UMS alumni have completed a very powerful journey, opening themselves up to facing their fears and embracing their strengths. Each of these amazing people has persevered through each challenge, proving their dedication to their personal and spiritual growth.

Not all of our graduates are listed here, as it is up to each individual whether they would like to share their information on this page. While we do not list students’ websites, we do encourage you to search a student’s name if you are interested in their work; if they have a website, you will find it.

UMS is very proud to stand behind our graduates as they go forth and do their work as healers, counselors, writers, ministers, spiritual teachers, and lightworkers, each offering their love, energy and guidance in his or her own special way.

For devices, use the following links to take you to the listing for each degree level:

Bachelor’s Degree Graduates   ~   Master’s Degree Graduates   ~   Doctoral Degree Graduates

Ayanna Ann Hobson, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Counseling, vibrational healing; specializing in sound, musical and vocal therapies and energies.

Aamirah Branch, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Aamirah Branch, B.Div., is an Ordained Minister,  Certified Spiritual Healer, Diviner and Spiritual Reader, Shamanic Practitioner and workshop facilitator. Her work includes spiritual cleansing, soul retrieval, Tarot and cowry shell readings, both in person and long distance. A graduate of the University of Metaphysical Sciences with a Bachelor of Divinity degree, she also studies with Malidoma Some in the tradition of the Dagara tribe of West Africa and the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.

Ahmed Faizuddin (Tikky), Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Ahmed is a Professional and reliable expert on hypnosis and NLP. A master of illusion and dedicated father and husband. His interests range from Entertainment to neuroscience as well as the supernatural and the unexplainable.

Aditya Dugar, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Hi I’m Aditya Dugar from India, Kolkata. I joined UMS 4 years ago to fulfill my spiritual quest but after completing my bachelors I realize how wrong I was. I now believe that my quest has just begun because I came across such reformative material and that I was completely floored. I was made to see things from various perspectives. I believe my outlook has changed for the better. I am basically a small businessman working on making life better each day. I thank UMS for their support.

Aidan Montgomery Sutherland, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
He is an Electronics Engineer with a vast amount of knowledge of the Aerospace and Telecommunications industries. A scientist by nature and a mathematician by instinct, he is curious about all things both seen and unseen and as a result, he intends to merge his scientific and engineering abilities with a deep insight into the World of things beyond the five senses. He will address many subjects of intense interest and speculation that currently perplex the human race, such as space, time, dreams and the spirit World. He feels his impact will be a great one in this new and emerging consciousness.

Alexandra Hulbert, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Alex has begun teaching meditation and intuitive/spiritual development classes in Sydney, Australia and is building a Reiki and Pranic Healing practice.

Alicia Bebbs Higgs, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Alicia is currently a legal assistant for a large law firm in Virginia.  Her goal is to obtain her Master and Doctoral degrees which she will use and share her knowledge and intuitive gifts to help others on their spiritual path.

Aline Therese Hibbert, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
She also is currently studying Naturopathic medicine, is also a newspaper writer of metaphysics and leads a Holistic page named “Goddess Ali” and also leads a spirituality & metaphysical group.

Alisha W. Tamburri, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Alisha Tamburri is a Clinical Hypnotherapist working with all issues, Birth Doula, Childbirth Educator specializing in HypnoBirthing, HypnoFertility and Domestic Violence Counseling. Alisha practices in various locations in Los Angeles and San Fernando Valley. She can reached at 818 998-8838.

Amanda Burke, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Amanda Burke has a background in physical fitness.  She is passionate about the mind-body connection and believes if the physical body is sick, the other 3 bodies (mental, emotional and spiritual) will also fall ill.  She helps people stay physically healthy so that they may be healthy in all areas of their lives.  She specializes in channeling and is an empath.

Amanda Nichols-Clay, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Amanda Nichols-Clay received a Bachelor of Divinity Degree.  She is dedicated to a life in service through prayer for Peace on this Mother Earth.  She is continuing her education with UMS.

Amber West, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Amber has been on a lifelong spiritual quest. She is sincerely grateful to UMS for helping along her path. She is a certified reiki master and natural empath. For fun, and income, she deals in antiques, paints and makes handcrafted items. She has received a Bachelor’s degree from UMS, and will continue her studies with them in the Master and Doctorate programs. Her goal is to become a spiritual counselor and to offer other forms of healing.

Amira Makhlouf, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Amira Makhlouf Bachelor of metaphysical science B.Msc., an Arab lady who lives in Italy, is planning to open a meditation and counseling center in Tuscany.

Amy Rachelle Ruscoe, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
A Reiki Master and Teacher, a Reflexologist and a Natural Health Consultant. Her vocation is to help restore healing and humanity to our world, and to share what she has learned, with everyone in need, in all walks of life. Founder of Luminous Life, a natural healing service in Eli Whitney (Graham), North Carolina.

Angela C. Pinkal, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
I have married since 1995 and a mother since 2005. I am a very creative person who loves to make jewelry, crochet, and write creatively. I also enjoy reading; mostly series books and anything on The Tudor Dynasty. I hope to be a published author someday.
I am finally back home in Oregon and settled on a 55 acre farm. I am the wife of a retired 25 Army Veteran and am happy that I don’t have to move again, unless I want to.  I plan to use my studies for personal reasons and to use in writing books in the future.

Anique Sara Taylor, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Anique Taylor, Life Coach and Spiritual Therapist, is also an artist and poet.

Annalise Marguerite Campbell, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Hello my name is a Annalise Campbell, I am now working as a transformational therapist, in New Zealand. I am so very proud of my study’s through UMS.

Anne Marie Sieff, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
She has studied the Radical Forgiveness theories and have applied them in her own life to release a lot of pain and resentment. She works with people to help them see that there is a divine plan even in the worst circumstances…she guides them to a place where they achieve peace through “true” forgiving of others.

Anne Kari Vindenes, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Professional Certified Coach PCC, NLP Certified Trainer, Extensive international Leadership Experience

Annie Ueber, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Anmarie Uber is a reader, healer, instructor, numerologist, astrologer, guest speaker and writer. She reads for people internationally, and is formerly affiliated with Meditating Mantis and Synchronicity in Atlanta, GA. Anmarie currently offers tarot, astrology, numerology, spiritual counseling, mediumship, class instruction, angel readings, oracle cards, chakra balancing, emotional & physical body scans, life mapping, feng shui consults, past life regressions, channeling, and Spirit Release & Soul Piece Rescue healing sessions, with 24 years of experience in the above. Anmarie is a natural empath, telepathic, clairsentient, clairaudient, medium and clairvoyant, and formerly trained in palmistry and nutrition.

Anmarie is a Licensed Massage Therapist, a Certified Yoga Instructor, a Certified Chaldean Numerologist, a Certified Angel Card Reader and an Advanced Oracle Card & Tarot reader under Doreen Virtue, a Certified Tarot Practitioner under James Wanless, creator of the Voyager Tarot, Bagua certified under The Western School of Feng Shui, a Reiki Practitioner, a student of the Anastasi Psychic Development System, a student of A Course in Miracles, a member of the American Tarot Association, & has additional certifications in Reflexology, Aromatherapy, Acupressure, and many deep tissue massage modalities. Anmarie is the author of a book on numerology to be published in 2015, and is grateful for her beloved family, friends, 2 cats and wonderful boyfriend. She can be contacted at Her Facebook Page is Spirit is Spirit.

April Gillian Newhall, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
April is a Spiritual Artisan and Metaphysical Counselor. One of the ways she presently shines and shares her love and light with the world is through her spiritually inspired metaphysical jewelry.

Ashley Pope Ronnfeldt, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Ashley Ronnfeldt has a Bachelors degree in Metaphysical Sciences from UMS and plans to continue on through the UMS Masters Program.  Ashley lives in her hometown of Phoenix, Arizona and plans to incorporate Sacred Geometry art and her UMS education into a future spiritual guidance practice.

Babita Vj Saaraswat, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
BABTA VJ SAARASWAT is a physician that lives in New Jersey, with her husband and two kids. She loved this course and found it very helpful in her spiritual growth.

Beatrice Motlalepule Mazwi, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Beatrice Mazwi from Johannesburg South Africa. Director of Organic Health Events. Passionate about a holistic view of living. I want to spread the word all over the world about elements and factors affecting the well-being of living beings on planet earth. Through the Organic Lifestyle Fair, I would like to share knowledge acquired from my studies and experiences about the universe,how it connects and empower us at all levels of existence.My wish is to inspire all humans to practice vibrating at the highest frequency to keep happy, healthy and excelling in all areas of physical reality, by awareness and accepting all life lessons with gratitude.

Benjamin Thomas Woolley, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
He is a Financial Adviser working in the UK. Whilst this course is of no use to that(!), he has found this course to be by far the most interesting and useful study so far, on so many different levels. The only downside is that he has now finished it! He misses the courses. He is now studying for a Masters in Nottingham University specializing in Consciousness. Many Thanks UMS.

Beth A. Murphy, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
I look forward to continuing my education at The University of Metaphysical Sciences. My ultimate goal is to counsel those in need of emotional guidance, helping them understand themselves and their relations as multidimensional beings. I am eager to offer them the knowledge that they create their own reality, so that they may begin to use their thoughts in a more deliberate and focused manner.

Betsey Stephens, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Betsey a musician/composer that resides in Hollywood, CA, her area of study and expertise lies in the relationship and healing properties of musical meter, sound, sacred geometry, numerology and the human psyche.

Beverlee Garb, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Beverlee Garb is a public speaker, consultant and advocate for the role of emotions in effective leadership and decision-making. She focuses on the people-side of business — the culture. Using humor, story-telling and experience, she illuminates the importance of EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE as a key ingredient in decision-making and effective leadership. Drawing on 8+ years of consulting leaders and businesses around the world, Beverlee will teach your people the secrets of the Emotionally Intelligent and increase their productivity, immediately.

Beverley D. Bryant, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
I am the founder/owner of the Krystal Light Healing Centre in Western Australia, this a is a non profit organisation, including fundraising events to help individuals or organisations. My modalities include and not limited to Mediumship, Reiki Master, Crystal Healing, Spiritual Healing, Hypnotherapist/Regressions, Crystal Light Therapist, Ajna Light Therapist, Chakra & Aura Analyst. Colour Therapist
Metaphysical Teacher, Chakra & Aura Photograph, Life Coach, Retreat Facilitator and Sound Therapist. I have been in this industry for 30 years although I have had my gift from a young age.

Beverly Lieb, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Beverly Lieb is a Certified Hypnotherapist/Spiritual Life Coach, specializing in Past Life, Future Life, and Lives Between Lives Therapy.  She uses a technique called, “Mining the Akash”, to help her clients access the best parts of their past lives to heal issues in their current lives.  She also works with her clients based on their belief systems.   Beverly uses many useful tools, such as, Handwriting Analysis, Dream Therapy, and Pendulum work with her hypnotherapy clients.  She conducts a workshop called, “Finding Your Truth Past Life Regressions” to teach Past Life Regression Therapists how to use the “Mining the Akash” technique. She also has a workshop called, “Quantum DNA”, which explains what the 97% “junk” DNA really is and teaches how to activate it to evolve one’s spiritual or religious path.  Beverly has had a life-long fascination with metaphysics, and through a series of synchronistic events, found UMS, which provided the foundation for her spiritual career.

Bonnie Fischel, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
She is an Ordained Minster, Chios Master/Teacher and on an advisory group and became part of a new Chios organization, a Practitioner of Access Consciousness, AromaTouch Technique Practitioner, Crystal Therapy, Meditation Certified, ERT Practitioner, Spiritual Life Coach, and Intuitive. She is proceeding in finishing her Master’s and Doctoral in the near future. Her intention to the universe is to assist all who are seeking to find true self and Sources Unconditional Love. Namaste and Espavo!

Bonnie Howard Howell, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Dr. Bonnie H. Howell was CEO of Cayuga Medical Center in Ithaca, Chair, of the New York State Health Care Association, and is a Fellow in the American College of Health Care Executives.  She is certified as a Spiritual counselor and as a Hypnotherapist. She is a Senior Consultant with Foley, Proctor, Yoskowitz, a health care executive search firm. Dr. Howell is a member of the International Association of Counselors and Therapists and the International Coaches Federation.

Bonnie Lawrence, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
She is available for spiritual coaching and counseling, leading workshops and seminars, and meditative retreats.
Bonnie is also a Reiki Level 2 Practitioner and is available for healing sessions including distance healing.

Bridget Venables, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Bridget Venables is an empathic tarot reader and motivational counselor. She has knowledge of all things metaphysical and refers to herself as a ‘mysticsoup’. Currently studying for her masters with UMS, her goal is to open a metaphysical teaching center and become an ordained minister under the Wisdom of the Heart Church umbrella.

C. Rivera Gonzalez, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
It has been a delight for C. Rivera to have an extreme determination to complete her Bachelor of Metaphysical Science, B.Msc. and she will continue on her Masters and Doctoral program with the University of Metaphysical Science.

Caitlin B. Karczewski, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Caity Karczewski earned her B.Div. from UMS at age 19. She lives in the U.S. with her wonderful husband and their dog. Caity is a musician and writer, a composer of over 30 songs, and the author of “And We Are Lit Again” (which she published at age 17, under her maiden name, C. B. Schneider). She is currently working on several writing projects in metaphysical nonfiction.

Candice K. Carbone, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Candice Carbone is a lightworker based in the Los Angeles area who has overcome many personal challenges including the long lasting effects of trauma, loss, addiction, eating disorders, family dysfunction and emotional abuse. She endured a childhood that most would not have managed to survive with their spirits still intact and shining brightly, but she did and now she wants to assist others in addressing the issues that may keep them stuck in patterns and thought processes that no longer serve their highest purpose.

Candice is also a RYT200, registered yoga teacher, and believes that yoga can be a tool to discovering the stillness that lies within each of us. She loves guiding individuals and groups through a hypnotic yoga practice that stimulates the dormant parts of us deep within. It is the tool that helps peel away the layers of the self, both physically and emotionally so that we may discover the heart within us all. It is within that stillness that we reconnect to our true self. Connecting with the true self, especially after a lifetime of being disconnected from it, can be a challenging, scary and daunting task. It is not a path that anyone should try to travel alone. Candice wants to be the person that gently guides others along their journeys to the self. It is a beautiful and miraculous experience that is ready and available for all to be had.

