“Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.” ~Aristotle

What is metaphysics?

Metaphysics may be defined as a field of inquiry into “sciences beyond the world of nature,” or “the immaterial after grounding in the material.”

Metaphysics as an area of inquiry has come to cover a vast field of study, yet it is helpful for us as metaphysicians to understand its origins. The term metaphysics originally referred to a classification of the Greek philosopher Aristotle’s work. Aristotle, along with his mentor Socrates and his contemporary Plato, is considered an originator of Western philosophical thought.

He wrote extensively on many subjects, including the nature of thought, reason, ethics, politics, science, math, and the physical world, as well as on more intangibles such as the nature of being. When his work was being compiled and classified, the sections that dealt with non-physical reality were titled meta (after) physics. As a result of this classification, metaphysics as a field of study was born!

Philosophy is the study of the fundamental nature of reality and existence, and metaphysics has further developed as the branch of philosophy which explores non-physical reality. Traditionally it consists of 3 areas of study:

Ontology: The study of the nature and the relationship of things which exist.
Cosmology: The study of the origins and nature of the universe.
Epistemology: The study of how knowledge is obtained and integrated.

Therefore, traditional metaphysics is essentially the exploration of the fundamental nature of non-physical reality in relation to origin, existence, and understanding.

Spiritually focused people have many different concepts and terms for non-physical reality. We talk about energy, chi, chakras, auras, thought forms, vibrations, frequencies, awareness, God, Creator, Great Spirit, consciousness, dimensions, oneness, angels, guides, astral worlds, intuition, and the list could go on. We attune ourselves to what is beyond, underneath, or foundational to what we can observe and interact with through our 5 physical senses.

We study metaphysics.