Why Metaphysical Sciences?

>>Why Metaphysical Sciences?
Why Metaphysical Sciences? 2018-05-16T06:51:09+00:00

“Science is not only compatible with spirituality;
it is a profound source of spirituality.”
~Carl Sagan

Emerging within western thought from the philosophical discipline of metaphysics, and also rapidly becoming important to all fields of study, is the study of consciousness.  The Mind Science Foundation gives us this quote from Nobel award winning researcher Dr. Francis Crick:

“Solving the problem of consciousness will need the labors of many scientists, of many kinds, though it is always possible that there will be a few crucial insights and observations. … A few years ago one could not use the word ‘consciousness’ in a paper, for, say, Nature or Science, nor in a grant application. But thankfully, times are changing, and the subject is now ripe for intensive exploration.”

Here we see that Western science, using pure empirical methods, is now beginning to take the study of consciousness seriously. Meanwhile, the spiritual wisdom of thousands of years of consciousness studies is re-emerging. Human exploration of consciousness (particularly in the Eastern spiritual traditions) through deep states of meditation, self-inquiry, and exploration of non-physical states like astral travel, near death experiences, and psychic phenomena, offer an already established, very rich and substantial body of knowledge to explore.

The direct experience of we who dedicate our lives to spiritual development puts us at the forefront of the metaphysical field, making us the true experts on the subject. Nothing can replace direct experience, and diving into the inner world of consciousness, self-inquiry, and spiritual truth inevitably changes the way one views reality.

Metaphysics is the spiritual discipline that will redefine the scientific methods currently so entrenched in our process of acquiring knowledge. We are on the brink of some of the greatest discoveries in human history, and all the knowledge and answers relevant to this discovery are found within.