Candice is a Certified Hypnotherapist who believes in the power of the subconscious mind. She is passionate about guiding others to understand their behaviors and belief systems in order to make positive changes in their lives.

Carla Kendrick, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Still on my journey of awareness, excited and grateful for U. M.S for participating in my development.

Carla M Van Walsum, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Transformational Counseling, LLC
. Bridging Psychotherapy & Metaphysics in South Florida
. Individual, Couples & Family Counseling

Creator of Life’s Hidden-Truths™ Transformational Workshops
. Creator of Boost Your Power™ Tween & Teen Classes
. Creator of Happy Children, Happy Home™ for ALL Parents
. Chapter Leader of Holistic Mom
. Co-author: Thank God I..vol.3

Carla Van Walsum PhD, LSHC has created a thriving holistic psychotherapy practice in South Florida. She helps clients make quantum progress through her unique combination of psychological, spiritual and metaphysical approach. European, American and Eastern philosophies are the sources of inspiration.

Carla’s approach is based on compassion, knowledge intuition, empowerment, respect. It is non-judgmental and free of labeling. These clinically-validated techniques and powerful alternative approaches are applied in a timely and sensitive manner. They have been successful in healing acute and life-long patterns of emotional pain, struggling relationships, family-burdens, stress, loss of loved-one or feeling that the individual or family has no purpose in life.

One of Carla’s strengths is guiding people to uncover the core-essence of themselves. To heal blockages in their relationships and issues that may block an individual’s success on their path. Speak with Ms. Van Walsum once and you will understand that she gives these tools in a loving and safe manner. Her clients, attendees and audience feel that from her, and do the work needed to live a life of pure bliss.

Carol Faulkner Swim, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
As a Practitioner and Teacher of Shamanism, Usui, and Karuna Reiki Carol’s work is to bridge, inspire and promote an environment of authenticity in human development and interaction, restoring the primal state of integrity and helping clients get from where they are to where they want to be.  While walking this path, Carol has found bliss and an ecstatic state of peace that for most of her life she had only hoped for in my wildest dreams!

Carol-Anne A Steringa, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
She is manager for a large corporate company here in Toronto Canada. Her goal is to complete her Doctorate of Holistic Life Coaching and open up a business in the holistic field after she has received her MBA.

Carole Ayerst, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
She works in the field of security as a Commissionaire in Canada. She is a mother of three children ranging in the ages of 15,9 and 11. She got married to a wonderful man in 2006 and he has been there for all three of my children and herself through trying times. She balanced work, family and this course as best she could and it has been rewarding to say the least. The course has been her sanctuary and the opportunity came to her at just the right moment in her life. She looks forward in continuing her studies here at the University of Metaphysical Sciences to pursue my Master’s degree.

Caroline Emmanuelle Orlane Palier, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Caroline has been involved in Spiritual knowledge for over two decades, she loves helping people, make them see who they truly are, questioning and challenging them on their Truth. Spirituality is her priority and passion in wanting to make others take the leap of Faith and believe that anything is possible in life. Love, Compassion, Truth and Integrity are her values.

Caroline F. Strong, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
She just got through with her Bachelor’s of Divinity Degree and she truly enjoyed every step of the way. Now is looking forward to getting her Masters. Wants to thank the entire staff for all their help and understanding is looking forward to future correspondence with them while working on her Masters and then her Doctorate.

Peace and Blessings to All

Caroline Straus Selden, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Artist, designer, equestrian & canine trainer who thinks outside the box and enjoys living and working in progressive California.

Carolyn M. Cervantes, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
UMS has changed her life toward a positive outlook on life, more so than she anticipated!!!  She is in a state of gratitude for the uplifting, life-changing courses UMS provides with inspiration and positive affirmations from the instructors!

Cathie English, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Cathie English is a Certified Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master, a Karuna Reiki® practitioner/master teacher. She has trained with some of the world’s greatest Reiki Masters, including William Rand and Arjava Petter, becoming certified in Jikiden, Karuna®, and Angel Reiki as well as being a certified hypnotherapist, Neuro-linguistic practitioner, Conscious Breath practitioner, and an ordained minister and spiritual counselor. She is dedicated to helping your body, mind and soul heal using every tool at her disposal. Namaste!

Cathy Harper, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Cathy L. Harper, Bachelor of Science in Metaphysics is also a Reiki Master. Artist and Business Administration. Working in the field of Contract Administration. Loves dogs, the beach and loves to dance. Through my metaphysical work and connection, it is my intention to affect a positive change in attitudes of everyone that I come into contact with.

Cathy M. Miller, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Cathy is dedicated to assisting others in reaching their higher spiritual potential.  Currently living in the Heartland of America, she has been on her quest for spiritual enlightenment and knowledge from a young age.   She is dedicated to helping others as an intuitive healer and Reiki practitioner.  As an ongoing student of The University of Metaphysical Sciences, Cathy is committed to being an example of the high standards set forth by this ultra fine university of higher learning.

Chani C. Demello, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Hi my name is Chani. I started this program so that I could help others, but as I started the courses I found that it was myself that needed the healing and the help. Thank you UMS for guiding me on this journey of self discovery and growth. I hope that just by little ol’ me being more aware and conscious that I have already started to help the world.

Charolette Dodge, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Charolette Dodge, B.Msc is a certified Hypnotherapist, who has 25 years experience as a Psychic, Spiritual Counselor and Healer.

Chris Lyn Secrist, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
He searched for  6 months on all the schools that teach Metaphysics. UNS is the one he liked and chose because of the actual courses they offer. He completed the bachelors and now in the masters program. He is so happy he found this school and looks forward to a career in spiritual counseling. Peace and Love.

Christa Van Rensburg, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Christa is based in South Africa and is currently specializing in various complementary therapies and naturology, and continuing her education at UMS towards her masters degree and Ph.D.

Christine R Chico, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Dr. Christine Chico received a degree in Osteopathic Medicine from The University of Medicine and Dentistry in 1984. After a long career in anesthesiology I retired from medicine and perused a career in spiritual health. Currently residing in South Florida, looking forward to leading retreats in the Caribbean.

Christopher Scott Miller , Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Chris  Miller  has spent his life trying to understand the nature of people and god how  we truly relate.  Chris is always seeking to improve himself and  to help those in need.  He is Working on his Masters and seeks to become a  Spiritual life coach so he may assist others on there journeys.

Cindy Rae Craddock, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Cindy Rae Craddock, born April 26, 1958, in Helena, Montana, and adopted on February 4, 1959, in Great Falls, Montana, at 3 PM. Cindy graduated from Billings Senior High School in 1976. Cindy received a B.A. in English/Education in 1984 from the University of Montana, in Missoula, Montana. Cindy has been a Shaman her entire life and continues to learn and teach others how to heal their body with the help of Spirit.

Connie Cason Hamsher , Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Connie has worked as a Spiritual Director for more than 20 years.  She serves as Executive Director of West Virginia Mountain Retreats and facilitates Spiritual workshops, retreats and circles.   She appreciates this opportunity to expand her knowledge and awareness so that she might be of maximum service to some who might seek and to the Creator from whom much has been given.

Craig Louis Barrios, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Craig Barrios was born in Huntington Park California on December 16, 1983.  He lived in Downey the majority of his life.  He attended Our Lady of Perpetual Help but graduated from East Middle School.  After graduating from Saint John Bosco High School, he lived in Bellflower, then Downey, and then in Long Beach, all the while attending Cerritos College. He received his AA in Philosophy from there a year after moving to Thousand Oaks/Newbury Park and attending a physical education class at Moorpark Community College. He moved to Huntington Park, took three online classes through Clinton Iowa’s Ashford University, but decided not to go that route.  Instead, he chose to rebel against the traditional secular Academia and enrolled with the University of Metaphysical Sciences.  He is a security guard, working graveyard shift at a famous cemetery, where he can read, write, and commune with the dead.

Crystal Angela Sada, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Crystal is a Usui Reiki Master as well as Spiritual Counselor.  She specializes in bringing her clients back in balance and helping then listen to their Higher Self. She lives with her wonderful husband in Staten Island, NY. She has two daughters and THREE grandchildren who live in Boulder Colorado.  “The greater danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we hit it”  Michaelangelo.

Crystal D. Thomas, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Crystal is presently working on her Masters and PhD in Metaphysical Divinity.  She is founder of The Central Texas Metaphysical Center.  Crystal believes that the key to success and satisfaction in life is for each Soul to realize that everyone and everything in the entire Universe (manifested and un-manifested as of yet) is One. Crystal’s Mission is to help begin and step up the Awakening process and she does this with Clients, one-on one in her Spiritual Counseling practice.  She is a Writer, Poet and Photographer and a further dream is to teach anyone who possesses the desire and will to learn.

Crystal Wooten, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Being Spiritually Intuitive since she was a little girl with the gift of a “Seer” has made her a seeker of all things metaphysical all her life.  She finally decided to develop her skills by obtaining her B Div, M Div, and DDS in Spiritual Counseling from the University of Metaphysical Sciences and her Minister’s Certification from the Church of the Sacred Heart.  She also holds a Certification for Holistic Health Coaching and is offering private Life Coaching sessions for people who are drawn to her style of guidance.

Curtis Craig Cochran, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
I believe we each carry a dream of a life we were born to realize, which shows up through desire. And I believe that we all have the ability to realize our personal and professional dreams if we commit ourselves to not settling for anything less than what we really want. It is when we move toward our passions that we experience our own greatness, and it is then an incredible contribution to ourselves and to the world by being who we truly are. Freedom to dream is achievable.

Cyndi Boots, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Cyndi Boots, B.Msc., is a wellness attendant at a holistic wellness spa called Seeking Indigo located in Charleston, South Carolina.  She is also an intuitive and energy worker who specializes in medium work, crystals, dream analysis, clearing, and several forms of divination. She is a distributor for Nature’s Pearl as well.

Cynthia L. Bingham, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Cynthia Bingham is a natural shaman, currently engaged as a holistic health care advisor, advising individuals on which holistic health avenue or avenues to pursue for optimal benefit for their specific needs, as well as a freelance writer, providing health care information documentation and helping metaphysician colleagues to document their own metaphysical thoughts, ideas, inspirations and findings.

Dalai Liu, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Dalai Liu, 38 years old, has had a successful career in music and entertainment industry in the Southeast Asian community.  However, beginning this year 2009, he has shaved his head, taken refuge in Buddhism, and vowed to live in the meaningful life of an active Buddhist.

Dalai Liu’s goal is to become a spiritual leader who would be able to channel and work directly with his Heaven Father to heal the world.

Danica Thompson, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Danica Thompson is currently working towards her doctorate degree in Metaphysical Sciences. She will be taking her Kundalini Yoga Level One Teacher Training as she has a deep desire to teach and share the power of yoga with others. Her focus on Metaphysical Sciences is for self growth, healing and transformation and her biggest dream is to one day open up a center specifically focused on children and metaphysics.

Danielle N. Koreck, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
She recently earned her Bachelors of Metaphysical Sciences through UMS.  She’s thrilled to be a Metaphysician and is working toward her Masters then Doctoral degrees to write, lecture and teach.  She truly enjoys all of the courses offered and look forward to her journey as a Metaphysician.  Thank you UMS! Your courses are wonderfully inspiring and your staff is the best!

Dean A. Krob, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
I was born in Rehoboth New Mexico, and was raised in Cortez Colorado. I Graduated from MCHS high school in 1985. I grew up with two amazing parents. My father was in retail, he owned several trading posts in the area. I learned a lot about the Native American culture, and there various arts and crafts. I raised two wonderful daughters. My hobbies are music, tennis, guitar, fishing, staying in shape, and leading a healthy life style. My passions are family, and all things spiritual. I currently reside in Cortez Colorado.

Deborah A. White, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Eagerly building a compassionate world. Facilitator of self empowerment for others in realizing personal peace and recognizing one’s divine individuality. Building community though accepting and holding the light for one another. Metaphysical discussion, gatherings, energy and spiritual direction, public speaking. Friendship.

Deborah J Sutton, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Deborah Sutton B.Msc. has completed her Bachelors courses. She is expecting to continue her education and move in to a career that will enhance others lives. At this moment she is currently pursuing her Masters Degree and working as a Flight Attendant. She is open to all new experiences that are opening up to her through her current job and future.

Deborah L Ketner, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Author of “The Message: Your Secrets in the Cards” offering private coaching and consultations on and offline.

Deborah Wright Kerbow, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Debora Kerbow does in-person and distant energy healing sessions for individuals as well as groups.  Also offers in-person and on-line classes and workshops in various healing modalities.

Debra Anne Poutsma, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Debra Anne Poutsma (Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc) Meditation Teacher

Dee Munsterman, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Dee is a certified Laughter Yoga Leader. She spends her “free time” raising two boys with her husband, and soul partner, Dave. Dee is working on her first book.

Deepali Agarwal, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.

Diane M. Carraher, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
As a Reiki Master / Teacher for over 15 years one of my greatest joys has been helping others in their quest of self discovery. Being a student at UMS has encouraged me on my own path of self discovery and I look forward to continuing my studies as I rejoice in being part of the UMS family!

Diana Jaritz, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Diana is German and lives in London where she qualified as a Subtle Energy Medicines Specialist. Her aim is to continue with UMS to obtain the Masters and Doctoral Degree and is planning to open a metaphysical practice to help others on their spiritual path.

Donna Marino, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Donna is a graduate of New York University and holds a Masters Degree in Social Work. She is a New York State Licensed Clinical Social Worker in private practice, and has received additional training in Past Life Regression Therapy.

Donna Louise Lambdin, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Donna is an exceptional Teacher in the field of energy healing and self-awareness. She combines her 40 years of teaching experience with the knowledge she has accumulated from a wide variety of Healers, Mentors, and Teachers, to present to you a pure, full, and broad scope of Spiritual based healing knowledge.

Doreen Hill, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
47 year old Doreen Ruth Hill B.Msc. is the florist owner/ operator of Doreen’s  Desert Rose and the founder of Room for Ruth, a transitional home for young women. Doreen teaches floral design, and offers classes in meditation; she and her cave-exploring companion lovingly co-create with their five children and a grandchild on the way.

Douglas E. Knight, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Douglas is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, with a scientific background. His pursuits include meditation development, writing, healing practice, and life as a raw foodist.

