys travelling, reading, crafts, and gardening.  She has 3 children, 6 grandchildren and lives blissfully with her husband in Connecticut.

Brandy Deutsch
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Brandy Deutsch is a leader and a pioneer in the conscious living communities of Houston, Texas. She uses her intuitive gifts and specialized training to help clients achieve fast and often immediate results.

For 15 years Brandy has been an advocate and educator for reducing the effects of stress related illnesses in schools, corporations, and healthcare facilities.

Brandy focuses on blending quantum physics, energy medicine (light & sound frequency therapies), and belief work (ThetaHealing® technique) to develop optimal systems for growth, development, and transformation in group and individual settings.

Elisabetta (Elohisa) Di Nardo
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Msc.

Elohisa is a Sound Alchemist, mystic, musician, healer, inspirational speaker, educator and the founder of the Academy of Sound Alchemy.

She has travelled and lived in countries around the world such as Africa, the Middle East, India, Europe and Australia. Learning about different cultural backgrounds and belief systems has helped her to grow more conscious and aware of the differences and similarities of people all around the world.

As a devoted student of life and an Ambassador of Peace and Light, her mission is to inspire, educate, and empower individuals from all walks of life to ‘tune in’ and ‘be-come’ so that they my live to their full potential. Offering practical tools and methods that inspire, awaken, and guide anyone who is willing, the opportunity to change their lives forever.

Rhonda Donahue
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Msc.

Rhonda Donahue is author of “The Pollution Inside You,” Reiki Master Teacher and Speaker. Dedicated to guiding people toward transformation in all areas of ones life.

Bridget Marian Dorward
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Reverend Bridget Marian Dorward, RN, M Sc., is a career professional registered nurse, with twenty years of clinical practice and healthcare management experience. Her practical metaphysical experience began with Reiki in1996 and has continued to include many energy healing modalities. Bridget desires to assist, teach and lead others to learn the self-healing energy techniques that cross the planes of physical and spiritual dimensions to create holistic transformation and higher consciousness. Also, Bridget is a Quantum Success Law of Attraction Life Coach and an ordained Minister who loves to assist in the creation of sacred life events and everyday spirit nature rituals.

Marcy Dunderdale
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Reverend Marcy Ellen is the author of The Soul Truth; Reflections of the Waking Soul, a writer/Contributor for OM Times Magazine, and the host of the radio show The Soul Truth on blog talk radio. She is a Reiki Master, and energy healer, a spiritual channel, and a clairvoyant with a Master of Divinity Degree from the University of Metaphysical Sciences. She and her two children reside in Colorado.

Kerri-Rae Duplessis
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Kerri has worked very hard to obtain her Master’s with UMS. Along with using all the incredible tools the courses have offered, she has sought education in many healing modalities. Currently, she is not only working on her PHD, but also working towards a PHD in Naturopathic Medicine. This world amazes her and she is grateful everyday for the gifts and blessings it provides.

Bonnie K. Dysinger
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Bonnie K. Dysinger is a Healing Facilitator, a Certified Practitioner of Esoteric Healing, and a national instructor of the philosophy and energy healing methods of Esoteric Healing. She is a Reiki practitioner and instructor, a Certified Hypnotherapist, and includes Fields of Consciousness and Wholistic Manual Medicine in her work. She is the owner of Gentle Touch Healing in Benicia, CA.

Zoli Althea Engel Browne
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

I work in the field of the paranormal and offer services to law enforcement and SWAT in learning how to identify and calmly deal with paranormal phenomena they encounter. I also teach the ongoing class The Paranormal World and Metaphysical Laws, encouraging folks to learn about Maitreya and the return of the Masters of Wisdom. The class focuses also on personal responsibility in mind, body and spirit.

LaTonya L. Engon-Zibi
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

LaTonya is a licensed psychotherapist and reiki practitioner. She also is a certified psychosynthesis teacher.

Cynthia Erhardt
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

I have been studying Metaphysics for over ten years. I teach and apply Reiki , I love energy work and the healing process that comes with it, some times in minutes. Angel card readings are amazingly accurate and fun – I cannot say I do any one thing- as I incorporate all my classes, intuition and learnings in whatever is needed at the time.

What a journey I have been on…. and still every day wowed at results, healings, friendships , miracles and JOY

Loretta Althea Erskine
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Msc.

Loretta A. Erskine was awarded Master of Metaphysical Science in 2013. She also is a Certified Healing Practitioner, Massage Therapist, Medical Lab Technician and Bone Density Technologist. She has her own massage therapy therapy office since 2004. Her interests are: Nascar racing, reading, gardening,sound therapy, traveling and her grandchildren. Her passion for life is to help others heal in whatever modality helps the client. She is active in her Catholic Church as a Eucharistic Minister and in the Handbell choir.

Bola Modupe Eyinla
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

I am Bola M. Eyinla, The founder and owner of The Joy of Wellness LLC in Atlanta Georgia, is a Master Herbalist, Iridologist, Registered Nurse, Angel Therapy Practitioner, Reiki Teacher/ Master, Metaphysician and Angelic intuitive Healer. In my holistic healing practice, I uses the wisdom of various herbs, vibrational medicine, flower essence, aromatherapy and more to facilitate a strong mind-body-spirit connection in my clients. A strong mind-body-spirit connection can help individuals maintain balance and wellbeing in a stressful society.

Sabrina J. Faer
Master of Metaphysics, M.M.

Sabrina J. Faer has completed her Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc and now her Masters in Metaphysics, M.M. She is also an ordained minister and on her way to a Ph.D. as a Holistic Life Coach through the University of Metaphysical Sciences. She has a thriving practice as a healer…Certified Reiki Practitioner and a Shamanic Practitioner. It is in her future plans to author a variety of books and further her experience in the Shamanic field. Many thanks to UMS for all their support and opening us up to the beauty of Metaphysics!

Ahmed (Tikky) Faizuddin
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Ahmed, also known as Tikky, is a Professional and reliable expert on hypnosis and NLP. A master of illusion, prestidigitation, Balloon Sculpture and dedicated father and husband. His interests range from Entertainment to neuro science as well as the supernatural and the unexplainable.

Sharon Davis Faulk
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Sharon Davis Faulk is a retired public high school science teacher of 34 years experience. She received her B.S. in Chemistry/Physics/Biology Education from L.S.U. She received her M.N.S. in Zoology/Physics and has graduate hours in the major sciences, guidance counseling and education. Now living in Pine Grove, Louisiana, Sharon takes time to read, write, play with her cats and dogs, and take in unwanted animals. She has received a bachelor’s degree from U.M.S. and has finished her master’s program. She is working on her doctorate dissertation.

Cathy Fuss
Master of Metaphysics, M.M.

Cathy Fuss is a perpetual student of life. She was raised in upstate New York and now lives and works in the Acadia National Park region of Maine in the summer and on the golden sunset Gulf Coast of Florida in the winter. She is a travel writer, a massage therapist, a tax accountant, and the CFO of Vortex SeaDrive Systems, a green technology start-up company. She has also edited two books on Teleology. Cathy is proof that you can be and do anything, that the brain is an integrated whole and not separate hemispheres. She has just been awarded her Master of Metaphysics degree.

MaryCeleste Gall
Master of Metaphysics, M.M.

MaryCeleste Gall received her Masters of Metaphysics, M.M. degree in 2010, and will continue on to her Doctorate degree. Her goal is to establish a spiritual enlightenment center in Fountain Hills, AZ. Her work with brain/body science and desire to assist people to lead a balanced lifestyle has been the catalyst for her continued education. MaryCeleste also plans to officiate at weddings, birthing celebrations, home blessings and any other Ministerial needs in her community.

Leon B. Gallaway
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

It is my life’s mission to help others realize who they are and help them find their life’s purpose. My wife & I are setting up a spiritual enlightenment center near Frankston, Texas. You are welcome to be a part of our life’s work.

Patricia A. Gallaway
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Patricia (Patti Gallaway, PhD, received her degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy in 1990 from the American Institute of Hypnotherapy in Santa Ana, CA. She began her private practice in Beverly Hills CA and expanded her career by founding HypnoDynamics, Inc., a teaching institute to provide health care professionals with the ability to learn and use hypnotherapy in their practice as an adjunct modality in areas such as dentistry, chiropractic, marriage and family counseling, sports performance, and many other practices.

Dr. Gallaway has taught workshops and seminars throughout the country on Peak Performance and Goal Achievement.

Patti and her husband, Leon, reside in the beautiful East Texas Piney Woods where they are currently developing a spiritual and nature retreat under the name, Messengers of the Spirit, a non-profit 501c3, whose goal is to provide a meditative experience for all who are seeking peace and the opportunity to find their life’s purpose.

Christina Galvez
Master of Metaphysics, M.M.
Rebekah Gamble
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Rebekah, also called Laughing Crow, runs a holistic health clinic and education center in Pittsburgh, PA, where they offer more than sixty health, healing and medical care options. Laughing Crow’s specific skill set is in using alchemical methods with herbs as well as shamanic methods learned across the world to help people get their lives and health back. Rebekah is also a published author and the founder of the American Shamanism Movement. Rebekah has also been recognized for their work with PTSD clients, intersex issues, and the death-positive movement.

Eileen Garfinkel
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Msc.

Eileen Garfinkel is a telepathic animal communicator, healer and counselor. As an animal communicator, Eileen gives and receives messages from animals, whether living or physically deceased. As a healer, Eileen is able to run Universal energy through her body and deliver that energy to the animal. Her ardent desire to help to spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and whenever possible physically heal the Earth, one being at a time.

Dustin Shane Garton
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Dustin is a long time teacher of metaphysics and philosophy at the Temple of the Sacred Union and specializes in teaching meditation for beginners.

Sahar Ghamati
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

I’m honored to have studied with the university of metaphysics and to have found an amazing journey for myself. I currently teach meditation in Iran and am writing about my experiences and thoughts in this field.

Ron Goodwin
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Anthony James Gourlay
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Thank you to the University of Metaphysical Sciences I am a Master of Divinity, Ordained Reverend, and Practitioner. I will be continuing my education with the University for my Doctor of Divinity. Thank you for all that you have done UMS and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Rev. Debbie L. Graham
Master of Metaphysics, M.M.

She wishes to thank the staff at University of Metaphysical Sciences. This coursework is the best she has ever studied. She is honored to forever be a part of this University. Her life has just begun! Many Blessings.

