Established by
Wisdom of the Heart Church
and University of Metaphysical Sciences
in Ecuador, South America

Welcome to Gaia Sagrada!

Gaia Sagrada is an Eco-Community and Retreat Center offering an invitation to visit for one of our monthly 12-day shamanic healing retreats, or to stay for an extended personal and communal retreat in the foothills of the Andes Mountains in beautiful Ecuador.

We spent several years looking for affordable land with a lot of privacy and a peaceful setting. We finally found the perfect place on 55 acres in the Andes Mountains, 45 minutes northeast of the city of Cuenca.  Here you will have the opportunity to experience right fellowship with others of like mind, a chance to explore deeply who you are, and your special part in universal consciousness.

Come Join Us…

Everyone is welcome to take retreat at Gaia Sagrada. Students of UMS will have the opportunity to meet the founder, Christine Breese, and experience her unique presence and energy in person. Some students even bring their study materials with them to Ecuador to work on while they are visiting. The extra benefit for a student is that in Ecuador you can live and study with fellow spiritual students in a live workshop situation, a balanced lifestyle, in a safe environment where you can truly blossom and unfold with access to guidance, as well as daily activities and classes which support your studies. Whether you are studying with UMS or not, you can find a powerful peaceful healing retreat at Gaia Sagrada.

The Gaia Sagrada Experience Includes:

  • Meditation, silent and guided during retreats, or on your own when retreats aren’t happening
  • Yoga, stretching, exercise room
  • Spiritual activities of many types to hone your skills
  • Day trips, socializing and various activities
  • Ecuadorian shamans for Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies each month
  • Participating with the wonderful Ecuadorian community around us
  • Night time fire circles, dancing, music, moonlit walks, and star gazing
  • Watching the hummingbirds and butterflies in the forests and pastures, and fireflies after dusk
  • Gazing at the milky way, distant planets, and galaxies
  • Being at peace while you dive into your inner worlds in a safe, beautiful paradise
  • Eco-Community atmosphere on an organic farm
  • Fun and laughter!

Shamanic Ceremony Retreats

April-Group-Gaia-SagradaEcuadorian shamans bless us with sharing their ancient medicinal tea traditions and give you the chance to experience the profound depths of your soul. Journey deep into your inner universe and meet the master within you through these incredible experiences. We have 12-day shamanic ceremony retreats every month! Since we began hosting these powerful retreats in January of 2013, we find ourselves fully booked every month, and the participants are having really beautiful transformational experiences of healing and awakening.  Check out our website for news videos, stories, and pictures of these truly amazing ongoing events.

Gaia Sagrada Goals

  • To provide a safe, fun, and exciting retreat     environment where participants can get the most out of their experience, get close to nature, and truly relax.
  • To live as gently on the Earth as possible and show by example how it can be done. Gaia Sagrada uses eco-friendly methods to make as little impact as possible on the Earth.
  • To give every participant an environment in which to practice the art of living in the now, practicing unconditional love and compassion, and diving deeply into self-inquiry and self-introspection for spiritual growth.
  • To provide Adventures In Consciousness in as many ways as possible, through meditation, yoga, spiritual lifestyle, and communion with oneness.
  • To create and use sustainable farming methods in order to produce organic food for Gaia Sagrada events and community, as well as trade and barter with our Ecuadorian mountain community in Llayzhatan.
  • To support the Llayzhatan community by providing jobs to the people who live nearby.
  • To create a peaceful, harmonious community that promotes health and well-being for all in mind, body and spirit.
  • To use methods for solving conflict, and serve as a good example to others of what a focused community can be.

Gaia Sagrada Feeds Your Body and Your Soul

We have a strong focus on food as a source of healing at Gaia Sagrada. The abundance of fresh tropical fruits is embraced here, and we love to share the art of healthful, vibrant food preparation and eating  within the community.  Meals are mostly organic, vegetarian cuisine of the highest quality. For the raw food lovers and vegans, there will be plenty to choose from, always. There are special workshops for raw food preparation, raw food diets and detoxification, as well as fasting and going very deep into your consciousness.Click edit button to change this text.


Housing costs depends on which mode of housing you choose: dormitory, shared room, private room with shared bath, or 1 bedroom apartments. All the options are modern housing with the amenities you are used to. Don’t forget to try out our hot tubs and sauna!

Retreat From the World in the Magical Andes Mountains of Ecuador

Relax in beautiful meditation spots everywhere on the land, or take a trip into the city of Cuenca, Ecuador to see the historic sites. Cuenca is only a bus ride away.

If you are coming for community living, you will find a beautiful model in action. Eco-practices are widely used and you can learn something for your own building endeavors in the future. You can even build your own small house here if you decide you want to stay! Check out our Build it Forward program, a much cheaper and safer way to live in the country in the Cuenca, Ecuador area.

Ecuador’s nature is magical, with fireflies in the evenings to enchant you. The stars are incredibly clear, there are wonderful walks you can take all over the property and country roads, forest groves, and gardens of flowers for you to enjoy. You can easily take journeys to various places in Ecuador, including hiking in Cajas National Park, jungle forays, beaches and other interesting trips to the sights of Ecuador.

People here are living in a stress-free environment, separated from the world, in a way that is rare and hard to find. Whatever you find nurturing and adventurous for your consciousness and spirit, you will find it here at this heavenly organic eco-village!

Cuenca, Ecuador

Cuenca, Ecuador is a beautiful historic city, a population of approximately 500,000 and it is the cultural, artistic and intellectual center of Ecuador. Every weekend there are festivities of all sorts in the historic district of Cuenca, and the people of Ecuador are very friendly, kind and welcoming to foreigners.

Visit Wikipedia to learn more about Cuenca.

We lovingly extend the invitation for you to come and participate
in this life affirming experience.
May you be blessed with vibrant health and joyful abundance always!