Douglas K. Pinner, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Douglas K. Pinner, B.S. Met Eng., M.B.A., certified enneagram counselor and Reiki III master has received also the B.Msc.

Mr. Pinner is a retired executive and army officer currently teaching and leading spiritual groups.

Dr. Bonnie H. Howell, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Bonnie Howell was a medical center chief executive officer for over 20 years.  She took early retirement, completed her doctoral degree at the Medical University of South Carolina.  She has taught at Cornell and New York University and is a senior consultant for Foley, Proctor, Yoskowitz, a health care consulting firm.  Dr. Howell is a coach and counselor who plans to use her degree to further these endeavors as a spiritually oriented coach and counselor.

Dr. Pepper Hernandez, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Dr. Pepper Hernandez, CNHP, NHC ia a Medical Intuitive and Holistic Naturopathic Nutritionist. Hernandez holds a Doctorate in Classical Naturopathy and Traditional Naturopathy. She is currently working on her Post Doctoral Studies DNM, as well as pursuing her PhD studies in Transpersonal Psychology. As her values and purpose evolve, she chooses to work on a deeper level with patients and clients as Spiritual Educator and Medical Medium. She calls this type of work Quantum Alignment Therapy® This includes working with spirit, alignment, and chakra balancing. Tune in with her by following or

Dwight Nix, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Dwight Nix of Barnardsville, North Carolina, completed his Bachelor of Metaphysics in November, 2013.

Edeltraud Voss, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Edeltraud Voss returned to her home country and started a Career Self-Development Consulting Business. The study with UMS helped her in her spiritual growth. She continues her education with UMS.

Elizabeth Tanner-Aguilar, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
I have been able to see and communicate with Spirit since childhood and have always felt like I was meant to help others to find peace, comfort, and guidance on their journey in life. I studied Psychology but found that it was the spirituality in people that I was meant to help.

I am a Reiki Master, and have studied, in depth, Chakras, Quantum Healing, Past Life Regression, and Auras. I choose to educate myself further through UMS so I may advance my knowledge in other areas and become Ordained and a Spiritual Counselor.

Elvira Baez, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Elvira R. Baez, Bachelor of Metaphysics, has been dedicated for years to motivate people to manifest the lives of their dreams by practically applying the Universal Divine Laws.

Eric Michael Schmidt, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Eric M. Schmidt, B.A., B.Div. is currently working toward becoming a clinician to serve well-being through spiritual and psychological health. Eric also spends his time working with population-based health services research at Stanford University.

Erin E. Bushere, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Attending UMS has been a wonderful addition to my spiritual path. It has enabled me to heal and grow as she continue to help others to do the same. Blessings!

Esther Mitchell, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Esther Mitchell is a trained Shaman and Healer, working with herbal, energy and gemstone therapies.

Felix Ndelemani Milanzi, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
I am a young man of 44 in South Africa who has lived with a burning quest for spiritual mysteries. Is this quest that led me to UMS. When I started I knew nothing. Today I am so happy to have learned enough to attain my Bachelor’s degree and experience a changing life. As I continue to pursue my Masters and Doctorate studies, I wish to convey my sincere gratitude to all the members of staff at UMS for their selfless dedication to my success as a student as well as that of other students at the school. May God continue to bless them abundantly. I am confident that the rest of my journey to my Masters and Doctorate degrees will continue to change my life in that inspiring way that I have already started to experience as I become of much better help to others in my community. Aluta Continua (The Journey Continues!).

Florence M. L. Salomon, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
She is a mother of two lovely boys living in Switzerland. Through her studies at the University of Metaphysical Science she’s rediscovered her passion for Pranic healing never forgetting her old one, shamanism. She hopes to become therapist one day.

Frieda Marie Walls, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Frieda’s spiritual journey started with a “born-again” experience at the age of 19.  Her searching has taken her on many journeys.  Frieda has now completed her Bachelor’s Degree at the University of Metaphysical Sciences.

Gail Maureen Amend , Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.

Galema Chothia, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Founder of “The Center for Energy Healing” in Maputo Moz. since 2005. Director of same establishment. Retired Registered Nurse and Midwife now practicing as EthnoPsycholist and Ethno medine Practitioner also a Certified Hypnotherapist with AMDHA  and Translife graduate.

Reiki and Karuna Reiki Master registered with International Association of Reiki Masters USA. mother of three, grandma of 4 beautiful star kids.

Gayle L. Pierce, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
She has been doing some one-on-one counseling and thoroughly enjoying this. She also conducts drum circles and workshops on vibrational & sound healing, building self-esteem, chakra balancing and crystal healing. She is enjoying the UMS classes and looks forward to continuing her Master Level courses.

Gereth Edwards, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
After he became a medical doctor Gereth continued to qualify as a Plastic Surgeon; working and teaching in South Africa. He and Dr C Benn started the Breast Health Foundation in 2001.  He is currently interested in Near Death Experiences and cultural viewpoints in African metaphysics.

Gearil W. Leer, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Born on a U.S. Navy ship off of Long Beach California
Live in Central Oregon, have most of my life.
Business Owner
Master Mechanic
Love all things outdoors
Amateur Naturalist
Sailing enthusiast
plan to sail San Francisco to Hawaii 2016
plan on building a place in Gaia Sagrada
Currently finishing final project for my Masters in Metaphysics
Meditate everyday
View the world thru a Metaphysical lens.

Gowon Gayus Ogak, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Gowon Gayus Ogak, a devoted dedicated Christian and interested in Spiritual studies.
Lives and works in Nigeria.

Gwendolyn Diane Walker, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
I am an Intuitive Psychotherapist and I own a private practice counseling individual, family and marriages. I am a life coach teaching courses in life transitions, soul purpose and dream interpretations, self-empowerment. I conduct workshops on grief, loss and depression. I also do tarot card readings and am becoming certified in hypnotherapy. I have a Master degree in Social Work and a Masters in Communication and I am a motivational speaker and have taught public speaking at the local universities and state colleges. I believe in personal renewal and personal transformation for humanity and I feel blessed to use all that I have learned at UMS to share love and hope with others.

Hannah Tangerine-White, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Hannah Tangerine holds a degree from the University of Metaphysical Sciences in Arcata, California and is currently based in Bellingham, Washington.  She enjoys all things ethereal and formless but is grounded in practicality. She lives life according to joy, love, and synchronicity and enjoys backcountry snowboarding, dancing wildly, laughing loudly, and spending time in the forests of the Pacific Northwest. Tangerine’s passion is coming to know herself (it’s a full-time job!), and tapping into the love that’s available to all through self-acceptance. She is here for you and offers intuitive and spiritual counseling, numerology, facilitated workshops, and life coaching to those in need of clarity.

Heather Alice Berthelette, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Heather Berthelette has obtained her Bachelor’s Degree in the Metaphysical Sciences, and is now aiming for a Master’s Degree in Divinity. She also is working towards a degree in Fine Arts, with a focus in Drawing. Heather hopes to one day combine the two degrees and bring spirituality into her art.

Heather Jeanne Estey, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Currently residing in the Marshall Islands, I am developing Physical Education and English Language Arts high school curricula as well as teaching and volunteering. She possess a BA in Organizational Management and a MA in Sports Management. She endeavors to acquire a PhD from UMS.

She spent 18 years in Germany playing and coaching basketball professionally, teaching language acquisition, and volunteering at a Children’s Home. She worked in a South African NGO in Cape Town teaching life skills in the townships, and has sailed over 5000 miles across the Pacific. She has an ambition creating options for every individual to live a fulfilling life, while embracing the earth as our home and a place to revere and cherish.

Henk Jordaan, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Henk Jordaan B.Msc. is a Metaphysical and Spiritual counselor, helping people to free themselves of limiting personal experiences and to achieve their highest possible potential, finding the truth of themselves, accessing strengths that they never knew they had and their connectedness to the Higher Power, God as each knows Him.

Henri Francois, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Henri Francois has a bachelor degree in Metaphysical Sciences (B.Msc). He is working on his master in the same field at UMS. He is also an actual professional herbalist student at East West School of Planetary Herbs. His goal is to be able to serve and contribute to the world’s spiritual elevation.

Isaura Natalia Arguello Santiago, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Isa Arguello has been a student for 6 months recently completing her bachelor degree in Divinity. Isa is planning to join the U.S. Armed Forces as a Chaplain to give spiritual healing and counseling to the soldiers.

Jackie F. Frahm, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B. Msc..
Jackie has always been a student of metaphysics with the hope of someday being able to share the knowledge she has been blessed with. She sincerely wishes to thank UMS for their support in this most wonderful adventure.

Jacqueline L. Haughn, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Jacqueline L. Haughn, B.M., is an Energy Healer, Psychic, Spiritual Counselor, Holistic Life Coach, Angel Therapy Practitioner, Reiki Master, and contributing Author to the “Thank God I” book series.

Jacqueline Moore, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Relationships are at the heart of Jacqueline’s work.  Her mission is to be a healing force in the world, to serve as an instrument of peace, and to enliven, encourage and re-inspire joy in living. She serves her mission in various ways as an entrepreneur, human potential expert, consultant, speaker, facilitator and coach.

Jacqueline Travis , Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Jacqueline is a reiki master, crystal healer and metaphysics teacher who has been facilitating workshops and courses since 2003. Jacqueline takes pride in teaching and guiding people, not only in metaphysical studies, but also encourages a philosophical approach to life to help people rise above mainstream thinking and reach their full potential to live a more compassionate and fulfilling life.

Jacquelyn H. Calderon, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Jacquelyn Calderon has been an educator for 23 years.  She has attained her Bachelor degree in Metaphysical Sciences.  She is a Life and Financial Coach.

Janet K. Ferris, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Janet Ferris is a registered nurse furthering her education in Metaphysical Science. Presently working at a Hospital in Orange County as a Nursing Supervisor. Loves yoga and discovering the mysteries of self.

Jane Sickels, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
A life of positive attitude living & knowing we are more than what we do, brought me to metaphysics for a degree after several years in the “work force” of Sales, Manufacturing Management, Quality Control and Problem Solving.
My metaphysics journey will continue, as I grow daily in my understanding and blending in connection with our source energy. We are ONE.

Janette S. A. Damsma, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Janette is a healed healer, artist, light worker, residing in British Columbia Canada, offering light medicine to all those who she encounters on her path, focusing on the needs of the incredible animal kingdom, her horse, Padre, the raptors at the owl rescue center, assisted by the guidance of her Spirit Guide Alleci-a.  We are all one with the water.  We are all one with the light.

Jannecke Steenfeldt-Foss Oinaes, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Jannecke Oinaes is a graduate of the UMS Bachelor program. She has recently started up her own web series called Wisdom From North where she interviews people from all over the world who inspires her and whom she feels carry messages of wisdom. She is also studying to be a teacher alongside her career as an actress and singer. Her vision is to help raising consciousness as well as inspire people to believe in their own inner wisdom and power.

Jasmina Telic, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Architect by profession, started the spiritual journey in 2003. Since then becoming Reiki Master, Hatha Yoga teacher, Mindfulness teacher, Akashik meditation, Journey (Brandon Bays) and Guided Visualization facilitator.

Personal interests in: Sacred Dances, Sacred Geometry, Remote Viewing, Akashic Records, Lucid Dreaming and OB experiences.

Jasmine C. Wilson, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Jasmine holds a B.S. in Middle Grades Education from Fort Valley State University, and has experience teaching in the DeKalb County and Atlanta Public School Systems. She is trained in the Vajra K.A.I.A. Reiki system and has dedicated her life to healing work and helping others. She enjoys reading, traveling, roller-skating, riding motorcycles, and spending time with loved ones.

Jason Troy Doherty, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Jason Doherty B.M describes himself as a someone that does Spiritual Stand up. He is a Spiritual Coach who provides free information thru his website, personal coaching via email or in person. He currently resides with his wife and 2 wonderful children at his home in Toronto, Canada.

Jeanne M. Craner, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
I have been on this incredible journey for several decades. I learned and experienced so much as a health care professional and this is what actually led me to pursue the metaphysical sciences. Upon doing so, I truly began to understand healing.

Jeannie Lynn Strudas, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Jeannie Lynn Strudas is a Personal Spiritual Awareness Coach. She works one-on-one with individuals who are ready to heal and make a leap in consciousness. She is a Reiki Master Teacher and integrates Usui Reiki Ryoho with a new age flair into her coaching.

Jedfrey Kealoha DeLuz, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Kealoha has been a practitioner in the Healing Arts for over 15 years.  He is a Certified Massage Therapist, a licensed and practicing Aesthetician, as well as a Yoga Instructor with the San Francisco Integral Yoga Institute.  Furthermore, in September of 2009 he received his B.Msc. degree from the University of Metaphysical Sciences and is now a metaphysical teacher.  He has been a member of Unity Church of San Francisco for over ten years, and served for three years on its Board of Directors.

Jenean Kay Zunk, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Jenean Zunk B.Div. coaches people in a way that empowers you to break through your glass ceiling and own your awesomeness!

Jennifer R. Collier, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Jennifer is 28 years, Nov.9,1981, recently Married and just had twins a boy and a girl, Destiny and Dominic. She has been reading Tarot and using other forms of channeling and divinity for over 10 years now. She plans on finishing my doctoral degree with UMS and she is interested in writing as well as spiritual counseling and advising.

Jennifer Stull, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Jennifer is an expert in Transforming your Beliefs as well as Trauma and Anxiety Resolution.

Jessica Marie Armstrong, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
My name is Jessica Armstrong and I just completed the coursework for the bachelor’s degree!!! If you are thinking about taking course with UMS I highly recommend that you do.These classes have changed my life in such a positive way I feel so blessed to be part of a great movement.These classes will teach you how to Improve the world,your concept of life and relationships with love and light.For those of you who are currently taking classes,I think of you everyday and send my love.Even if we may never meet we are together creating a better world.Please never feel discouraged and know you are love and light. Much love, Jess.

Jessica Schumpf, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Jessie Haynes is a songwriter, vocalist & guitarist. She is interested in all things metaphysical, and brings her Pagan influences into her music and poetry which she has been exploring since the age of 9. She has performed as primary songwriter & lead guitarist for the all female rock band, Sweet Little Sister, and was a member of Blackmore’s Night for 3 years and her music has been used on shows such as “Friends,” & Nickelodeon. She has lived in California and New York, and currently lives on Long Island, N.Y. with her husband, 2 children, 2 dogs & 2 cats.