Loretta Greaves
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Loretta has spent more than 30 years of her life in pursuit of metaphysical knowledge. She has devoted many years to the study of shamanism and currently is focused on joining the understanding and use of quantum physics laws with the practice of shamanism. She finds truth in every religion and spiritual tradition but finds her greatest comfort and devotion in understanding the payment of all karmic debt through the Atonement of Jesus, the first Christed human being. Her passion is to assist in and witness the shifting of critical mass of consciousness for Global Ascension and Peace.

Margit Gressierer
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Msc.

Margit was born and raised in Munich, Germany and relocated to the United States in 1994, studied and later worked in the design field across the US, Europe and the Middle East.

After a life-altering event, which occurred a few years ago, Margit re-evaluate her life and studied to obtain a Masters Degree in Metaphysical Sciences, majoring in Counseling. She specializes in work with cancer patients and their loved ones as well as issues in interpersonal relationships. She often uses crystals to enhance her results along with the application of spiritual response therapy to ensure a quick and successful outcome.

Rose Lily Guan
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Guan was born in 1964 in South Vietnam. Her original name was Linh Khanh Nguyen Ho. In 1986, as a Communist refugee and daughter of the Captain of Republican of Vietnam, Guan left her country for freedom to the United States. Guan holds an Accounting degree in George Mason University, Virginia in 1992. Starting 1995, she had successfully owned several businesses including restaurants and CPA practices across the country. In 2008, Guan left her excellent business career to live the life of a spiritual practitioner. She lives happily with her two talented daughters and a holy son in the America.

Nicole D. Gulick
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Msc.

Nicole is a certified as a hypnotherapist, she wanted to expand her education and UMS gave her the tools for what she wanted to accomplish.

Erin Ashley Hall
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Erin-Ashley is a Confidence Coach for Sensitive People. After a severe and prolonged illness opened her up to her intuitive abilities when she was 19, she went through years of confusion while she tried to figure out what was happening to her and why she experienced the world differently than those around her. In 2011 she finally “got serious” about helping people. Since then, she has helped people in through the world master their intuitions and tap into the strength and confidence of their souls.

Jessica Hall
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Msc.

Jessica Hall recently completed her Master’s in Metaphysical Sciences at UMS, and she is being ordained as a Minister of Metaphysics. In addition, she has a secular degree as a Master’s of Mental Health Counseling and is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher. Jessica is in the process of transitioning into clinical work in the mental health field and starting a holistic web based business with services including: Holistic consulting and life coaching, reiki, chakra balancing, and spiritual counseling. She looks forward to continuing to further her knowledge in Metaphysics by pursuing a doctoral degree through UMS.

Emily Hallinan
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Msc.

Emily is owner of Soul Transformations 360. She resonates with the Light transforming your Soul with Love, using different modalities, so that your life may be what you Dream it to be.

Samantha Jayne Halls
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Samantha lives in tropical North Queensland in Australia and runs her practice, The Healing Project. Sam is passionate about helping other enlightened souls around the globe who have their own businesses overcome the blocks and energy challenges that many face along the path to ascension and running a successful soul-based business.

Photo of Eleanor Hammond
Eleanor Hammond
Master of Metaphysics, M.M.

Psychic, medium, author, graduated from UMS on the 18th of December 2007 .. and they’re still waiting on my thesis for my PhD 🙂

Tara Davis Hanalei
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Upon completion of her Masters Studies Tara will leave for India, where she plans to tour the various temples and shrines. She wants to experience the spiritual benefits of India before returning to the US.

Kimberly Rose Harp
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Msc.

Psychic Intuitive, vibrational therapy, practitioner, medium, reiki master, positive energy replacement practitioner, home and business energy healer, and assist with transition into the afterlife.

Azoré Harris
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Azoré is a Photographer, Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and Spiritual Intuitive counselor. She owns Sine Wave Productions which is a recording studio. She also is the owner of Process Xpress, a full legal services company where she is the Chief Investigator.

It is her dream and desire to help heal the consciousness of men/women through her music, photography and other spiritual modalities. Her journey has been one fueled by a burning desire to know Oneself and the purpose of.

This journey has led her into the studies of Metaphysics and has yielded many moments of enlightenment through daily meditation, self study and allowing the lines of communication to always remain open with the Divine. Through her practices she has gained a clearer understanding of “Self” and how one can live a more fulfilling and peaceful, contributing existence and is now sharing all that she has learned and is continuing to learn with all who can hear her.

Nancy Denise Harvey D.V.M.
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

My primary field of practice is veterinary medicine limited to small animals and small exotics. I am a Reiki Master candidate and student of Phyllis Furumoto. I am also an Arhatic prep and student of Master Co.

Barbara A. Heller
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Barbara is an Inner Calm Consultant and Qigong Practitioner. Meditation practices, Qigong Instruction, Personal Crystal Vibration Assessments, and Reiki are among some of the services offered in the practice. She specializes in helping families to understand the conditions of ADD/HD and autism from a different perspective and gives them the tools to begin their journey to greater peace.

Jamie Lynne Hellyer
Master of Metaphysics, M.M.

Jamie Hellyer has a Bachelor of Divinity, B. Div. degree with UMS and a Master of Metaphysics, M.M. degree.

K. Alexis Herbert
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

With my heart and soul, I offer blessings from BC, Canada. It is my pleasure to learn from and hopefully serve others and the Divine through Spiritual and Grief Counselling. Light and Love. Alexis.

Dr. Pepper Hernandez
Master of Metaphysics, M.M.

Holistic Health Practitioner, Naturopath, Cannabis Therapy Consultant and Raw Food Nutritionist.

Tune in with her by following or

Gary Herron
Master of Metaphysics M.M.

Rev. Gary C. Herron aka Lord Sige-Jen I, is a Wicca High Priest with over 30 years experience, Licensed Minister (Wicca/Ohio), Metaphysical Speaker/Teacher, Spiritual Counselor, Tarot Reader, Scryer, Energy Worker(Qi Gong), Writer and Artist. He currently lives in a 14 room ,1880’s house in New Straitsville, Ohio with his wife Samantha and their Black Maine Coon cat Xena.

Frank Heyde
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Minister Frank Heyde B.M. / M. Div. ordained by the church of heart . Frank is living in Germany. He works with people who are “suffering from the soul”. Grateful to have found the tuition by the UMS and to be listed here, he’ll do his best to spread “the news” about consciousness, souls and invisible energy for perfect healing. There is a lot more as we are able to see with our eyes…

Donna Marie Hickey
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Donna Hickey is a Certified Grief Recovery® Specialist, minister, intuitive Tarot reader, meditation facilitator, spiritual counselor, and energy worker. She is a certified Reiki Master and Integrated Energy Therapy practitioner and holds a Master of Divinity from the University of Metaphysical Sciences (UMS). She is also studying to become a certified Meditation teacher. Donna is a member of the International Association of Reiki Practitioners (IARP), and the American Tarot Association (ATA). As a part of her mission, Donna works with victims and survivors of domestic violence as a volunteer facilitator and advocate at a local women’s center.

Susan E. Hickey
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

I am just looking for ways to raise humanities vibration. Open minds and release the the fears of humankind. God Bless the Universe and all who enter into the process. Sue Hickey.

Danielle Hope Hier-Palli
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Danielle Palli is the owner of Birdland Media Works, a writing, publicity, editing and virtual assistance company. She is also an author, presenter and part-time yoga and Pilates instructor. In addition to her ordination and spiritual counseling studies at UMS, Danielle received a Master’s Degree in Professional Writing from Chatham University and a Bachelor of Science Degree from New York University.

Rainey Marie Highley
Master of Metaphysics, M.M.

Rainey is an award winning metaphysical author and communicator. Her published books include Divine Macroverse and The Water Code, which received a 2012 Living Now book award. Her most recent project is the creation of a children’s book series geared for the new generation of star children. The Long Lost Tale of the Dragon and the Whale is the first book in the series, scheduled for release in early 2014.

Ashley Nicole Hilger Brothers LMP
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Ashley N. H. Brothers, LMP & M.Div is a licensed massage therapist, spiritual counselor and shamanic practitioner with a Master’s Of Divinity. Her goal is to facilitate healing of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies through various techniques such as Massage, Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, Divination, Extraction, Soul Retrieval, Compassionate De-possession, Curse Unraveling and so much more. Her mission is to assist others by helping them enhance their awareness and find the connection between their thoughts, habits and beliefs as well as the emotional/physical manifestations that result from them. She also helps people to see the spiritual connection within all these things and to deepen their lives experiences by reaching out exploring their place in the Universe. By enhancing this awareness it is possible to heal on so many levels. Ashley has overcome many obstacles and illnesses in her life and is sharing her knowledge, compassion, experience to her clients through her practice.

Riley B. Hilson-Gregory
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Msc.

Riley Hilson-Gregory M.Msc is a Hypnotherapist and Counselor based in the United Kingdom. He has previously studies Law and Theology and other universities, but states the his experiences with the UMS have been one of the best learning journeys he has undertaken. He know incorporates much of what he has learnt into his therapeutic practice, to help client engage with the higher aspects of themselves to find greater well being.

Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Since early young adult life, I had been passionate about seeking the truth to help myself and to assist humanity. I am here to assist humanity to walk in the light, so that we might not necessarily stumble on a rocky road or even fall down the cliff. I would like to guide humanity to accomplish this goal through the study of God, Buddhism, meditation and spiritual psychology. My goal is to bring peace to the world with the integration of religion, spiritual unity, peacefulness, harmony, compassion, and love into our consciousness via spiritual practice. The University of Metaphysical Science was an excellent choice that I made, it is impossible to see the light without proper education. Thanks to The University of Metaphysical Sciences.

Janis Holiday
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Janis is a Homeopathic Doctor registered with the Canadian Registry of Homeopaths. As a homeopath she assists individuals seeking to find their balance in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. This path of healing is a lifestyle not only a choice. She is a leader, healer and teacher and humbly, an Earth Angel. Peace and Blessings

Sandra Lee Horan
Master of Metaphysics, M.M.

Sandra L. Horan has been in private practice for 18 years as a counselor. For the past 4 years she has been doing readings and group channellings. She has a bachelors degree in Counseling Psychology from Antioch University and a Master of Metaphysics, M.M. from University of Metaphysical. Sandra teaches classes on many different subjects both in the field of metaphysics and psychology. She also does coaching with those wanting support in transitioning into the second half of life. She loves the variety of work she gets to do and believes she is doing her soul’s work.

Dr. Bonnie H. Howell
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Dr. Bonnie H. Howell is a coach and counselor practicing in Ithaca, NY. She received Bachelor’s degrees in pastoral counseling and in Industrial and Labor Relations. She has a masters degree in public administration and was just awarded a Master of Divinity. In addition, Dr. Howell has a doctoral degree in Health Management. Prior to entering the counseling field, she spent over 20 years as a Hospital Chief Executive Officer, taught in graduate programs at both Cornell and NYU. She holds certifications as an integrated life coach, hypnotherapist, licensed in HeartMath Biofeedback and is a certified Compassion Fatigue counselor and educator. Dr. Howell has three grown daughters and currently resides in Upstate New York.

Cindee Hudson
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Cindee Hudson, M.Sc., has been involved in her healing community for several years. In addition to organizing a local expo, printing a local practitioner guide, and now publishing an E-newsletter, she is a certified healing arts practitioner, certified clinical hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and teaches many modalities through The Enlightenment Institute, which she founded in 2009. Having achieved her Master’s degree through UMS, she is now working toward her Doctorate degree.

Nimo Ibrahim
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Born in Somalia, raised in Kenya, Nimo came from a middle class family.Came to the U.S in 2001 and lived in California for several years.Nimo had her spiritual awakening once joined UMS in 2007, completed her BA and completed her MA several years later .Metaphysics has completely changed Nimo’s life and made her think in a total different way.The knowledge acquired from UMS has not only changed Nimo’s life in a positive way, but has also changed alot of her friends and families lives.It is her intention to pursue her PhD in Metaphysics, write books, teach, public speaking and have her own practice.

Leila Johnson
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Rev. Leila Johnson is the author of Driving to Success: Let Your Spirit Take the Wheel, which explores her spiritually-influenced professional journey from college to owning and operating a business with her husband. Through their business, Data-Scribe, they provide organizational consulting and Web system implementation services to professional service firms and their partners. Leila enjoys using her experiences to help others to take a holistic look at their lives to improve their personal relationships and strengthen their connection with their career. While she pursues her Ph.D. through the University of Metaphysical Sciences, Leila plans to create a couples ministry that allows her to serve others with her passion for health & wellness and personal & professional development.

Photo of Scheketia (Zurielketa) Johnson
Scheketia (Zurielketa) Johnson
Master of Metaphysics, M.M.

Ms. S. Johnson has always been an esoteric, out of the box type of being. Born in the mid 80s, as a true child of the universe, although it wasn’t very popular in those times. All the twists and turns during her journey through life, brought her to dive deep into the mysteries of both the physical and metaphysical realms. She decided to adopt the divinely inspired name Zuriel in 2007, to reflect her ascension and hasn’t looked back since. In 2014, she came to UMS to submerge herself into her studies for the purpose of being exactly who she was created to be, master spiritual alchemists. A leader, born under the sign and influence of Leo, she has been heavenly marked for such a task. She came her longing to be more, do more, and learn more while staying true to her passion as a massage practitioner now she can create her spiritual health and wellness center with confidence.

Marcin Józefaciuk
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Lillian DelValle Kaiser
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Msc.

Lilly is the owner of “Living Vibrations,” a holistic wellness center, whose focus is in balancing of the human energy field for a harmonies Mind, Body, Spirit experience. It is through this balance that illness can to avoid, depression Lifted and Life becomes much more for-filling as you reach your personal goals.

Lilly is a Metaphysical Consultant, Holistic Life Coach, Vibrational Healer and Aromatherapist. She has been studying and practicing various modalities of Vibrational Medicine which when used in combination increases the benefits received by her clients.

Cathy J. Keefe
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Cathy started several years ago looking for ways to handle life’s challenges, She discovered Reiki and now a Reiki Master, and currently leads a wellness community. Cathy is also a member of the American Holistic Nurse Association as light worker.

Teri Kierbel
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

I am honored to be included on this page as an alumna of UMS. The vision I hold for my work is ever changing. UMS has been an inspiration and a true guide for me in my endeavors to reach beyond my own knowing-ness. I believe in the evolution of the human spirit toward a love and need for individual truth. I believe in the cooperative healing of our planet, and our people. My quest is to serve in that arena. I walk with people where they are and I am honored by the journey we share together. My counseling practice and ministry are planted where ever there is need or desire for Love/Light/Truth/God. My message is Love and my way is Peace. I pray that I will understand more each moment I live how sacred life is in all its forms as I strive to grow in wisdom, reverence and respect. As I grow and mature I pray for increasing integrity in my life. I imagine peace – for myself and the world, that all may know the beauty and perfection of now. A Place of Peace is within you!

Karen Lee Kinch
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

My passion in life is to assist humanity in awakening to the truth of who we really are and our purpose for being in the physical realm. At one time, I was not aware that this Divine Spiritual Self was waiting to emerge and bloom into its grace for each and everyone of us. I have a business called Soul Revelations and I offer services that work on our True Inner Beauty. I am an Intuitive Energy Healer, Shaman, Reiki Master, and Spirtual Wellness/Soul Coach. I want everyone to experience unconditional self love and acceptance to live their lives to the fullest and to recognize our ONENESS with all of life. I am so grateful and proud to be part of UMS. I am honored to receive my Master’s Degree and I hope to continue on to my Doctorate’s Degree. In gratitude, Karen

Joy Michelle Kochmer
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Joy Owns Om Joyful Yoga, a healing sanctuary in South Florida

Janina Kosciuczyk
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Janina is working now on clear channeling with Jesus Christ.

Kosta Kourabis
Master of Metaphysics, M.M.

I am from Melbourne, Australia. My curios and inquisitive nature led me to UMS. I am furthering my studies for a career in social work here in Australia.

Cherry Kovacovich
Master of Metaphysics, M.M.

Cherry is pursuing her Doctorate in Metaphysical Sciences to further her aims of combining game design and metaphysics to gently educate people on metaphysical and spiritual matters through fun activities. Her research and teaching interests also include crystal and vibrational healing.

Karin Kowlessar
Master of Metaphysics, M.M.

In addition, my passion has led me to other avenues such as:

  • Hypnosis Practitioner
  • DNA Theta Healing Practitioner
  • Reiki Master (Usui, Karuna & Lightarian)
  • Abundance & Manifestation Practitioner
  • Quantum Touch Practitioner
  • Acupressurist & Reflexologist
  • Energy Intuit
Althea Kumara
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Althea Kumara is a clairvoyant, energy healer, and a medium who has been carrying her spiritual gifts throughout all of her life.

10 years ago Althea resigned from corporate world and stepped on spiritual path by claiming back her powers and reconnecting herself with the Divine.

Presently, Althea is coaching people through Human Design, channeling messages from Akasha, and healing people and humanity through power places and vortices.

Jamie Annette Kutcher
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Jamie started along her focused spiritual journey around 2005 and not long into that, she started studying at UMS to deepen her spiritual knowledge and advancement.

Her personal life was very troubled because of a severely abusive marriage which led Jamie into recurring periods of deep depressions and loss of hope. This halted her scholastic progress for the most part for many years.

At the end of 2010, she was finally able to run far away and hide from her abuser until almost 2 months later, when her abuser passed away. She returned home and started to rebuild her life from the ground up.

12 years of abuse and conditioning left lasting effects that Jamie has been working through with her own learned methods of healing and brain re-patterning. Anxiety, PTSD, depression, isolation, low self-esteem, exhaustion, over sensitivity to stimuli, and being afraid to talk to people were some of the things that she has been working hard to eliminate from her life.

While she was in hiding, she was certified level 1 & 2 in Reiki. In 2011 she received her Reiki Master training and has been working as a Reiki Practitioner since then and now belongs to a full wellness center, working alongside other holistic practitioners.

It took much focus, but Jamie finally received her Master’s degree in Metaphysical Sciences in 2015 which felt like the biggest accomplishment to her. She is adding Spiritual Counseling to her practice and looks forward to helping people rid their lives of unwanted patterns of negativity.

Her next step is to acquire her Ph.D. and she plans on writing books relating to self-help and spirituality.

Berteaux Diane La Berteaux
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

I am an intuitive artist and a healing practitioner. My services include: Flower Essences, Herbs, Reiki and other energy work, Intuitive Readings, Classes, and Medicinal Plant Walks.

Dawn Renee’ Labertew
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

My deep connection with animals and Mother Earth has led me to a Pagan path. Nature is my religion, Earth is my temple. Family, friends, animal friends, reading, gardening, hiking, serving as a Medium, Psychic, Animal Communicator, and Healer brings me great joy! Earning my Master’s degree through UMS has been enlightening and enriched my life in so many ways. I am grateful for this divine learning experience!

Donna Louise Lambdin
Philosopher of Metaphysics, Ph.D.

The journey to complete the studies to earn a Ph.D. has allowed me to grow and evolve the intuitive gifts I came into this lifetime with. Teaching, writing, coaching, counseling, assisting others on their journey of higher consciousness, with greater tools is such a blessing! As I continue to fulfill my sacred contract, reaching as many people as possible who are searching for information and guidance, I express daily gratitude for the opportunities that present themselves. My practice since 2001, Maha Methods, has assisted many clients to heal through intuitive Reiki, Tibetan Bowls and Tibetan Cranial. Teaching Usui Reiki since 2005, my newly published in depth Maha Reiki training manuals can assist Reiki teachers and students everywhere to understand basic vibrational, energetic healing and assist deeper levels of healing with advanced techniques.

Monika Lanz
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

BA translation at Zurich University Studies and diploma at ISAP- International Seminar of Analytical Psychology; C.G. Jung

I own a practice and offer seminars in Switzerland and abroad in spiritual coaching, meditations, channeling, body therapy.

Kateryna Lauder
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Msc.

Kate lives in Scotland where she practices hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, homoeopathy & Reiki

Beth Lauderdale
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

I have had an interest in all things “woo-woo” since childhood. Several years ago, I discovered the University of Metaphysical Sciences and began a deeper exploration into the world of metaphysics. I have found it to be the most satisfying journey of my life. I most enjoy using my skills with astrology and the tarot to help others navigate this physical existence we call life on planet Earth and in the process I always learn a thing or two about myself.

Bonnie Mae Lawrence
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Rabbi Bonnie Lawrence is an ordained minister. She is the spiritual leader of in Los Angeles. She is the author of Who Stole Your Crayons(R) and speaks on the metaphysical meanings of Scripture.

She provides pastoral counseling to all regardless of religion.