Joan M. Learmann, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Joan is what you would call a “senior” and is out to prove that it is never to late to learn.  She is a Reiki Master Teacher, Seichem Master and Certified Spiritual Healer and makes Reiki/Seichem healing jewelry. The last ten years she has worked with dementia and Alzheimers patients in lockdown units.  When she has her masters in Divinity she would like to have a healing Ministry.  After that we will see where Spirit takes her.

Joanne Lisa Scheibe, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Joanne Scheibe is a mother of six amazing children and considers being a mother as the most rewarding experience in life. Ever since being a small child, she has had a great love for animals and shares her life with her border collie, sphynx cat, teacup poodle and teacup pig.

Joanne graduated in 1994 with an RN degree and has a great deal of nursing experience in a variety of hospitals settings, as well as long-term care, private practice and clinics. She attained a Master’s degree in Health Systems in 2004 with past achievements to include working as a; Nurse Educator, Mental Health Director, Hospital Administrator, Legal Nurse Consultant and a Health Specialist in the Federal Government at CMS.

However, a turning point in Joanne’s life was when she began looking outside of conventional medicine and into the traditional and metaphysical aspect of health. Her exploration of alternative and holistic medicine is where she found her passion in the mind-body connection. Joanne has since obtained certifications in; reiki, nutrition, and blood analysis. She has been in business for herself since 1999 when she founded Physic Health. Physic Health focuses on balancing the body and offers; nutritional consulting, live blood analysis, and stress reduction counseling.

At present, Joanne continues to make a contribution as a nurse by working as a Consultant in Medical Case Management for the state of Maryland Workman’s Compensation. Her current position requires traveling to east coast states such as; Maryland, District of Columbia, Delaware, Virginia and Pennsylvania.

Above all, Joanne’s main focus is to obtain a PhD in Metaphysical Sciences and continue her journey for knowledge to help others to live a life of health and true happiness. .

Jocelyne M Kepler, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Jocelyne is a cosmetologist and cosmetology instructor. She will be combining her interests in art, teaching, and spirituality when offering workshops and seminars in spiritually inspired creative art, as well as in the metaphysical aspects of learning. Jocelyne is currently pursuing her studies to complete the Master’s Degree program with the University of Metaphysical Sciences. One of her hobbies is painting spiritually/heart inspired images. She is very grateful for the growth and inspiration this UMS program has brought her.

Jody Smith, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Jody Smith is currently studying to become a Dr. of metaphysical science. With over 16 years of study in the field already he hopes that his credentials will allow him the opportunity to bring his unique insight to the world. It is his extreme hope to be a beacon of illumination and elevation of the human spirit. His immediate plans are to start a center for learning and healing through art and spiritual guidance.

Joe Camilleri, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Joe Camilleri Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M. From Sydney Australia owner of a direct marketing business for the passed 30 years.

Johnnie Cline, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
I have been studying and applying myself in the area of metaphysics since 2011. I grew up in Atlanta, Georgia; experiencing the highs and lows of a less than average existence, following it up with even tougher situations and circumstances that led me to the desire to be more of who I am and less of where I’ve been. Metaphysics and The University of Metaphysical Science, has help guide me along my way and keep me stay on track to being all that I truly am. Through metaphysics I am able to develop and utilize inherited strength and talents to serve others through counseling, coaching, and leading by example. I intend to continue serving others more and more as I develop and mature spiritually.

Joleen Mallory, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.

Josanne K. Pagel MPAS, PA-C, DFAAPA, KarunaRMT, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Josanne is the Executive Director of Physician Assistant Services for the Cleveland Clinic Health System and a KarunaReiki Master and Teacher. She balances her analytical mind with her spiritual mind through meditations and healing energies.

Jose Manuel Vaz Moco, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Based in Portugal. Walks a path of continual self-development in the learning and practice of Holistic Therapies. A toolbox of therapies and techniques are shared for assisting others in their life experiences towards a catalytic re-uniting of body, mind and spirit. We are all a continual work-in-progress…how wonderful the attainable art of discovery and self-renewal set in a kaleidoscope landscape of found, meaningful purpose within this carousel of LIVING’!

Joy Michelle Kochmer, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Joy teaches Yoga and Meditation in South Florida, and facilitates 200 hour Yoga Alliance Teacher Trainings. She specializes in Classical Thai Yoga Bodywork and incorporates Reiki in each session.

Joyce Lynn Velez, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Joyce Velez is a certified Reiki Master Teacher current member of the International Association of Reiki Professionals. Joyce is also a certified Doctor of Spiritual Development and End of Life Support Specialist offering Crystal Reiki Healing Treatments, Meditation Services and Spiritual Coaching. In addition, she is the founder of Spirit of Joy Ministry in Northern California providing Spiritual Transformation Services to the community.

Jude A. Winters, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Jude’s interest in metaphysics began as a child growing up in Canada in the 50’s/60’s. Jude plans to write about her metaphysical journey and share what she learned along the way.

Judith Anne O’Brien, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Judith’s Dream to come true is living and “BEING”  Evolved in an environment of Spiritual, Metaphysical, Energy Healers and all the amazing magical components that evolved metaphysics represents.
Biodynamic Farming communities, villages, of like brothers and sisters {physical and otherwise} Making it happen!  Diversity is Wholeness.
Where happiness is realized and Lived for all!
We are family ! We are ONE!  Where we care and support each other .
With the joy of realizing the gift of doing so. For the Highest good for ALL!
It’s Here! The time is Right! NOW!

Judy Jacobson, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Judy Jacobson has been a psychotherapist for many years and has worked with couples, families, individuals, and groups as well as running treatment programs for people with addictions and mental illnesses. She is also a Reiki Master and does energy healing. Judy is working on her PHD in Metaphysical Counseling as well as her Doctorate in Divinity.

Judy Martin Raiburn, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Judy Martin Raiburn has been a student of UMS for the past 7 years. She has a deep passion for Native American Ways and Healing. Judy has been in the Medical Field for 40 years with the last 15 being dedicated to Holistic Medicine and Spiritual Health. She is Board Certified as a Holistic Health Counselor/Practitioner, Ordained Spiritual Minister and Reiki Master.

Julia Staff, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Julia is continuing her studies with UMS currently writing her Masters Thesis on Archetypal Energies, she owns a website called The Spiritual Inspiration Shop and reads Tarot Cards from her home in Norfolk UK.

Julie M. Mitchell, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Julie is a Certified Usui Reiki Master, Meditation Instructor and Polarity Therapist. She also does many forms of Energy and Crystal Healing, Aura Cleansing and Light Work.

Julie L. Thompson, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
As a young child, I had many instances where I would see and experience things that others couldn’t explain. I knew there was much more to what was around us than the majority of society had thought.

With this, I had been interested in learning more about the metaphysical, as well as being one with nature. As Mother earth is our provider, many lessons to be learned, if we just listen.

With that, I live simply. I do not have a lucrative job. I am a Reiki Master and enjoy being a channel to help others as well as animals and nature heal. I have taken an excursion workshop with amazing M.D.’s on Hemi-Sync. As well as being certified in Aura and Chakra cleansing. I plan on receiving my Doctorate in Metaphysical Science.

My goal is to help as many people, spirits, etc. find their way to oneness. To find that beautiful light within themselves, as well as everything around them. Because with that, there is better understanding and harmony on a deeper spiritual level. THIS is what matters the most on this journey we all live. As Robert Monroe has stated, “We are more than our physical bodies”.

Kama J Frankling, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Kama is an Author, Counselor & Workshop facilitator.
Kama guides you through a process of discovering the magic within that you have buried during the years of raising children and working. Kama will guide you to feel inspired again, to enable your inner passions and to implement your dreams. Kama offers Awaken your inner magic sessions, bubble meetings & workshops using a combination of art therapy, creativity, & metaphysics as well as traditional therapy and coaching.

Kamran Sadeghi, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
“Man is the supreme Talisman. Lack of a proper education has, however, deprived him of that which he does inherently possess…Regard man as a mine rich in gems of inestimable value. Education can, alone, cause it to reveal its treasures, and enable mankind to benefit therefrom.”

Karen Elaine Snow, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Karen Elaine Snow Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc. Reiki Master/Teacher.  Founder of Spiritual Connections Academy of Metaphysical Studies and Healing Arts.

Karin Kowlessar, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Certified as a Hypnosis Practitioner, Past Life Regressionist, Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, DNA Theta Practitioner, Abundance and Manifestation Practitioner, Quantum Touch Practitioner, Accupressure and Reflextologist.

She is the founder of Seheiki Integrated Wellness Center and Store(visit us on Facebook). She was born with the gift to see energy, which has made her an energy intuit that allows her to deeper connect with her brothers and sisters to bring about Wellness within their mind, body and spirit and to find their spiritual path. It’s her job but also her favorite hobby an inward journey towards enlightenment.

Kara L. Cavanaugh, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Kara is working on a pastoral degree and graduated from the State University of New York in Albany with a bachelor’s in philosophy while studying with UMS. Currently Kara works in ophthalmology but she is an aspiring author, working now on a novel based in metaphysical concepts.

Karen S. Kraft, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Karen is a certified massage therapist, reiki master and owner of a full service wellness center, ACC Natural Healing & Wellness located in Lansing, MI. She spent 12 years running a nonprofit organization helping people with disabilities and has transferred the skills she learned there to the wellness center. She looks forward to her continuing education at UMS and using the knowledge she has gained in finding new ways to help others.

Katherine H. Bell, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Katherine Bell, B.Msc., Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences – An experienced holistic coach, enlightened entrepreneur, artist, and “Cosmic Explorer”, Katherine Bell believes in living life to the fullest, and allowing divinity in all aspects of existence. She finds fulfillment in teaching others to overcome the challenges that can hinder the ability to embrace our highest potential.

Katherine Mary Siswick-Clark, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Katherine is a mother of two, a Reiki Master/ Energy Healer and Professional Hypnotherapist and children’s story-writer. Katherine is also the creator of a website for families called inspire-a-child which she hopes will help nurture and empower children to stay connected to who they really are.  Katherine’s dream is to help children shine their light and love and transform the world.

Kathy Anne Law, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Certified Specialized Bowen Practitioner. Certified Instructor of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Emotional Freedom Technique, Nutrition, Traditional Ayurvedic Medicine, Reiki Master

Kathy Perkins, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
My name is Kathy Perkins. I am a psychic medium and have my Reiki and Pranic Healing certificates. I organize fundraisers, psychic fairs, and I do voluntary church services and have grown and enjoyed this course and would recommend it for your own growth.

Kathy S. Thomas, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Kathy S Thomas is currently an office manager for a state medical society and is working on furthering her career in the world of metaphysics.

Kelly M. Horn, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
With a constant love of learning and knowledge of more than the normal, UMS found its way to her and is very grateful for all its teachings. She is enjoying this journey of self-discovery and is ecstatic about the writing potential, for writing is one of the true loves in her life.

Kenzie A. Rhodes, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Kenzie has been a teacher and mentor for many years in Western Mass. Her area of special interest is the Tarot and the symbolism of Archetypes.

Kerri Joy, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Kerri Joy B.Msc Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, resides in Australia currently working full time with the view on retirement to pursue a career in Energy Healing, and one day to open a ‘one stop spiritual shop’.

Kerri L. Vogel, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Kerri Vogel lives in the Palm Springs area. She is an avid hiker, mountain biker, skydiver, rock climber, volleyball player/coach and disc golfer. She has completed her Bachelors degree and will continue on through her doctorate. She would like to work in the field of counseling and help people on their spiritual path.

Kerrilyn Bachler-Connor, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Kerrilyn Bachler-Connor is a pagan author and has been running The Gathering Grove, an eclectic spiritual group for over 10 years. She plans to obtain her Ph.D. in Divinity and work as a spiritual counselor.

Kevin Charles O’Dunn, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
2013 Appointed to the board of Directors of the Integral Church of Saint Petersburg, Florida
Chaplain of the Rockin’RoadShow “Chaplian Plato” helping people through Spiritual dilemmas responses can be listened to at
Principal: The Florida Academy of Ayurveda (Fl license 4443)
Partner, (with wife Denise) in Balance & Bliss Ayurvedic Lifestyle Center at Lotus Pond in Tampa Florida (MM 17611)
Lindsey Hopkins School of Massage 1974, Bhakti Academy of Intuitive Massage and Healing 2007 (MA 49913)
Husband, Father, Grand Father; US Coast Guard ’75-’83
Raised at Dunn’s Exercise Shop, North Miami beach, Florida

Kimberlee Fenn, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Kimberlee Fenn, B. Msc.. is also an RYT 500 Certified Yoga Teacher who uses yoga as a primary healing modality.  She specializes in pre & post natal yoga, natural birthing preparation and her own brand of restorative yoga that emphasizes healing from the inside out.  In addition, Kimberley is a student of Resonance Repatterning & a dedicated homeschooling mother of two.

Kimberley Inman Taylor, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
I am very honored to be among so many wonderful metaphysicians!

Kimberly Page, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Kimberly Page is a Metaphysician, Psychic Intuitive, and Spiritual Teacher who provides a variety of services designed to effect extraordinary change in people’s lives.  Kim is due to release her first book in the Fall of 2009

Kyle Ryan McSmythe, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Kyle McSmythe, B. Msc.. Is 21 and lives in Venice, Florida

Lance W Detrick, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Lance believes we are here to learn, to grow and to evolve. We must learn to come together on a global scale if we are ever going to join our proper place in the universe. He is working to discover a way to unlock the full potential of the human mind and jump start the next stage of conscious evolution, for the betterment of all of humanity.

Laura Lee Cass, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Laura Cass received her B.Div at UMS and is continuing on with the Masters course work to receive her M.Div and eventually her D.Div. and Ph.D. in Holistic Life Coaching.  Laura intends on writing books for publish, publishing e-books, as well as providing holistic services.  She has already begun conducting workshops and hopes to add public speaking engagements in the near future.

Lauron L. Jones, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Lauron Jones is a Certified Hypnotherapist. He hold’s a Bachelors degree in Metaphysical Sciences he is currently working on his Master’s degree in the same area. Lauron is currently studying with the Universal Foundation for Better Living to become a licensed New Thought Christian spiritual practitioner and teacher. Lauron has studied intensively in the areas of neurolinguistic programming (NLP), clinical hypnotherapy, and relationship strategies. Also Lauron has certifications in handwriting analysis, hypnosis weight-loss management, and pain-management. Lauron has known that he was called to be of service for humanity from a very young age. Lauron’s purpose in this life is to assist and help people realize how powerful, wonderful, and what precious beings they truly are. He desires to guide and show by demonstration that peace, love, joy, happiness, and self-mastery are free and open for all who believe in themselves.

Lee M. Jensen, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Lee is just a person who wants to heal the sick and experience life to the fullest.

Leon Byers Gallaway, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Founder of Messengers of the Spirit–Non Profit whose focus is helping others find their life’s purpose and answer the question of WHO AM I.

Liana Marie Ciaglo, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Liana is currently pursuing her Master degree at UMS.  She has been a college educator, lecturer and theatre director for numerous years in the Performing Arts in the US and abroad.

Lisa Brown, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
With a focus on empowering others to connect to and trust higher self, Lisa is a technological and sensory intuitive. She works to help other seekers learn to heal and grow into their soul’s purpose. She enjoys networking light workers, healers & those in-service to all. Lisa established Creative Intuition to provide inexpensive websites and training to others on this amazing journey too!

Lilli Makinson, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
I live now in Zurich , Switzerland starting up my third Healing Space called ” LightHouse “. I started a Healing Space also in Shanghai and in Kobe,Japan called FranknSense for many years.
I am a Japanese Reiki Master Teacher , certified Spirit Release practitioner , Energy Co-ordinater and a Power Stone Jewellery Designer for over 15 years. I also work with Skype long distance with clients in Asia and elsewhere.
I am Eurasian with a Japanese mother and Swiss father and bridge both cultures having lived most of my life in Japan,Shanghai and Hong-Kong.

Linden Cheney, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Ms. Linden Cheney has 29 years of experience in the addiction field. She is a Certified Addictions Professional and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. Her current studies with UMS have enhanced her profession as a Therapist in the addiction field.

Lisa-Ann Hodges, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
After becoming a certified crystal healer, Reiki Master and ACP graduate it only made sense to pursue additional certification in Metaphysics. The studies at UMS Online have brought years of reading and hands on courses together to fill the missing pieces of the puzzle. I look forward to the Master’s and Doctorate portion of my studies in hopes that I can find my niche in this lifetime and begin a healing career for body, mind and spirit. Namaste. This has been a truly enlightening experience.

Lisa Kumaradjaja, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Lisa K. is highly sought after spiritual teacher of every day spirituality.  Her fresh view of new age teachings brings a down to earth understanding of how to integrate spirituality into daily life.  As a spiritual teacher Lisa helps people learn how to expand their awareness of spirit, and connect to the divinity within them. Lisa K. has helped hundreds of people around the world through intuitive readings, workshops, online classes and her popular radio show, “Between Heaven and Earth” which presents a variety of topics on Every Day Spirituality.

Lisa K. is a certified Reiki Master Teacher, Angel Therapy Practitioner® and Crystal Resonance Therapist™.  She is also a certified Integrated Energy Therapist, is an ordained minister by the Sanctuary of the Beloved, Inc. church after the Order of Melchizedek.
Lisa K. holds degrees in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University, Psychobiology from the State University of New York and a Masters in Project Management from George Washington University.

Lisa L. Hillis, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Lisa Hillis lives in Jacksonville, FL and holds a Bachelor of Divinity degree and a Master of Science in Counseling Psychology.

Lisa Marie Gregor, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Lisa Marie Gregor has earned her Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences.  She is from Tucson, Arizona and is currently employed as a Licensed Funeral Director.  She successfully applies everything she has learned at UMS to her current position in helping bereaved families. Her plans for the future include earning her Masters Degree and Doctorate from UMS.

Lois E. White (Mann), Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Born Native American of the Lenne Lenape Ramapo Mountain Nation and a life long student of spiritual practices and beliefs, Lois E. White practices “holistic life coaching” for business and personal empowerment.  Her business, Follow Your Bliss, LLC is located in New Jersey.  She is currently in the Master’s Program and is looking to teach and inspire her clients to enhance their lives by creating a “bridge” through the holistic process by applying spiritual principles to daily life in a practical, non-denominational way.

Loreen J. Lomax, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Loreen J. Lomax- has earned a Bachelor of Metaphysical Science degree, B. Msc.., from the University of Metaphysical Science and intends to continue her study toward master and doctoral degrees.  Loreen is a natural Intuitive and Empath. Through her studies she is refining her skills in these areas to eventually teach others how to develop and use these distinct talents.  She is looking forward to working in the field of Metaphysical Science in cooperation to increase Divine Universal Energy.

Lori Chidori Phillips, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Lori Chidori Phillips is an author and spiritual workshop facilitator specializing in soul growth, self development, and relationships. Her academic credits include a master in education (M.Ed.) and bachelor’s degrees in communications/journalism and metaphysical sciences. She is continuing her studies through the UMS Masters and Doctorate programs. Her master’s thesis is on “How Understanding the Yin Yang Principle can Improve Your Life.”

Her published titles in the spirituality genre include “The Spirituality of Disease and Healing,” “Spiritual Protection: For those who find themselves in dark places,” and numerous inspirational and humorous essays for the Chicken Soup for the Soul book publishers. Currently, she is working on two feng shui books as well as a series of dream symbol dictionaries.

She also enjoys studying the Yin Yang Principle, the Mandala, and the Sacred Power of Water. A lover of nature and appreciator of all, she lives joyfully and peacefully with her family on the West Coast of the United States.

Louise Gilbert, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Louise Gilbert is a Life & Business Purpose Coach. In addition to her qualification with UMS, she holds a Bachelor of Science with Honours in IT, Diploma in Management and is a qualified Project Manager and Life Coach. Louise’s vision for the future is to increase the number of inspired and spirited businesses across the globe, and in doing so bringing Heaven to Earth.

Louise Leroux, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Spiritual Counseling, grief counseling

Loya L. Outten, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Loya lives in Renton, Washington with her seven year old son, who has taught her to be silent and mindful. She currently works with individuals and small groups on reprogramming negative self-talk and changing old patterns that no longer have a purpose by using a variety of metaphysical techniques and daily spiritual exercises for the soul.

Lynn Debenham, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Aloha, Lynn lives in Hawaii where everyone knows her as Angelina. She is a qualified aromatherapist of over twenty years, having studied at the Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy in London. She also practices Spiritual Healing as well as Reflexology.

Her work over the years includes working in cancer clinics, as well as in palliative care and care giving. She has facilitated and taken many groups to Brazil to meet Joao de Deus (John of God).

Here in Hawaii her big passion is swimming with wild dolphins. She also facilitates taking individuals and groups to swim with dolphins.

Lynn Karon Middleton, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Lynn is working towards a Ph.D. degree in Metaphysics.

Lynne D Butler, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Lynne has had a life long interest in natural healing. Following a successful business career in corporate health, she has studied Reiki in London, UK and in Sedona, USA where she completed her masters in both Usui and Karuna Reiki. Completing a degree in Metaphysics complements her University qualifications (Bachelor of Pharmacy and MBA) and allows bridging between Western and more ancient healing practices. Lynne’s passion lies in healing with crystals and Reiki and studying quantum physics.

Madeleine Adam, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Madeleine Adam is a Prima Ballerina from Bucharest, Romania. She escaped the communism while on tour in Corfu, Greece. She gracefully stepped away from the stage spot light into the amazing wonders of metaphysical sciences. There is no doubt that her calling is to hold, guide and nurture the souls here on earth, as also in heaven. Amen.

Magdalena Maria Sutherland, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Magdalena is on a mission to promote Love, Peace, Wisdom and Compassion as she continues working towards her Masters and Doctorate.

Being a former music teacher and classical pianist, I plan to incorporate the Arts into my metaphysical pursuits.

Makeda O. Samuels, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Peace n Blessings to all. Gratitude to UMS and all that make it possible. This has a been a life changing experience for me. 7 years ago I would come to the site for the awesome positive affirmations. My profession is nursing, however that was part of my soul path and not my complete true calling. The beginning of 2015 I started to explore UMS website with a new mission of finding me!!! I found all the great programs that UMS offered. I just knew this program was for me!!! I signed up and the rest is history!!! My transformation has be remarkable!!! Gratitude Divine Universal Creator Highest of the High for creating my vision anew and Mother Earth she gives birth!!! UMS is not only affordable but the knowledge is priceless!!! I have unlocked things in me that I never knew where there. You know the important things they do not teach in school, in society!!! Knowledge of Self!!!! Love n Light Always We are Humanity!!!!

Marcey McClain , Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Marcey graduated with a Bachelors in Metaphysics. She co-founded Inharmony Journeys, an online company to help people follow their path to find their life purpose.

Margaret A Parrott, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Hi, my name is Margaret and my residence is in Western Australia.
I am a Clinical Aromatherapist by trade and have been involved in the running of the “Spiritualist National Union Church of WA.Inc” firstly as the church group leader in Rockingham and Then as President. I have been involved since 1989 and have taught many Meditation classes and groups about the “Spirit Within”, my Metaphysical Science Degree is now enhancing what i know and expanding my knowledge in many new fields to offer those willing and ready to tread the same path.

Maria Therese Baxter, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
A resident of Australia, Maria is a Tarot practitioner and teacher, and the eternal student of all things Metaphysical.

Marian E. Bird, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Natural Health Educator, & Acupressurist

Marjorie Ann Mosher, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Hello, my name is Marjorie Ann (Wilson) Mosher, I have been working with crystals since 1989. The various areas of metaphysical science have caught my attention my entire life. What I have learned through my courses with the University is amazing. It makes all the pieces of the puzzle fit together. I will use my new found knowledge in my store Fossil Rock Acres and share it with others as I continue through my life’s journey.

Mark Allen James, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Retired from 21 years of military service in 2012 and am blessed to have become a Certified Practitioner of the Akashic Records and Certified Teacher using the Pathway Prayer Process©. None of this would have been possible if it weren’t for the training I started and gained with UMS.

Mark Rapp, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Mark Rapp (aka Mystic Mark Amaranthine), Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, started his Journey with UMS in 2012. He plans to complete his studies at UMS as Philosopher of Metaphysical Life Coaching, Ph.D. Mark is a Certified Tarot reader (Tarot Professionals International), Energy worker (Quantum Touch, Reiki I), and a Certified Life Coach (Life Coach Institute of Orange County). He has written a book of Tarot Haiku Poetry and is planning on writing a second book to teach how to read the Tarot.

Along the way he has learned amazing life lessons, grown in epic proportions and added several new tools to his spiritual tool belt.

Mark A. Smith, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Mark Smith is a visionary entrepreneur, metaphysical life coach and spiritual expressive arts educator that works with veterans and organizations that serve them. His awareness and experience of culture, leadership and metaphysical concepts help him to create dynamic and sustainable consulting solutions for individuals and organizations. He is also a nationally recognized artist, writer and Iraq war veteran where he served as a combat medic.

Marni Melrose, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Marni has always been interested in spirituality and now that she is in a comfortable position in her life she has decided to pursue it further and become a conscious entrepreneur. She loves her life. She has a nice home in La Jolla, CA, a has a smart & fun 7 year old son and she owns a successful computer consulting company called MacAngel.

Many people have asked her how she juggles being a single parent, owning a company and studying towards her Ph.D. in Metaphysical Sciences at the same time. Someone asked her what Metaphysical sciences was the other day. It is the study of non-physical forces that affect our physical world.

It’s not easy, but she believes in balance. Lately she has found herself passing that knowledge of balance on to her clients, so she has ended up doing business and life-coaching in her work also.

Marquetta LaRae Newell, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
M.LaRae lives in Florence, Alabama.  She is currently working on completing her Master’s studies at UMS.  She is a Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, and working toward becoming a certified Reiki healer. Her goal is to open a spiritual center here in the Shoals Area. A place where all cultures and spiritual paths are welcome and a place for others to come and learn of the universal energy.

Mary Ann Deutsch, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Mary Ann has received her Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences from UMS and is currently continuing her studies for a Master’s Degree.

Mary Anne Skill, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Mary Anne Skill, B.Msc, lives in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada. She spent 10 years in Qatar, in the Middle East, where she had the good fortune to learn more of the metaphysical beliefs that are laced throughout the religion and beliefs of the Middle East, and how similar they are to many of the Western religions and beliefs. Mary Anne’s journey of discovery has encompassed most of her life and she’s looking forward to furthering her knowledge and wisdom as she pursues her Masters degree in Metaphysics.

Mary Ceglarski-Sherwin, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Mary Ceglarski-Sherwin has received her Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.MSC. degree. Mary works the field of healing animals and teaching people who have special needs. Her coursework will greatly benefit her and the animals and people she works with.

Mary Elizabeth Diehl, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Mary Elizabeth Diehl(B.Div.) is an extremely gifted spiritual counselor who has the uncanny ability to sense the best path for your future and just how to manifest your destiny. She is a Grand Water Trine and is able to connect with you and show you deeply compassionate energy.

Mary Elizabeth Jacques, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Continuing the journey…

Mary Jean B. Manching, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Mary Jean’s love and interest for ancient esoteric teaching inspired her to pursue a study in Metaphysical Sciences. She and her husband founded the Center for Natural Health Remedies, where they practice and integrate body, mind, and spirit connection in helping their clients who are experiencing imbalances, pains, and emotional turmoil. At the Center, we do several natural health services, including, but not limited to, wholistic Assessment, education and consultation, proper diet and nutrition, detoxification, remedies and healing utilizing herbs, homeopathy, back flower, acupressure, body work or energy balancing, aromatherapy, emotional healing and spiritual orientation, and deeper connection through hypnosis and meditation.

Mary Kathleen Stevens, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Mary is an Ordained Interfaith Minister and holds a Bachelor of Divinity degree from the University of Metaphysical Sciences.   She is a healing facilitator and practices many healing modalities, including Reiki, Integrated Energy Therapy, and massage.

Mary is a Reiki Master teacher.  She received her Reiki Master training from William Lee Rand, at the International Center for Reiki Training.  Mary has been practicing Reiki since 1998.  Mary is also an Integrated Energy Therapy Master-Instructor.