Judith Lynn LeGrand
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Judy is an incredible energy healer, life coach, mentor, and wellness consultant. She has been featured in the Joliet Herald News and the Positive Experience show and is a Wellness Consultant for Holistically-You and the owner of LeGrand Life Coaching, formerly known as Angelic Empath. She is compassionate with the ability to connect with anybody, no matter where they are in their life…

Judy works with clients to assist in the development of their personal goals and dreams by eliminating old belief patterns and bad habits that have been buried deep down into their subconscious mind. Judy then guides her clients to their own awareness of inner talent and gifts to attain personal joy and a successful life that they deserve.

Her love and passion for people and making the world a better place is the force behind her intentions and she believes so deeply in the Law of Attraction and the power of manifesting that she attracts clients who get the results they desire. After realizing her ability to create her own reality, she set out to break free of the corporate arena and pursue the life of her dreams and influence other’s to live and make their dreams a reality as well!

“I love seeing the transformation in other people’s lives. Personal growth and development are my true passion!” ~Judy LeGrand

Her authentic and loving compassion for life is what separates her from the crowd – a perfect blend of energy, compassion, and leadership. Because of her dedication to personal growth and her life journey, she promotes wellness, happiness, and success in all areas of people’s lives. “By having the ability to see your inner truth, I can personally guarantee that this process will not only change your life, it will open doors to possibilities that you never imagined before…”

Michele A. Leonello
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Michele A. Leonello is a registered Clairvoyant currently working under the Business of name of Sunshine Guidance Services. My business is located in Auburn, New York. The service I offer to people are: Intuitive Counseling , Mediumship , Card readings, Angel, Guidance, Tarot , Spiritual Counseling, specifically with people working with unresolved grief, situational depression, post traumatic stress disorder, compassion fatigue and substance abuse.

I am so pleased to have had the opportunity to receive her Masters in Metaphysical Science through this college. I am looking forward to extending her services as an Ordained Minister as another opportunity to use her gift for the good of others. Thank you University of Metaphysical Science and Spirit.

Janice Lesley
Master of Metaphysical Sciences M.Msc.

Janice Lesley BSW., B. Div., M.Msc., Reiki Master, Clinical Hypnotherapist with over 25 years of experience in the helping field, Self Centered Hypnotherapy and Reiki is located in the Metro Vancouver area of B.C. in Canada. With Intuitive Counseling, Hypnosis and Reiki she guides her clients towards self healing in a very relaxing manner.

Paul Lindemuth
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Paul is a 13 year veteran of the US Military. Paul is a graduate of the Clairvoyant program from the Sierra Psychic Academy in Reno Nevada where he acts as a healer and an instructor. Paul is also helping develop a meditation program for returning vets. Paul also founded the Nevada Paranormal Institute and runs the Reno Paranormal Group.

Mikayla Losier
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Mikayla Losier is a Hypnotherapist and Reiki Practitioner who is passionate about Metaphysics. She also teaches meditation classes in her community to help others find their own spiritual journeys.

Pryncz William Lotoj
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

This has been a difficult and amazing time. The University of Metaphysical Sciences has been there for me through all these years. They never gave up on me, they always believed that I would complete that which I have started with them. This school is a modern day mystery school of higher education and I would greatly encourage anyone who is serious about obtaining a higher level of education to really take a good and hard look at the University of Metaphysical Sciences. Although their courses are indeed difficult when put into practice but it is well worth it. This is a modern day mystery school, God school so the question becomes. . . .who’s report will YOU believe because that decides if you are on TOP of the situation or UNDER the circumstances. I encourage you to get into the light where you BELONG! Love and Blessings. . . . .Peace.

Joseph M. Lutz
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Joseph M. Lutz is a recent recipient of the M.Msc. degree from UMS, and is now working on his Doctorate. After a stint in the Armed Services, he became a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area in the mid 70s. He spent his working years in Hi-Tech, eventually owning and becoming CEO of a small consulting firm in San Francisco. An avid motorcyclist and sportsman, he did not neglect the spiritual side of his nature. He obtained a level 4 Healing Touch Certification, an NLP practitioner certification and Reiki Masters’ certification. He also owns the copyright on IPECC-GARK, a proprietary coaching system that assists practitioners in living spiritually in the material world.

Mayan Lynch
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Mayan is an Esoteric Consultant and Founder Director of the Transformation Meditation Society. Mayan also provides Reiki Training and Treatments, is a published author, and also runs Meditation Retreats. She is a registered Ambassador of Light with Jasmuheem.

Mayan has a Batchelor’s Degree from Clargate College, with Douglas Baker, in addition to her Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees from University of Metaphysical Science.

Photo of Jacqueline Brice MacCarthy
Jacqueline Brice MacCarthy
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Jacqueline MacCarthy is currently working toward her Doctorate Degree in Metaphysical Sciences with UMS, having earned her Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences and Master of Metaphysical Sciences. She is a Reiki practitioner, Therapist and Spiritual Counselor. As a Lightworker, Jacqueline has devoted her life’s work to helping others heal the mind, body, and soul.

Michelle Amethyst Mahoney
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Michelle Amethyst Mahoney is working towards her Doctorate degree.

Quanta Bernadette SriXio Maierhof-Avanzar
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Ms. Quanta Bernadette SriXio Maierhof-Avanzar M.Msc. divides her time between Northern California, Southeastern Europe & Latin America as gypsy identified.

Reverend Quanta Avanzar works as an educator for social reform in SF, Bay area and specializes in Addiction studies, Death & Dying, recovery and resurraction.

Magistra Quanta Avanzar, a clinical supervisor and writer, is currently working on her Doctorate degree and indulges only in a very few vices.

Reverend Quanta planed a new curriculum for a better educational system integrating metaphysical principles and intergalactic solution skills for children in foster care. Those institutions are called the “Avanzar School of Higher Awareness” which will be hopefully funded soon by enlightend stars.

Rev. Avanzar is also a practicing parapsychologist and spiritualist, working in hospital settings, drug treatment centers, and county jails.

Rev. Mary Jean B. Manching
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Mary Jean’s love and interest for ancient esoteric teaching inspired her to pursue a study in Metaphysical Sciences. She and her husband founded the Center for Natural Health Remedies, where they practice and integrate body, mind, and spirit connection in helping their clients who are experiencing imbalances, pains, and emotional turmoils. At the Center, we do several natural health services, including, but not limited to, wholistic assessment, education and consultation, proper diet and nutrition, detoxification, remedies and healing utilizing herbs, homeopathy, bach flower, acupressure, body work or energy balancing, aromatherapy, emotional healing and spiritual orientation, and deeper connection through hypnosis and meditation.

Melissa A. Maranda
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Melissa Maranda is a licensed Mental Health Counselor and Holistic Life Coach in private practice. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Child Development from the University of Iowa, a Master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling from the University of Central Florida, a Bachelor’s degree in Divinity and a Master’s degree in Metaphysical Science from UMS, where she is currently working in her Ph.D project.. Melissa is a Reiki 1 practitioner and enjoys learning new holistic types of treatment. She is a mother of two, and wife of one. Melissa is an aspiring author, energy healer and seeker.

Molly B. Marchetti
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Msc.

Molly Marchetti, M.Msc. is a practicing and practical clairvoyant. She believes in imparting information that enables her clients to heal, grow and learn. Molly is proud to be an University of Metaphysical Sciences alumni.

Karen (Kaz) Marks
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Msc.

My biography is less important than my journey that is still evolving.

To speak the truth quietly, To listen with an open mind when others speak, And to remember the peace that may be found in silence.

Vashti Marks-Castillion
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Msc.

Vashti is a Spiritual Counselor and Healer.

Deborah Marocchi
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

I am feeling blessed and excited to have completed the Master program. I am using my education to do life coaching and to teach classes for those just beginning their spiritual enlightenment journey. I have a passion to teach metaphysics because when I first became interested, I had no where to go to learn. I did a lot of reading but I didn’t have anyone to connect with. I hope to open a spiritual center myself soon!

Marthe Martel
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Msc.

As we all share difficult situations or personal challenges, some unaware problems arises without consciously know where they all come from and why. Life brings situations in accord with your destiny, the best way to understand what and how to resolve problems is to actually put your trust in someone that actually listens, suggests answers and can vision some core previous details of your life to help you understand better and accept your challenges and teach you that when you connect with the universe, everything has its reasons. Faith, without any doubts, takes the burden off your shoulders.

Her capacities to help and give you the strength to accept and walk the path is true, trustworthy and personal.

Tracy L.L. Martin
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Writer, Spiritual Advisor, and child in Awakening Consciousness.

Eren Nalani Martin-Beat
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Eren Nalani Martin-Beat is a Marine Biologist, Energy Teacher, Keynote Speaker and Children’s Intuitive Coach. Eren travels and lectures on transformation through a workshop series called, Hana Ea Lani. Hana Ea Lani uses modern day science along with traditional Hawaiian protocols and practices.

She is the Founder of “Earth Angels Sanctuary & Learning Center”. It is a community for your intuitive child(ren) – education for their mind, wholeness for their body & sanctuary for their spirit. By uniting together; we empower a Conscious Child, strengthen Conscious Parenting and transform the world. She is passionate about guiding children to their intuitive gifts/abilities through support, education and community services.

Cody S. Maxey
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Isobel McArthur
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Msc.

Isobel McArthur Master of Metaphysical Sciences is an International Wellbeing Consultant covering Bahrain, Dubai, Turkey, Middle East and the UK. Isobel is dedicated to transforming peoples lives by using a holistic integrated approach to health and wellbeing. With over 17 years experience in the holistic field she is qualified as an NLP Master Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression, Reiki Master, Meditation Instructor, Stress Management Consultant, Munay Ki, Professional Kinesiologist, and Life Coach. She teaches Workshops and runs retreats worldwide.

Betty J. McCarty
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Betty has studied various metaphysical subjects over the last 25 years with various teachers. She is trained in Therapeutic Touch, Massage Therapy, Essential Oils, Polarity Therapy, Energy Healing and Healing Touch. She is a graduate of Austin School of Massage Therapy, WakePoint School of Energy Healing, Southeastern Oklahoma State University and Texas A&M University. She is a licensed professional counselor in the state of Texas with a private healing practice in Houston. More recently she is pursuing her PhD in Clinical Psychology, along with a Doctoral degree with UMS.

Amanda Elizabeth McKenzie
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

As a practitioner of The Lifeline TechniqueTM, Amanda is sharing infinite love and gratitude with the people she meets. With a background in computer programming for large multi-national corporations, her style is methodical and thorough. Her goal is to bring light and love into the world through as many avenues as possible.

Krista A. McKeon
Master of Metaphysics, M.M.