Mary graduated from the New Hampshire Institute of Therapeutic Arts in 2002.  She is licensed by the state of New Hampshire and is a member of the American Bodywork & Massage Professionals Association.  Mary specializes in Neuromuscular Massage, Swedish massage and Deep Tissue Massage.

MaryLou Hunter, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
MaryLou is a Holistic Life Coach who offers Nutrition, Supplement Therapy, Weight Loss Programs, Personal Core/Spiritual Development, Shamanic Healing and Essential Oil Therapy. She is the author of the book Soulful Freedom and has created wellness workshops that transforms your wellness journey. She has been working with clients for 18 years with her holistic approach to the mind, body and spirit. She is working on her PhD in Holistic Life Coaching and currently working on her 2nd book. Her nickname is “Wellness Wizard” and her goal is to “Bring back the magic in your life”!

Mary L. Benedict, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Metaphysics teacher, energy healer and Reiki Master.  Specializing in cellular regeneration and disease removal for individual clients.  Ordained through the Church of Infinite Spirit, Denver, CO.

Mary Morgan, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Mary helps Domestic Violence survivors through Le Chrysalis and Tailored Life Coaching.  As a survivor and life coach Mary provides a holistic and spiritual ministry for DV survivors, encouraging self empowerment to continue to survive today, tomorrow and beyond.

Maryna Swart, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Maryna Swart lives in Pretoria, South Africa on a small holding called Neverland. Receiving her degree opens the doors to help people see the light in things that has the potential to raise and become more. It gives her the opportunity to help those in need. Her aim is to create a safe place for people to feel free to explore and to learn the knowledge in all of creation.
Love and Light to all!

Megan Potter, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Megan is a Life Coach, Speaker, and Workshop leader; she founded Limitless Living to help people learn how to apply spiritual truths in our modern world.  Her passion is to help other people make the Spiritual practical so that they, too, can live their passions!

Melinda Riki Frahmann, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Riki is an Indigo Soul, an internationally known spiritual intuitive, healer, and a book reviewer for an online e-zine. She has a New Age internet radio station and her mission is to awaken and awaken the world.

Melissa A. Maranda, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Melissa Maranda just achieved her Bachelor of Divinity from UMS and passionately plans to continue through the Ph.D. program in Holistic Counseling. She has earned the previous degrees:  Bachelor’s Degree in Human Development from University of Iowa, Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling from University of Central Florida.  She is certified in Substance Abuse Counseling and Nuero-Linguistic Programming.  Currently working as a Holistic Life Coach/Counselor out of her home and also assisting with online programming of TIARA, a world-wide women’s empowerment program.  Melissa is the recently divorced mother of a really cool 8 year old girl and in the process of adopting a newborn boy who came home with them at birth right after Thanksgiving.  Melissa lives with her family in Iowa, maintains a Life Coaching Facebook page and does therapy/coaching locally or long-distance, thinks of herself as a “crunchy mama” and hopes to begin work on a book  in the near future.

Melissa Kim Corter, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Melissa is a licensed massage therapist and certified hypnotherapist with a AOS in Holistic Health care from the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Melissa is currently pursuing her bachelors in science then moving on to the Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine to pursue her dream of becoming a Naturopathic physician. Melissa has a lifelong passion for helping others to heal themselves through use of her intuition and “alternative” medicine.

Merri Sydney Knowles, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Merri Sydney Knowles has a bachelors degree in Metaphysical Science. She  also is a certified Kundalini Yoga Instructor. She teaches workshops on yoga, conscious communication, awareness and creating the life you want.

Michael John Coetzer, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Michael is a retired S.A. Air Force pilot, and lives with his wife and children in Johannesburg, South Africa. He has received his Bachelor of Metaphysics degree and is continuing his journey of spiritual growth with the UMS Masters program.

Michael DeAngelis, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Physical therapist by day and artist by night.  He writes books, songs, poems and paints as an expression of the energetic realm.  His goal is to communicate to others and ignite the creative spark we are all born with.  May the process of creative flow be found to all who those who seek and realize one’s energetic potential.

Michael L.R. Detrick, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Michael Detrick, B.Msc., is a Lifestyle and Nutrition Coach for a holistic clinic run by a medical doctor in Lehi, Utah.  He also consults with and trains healthcare practitioners in the use of the IQS, which is one of the computerized Meridian Stress Assessment tools that are on the market.  He is now publishing his first book entitled, “Think, Think, Think – The Law of Attraction for Kids, soon to be available online through Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

More than anything else, he loves people and honors both the diversity and the unity of humanity.  Michael intends to spend his life using the divine gifts he has been given to bless others by assisting them to see the divinity within all of us.

Blessing to you all !!!

Michal Yahalomi Noah, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Michal is a certified: Hypnotist, NLP, Past life regressionist, Reiki Master/Teacher, life coach… she learned and is still learning all that she can so that she will have the understanding tools and techniques to be able to help people make a positive change in their own lives. Her goal is to inspire empower and motivate people to realizing their full potential.

Michele A. Selinger, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Passionate about empowerment I believe everyone can choose to change their lives. Born an empathic intuitive with a great sense of humor, deep compassion and insight into human nature I am able to zero in on what is really going on and show you how to accept, let go of, or change the situation. Understanding everyone is different, I combine my education, experience, intuitive and communication skills to deliver the information the client needs in a “keep it real” manner. I can only lead you to the door, it is your job to walk through it.

Michele Phillipa Maurer, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Michele has  a passion for understanding the human condition and particularly seeks to understand how our thoughts, experiences and behaviors influence and are expressed in our lives. This passion has lead her to dual careers  as a Clinical & Soul Regression Hypnotherapist and as a Musician. Michele has chosen to continue her studies with UMS undertaking her Master’s Degree and, in time, her Doctorate.

Michele “Stella” Stockton, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Stella is an experienced wellness professional offering private and small group lessons in Tai Chi, personal fitness training, meditation, and empowerment coaching.

Stella’s studies include a six year traditional apprenticeship under the tutelage of Grand Master Cheng Tsang Lu, of the Chung Shing Kung Fu Institute, in Salt Lake City, UT. She became a certified Tai Chi instructor in 2003 and has shared her passion for the art ever since. In early 2007 Stella earned her Personal Fitness Trainer certification through the American Council on Exercise (A.C.E). In 2014 Stella completed her Bachelor of Divinity through the University of Metaphysical Sciences in Arcata, California.

Her teaching style is down to earth, fun, and focused on client empowerment and education. Her unique emphasis highlights the importance of mental, emotional, and spiritual balance- as well as physical fitness-a true ‘bridger of worlds’. This philosophy inspired her to also teach a weekly, (no-cost), all-levels meditation class at the Wood River YMCA. She is also a contributing journalist featured in the “To Your Health” column at the Weekly Sun newspaper.

Stella resides in the majestic mountain town of Ketchum, Idaho.

Millicent E. Rodriguez, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
I am certified in Pranic Healing and Divine Intervention. I am continuining my studies at UMS.

Ms. Susan M.G. Fenlon, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Although, Ms. Susan M.G. Fenlon is currently teaching in the elementary public school system in Chapleau, ON Canada, the study of Metaphysical Sciences has been her greatest passion (apart from teaching) for the past 25 years.  She has vast personal knowledge and experience in the field of Metaphysical Sciences on an unofficial basis as a result of her intense interest, extensive research and personal practice in various areas within this very broad field of study.  She has recently successfully completed a Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences Degree with UMS and is presently working on her Masters component of the program.  It is her intention to become an expert in the field of Metaphysical Sciences and to become a full-time, totally dedicated and highly effective  practitoner in this most exciting field of study as soon as possible.

Maryam Mohammady, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
My name is Maryam Mohammady. I was born in iran and I live in South Africa for the past 15 years. I work as a clairvoyant and medium in Cape Town.

Nadine Evert, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
As an integrative health practitioner (8 years), working and teaching in the field of alternative medicine, I feel better equipped having completed this course with UMS. I have a passion for healing with a keen interest specifically in energy healing and the spiritual aspects of the healing process.

Natividad Leano Saliling Barnett, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
As of this date, Sept. 9, 2011, she has 7 courses remaining to complete the  requirements for the Master’s and hopes to finish up to the Ph.D. degree.  Although she now holds secular degrees in Accounting (B.S.), Economics (M.A.), and Nursing (Certificate), and lives a fairly comfortable life, she strongly believes that her real purpose in life is to counsel and motivate the young generation, especially those with problems resulting from having been raised in dysfunctional settings.  By teaching self-awareness in a metaphysical approach, she hopes to  influence a shift in individual belief system from negativism to positivism ultimately attaining individual inner peace; planting the seed of peace in the young to produce a peace-loving future generation.

Nicole P. Mariani, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Nicole’s personal experience healing herself with metaphysical practices and juice cleansing after cancer delivers a visceral understanding and blueprint guiding you to creating healthier habits now. Get practical everyday advice on better digestion, easier elimination, getting to your ideal weight, a stronger immune system and more mental balance, all while feeling more energetic. With over 20 years juicing experience and learning how juice affects the body, a Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences in Holistic Life coaching from The University of Metaphysical Sciences and as a certified Therapeutic Touch Energy Healer Nicole is your compassionate yet motivating guide to your next level of increased vitality.

Nicole Ruggieri Lehourites, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
ScB. in Psychology and Math, ScB. in Metaphysical Sciences, Reiki Master in 4 modalities, Crystal Therapy Healer, Angel Healing Therapist, Empath.

Oleksandr Semenyuk, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.

Oscar L. Arredondo, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Oscar L. Arredondo resides with his family in Fayetteville, North Carolina and holds a Marriage & Family Counseling M.A. degree from Webster University (2006) and a Political Science B.S. degree from Campbell University (2004).

His spiritual and professional goals is to complete a Master degree in Divinity M. Div. and a Philosopher of Transpersonal Counseling Ph.D. from the UMS of Minnesota and a Doctorate degree in Spiritual Science D. Div. from the CA Branch of University of Metaphysical Sciences. Oscar is pursuing to obtain the credentials for a License Professional Counselor Associate and a National Certified Counselor.

Oscar speaks English, Spanish and Portuguese fluently, born in the Amazon region of South America and became a US Citizen during the Gulf War in 1991. Finally, Oscar served our nation in the United States Army Special Forces Group and retired honorably after 22 years of service.  Currently, he is located in Afghanistan working with indigenous Afghani Soldiers mentoring and training them to defend their country.

Pabalu Wijegoonawardane, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Pabalu is a musician and a teacher from Sri Lanka.
A traveler on the spiritual path.
An Old wise Owl :)

Pamela Chen, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Pamela Chen is an intuitive coach that loves to help others find their inner divine energy and wisdom. She is a best selling author on Kindle, spreading the joy of connecting with magical creatures as guides. Pamela packs her passion for teaching into manifesting classes and programs for her clients. Her energy is described as magical and childlike but with age old wisdom. She will help you uncover your love for life and find out what your soul purpose is!

Pamela L Copple, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Pamela has been psychic/intuitive since birth and an energy/light worker for 11 plus years. She has many interests and owned Indigo Sage Metaphysical Book and Gifts in Reno, Nevada. She owns an aura camera and is a published artist. Her current goals are to be a gallery hung artist, life coach, write books and travel the world speaking about metaphysics, art and self-help topics and sharing Xocai healthy chocolate.

Patricia A. Gallaway, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Patti Gallaway has received her PhD in Clinical Hypnotherapy from the American Institute of Hypnotherapy in 1990. She began her clinical practice in 1990 in Beverly Hills CA where she founded HypnoDynamics, Inc. She has taught workshops and motivational seminars throughout the country to health care professionals, athletes, students, and corporate professionals. Dr. Gallaway isn’t finished yet and plans to open a spiritual center with her husband, Leon, called Messengers of the Spirit, to invite fellow travelers from all walks of life to retreat and discover their purpose for being.

Patricia L Perry, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.

Patricia Thompson, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Patricia Thompson, B.Msc. is a registered nurse of 23 years who also holds a Masters in Natural Health from Clayton College. She is currently a level 3 student of Healing Touch with Healing Touch International.

Paul DiGrazia, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Paul has been a certified massage therapist since 2001 and loves the art of massage and healing. He spends his time reading about astrology and studying tarot.

Paul Johann Linke, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
The “Pulsating Heart of the Cosmos”  (Light of Consciousness is within us). Consciousness, and divine life in matter is the essence of the human body.
Divine Consciousness is our world, we possess the power to affirm our very existence at each moment of every day.
We have not only the gift of life, but also Consciousness.
The realization in the study of quantum physics that has ultimate philosophical consequences.
Our -DNA- is made from “Light” and not only absorbs light, but also emits light.
Therefore, we have such a psyche-shifting ability, and awesome Earth shaping responsibility.
Lots of Love from Paul

Paula Connor, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Paula recently opened her own business and operates under Insight Out Quantum Energy Healing.  Her services offer a proactive approach to wellness for the Body, Mind and Spirit using multiple tools like Biofeedback, Coaching, Energy healing and her self developed intuitive gifts.

Paula Schermerhorn, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
With over 30 years experience in the parapsychology field, Paula is blessed to have been given the ability to provide others with guidance, insight and direction. As a medium, she is able to connect clients with others that have crossed over.  Paula is a spiritual teacher, researcher, lecturer and writer in parapsychology. Paula has had psychic skill from as early as she can remember and has shared her gift with family and friends over the years, including assisting in missing person cases with Police and Sheriff Departments. Paula has first-hand knowledge and experience with ghosts and other paranormal activity in her private sessions as well as in resident, hotel, and historic buildings throughout the United States.  Paula Schermerhorn is a gifted Christian Medium, Oneness Blessing Facilitator, Certified Paranormal Investigator (University of Nevada), a Certified Parapsychologist (Flamel College) Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences (University of Metaphysical Sciences), and UFO Investigator.

Pauline Joy Gibson, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Pauline Gibson received her Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences in August of 2012. She will be using her degree to continue counseling the many women and men that pass through her company’s four transitional living homes for recovering addicts.

Paulette A. Harper, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
The courses provided by UMS have been instrumental in rounding out my outlook on myself, others, and the world around me. I have learned so much and am grateful for all of the help the staff has provided. I can now go on to empower others, and that is the greatest gift.

Peggy Lynn Dollar, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Born in Yakima, Washington. Spent the early adult years in Oregon, moved to California in 1985. Have 20+years in retail management. Most happy when curled up with a good book in the sun and my cat on my lap. I love doing creative projects in the form of scrapbooking greeting cards and bookmarks. I enjoy mentoring and counseling people who are on their spiritual path. I have been happily married for 17 years.