I am a spiritually eclectic lightworker with my own healing arts practice, Magic and Miracles. I aid my clients in working through and releasing their layers of energetic junk so that they can live the lives they were meant to live. My certifications include Reiki Master Teacher, Licensed Shiatsu Massage Therapist, Certified Angel Card Reader. I love to share knowledge and wisdom and help others, as well as myself, to reach for our highest potential.

Huma Afzal Mehmood
Master of Metaphysical Sciences (M.Sc.)

Huma Afzal Mehmood has been helping humanity through psychological counseling for 22 years with her Master’s in Counseling Psychology. Huma is well traveled; has lived in several countries and visited or studied in many others over the years and speaks five languages.

She uses an esoteric approach in her counseling and teaching, incorporating the foundation of Counseling Psychology and building on it with the various methodologies and concepts of Metaphysical Sciences. Known as a mystic in her community, she is sought as a meditation teacher. Huma has been a Reiki Master and practitioner for several years and four years ago, received her certification as clinical hypnotherapist. Huma’s working on developing a series of CD’s of meditation, and positive self-talk.

As well, Huma is currently working on completing three books related to mysticism and metaphysics. Huma’s repertoire of services presently includes Reiki session, teaching Reiki courses, hypnotherapy, channeled messages through her guide, tarot readings, spiritual counseling, meditation classes and several workshops on subjects such as energy cleansing, personal power, energy clearing, chakra healing, etc.

Cathy M. Miller
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Cathy is dedicated to assisting others in reaching their higher spiritual potential. Currently living in the Heartland of America, she has been on her quest for spiritual enlightenment and knowledge from a young age. She is dedicated to helping others as an intuitive healer and Reiki practitioner. As an ongoing student of University of Metaphysical Sciences, Cathy is committed to being an example of the high standards set forth by this ultra fine university of higher learning.

  • Published author, Speaker, Metaphyscian, Mystic, Artist, a student of Medical Qi Gong, Radio Host
  • Vice President of Alpine Line Publishers LLC
  • Ordained Licensed Minister- Graduate of Gateway University of Higher Consciousness
Keri Nanette Miller
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Rev. Keri Miller is a spiritual healer and author who focuses on Energy Medicine, E.F.T., and the Law of Attraction; and is currently working on the development of a chain of holistic health clubs and resorts.

Lisa M. Miller
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Msc.

Lisa M. Miller, M Msc.. 2011: Lisa’s mission in life is to help others understand their psychic gifts through spiritual development/counseling, psychic and mediumship readings and energy work including Soul Retrieval, Past Life Regression, Shamanic Reiki and explores various applications in Color Therapy.

Maryam Mohammady
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

I was born in the capital city of Iran, Tehran, in a house where religion was used to improve spirituality. At birth my psychic gift was recognized and it was prophesied that l would have a distinct spiritual path.

The ability to see and perceive accompanied me from very early age. I developed this gift further as l grew older. My journey in life led to my move to South Africa where l had the freedom to further tap into the esoteric world.

My fascination with various beliefs and healing methods pushed me further to study and train and achieve the advanced level of spiritual healing qualifications through THASA, The Healing Association of Southern Africa. Then under the supervision of a great master Carl Juta, I was awarded the Master Healer Degree in the Usui and Tibetan system of Natural Healing Reiki.

I started my work officially and professionally in 2005 as a clairvoyant, medium and healer. Since then I have had my weekly radio show on the heart radio 104.9 FM for more than 3 years and on Good Hope FM for a year. I have worked with and interviewed by most radio and TV channels in SA, and been a columnist for the Marie Claire Magazine and often write for well accredited newspapers on esoteric topics.

To further educating myself I have also been studying through University of Metaphysical Sciences. I received my bachelors degree in metaphysical science in 2014 and l have now passed my masters degree in metaphysics and further l am looking forward to the journey of achieving my doctorate. I know that the road to knowledge is eternal and I am truly blessed to be an ever student of life. I work as a spiritual adviser/medium/healer/ teacher in cape town.

Julie L. Morgan
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

I am truly blessed to receive such a plethora of knowledge that all clicks. I am an energy healer; direct lineage Reiki Master. Energy is my forte and have recently delved into Shamanic journeying and healing. I have a website that explains all services I provide: I love to spread the Love and Light and have a deeper connection to all that is. God Bless

Marcia Morton
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Marcia Morton M.Msc. was born in Honduras and lived there until she was 10 years of age. She endured many hardships as a child. She then came to the United States of America where she was able to start a new life. It was difficult for her to adjust to her new life in a new country as she didn’t know any English. She pursued her goal to obtain her high school diploma and she accomplished this dream. She then knew there were things about life that she wanted to learn. She didn’t know what these things were but she was determined to learn more about these mysteries of life. She was guided to the University of Metaphysical Sciences where she was able to learn so much. This helped to get her mind clear so she could pursue life with a very positive and secure attitude. She is grateful to all involved for this wonderful journey that she has begun.

Natalie Joan Mowbray
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Msc.

Registered Hypnotherapist & Mind Therapist, teaches and practices the faith of ‘The Living Spirit ‘and of the subject of Metaphysics. Travels nationally and internationally demonstrating and teaching the foundations of The Living Spirit and Metaphysics.

Jihan Mua’e-Richards
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

I am a writer, artisan and jewelry designer focusing on metaphysical pieces. I also created and run and am currently working on a new interactive project that should launch in the Spring of 2016. I am honored and grateful to have been able to be part of UMS and now part of it’s alumni.

Beth A. Murphy
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

The Message is Clear and Enduring. You Create Your Own Reality. 25 Years of Intensive Study in The Field of Metaphysics Has Fulfilled Me In Ways I Could Have Never Imagined. In My Home Based Business, I Utilize My Heightened Sense of Intuition and Empathy to Assist Clients By Illuminating Areas That May No Longer Be Serving Them, While Encouraging and Amplifying Those That Are.

Frank Robert Murray
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Msc.

Frank lives and works in Gifu City, in central Japan. He has a college background in Applied Physics and Mechanical Engineering. Being in the present moment, and being in awe of the vast depths of each moment is central to his exploration of the human experience.

Thomas Mygrant
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Thomas  has come on the scene some three years ago. Deeply religious. Credit and collections have been my way of life for 40yrs. Now an eternal spark has surfaced and a mile marker has been met , new path doors are opening every day that shine with brilliance. The 3rd eye sensation has been with me for many years, not knowing how this feeling connects to me, unfolds as part of this brilliance.

Ida Nadzsal
Master of Metaphysical Sciences (M.Sc.)

Ida is a member of American Association of Drugless Practitioner. She works successfully in the health and education field. Ida does presentations all around the world about how we can awaken the self and change old attitudes that do not take us to the level where we can be happy.

Matt T. Nathanson
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Matt is one of the few ministers in Arizona who officiates totally personalized, fun and laid-back wedding ceremonies.

Margaret Neligan
Master of Metaphysics, M.M.

Peggy is President of the Metaphysical Center of New Jersey. She has a previous Master’s degree in Spiritual Psychology from the University of Santa Monica and is looking forward to completing her PhD in metaphysics from UMS. She just celebrated her 40th wedding anniversary and 72nd birthday and is filled with heartfelt gratitude for abundant good health and the love of family and friends.

Jeffery A. Nemeth
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

It has been Jeffery’s lifetime goal to become a Spiritual Leader. He applied, entered, and withdrew from Catholic Seminary twice, once in High School and then in College. His attainment of the Master of Divinity through UMS is the fulfillment of that lifetime yearning for a Spiritual path. He is married to Donna, father to three children and two step-children, as well as grandpa to four, soon to be five grandchildren. The path of love is the aim of serving the Divine, All That Is and that love that is embodied in family and service to fellowman. Service to humanity is key to serving the Divine and through his service his expression of love. He has found his place as a Reverend in the Universal Church of Metaphysical Sciences, through service, faith, and love.

Grace Neuhaus
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Grace is a native El Pasoan who has been a practicing Psychic and Metaphysician for over twenty five years. Today, she gains a sense of personal fulfillment from sharing her insight with others through her current endeavors. Grace is a contributor to El Paso’s “The City Magazine” where she writes a monthly article on various metaphysical topics. As well as a semi annual publication “The City Spaces” where she writes articles on Feng Shui. She is also a certified Feng Shui Practitioner and Consultant. You can listen to her on the radio at 92.3 The Fox where she is a featured guest speaker.

Crystal J. Newhope
Master of Metaphysics, M.M.

I reside in Phoenix, AZ with my son. With the completion of my Master’s Reflection Project, I can now move forward. The gift of knowledge is a precious thing and I have learned to accept the things that I cannot change and to work at changing the things that I can. May God grant us the wisdom to see that changing comes from the heart of love.

P.J. Nix
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

I am an experienced metaphysical coach in private practice for over 10 years, and teach group workshops, in Amsterdam, Netherlands. I have studied metaphysics for over 35 years.

Karen A Noonan
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Karen is an ex-school teacher, E-RYT and Yoga Therapist who has been teaching yoga/Yoganize™ for 28 years and has owned two studios, in South Africa and Greenville, SC. She has published three movement/yoga DVDs, two of which are available through Karen also has a number of healing guided meditations available for download through Amazon, iTunes and CDBaby. She currently resides in Germany and travels to the US where she continues to facilitate workshops and teach yoga teachers through her 200 hour training, recognized by Yoga Alliance.

Amy Richardson Novack
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Amy Richardson Novack has had a growing massage therapy and yoga teaching practice on the Jersey Shore for the past 7 years -her business-Intuitive Healing LLC was founded in 2006, and offers bodywork and yoga instruction. She will be offering spiritual counseling and wedding services when her masters is complete, and plans in the next year to open a b and b with her husband, offering a retreat, a healing space to extend this practice.

She holds a BS from Monmouth University in Anthropology and now an M.Sc. from University of Metaphysics, and is working towards her PhD, in Spiritual Counseling. Her life long love of learning and growth led her to UMS (with the help of a friend who completed her degree with UMS), her studies and experiences pursuing this advanced degree has deepened her understanding of herself, her world, and her clients and she feels it has helped not only herself, but also the people who come to her for comfort, healing and yoga.

Michelle A. Novenski
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Msc.

Michelle Novenski shares her knowledge, education and experience of metaphysics, communication and neurolinguistic programming with others through her mentoring business, Turning A New Leaf LLC. She works from a wholistic perspective helping her clients to understand the connection between the body, mind and spirit. She uses techniques and modalities such as meditation, intuition development, neurolinguistic programming and hypnotherapy. Her mission is to help others live their highest good.

Helen Dian O’Bannon
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Helen has a background in psychology with an emphasis in counseling. She worked 8 years with domestic violence and sexual assault survivors. Her education and life experiences make her able to help others. She teaches, writes, and gives readings. In her spare time she is a movie buff, she is an animal lover and protector, and she likes to walk, she also enjoys making jewelry. Her spirituality has helped her in her life, love, and work.

Beth O’Boyle
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Beth O’Boyle is a Bach Flower Registered Practitioner and Hypnosis Counselor, and is trained in the tradition of Usui Reiki. She is the director of Hudson Healing Arts, a wellness center inspired by the healing traditions of ancient medicine. The center is comprised of a group of independent practitioners with a common goal – that of providing a peaceful space for honoring and restoring balance to body, mind, and spirit.

Drawn to the world beyond the physical from an early age, Beth has found UMS to be a diverse, supportive, and encouraging environment in which to explore the realm of metaphysics.

Gerardo Alberto Olivas
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Alberto is a Personal Development Coach and Higher Conscious Lifestyle Engineer.

Bridget Oliver
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Rev. Bridget Oliver, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc. Bridget resides in the UK, she has a passion for the Tarot and is a professional Tarot Reader. Bridget is an Informer and Advisor on all things metaphysical and refers to herself as a ‘mystic-soup’. As an Ordained Minister, under the UMS umbrella, she intends to create a Metaphysical Science Church, of Sacred Truth. A tiny oasis for anyone seeking answers, or alternatives to current mainstream life. A place to receive support, and encouragement, a cornerstone to creating a joyful, healthy life.

Carolyn “Kay” Ortiz
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Professional: Executive Director for the Colorado Law Enforcement Officers’ Association and Colorado Peace Officers Foundation, editor of The Colorado Law Enforcement Officer. Personally: Youth educator, hospice volunteer/bereavement counselor, prayer chaplain, conduct intuitive/Tarot readings.

Monica Ortiz Duarte
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Monica Ortiz Duarte is a Spiritual Messenger with the purpose to guide others on the Spiritual Path of Truth. Originally from Mexico and of Native American roots she has always been fascinated in understanding the purpose of humanity and life.

In 2010 she experienced a near death experience in a car accident and decided to take her life on different path and follow The Call. She is the first in her family to graduate from college, leave the corporate world and follow her Spiritual Path. Her passion is to share spiritual wisdom, to be a positive role model, and inspire others to discover who they really are.

Monica has a Master’s degree in Divinity (Ordained Minister) from the University of Metaphysical Sciences, a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising from The Art Institute of California-San Francisco and is a Certified Angel Reiki Practitioner. She is a speaker, blog writer, artist and professional Bhangra Dancer.

Shannon Paige Paczkowski
Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.

“Shannon’s light-work is devotional in Self~Mastery. Her ability to gently support the excavation of deep blockages is offered as a tool to unlock the inner-knowing of each one of us in order to develop the highest good for all. Guiding one through illusions to the truth of who we truly are is an ‘ah-ha moment’ she loves to share in. Along with her love of Shamanism, she is an aspiring author and an exceptional Chakra oracle card reader. With her faith in the power of meditation and the law of attraction, she helps transform wounds into gifts via shifts in perception and deep inquiry. An authentic experience awaits one when working with Shannon.” Website:

Laura Padron RN
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Laura Padron RN, M.Sc. is from Illinois. She is practicing bedside Nurse and educator who incorporates metaphysical science into her practice.

Josanne K. Pagel
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Pagel began her career as a Physician Assistant (PA) 38 years ago as a Peace Corps volunteer, working with communities in the Philippines. She has worked in various medical disciplines, including CT surgery, family practice, psychiatry and addiction medicine. She presently volunteers with the county free clinic, providing much needed health care to members of the community. She received multiple awards for her work within the PA profession. In spring of 2014 she was inducted into the Pi Alpha Honor Society for Physician Assistants. With more than 38 years of clinical experience and more than 30 years of administrative experience, Ms. Pagel has broad expertise in facilitating groups in organizational management, team building with inter-professional personnel and engagement. As a former elected city council member of North Ridgeville, Ohio, Pagel represented her community on safety, building and lands, and administrative committees. She also ran for the Ohio House of Representatives.

Ms. Pagel is also the Executive Director of PA Services at the Cleveland Clinic Health System, and is responsible for the oversight, compliance, use and productivity of all physician assistants, ensuring they practice within a team-based model to promote and enhance patient access and care. She is a member of the Cleveland Clinic Physicians Health Committee.

She also serves as Clinical Associate Faculty to the School of Medicine at Case Western Reserve University. She recently has been appointed to the USAO Committee on Heroin & Opioid Action Planning. Throughout her medical career, Josanne continued to pursue her spiritual studies and enhanced her energy healing circles. Pagel is a graduate of the Cuyahoga Community College Surgical PA program. She obtained her bachelor’s degree from Baldwin Wallace University and her master’s in PA studies, psychiatry and addiction medicine from the University of Nebraska. She is studying for her doctorate in divinity and metaphysical sciences. She is an avid gardener, and speaks to community groups on herbal gardening and alternative healings.

Mandy L. Paige
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

It has been a challenging and fulfilling journey here at University of Metaphysical sciences. I learned a great deal about myself and all those around me. It most definitely opened doors into new adventures, and confidence into my life’s purpose. I appreciate all whom guided me, and made this journey something I will never forget.

Caroline Emmanuelle Orlane Palier
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

From all i can remember, I have always been inspired by the soul and energy work so we can help reach the depth of our eternal self.

Today I have a practice where I put my knowledge and skills to the well-being of others and remind them to discover who they truly are from inside.

Love & Blessings to All, x x x Caroline x x x

Diana Palone-Biro
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Rev. Diana Palone-Biro, B.Msc., M.Div., offers spiritual counseling, following the journey that began at age 12. Believes in Native American ideals and practices. Sharing medical intuitive knowledge and that the Creator supports all people and Mother Earth.

Photo of Sangita Patel
Sangita Patel
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

I am blessed with two children who are my wings of freedom,my husband,mom and family members and mentors. I survived car accident and brain aneurysm by the love of Universe and my inner love. I love to help and guide others to heal themselves with their own love helping to transform their energy. I offer support who are ready to practice inner change to reflect outer change. I am proud to accomplish my studies, about my spiritual growth, publishing my book-Embrace Your Inner Self, and love and support from my loved ones.

Susan Kay Pedersen
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Susan has had a full, interesting life before obtaining her degrees through UMS. She loves learning, and improving her mind, body, and spirit. Her varied life experiences, and the development of compassion as a result, will help her to reach many who will resonate with her messages of love, hope, and triumph over adversity.

Gertrud Pehk
Master of Metaphysics, M.M.

Salutations to the Eternal Enlightener of Souls – Gertrud Pehk – Om and Salutations to the Celestial Healer. When daffodils are in blossom, I become animate and indulge Souls in a spiritual symphony of ultimate benevolence, esoteric philosophy, stream of consciousness writing and magnum opus art. One Love.

Jeannette M. Peralta
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Human Resources Management Professional, Spiritual Counselor, Reiki Master. Jeannette’s journey is to guide others to awaken their spiritual being and energy force.

Vitor Manuel Pereira Monteiro
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Since 1987 has worked as a Physical Therapy Technician. Continuing with his studies, Vitor took courses in Natural Medicine Homeopathy and osteopathy. Starting in 2000 he began his studies in the fields of Energy Medicine, currently working with systems Bioresonance and Biofeedback. Vitor did his Masters in Electromedicine and Biofeedback in the year 2011. Alongside his technical scientific studies, Vitor has always been very interested in spiritual healing studying energy transfers in Spiritual Human Yoga, Classical Radionics, Reiki and yoga.

In the year 2014, in University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Vitor Babes” from Timisora, has graduated the post graduate curse specialization in Clinical Neuroanatomy and Biofeedback, diagnostic and therapeutic applications through Bioresonance.

Since 2015 began studying software programming, where he began to develop a radionics software (analysis and informational therapy).

Olivia Francesca Perillo
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Msc.

Olivia Francesca Perillo has a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Metaphysical Sciences and is now pushing towards her Doctorate in Paranormal Psychology. She will be the first in her family to earn such a high degree. The idea to pursue a career in the Metaphysical field came after a battle with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. She credits her Grandma Cora, Uncle Paul and sister Corinne for opening her eyes to the other side and not being afraid of it.

Patricia Perry
Master of Metaphysics, M.M.

“We begin by letting the Powers know that we are willing to be their servants to others” -Fools Crow, Lakota

If we allow ourselves to be guided by Spirit our lives become Spiritual in every way. We see the light in all things. We love and are loved. In the darkness we truly understand this too shall pass. The Spirit that lives within is connected to the Spirit without to bring us experiences that we could never have even imagined and along the way we are taught more than we could ever teach. Allowing us all to the opportunity to enjoy the journey. May we all move forward in Light and Love.

Carolyn Paige Petlow
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Carolyn is a certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Holistic Life Coach and now a practicing Metaphysician, in Santa Barbara, California. She is dedicated to helping others connect to their true inner vision through the power of metaphysical practices and ancient wisdom & healing modalities. It is through this work and guidance that Carolyn hopes to inspire her clients to “turn on the light inside of them”, so they can learn to become co-creators in their own lives, and live the life of their dreams!

Deeonna Lynne Petree
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

I’m so happy and excited about my accomplishment at UMS I’m in the process of putting a website together throwing all my cards up in the air (quitting my job) and trusting that this is my path. My business name is called D.N.A.. This acronym stands for Dee’s Natural Alternatives.

Vickie Phillips
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Vickie is a Third Degree, Master/Teacher Reiki professional, certified in the Usui Method of Natural Healing through the Omega Institute of Holistic Studies in New York. She is currently expanding her understanding of energy healing and aspires to begin a holistic center for integrated health and wellness with her daughter. With a spiritual journey that began early in the new millennium, she regrets having waited so long but embraces the understanding that all things come with Divine timing. Proud that at age 60 she has earned her master degree and wants everyone to know, You’re Never Too Old To Grow!

N. Christine Pichereau
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

N. Christine (Chris) Pichereau received her Master of Divinity from the University of Metaphysical Sciences in 2011. She currently serves as the Director of Education at the Cortiva School of Massage Therapy in Tucson Arizona. In addition, Chris leads right of passage ceremonies, including weddings, union ceremonies, funerals and birthdays. She is a spiritual counselor, conducts workshops and teaches Business and Professional Ethics and Communications at Cortiva.