Peter J. Serrano, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Peter J. Serrano, host of the online hit “The Awareness show” and Creator of, the social network of abundant living is a Spiritual Life Coach and Board Certified Hypnotist.

Peter Phu Ho, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
I am a true seeker, I went through a long journey of a mystical spiritual experience of Asian Shamanism and Buddhism through the help of the teachers and friends. I also experienced too many spiritual experiences suchs as astral projection, magical healing, manifestation, seeing spirit with open eyes, battle with bad spirit ect… I felt it was not enough and also it is impossible to go public teaching without a degree or official recognition or legitimate credential. So I signed up UMS, it was a great decision. I learned so much and now whatever spiritual subject out there I can understand it. UMS is a great university I encourage you go for. Self searching is time consuming, costly and more likely to get lost or confusing. Enlightment path requires broad knowledge!

Phillip M. Grierson, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Phillip M. Grierson is retired U.S. Navy currently living in Tarpon Springs, FL.

Phyllis Jean Nix, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
P.J. is a metaphysician with a successful private practice in Amsterdam, Netherlands. P.J. coaches individuals and groups on the practical and personal application of the Law of Attraction and helps people discover their own personal happiness and exercise more control over their own life.  She also teaches Creative Flow Workshops, which help you understand, open and consciously direct your creativity.

Ms. Porsche Koenze, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Porsche, from South Africa, started her studies with UMS in 2007, whilst living in the USA.
Moving back to SA in 2008, it became challenging to keep up with the demands of a fulltime job, travel and other studies/commitments.

Nevertheless, with dedication and the selfless support, encouragement and motivation from the UMS staff, progressed to Bachelors level.

Porsche is a Trainer and Life Coach and is branching out to Spiritual Life Coaching, especially coaching victims of narcissist abuse.

Honoured and Blessed to be in this space & to be walking this journey with UMS, Porsche is commited to make a difference in people’s lives, by guiding them to connect with source, and live authentic lives. Namaste.

Rachel M. Stewart, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Rachel M. Stewart, M.S.Ed.., M.A., B.M. is an intuitive and holistic practitioner. Rachel has been dedicated to gaining a deeper understanding of the healing power of compassion.  With a strong educational and clinical background, Rachel has experience in counseling, coaching, education and training, consulting, designing and evaluating programs, and conducting research.  She believes in working with people’s strengths to help them access and enhance their natural gifts so that they can enjoy living in a higher state of mind and create the life they are proud to live.

Rachelle Leigh Berry , Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Rachelle Berry carries a Diploma of Highest Honors in Relaxation Therapy, as well as certification as a Reiki healer, but now finds herself thriving in the exciting realm of Metaphysical Sciences. With aspirations which include Life Coaching, Rachelle sees a future in utilizing her education to help others. After battling chronic illness diagnoses herself, she found a desire to help others achieve a lasting peace, happiness, and good health.

Raven Summer Burnes, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
She is a Reiki Master and Life Coach. She is currently studying for her degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine.  Her specialty is health and wellness and the mind/body connection.

Rebecca Sipes Babcock, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
She does energy healing work. She is an Ectectic Wiccan. She has had the honor of caring for dying hospice clients. She has an Associates Degree from Pima College and advanced certificates as a Psychiatric and Patient Care Technician. She is currently working toward her Master’s Degree at UMS. She looks forward to her future as a Clergy.

Recha G. Peay, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Recha G. Peay is a four times published author, motivational speaker, fitness trainer, Holistic Healthcare advocate and enthusiast.  With over twenty years of experience as a healthcare professional her boundaries have expanded to heal the mind, body and soul.

Regina White, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Regina White is a gifted individual with a love of helping others. Her practice will include study of beyond and will include a structured learning environment to empower other women.

Renee A. McAbee, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Renee is an herbalist and spiritual counselor. She also write columns for newsletters on herbal medicine, lectures and teaches in herbalism and metaphysical sciences.

Renee Adcock, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Renee has just completed her Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div. and plans to go on to complete the Masters.  She wants to use her degree to explore more of her spirituality and perhaps do spiritual counseling.  Right now works part time with a local Intuitive Medium and is strengthening her own intuitive skills.

Rev. Bruce C. Donaldson, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Rev. Bruce is a Spiritualist Minister residing in rural Canisteo, NY with his wife Linda, two dogs, two cats and all sorts of wildlife. Together they publish a metaphysical magazine, The Psychic Observer. It can be viewed at . Bruce does psychic readings from home and at fairs throughout New York and Pennsylvania. Bruce also practices Qi Gong and Spiritual healing and does Past Life Regressions.

Rev. Gary C. Herron, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Rev. Gary C. Herron is a Wicca High Priest and Shaman of over 28 years experience. He is a Spiritual Counselor, Metaphysical Lecturer, Tarot Card Reader and Artist, currently living in New Straitsville, Ohio.

Rev. Martha A. Snee, MBA, M.Sc., Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Rev. Martha A. Snee, MBA, M.Sc., B.Div., is an Ordained Interfaith Minister, a Spiritual Counselor, Intuitive Medium and Channeler, DNA Activation Facilitator, Human Design and Life By Design Practitioner, Dowser & Transpersonal Energy Healer. She is a Reiki Master and Hypno-Regressionist and Master Practitioner of NLP.
Martha is President of Transcending Limits Consulting, LLC and is currently completing a book on the Addiction to Perfectionism.

Rev. Patricia Johnston, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Pastor of a Spiritualist Church since 2001.
Certified Medical/Lab Technician-Medical Office Manager, Emergency Response Technician.
Certified Medium, Healer, Teacher and Intuitive Counselor.
Certified Past Life Regressionist w/ Dolores Cannon.
Christ Unity Church Chaplain.
Remote Viewer with David Morehouse.
Psychic/Medium with Linda Schiller-Hanna: A.R.E.
Reiki Practitioner with Rev. Beth Gray.
Life long supporter of the “White Eagle Lodge” and “Teachings” U.K.
Life long student of Metaphysical Research.

Rev. Sheila A. Seppi, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Sheila A. Seppi,  Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.  Sheila is the founder of SpiritWay Ministries, DBA, SpiritWay Wellness Center with two offices in Leadville and Edwards, Colorado.  She works both nationally and internationally.  Sheila is a Spiritual and Metaphysical Teacher, Minister and Holistic Healing Practitioner; Shamanic Practitioner and Ceremonialist; Reiki Master/Teacher and Karuna Master/Teacher;  and a Total Body Modification and Natural Healing Practitioner.  The main focus of Sheila’s work is to balance the  body, mind and spirit to allow vibrate health and peace to flourish.   Sheila offers private and group sessions and conducts a variety of seminars.

Reverend Deborah A. Mueller, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Reverend Mueller is a Reiki Master Practitioner/Teacher having been attuned in multiple modalities including Usui, Lightarian, Star of Magdalene and Mari-El to name a few.
Deb was ordained into the Order of Melchizedek through the Sanctuary of the Beloved in May of 2009.  This brought her full circle so that she might use her Reiki to assist others.
Children are a passion for Reverend Mueller and her hope is that her Reiki and the education that she has received through UMS will help her with her goal of opening a Center/Store and assist in bringing Metaphysics and Spirituality to children and their parents.

Richard Popp, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Richard Popp specializes in CranioSacral Therapy and Teaching Energy & Self Healing Classes.  He is Upledger Certified in CranioSacral Therapy, Nationally Certified in Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork and a Certified Energy Healing Instructor. Richard is available at several locations in the Chicago area and is licensed in both Illinois and Wisconsin. He has been doing healing work for over 15 years and is experienced with all age groups including babies and senior adults.

Robin A. Ford, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Robin works in sales and marketing and thought the course at UMS would help her be more creative in her current job, with hopes of working in a metaphysical setting in the near future.  She is also a second degree Reiki practitioner which she enjoys to the fullest.

Robin L. Fajnsztajn, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Robin is an Advanced Certified Colon Hydrotherapist, Certified Raindrop Technique Specialist, Aromatherapy Coach, Certified Sound Therapist.  She uses Infared Sauna and Ionic Detox Footbaths as other detoxification and cleansing modalities.  She has been trained in the Indigenous American Indian Medicine Wheel by her teacher Victoria Martinez who was given these gifts from Hymeoste Storm, Harvey Swift, and Twilla Niche.  On a regular basis, Robin participates in a local traditional Cheyenne Sweat Lodge taught by Donlin Many Bad Horses which was passed onto Todd and Vicki Roland.  She learned how to make ceremonial fans and rattles from Laura and Paul Walthers who is inspired by the Hopis.  Robin enjoys spending time with her family and friends and she teaches classes about reclaiming the natural world to ensure a healthy life.  Her goal is to receive a Doctorate of Metaphysical Sciences from UMS.

Roberta Cheryl Gallop, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences B.Msc.
Roberta Cheryl Gallop, M.Msc (also known as Riki Frahmann) has been a teacher, healer, spiritual adviser, and worker of the light for around 40 years. Her life’s mission is “To Awaken & Awaken the World”.

Ronald M. Wissler Jr., Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Ron is a Wireless Radio Engineer who has worked for several large telecommunications companies and has a degree in Electronics and Computer Science.  He’s always possessed an intimate curiosity with energy and resonance.  Initially, he began studies in metaphysics at UMS for personal interest but now feels compelled to share the truth of subtle energies and healing to the world.  Ron is a certified crystal healer and has also studied Aromatherapy, Divination systems, Reiki and Reflexology.  He intends to write books and possibly open a spiritual center in the future after completing the Ph.D. program.

Rondi Faye McClure, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
She is currently sharing any spiritual guidance for anyone looking toward solutions of our hectic lifestyles and many commitments.

Rose Semenas, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
She became interested in Metaphysics after 16 months of intense chemotherapy for the treatment of Ovarian Cancer.  Every course offered by UMS is fascinating to her. She plans on continuing up to the PhD level and wish there were more.

Ryan Moak, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Ryan Moak  Bachelor of Metaphysics , lives in the mountains of Lake Tahoe, where he has a acupressure practice and continues his studies at UMS.

Sabrina Denning, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Sabrina was born in Germany and moved to Texas, USA in her early 20th. She is continuing her education with UMS to finish her Masters degree and eventually her doctoral degree. She is looking forward to helping people finding their way in life as a holistic life coach.

Sabrina J Miller, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
The realm of metaphysical study is her passion and who she is. She has found her calling and what thrills her spirit! Now that she has her B.Msc. She is off and running towards her Master’s program and then her Ph.D. here at UMS. She is also working towards her certification as a Shaman.

Samantha Jayne Halls, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Sam lives in beautiful tropical Townsville in Northern Australia with her husband and two young boys. She is a practicing Kinesiologist and Energy Healer and is continuing her studies with UMS doing her Masters degree.

Sandra L. Scott, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
She is in the process of taking exams to become a Licentiate Minister in the Spiritualist Church.  She will then begin the process to become an ordained Minister, National Spiritualist Teacher and NSAC Certified Medium.  At the time, she will be pursuing her Master’s and Doctorate with UMS.  Pursuing this coursework in Metaphysical Sciences has been a lifelong dream.  She is a retired Professor from the University of Maine.

Sandra M. Chambers, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Sandra M. Chambers has been a student of Metaphysics for 38 years, is a certified reflexoloist and a Reiki Master for the past twelve years.

Sandra S. Nelson, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Sandra Nelson is an ITEC Certified Reflexologist, Reiki Master, writer, and SoulCollage Facilitator with an innate connection to nature. A gifted intuitive, Sandra believes the power of Spirit is best shown through peaceful wisdom and acceptance of others.

Sangita Patel, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Sangita Patel is a spiritual facilitator, author, speaker,radio show host and energy healer who awakened her natural ability to heal after surviving a car accident and losing her only brother. Today, she is committed to helping those who are willing to heal themselves. She is an Integrated Energy Therapy® Master Instructor, Spring Forest Qigong Practitioner, EFT practitioner, and Teacher of Seraphic Wisdom, and specializes in coaching and healing women entrepreneurs.Currently she is pursuing Ph.D in Metaphysical Sciences with UMS.

Sarah Lynn Wilson, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Sarah connects with Love to provide the healing that is most beneficial in the present moment.  She joyfully offers Tea Leaf Reading and Energy Healing in her work as a Clairvoyant & Spiritual Counselor.   Sarah resides on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada.

Sarah Rebecca Poole, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Career, communication and personal development coach, Sarah has over twenty years’ experience in corporate, education and community-based environments.

Now based in England, having lived and worked across Europe and North America, she offers face-to-face, telephone and online support, with specialisms in communication and personal/spiritual development coaching, training and consultancy, helping those needing support at a crossroads in their life or career, seeking life purpose coaching, or looking to communicate more effectively at work and in personal relationships.

With additional training and experience in healing modalities, personality profiling (Striving Styles), meditation practices and youth support; Usui Reiki Master, Crystal Reiki Energyworker, ITEC Holistic/Swedish Massage Therapist, ICF Personal Development Coach.

Saundra R. Rose, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
My studies here have been wonderful and have helped me to live at a much greater potential. I am beyond excited to go on to my masters and then my doctorate here at the University Of Metaphysical Sciences! I look forward to becoming a spiritual life coach after my studies are complete. Blessed be! Love, Saundra Rose

Scott A. Tucker, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Scott is a Medical Massage Therapist/Holistic Health Practitioner/Martial Arts Instructor. He has taught seminars at several local colleges on Chi-Kung, Self-Defense, and seeks to offer all his students/clients a wholistic approach to life.

Scott Darrell Starnes, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Scott Darrel Starnes , B. Div. , practices spiritual counseling with a focus on Buddhism , and continues to research the depths of consciousness.

Shae Blayre Cummings, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Spiritual Consultant / Teacher / Artist / Writer
Developing Divinity Cards based upon Sacred Symbols of the Ancients, Numerology, Color & Astrology.
Intention is to complete the Master’s Project to earn a Masters in Metaphysical Sciences & eventually, a Doctorate.

Shahn Galen Redding, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Shahn Galen Redding has now completed the Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences & will continue study on the masters with UMS. Shahn is using the Bachelor in his healing practice which will be expanded throughout 2010 to include new modalities and techniques for a larger client base.