Chris promotes spiritual growth through counseling and bodywork.

Debra A. Polley
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Debra Polley holds both a Bachelor and a Master of Divinity degree through UMS as well as a Bachelor’s of Business Management from Western Governor’s University of Texas. She is a lifelong student of religion, metaphysics, depth psychology, and personal development with a special affinity for the Enneagram. She is currently an international housesitter and is using her skills to manage an online store but more importantly to have authentic, heartfelt interaction with all the souls encountered on this life journey.

Shay-Lyn Antoinette Pope
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Shay-Lyn is extremely grateful to UMS for establishing and making such metaphysical programs available to those who are interested in furthering their studies in spirituality and divinity. Through UMS courses she has increased her knowledge, which has helped her to serve more deeply as a Theta Healing Specialist, as well as given her more insight as an energy worker, and aided her in being a more well-rounded useful individual. Thanks again UMS!!!

Karen Knight Price
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Kimberly Kelly Price
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Kim continues to study and research clinical and spiritual transformations in human behavior and conditions. Currently, Kim is working on a thesis regarding the evolution of religious magical practices and resides with her husband in the Pacific Northwest.

Robert Leigh Pruitt II
Master of Metaphysics, M.M.

Robert L. Pruitt II, owner of RobertPruitt.Com, provides leadership training, motivational speaking, spiritual life coaching, transformational workshops and seminars throughout the United States and internationally. He specializes in the development of programs that provide youth and adults an opportunity for extraordinary personal growth.

Robert developed gifted and talented programs for international youth at American University in DC and Southampton College in NY, created and conducted a program for at-risk males in Washington DC, developed and facilitated a program for young boys raised in abusive homes for the YWCA Annapolis, MD., and developed and conducted a monthly leadership program for young adult leaders working on Capital Hill. Additionally, Robert trains/coaches the adults that work with youth in high schools, colleges, correctional institutions, churches and community based organizations.

As an informal educator since 1985, Robert offers unique insight on how people are agents of change and his work has been acknowledged by The FBI National Academy Associates, Congresswoman Diane E. Watson (CA), and the Gridiron Foundation among many others. He has had the pleasure of serving Lockheed Martin, Target International, Gap International, National Association of Secondary School Principals, The American Society on Aging , Operation Smile and numerous educational, non-profit and law enforcement institutions. Robert’s work has taken him to India, England, China, Virgin Islands and Egypt.

To date, Robert has authored seven books including African American Males in School and Society, It is Well with My Soul: Watching Daddy Live, and Understanding Male Power and Its Role in Relationships for the National Basketball Association.


Sherry T. Puricelli
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Sherry Puricelli, co-founder of AwakeNDream, lives in Madison, Connecticut with her husband and children. She is a life coach, spiritual coach, writer, and dream worker. Sherry offers personal coaching services, customized retreats, workshops, seminars, and classes. Her personal philosophy is that it is never too late to live your best life. She works with courageous individuals who are ready to transform their lives by reconnecting with their dreams, passion and purpose. Sherry brings a soulful approach to living your best life!

Kissia Sara Quick
Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Staci Rebeor
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Staci is a Spiritual Counselor, Life Coach & Consulting Hypnotist who received her Master of Divinity at The University Of Metaphysical Sciences. Staci offers online consultation & Inspired-Life Guidance for those interested in cultivating emotional well-being, personal growth & positive living.

Bronwyn Reed
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

I grew up in the Cradle of Humankind, at the foothills of the Magiliesberg Mountains in South Africa. With two wild and wonderfully witty older brothers, who were always on the hunt for adventure (and more snakes), a loving mother as a Healer and a father as a Naturalist Guide, Spirit and Science came together for me at a young age. My passion is Curriculum Development aimed at making the new cutting edge Biology, Science and Spirit subjects available to families as this is not yet taught in our schools. I currently work in the Reed family business, Okavango Guiding School, in Maun, Botswana.

Debra K. Reed
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

There is an Australian aborigine proverb that comes to mind when I reflect on my UMS journey into Metaphysics:

We are all visitors to this time, this place, we are just passing through. Our purpose here is to observe, to learn, to grow, to love….and then to return Home.
This time in my earthly life, I am grateful to be of service to any and all, including myself, who want or need support in this wonderful game of Life we are all playing. We are all in this game together, but we are all also alone and it is in this solitude that we can connect to the Divine. Peace and Blessings to all.

Michelle Remsik
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

My name is Michelle Remsik, I am a mother of two, masters degree in metaphysics and a practitioners degree in the Law of Attraction. I am very Grateful to UMS for existing!


Amie R. Ridley
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Amie offers a private practice as a Spiritual Counselor and Energy Healer. Providing one-on-one plus group therapy sessions, as well as consciousness and vibrational healing classes, Amie utilizes a variety of modalities and techniques to enlighten and equip others. Fundamentally, she also uses her education as a springboard in her own spiritual journey and consciousness explorations. When she is not doing the above, Amie composes New Age music, writes articles, promotes videos and books, and creates an online environment where anyone can go to be metaphysically inspired and fortified.

Sue Anne Rinehart-Schulz
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Enjoys doing energy work, does it with people, places, plants, and animals, does it distantly as well as in person. Teaches, lectures about how fun doing energy is. Awaiting new steps in the journey of Enlightenment.

Hobert Robbins
Master of Metaphysical Science, M. MSc.

Hobert Robbins

  • Birth dagte- 07-12-1941 .
  • Birthplace- Caryville, Tennessee, USA .
  • United States Air Force veteran – 1960-1964 .
  • 2ASB Degrees(Business Management – Accounting Center for Degree Studies Scranton, PA .
  • FCC Radiotelephone Operator Licensee .
  • Certified Journeyman – Electronic Dimensional Control Mechanic (Dimensional Metrology) 25 years .
  • General Motors Corporation Skilled Trade Retiree .
  • Best Personal Affirmation –
    If God wants my body, he has got it,
    If God wants my mind, he has got it,
    If God wants my spirit(soul), God has got that too.

That I affirmed at AGE 19, Fifty years ago, and he will be the first to affirm, that without spiritual guidance, his life expectancy might have been greatly reduced.

With Spiritual Guidance, his life has been filled with challenging, rewarding experiences. For instance, acquiring a book by John Bradshaw called “Reclaiming Virtue” was an inspirationally rewarding experience. In his book, John Bradshaw describes what is essentially the most important quality of human experience.

Mr. Bradshaw described that quality as moral intelligence-Doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason. Such a great Metaphysical Epigram expresses the essence of human experience in such elegant simplicity. “Beauty is Truth and Truth Beauty, that is all ye know on earth and all ye need to know.” So said John Keats in his poem, “Ode on a Grecian Urn,” written in 1819. How best can wise fulfill our lifetime purpose then to develop a metaphysical appreciation of he beauty and the truth of he Universe, from the infinitesimal to the infinite, so help us, Universal Supreme Creator (aka God) .

Wishing Metaphysical Awareness and Spiritual Blessings to all persons on the earth.

Photo of Candi Robertson
Candi Robertson
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Candi-Lin is the founder of Candilin Metaphysics. She was born in Vancouver, B.C. Canada, and is married to a wonderful man, has three children, two stepchildren and four bright and curious grandchildren.

Candi-Lin’s healing gifts have been present since birth. She is gifted with the full spectrum of the Clair-senses:  Clairvoyance ( Seeing), Clairaudience (hearing/ listening), Clairsentience (feeling, touch), Clairalience (smelling) and Claircognizance (knowing).

Holding both a Bachelor of Divinity Degree and a Master’s Degree in Metaphysical Sciences from the University of Metaphysical Sciences in California, U.S.A., Candi-Lin is well educated in the field of the Mystical. She is also a Registered Metaphysician with the World Metaphysical Association.

Candi-Lin is an international teacher and the developer of Cosmic Light, Cosmic Crystals & Colors, Feminine  Sexual Empowerment, Energetic Shape Shifting, and Trance Cosmic Light Meditations.

In Candi-Lin treatments, she not only holds high vibrational space for you to heal on many different levels, Candi-Lin also will assist you to come into your infinite empowered self. Candi-Lin has been officially practicing energy healing work since 2001 – but has been healing others since she was a child.

Among her many accomplishments, Candi-Lin’s journey has allowed her to teach many others what she has learned. She is a loving soul whose heart is open and feels most fulfilled when assisting others in their healing journey back to oneness.

Lesa Marie Robison
Master of Divinity M.Div.
Royal Amber Rojas
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Msc.

Royal Amber Rojas is a mother, wife, author, speaker, coach, helping teenagers, young adults, and people from all walks of life, of all backgrounds and beliefs, claim what is given to them by birth – the ability to choose, and to do so with greater respect for themselves and others. Amber inspires them in co-creating with the universe whatever they can imagine for themselves, utilizing a variety of techniques and processes designed to latch on to their spirit, and allow them to soar to heights never imagined. Her style is intense, demanding, inspiring – and at times – relentless. She sees the potential in you and she will never back down or back away until you can see it for yourself.

Hala Rompf
Master of Metaphysics, M.M.

Hala Rompf is a certified hypnotherapist and master NLP practitioner who began her spiritual journey as a teenager and continues to be enlightened with every passing year on this planet. In her hypnosis practice, she dedicates much of her efforts educating her clients on the power of one’s thoughts and on the undeniable effect they have over shaping their future, health, state of mind, and much more. With many on the path of realization, she is there with full dedication to help them realize their full potential and that they ultimately hold the power within to change.

Billetta Rountree
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Billetta Rountree received her Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M. and Master of Metaphysical Sciences, from UMS. She is very excited about completing her doctorate degree from UMS.

At a very early age, she has experienced a variety of paranormal experiences. Her mission is to counsel, utilize healing modalities, remove cords and blockages, and assist people during their present plane of existence to higher realms in attaining happiness for the soul’s progression.

Jo Ruddy
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Msc.

Jo Ruddy is a metaphysician and the founder of Counseling Concepts, LLC. She has 30 years of experience in the healing professions.

Jo exclusively practices metaphysical approaches to healing. She actively practices as a metaphysical life coach and specializes in using unconscious models to release chronic pain from the physical body. She is certified in the following modalities: Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Holistic Life Coaching, DNA Reactivation, Medical Intuition, Theta Healing, Unconditional Love Healing, Genetic Reprogramming, and Four-Level Core Belief Repatterning. She has also been trained in Psych-K, Reiki, and Remote Viewing.

Through metaphysical teaching & experiential practice, public speaking, as well as both individual & class paradigm–she assists her students so they can release chronic pain from the body, dissipate painful memories, change negative repetitive patterns, and thereby live a more authentic life

JOY Stella Salgado
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Joy is an ordained minister from Wisdom of the Heart Church. She is a Licensed Practitioner for Centers of Spiritual Living, as well as a Representative of Young Living distributing pure essential oils for wellness and longevity.She is also a Representative of Purium Health Products, distributing pure and premium green products for vitality and wellness.

Astrud Gabriela Sams
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Astrud is a conscious individual who is here to help the world go through it’s awakening process. She has achieved her Master Degree in Metaphysical Sciences. She has been practicing metaphysics since she was very little. At eleven years old, she was already practicing body-mind-spirit awareness through hands on healing and Yoga. Now she is a holistic coach, leader and teacher of spirituality and metaphysics who travels all over the world, spreading love and knowledge.

Klaus-Dieter Paul Schuepfer
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Klaus completed his Master of Divinity in July, 2014.

Patricia Leigh Scott
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Patricia Leigh Scott, M.Msc – South Africa. Patricia has spent many years as a practitioner and teacher in the healing arts. Healing and Mastery are very personal, inward journeys and Patricia’s passion lies in empowering people on these journeys through the facilitation and creation of a space that feels safe and comfortable enough for them to heal themselves.

David E. Seagraves
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Author David Seagraves, M.Msc. pursues his mission is to manifest a brighter global future by inspiring and mentoring thousands of young people. He focuses a wealth of metaphysical knowledge and energy work in storytelling to help children develop responsibility, optimism, and good character. David is a veteran practitioner of dowsing, I Ching, Sukyo Mahikari, and advanced crystal healing. He studied at Princeton University, later transferring and earning a BA in English from Colorado College. David enjoys living in coastal SoCal with his wife Tanja (a UMS Master’s candidate) and their dog Belinda, while currently studying for his PhD with UMS.

Annemarie Seidenberg
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Annemarie Seidenberg is a metaphysical teacher and healer. She operates her own holistic healing business where she combined spiritual connection and counseling with metaphysical healing. She discovered early on her passion in assisting people on their spiritual journey. Her deep compassion, understanding, and intuitive sensing allows her to help clients realize their fullest potential as loving, caring human beings. She also teaches numerous workshops. She enjoys teaching about dowsing, crystals, and energy work.

Deborah Carr Senger
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Msc.

Gifted from birth, Deborah Carr Senger is a Christian Spiritual and Historic Medium. Her educational credentials include a Masters of Metaphysical Sciences (University of Metaphysical Sciences), a Certified Paranormal Investigator (University of Nevada) Certified MUFON Investigator, and a Certified Parapsychologist (Flamel College). Her life’s work is to follow God’s path to help others spiritually heal and develop by finding and developing their own divine gifts.

Deborah is an investigator, medium, teacher, coordinator, speaker and advisor at numerous conferences, private homes, businesses, crime scenes and historical and paranormal sites throughout the world each year. She has developed and taught Ghost hunting I and II, ghost walks and How to Develop Your Own Psychic Ability. She is currently portraying (channeling) Mary Todd Lincoln with her partner Chris Hotz (Abraham Lincoln) to celebrate Lincoln’s 200th Birthday this year. Their company features a variety of historic and paranormal tours in Bloomington, Illinois. Her private practice includes private readings, psychic development and other metaphysical paths for individual and group spiritual development.

Rev. Sheila A. Seppi
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Combining proven holistic health techniques with ancient wisdoms, SpiritWay specializes in quantum science, bodywork, and energy healing techniques that provide relief from and assistance with allergies, stress, anxiety, emotions, pain and pain management, detoxification, energy levels, body/mind/spirit balancing, spiritual and life coaching and intuitive guidance.

Sheila Seppi, founder of SpiritWay, is a holistic health practitioner, wellness mentor, spiritual advisor and teacher, minister, energy healing/vibrational sound practitioner, ceremonialist, and is certified in multiple hands-on healing modalities. She uses scalar wave lasers, quantum energy, sound vibration, neurophysiology, kinesiology, traditional indigenous medicine practices and body/mind integrative healing techniques to empower her clients and restore natural balance and joy to their lives.

Donna J. Sharp
Master of Metaphysics, M.M.

Donna is a licensed massage therapist, Reiki Master/ Teacher, Pranic healer, Manifesting Coach and Custom Meditation Guide. She is excited to now add Spiritual Counseling to her practice and looks forward to the journey ahead.

Photo of Michelle Adele Bakhit Shay
Michelle Adele Bakhit Shay
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Michelle Shay has worked in Clinical Social Work for almost 30 years. She considers herself both a Master and Student in life. She especially values continuous spiritual learning and uses it both personally and professionally, working to co-create greater peace of mind with all she touches.

T. Ruth Sheldrake
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Msc.

Ruth is a third degree Wiccan High Priestess of a teaching circle. She has a personal side interest in the Norse Shamanic ways. The classes and meditations taught in the UMS programs have aided her spiritual growth and have added a richness to the classes she and her High Priest offer to their community. Ruth is currently working on her doctorate in Metaphysical Sciences and looks forward to adding it to her teaching and ministerial credentials.

Brandy Shirley
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Brandy Shirley is a minimalist and tree hugger at heart searching for enlightenment through meditation and daily talks with God. She is a licensed professional counselor with a Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology. Brandy plans to use her Metaphysical degree as a spiritual counselor, teacher, and author.

Isaac Sierra
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Kristan Deann Simmons-Hardister
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Kristan grew up within First Nation traditions and empathic intuition. After the sudden loss of her Mother and emergency risky birth of her grandson in 2012, her main focus was to stop fighting what seemed to be the demanding pull the Universe had for her.

Bachelors in Metaphysics; University of Metaphysical Sciences CCH (Certified Crystal Healer); Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy Reiki III Certified Member of World Metaphysical Association Accredited Member of World Metaphysical Association.

4Metaphysician/ owner of “The Little Things llc” in South Central Kansas. Working with energy as a whole unit of Mind, Body & Spirit to achieve ones purpose. Crystal, Reiki, Meditation, Sound, Energy and Coaching are a just a few therapies used.

Organized and created a community based group to promote and attract like minded people to share, build and promote holistic, alternative, homeopathy ways of life.

Seminars, Public Speaking, Large Workshops, One on One custom client sessions and long distance therapies are offered to clients. Starting her Ph.D Journey soon, and looking forward to sending healing energy out to whom ever wishes for it.

“Positive IN / Positive OUT, there is no room for anything negative”

Natalie Simone-Gerks
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Natalie Gerks lives along the sunny beaches of south Florida with her loving husband of 27 years, five beautiful children, and one slightly overweight dog, Memphis Belle. In her spare time she enjoys interior design, painting, collecting seashells, and hunting vintage stores for hidden treasures.

From an early age, Natalie was exposed to the metaphysical world through the psychic abilities of her father and grandparents. Her interest in learning more about this concept led her to pursue her second degree in metaphysical sciences with a focus on natural medicine.

Sally R. Snowman
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Msc.

Sally R. Snowman, M.Msc., is an Earth Energies and Consciousness Shifting practitioner facilitating activities such as outdoor earth ceremonies and Ancient Egyptian Alchemy in Plymouth, MA.

Leeanne Cheryl Spencer
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

I am a single mum of a wonderful daughter. I am also a professional Commercial Banker, Holistic Healer and soon to be Master Coach. My passion is to teach and inspire others to be the very best version of them they can be.

Heather S. Stacey
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Heather Stacey B.Msc., M.Div. Heather lives on the south coast of England in the beautiful Dorset countryside where she writes short stories and practices spiritual counseling in the locality.

Sylvia Ann Stallings
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Msc.

Sylvia’s purpose in life is to help those who come to her by being a coach, mentor, teacher, confidant and friend. She is currently the Business Development Director for a locally owned Company in Santa Barbara, California.

Willie Frank Starks
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Minister Willie Frank Starks, M. Div. is an ordained minister, spiritual teacher, marriage and family counselor, hypnotherapist and regressionist. He lives in Saint Louis, Missouri with his wife Marsha.

Cottonwood Stone
Master of Metaphysics, M.M.

Founder and President of Arizona TLC Sanctuary and Educational Center, Cottonwood Stone specializes in using sound healing and alchemic practices to step into the authentic voice. Her well-received program, Stage-Masters, assists musicians in refining their stage presence while opening their heart in the sharing of their music.

Deborah J Sutton
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

My name is Deborah Sutton. I have achieved my Masters of Divinity degree and am an ordained minister. I also have certification as a Tranformational Life Coach through the Life Mastery Institute with Mary Morrissey. I am an accomplished Martial Arts instructor.

My life is fill with much gratitude and blessings.Remember our perceptions of failures are only feedback to where we have lessons to grow from so never give up on your dreams because you are worth it.

Orchid Tao
Master of Metaphysics, M.M.

Orchid Tao is a Self-Improvement Specialist/Coach, who specializes in personal empowerment, relationship addiction, couple’s coaching, dream achievement, and nonreligious spiritual coaching. She attained her first Life Coaching certification through the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and is working towards her second Holistic Life Coaching Ph.d degree at UMS. She practices in the central Phoenix area as well as globally via phone and Skype. Concurrently, she’s authoring her first self-help book…Her lifelong commitment to her own spiritual growth and self-improvement fuels her purpose – being a facilitator for these sacred, healing processes for others.

Aishah Tatum
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Aishah Tatum is a highly sought after motivational speaker and author. She travels the world giving workshops and keynote presentations to students and young adults on the power of vision and purpose. She has authored a series of journals, a book and a workbook and is very passionate about creating a God conscious mindset within all humanity.

Amanda M. Taylor
Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Amanda Taylor has received both her Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Divinity from UMS. She is a certified Reflexologist. Also, she is an Atlanta Metaphysical Examiner (writer) for online newspaper.

Kimberley Inman Taylor
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

The purpose of my business, The Clearing Place, is to help my clients live a happy and healthy life. Taking you back to your Perfection! I’ve always been very passionate about assisting others in overcoming any obstacles to being ultimately happy and healthy. The techniques that I use let me do that! The results amaze me every time to see how life changing this can be for my clients.

Photo of Jasmina Telic
Jasmina Telic
Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

I have always been interested in meaning of life and my role in Earth changes starting from the time of my birth in 1969. In early years I was attracted to exploring various world religions and sects since my formal upbringing was as an atheist in communist country. After finding only partial answers in various spiritual practices and beliefs I was exposed to, I moved to Africa in 1999. My personal spiritual journey then kick-started with health crisis which