Shari Clarke, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Shari Clarke born March 12th 1958
Happy Married I’ve been blessed to work in the fine Art business
I strive to be one who enters into the beauty of all life
I find a deeper relationship to the “One” and I know a greater fulfillment of myself through surrender to the Oneness of Life
The inner spirit of all Truth, Love and Wisdom.

Sharlene Arnold, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Sharlene has studied with the Academy of Consciousness for three years and is also a Reike practitoner working on her Master’s level. She also does T-Touch for animals and is a member of a development of psychic skills class.

Sharlene J Davis Wall, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Sharlene J Davis Wall has had a successful prison ministry for over 10 years, in the states of PA, NJ, SC and NC.  She has also been involved in all aspects of inspirational music ministry.

Sharon Tregoning, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
I’m am blissfully blessed to be married to the bestest hubby on earth & live in paradise known as the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia.

I have an adult daughter am the wicked step-Mum of 3 adult kids as well.

Professionally, I have been called to create Spiritual Palliative Care to assist the dying address any spiritual and/or emotional issues & to assist them to die knowing as much peace & unconditional love as possible.

Absolutely loving this course & particularly that it is as experiential as it is theoretical.

Shayla Ritchwood Williams, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Shayla is an Intuitive & Transformational Life Coach.  Shayla is also working on her professional coaching certification degree from the International Coach Academy (ICA).

Shawna Mefford, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
I am a Metaphysical Life Coach & Spiritual Counselor ……

Shelly Blomker, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
I have enjoyed all my studies from the school and hope to do good things with it. I’m 50 years old and I know that I can still learn more things in my life.

Sherry Matsen, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Sherry is a freelance writer and researcher focusing on metaphysics. Her deep connection with the earth, the water, and spirit, keep her grounded. The power of “now” and gratitude are part of her core being. She spends a great deal of time exploring and enjoying the sheer beauty and power Mother Nature with her daughter and her four dogs.

Shirley Ann Wells, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
I have a Bachelor of Nursing, and in my latter years discovered metaphysics.
I have throughout the last 15 attended many motivational courses and I’m a Reiki practitioner. I love Inspirational quotes which motivate me every day.
I feel empowered and have loved every minute of this bachelor degree and I’m going on now to do my Masters with great enthusiasm..
Thanking everyone from the UMS.

Sonia E. Galindo, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Sonia also has a BS Microbiology. She works in the environmental field, is a writer, a public speaker and peace activist. She looks forward to furthering her studies in order to make her peace work a full time career.

Sopha Wishashan, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Sopha Wishashan was born in Thailand, and had done massage since she was 7-years-old, shadowing under the care of her grandmother. She has degrees on massage therapy, hydro-colonic therapy, reflexology, raw foods, craniosacral therapy, reiki master, Traditional Thai massage, massage for cancer patients, ear coning practitioner, and many more. She plans on finishing her doctorate degree in medical science.

Sophia N. Rosenthal, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Sophia N. Rosenthal has a Bachelors degree in Metaphysical Sciences from UMS and is joyfully continuing towards receiving her PhD in Metaphysical Life Coaching also from UMS. Sophia is an Abundance Architect (TM). She combines her Transformational Coaching with being a Law of Attraction Synergist to facilitate ambitious, heart-centered women entrepreneurs design and create a life they love.

Sophie E. Motley, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Sophie is proud to announce that she has received a Bachelor’s Degree in Divinity studies at the University of Metaphysical Sciences. She is currently enrolled in the Master’s Program and aspires to achieve her PhD. in Metaphysics.

Stacy L Thompson, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
I am so happy to have given myself the gift of UMS and the value and peace I have gained is priceless!

Stacy Leann Hofius, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Stacy plans to extend her education by attaining a Masters Degree and Ph.D. in Metaphysical Sciences.  Her goal is to work in parapsychology, own her own metaphysical bookstore and work in energy healing.

Staysea Sumner , Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Staysea is a primary care physician who truly takes a holistic approach to helping patients achieve their optimum health. Knowing how important it is to work with people where they are makes it easier to help them find the keys to unlock the doors they want to open on this path of self discovery.

Stefan Walter, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
He works as a integral guide in Europe.

Stefanie J. Butler, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
He is continuing on in the D.Div.. program.

Stephanie White Mendite BA, BSN, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Stephanie is a Registered Nurse specializing in Holistic Women’s Health. She is also a Reiki practitioner with a private practice offering private sessions, groups and wellness consultations to improve overall health and wellbeing. She is a strong advocate for mindful and purposeful living. Besides her work, she is blessed with a beautiful family and enjoys time outdoors and in the garden. She is an avid reader and a devoted friend. Kindness and compassion are what fuels her. You can learn more at of Life Wellness.

Summer B. Oliver, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Summer Oliver is so excited to have found UMS and earn her Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences. She is looking forward to continuing her education and work as a Reiki healer and currently mentors adults with disabilities and brain injuries.

Susan L. Houle, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Susan has a BBA in Business Management and spent 25 years as a Computer Programmer. Although she has a scientific and analytical mind, she has also lived with psychic abilities since she was 12. She is a Clairvoyant, Clairsentient, Empath, Precognitive, and has practiced astral projection, automatic writing, and has spoken with dead people. Trying to reconcile the 2 different sides of herself finally lead her to UMS. She discovered a whole new world of people who were like her. It totally changed her life. She will continue her education with UMS until she earns a Ph.D.. She has also become a Usui Reiki Master and hopes to open her own Healing Practice in the future.

Susan Mary Palmer, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
She is a reiki master . She also works with crystals to make healing elixirs. She reads tarot cards, angel cards, and some tea leaves and also work with the runes.

Susan Twiggs, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Susan is at present a Colon Hydrotherapist and Stone Massage Therapist working with life style changes with her clients originally in London now in Melbourne has directed many clients to your amazing website and hope to further her Hypnotherapy. Looking forward to completing her Masters, and Doctorate has loved every aspect of this degree and amazing experience, thanks for your wonderful support. Love and light.

Suzanne Campbell, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Suzanne has been tuning into, and working with higher, light frequencies since 1992.  Her Light Work practice continues to be the foundation for not only her personal growth, but her approach to healing as a practitioner.  She is a Certified Metaphysical Counselor through the American Society of Alternative Therapists and a Master Regression Hypnotherapist, having graduated with 250 hours of the highest quality training from Hypnotherapy Training Institute, Corte Madera, California.  Suzanne is also a Certified Life Between Lives Hypnotherapist, through The Newton Institute, specializing in assisting individuals in exploring their soul-self, in between incarnations.  She has worked extensively in Grief Support Counseling as well as Counseling Survivors of Domestic Violence.  It is her passion to assist others in discovering their soul’s agenda and how it’s being played out in a particular lifetime.  Suzanne can be reached for private appointments for Life Between Lives Hypnotherapy Sessions.

Svetlana Braunt, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
I hold a Masters Degree of Holistic Health from the American Institute of Holistic Theology at Alabama with a focus in balance and harmony of mind, body and spirit. Also a graduate of the East West College of the Healing Arts of Portland Oregon.

Tammy L. Stehr, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Hi I am Tammy. I am also on a life long quest as well as many others on this page. I am very honored to be on this page, I am proud of my efforts and feel really great about this accomplishment.

I do Transformation Healing, I am a Reiki Master, I do house clearing and setting of sacred space, spiritual counseling, card readings, remote viewing, meditation groups and facilitation of my own courses. I am soon to be doing facilitation of my own retreats! I cannot say enough about this school, it’s founder and all the people I have had the pleasure of interacting with. You have all been a wonderful catalyst to my learning, I thank you deeply for your devotion and caring. Namaste

Tanja Seagraves, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Tanja Seagraves, B.Msc., has combined her Bachelor’s curriculum with continuous study of Energy Medicine, and recently enrolled in a leading Therapeutic Massage and Body Work certificate program. Part-time, she provides hands-on energy healings, and volunteers on a Crisis Hotline for domestic violence involving men, women and children. She is currently working on her Master‘s Thesis with UMS. After completion, she will work on her Doctoral Dissertation on Holistic Life Coaching and Healing.

Tara Ivanova, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Tara comes from Bulgaria, a land rich in spiritual traditions and history. She has been following the teachings of the Master Beinsa Douno for the past 26 years. She is currently pursuing her PhD.

Tatiana Anna Kuzyk, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Tatiana has started on her path of spiritual growth at age seventeen. Currently she is an intuitive self-taught artist, spiritual teacher and an entrepreneur. She’s a contributing writer at Creativity Portal where her articles’ series ‘Artist’s Musings on Creative Process,’ are regularly published. Tatiana also presents workshops that teach participants how to consciously engage one’s creativity, such as through the creation of a personal Mandala. She lives in Chicago suburbs.

Tawnie Carlsen, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Tawnie lives in a small country town in Queensland, Australia. She has been interested in all things metaphysical from an early age and has spent many years researching, reading and studying metaphysical subjects. She enrolled in UMS in order to fill gaps in her knowledge and for personal and spiritual development. She continues to study with UMS, working towards her Masters and PhD.

Teresa Brownrigg, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Teresa has had an interest in Metaphysics since she was very young, so it was only natural that she pursue a degree in Metaphysical Sciences.  Teresa is currently writing articles and blogs regarding this subject, and plans to follow her writing passion and natural ability to counsel those in need of spiritual and metaphysical support.

Terry Clifford Thomas, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Born at the foot of Mt. Baker, one of the youngest volcanoes in the Cascade Range, Terry has had the challenge of growing through traditional Augustinian/Lutheran worm piety into the consciousness of spiritual awareness. Along the way he earned an accredited PhD in Theology, has written two books, and is launching his third which he’s designed to impact many, particularly those from the Christian background who want more in life, called Religion to Reality/An Unconventional Path to Spiritual Awareneess.

Thomas Edward Waldron, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Thomas Waldron is very excited to have attained his bachelors degree in Metaphysical Sciences from UMS and has begun work on the masters courses. From a young age Thomas was very interested in topics of a metaphysical nature therefore he is looking forward to the journey ahead of him in this field. He is currently working towards another degree in Sociology and is also the drummer of two local bands in his home town.

Thomas L. Gleason, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Tommy has fully dedicated his life to the pursuit of knowledge in all things metaphysical.  Balancing scientific logic and intuition, this aspiring jack-of-all-trades is specialized in dreams and parapsychology.

Tracy S. Woodland-Howell, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Non-judgmental and supportive counseling on all spiritual matters, Works with energy, meditation, vision journeys, intention theories, and inner development.

Travis J. Olsen, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Looking back to the time I first began studying at UMS I was an entirely different person, now walking upon the earth having shed incredible amounts of ignorance makes life so much more fulfilling. Having knowledge of the earth, herbs and remedies, ancient practices we should have been taught as children, and much more that could never be summed up within a day. The structured delivery of knowledge has been the most amazing blessing I’ve ever imagined in my life thus far. Now I have the abilities to help so many people and fulfill my dreams in those areas. As I didn’t come to this planet to do what everyone else is doing. I’ve awakened to an awareness of myself and existence that I once thought was just a dream world but no more. I’ve never felt better in my life than I do now. Just goes to show, “the more you know.”

Veronica Alvarez, Bachelor of Divinity, B.Div.
Veronica has a Bachelor of Arts, in English Literature from the University of California, Berkeley, and has received a Bachelor of Divinity Degree at UMS. She has always loved learning about metaphysics since she was a small child. She considers herself a Lifelong Learner and Global Citizen. She believes in putting into practice what you learn, and leading through example. She has enjoyed her studies at UMS and plans on continuing her education there to pursue her Masters and Doctoral Degrees.

Veronica M De Ferrari, Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M.
Veronica is a qualified Teacher with postgraduate studies as an Adult Educator. After 15 years in Frontline Management, she decided to devote her working life to her life passions: Yoga Philosophy and Metaphysics. She completed Metaphysical Counselling Studies, which she has now consolidated with the Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Metaphysical Sciences. Veronica is the author of “Divine You” and its version in Spanish. She currently works in the design of a Quality System for Alternative Industry practitioners, and works in Sydney, Australia as a Counsellor.

Vickie Lynn Bricksaw, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
I have unveiled the fundamental gifts of creative discovery and learning that UMS has gifted with each class taken within the Bachelor’s program. I have been lifted to heights academically with ease and great interest. UMS has held my hand throughout with gentle guidance. I wear great pride and strongly look forward to completion of my Masters. This was life changing for me! Blessings to all of you who have supported me on my re-awakening quest.

Viktoria Santo, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Viktoria, an evidential medium, is passionate about connecting people with their passed loved ones which can be a tremendous source of comfort and healing. She also offers spiritual guidance and counseling.

Vitor Manuel Pereira Monteiro, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Since 1987 has worked as a Physical Therapy Technician. Continuing with his studies, Vitor took courses in Natural Medicine Homeopathy and osteopathy. Starting in 2000 he began his studies in the fields of Energy Medicine, currently working with systems Bioresonance and Biofeedback. Vitor did his Masters in Electromedicine and Biofeedback in the year 2011. Alongside his technical scientific studies, Vitor has always been very interested in spiritual healing studying energy transfers in Spiritual Human Yoga, Classical Radionics, Reiki and yoga.

Wendy J. Jakob, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
I began studying metaphysics when I was 16 shortly after my mother died. From that day forward I have been reading and researching anything and everything I could find on the subject of spirituality. I have gone through many trials and tribulations that have brought me to where I am today. Along the way I have done much in the way of self healing and getting the healing I needed to move forward in life. I have indeed walked the wounded healer path. I now hope to help others using my experience and my newly gained knowledge from UMS. I couldn’t be more excited about my new path and the journey ahead.

Werner Rocker, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Werner studied engineering in Germany  and has an University degree. Later he turned to spiritual studies mostly Gurdjieff. Via different experiences  he became a heathen and lives now by the old pre-Christian values and virtues. Werner works as a healer and trained with The Four Winds, a shaman group founded by A. Villoldo, PhD.

Werner lived for 20 years in California but is now on the move to Sibiria.

Whitney Gordon-Mead, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
I am married to the love of my life and we have one daughter. In a prior chapter of this life I was a Certified Financial Planner. Currently I am working on my Masters and PhD in Metaphysics, as well as obtaining training as a Certified Life Coach. My life purpose is to provide spiritual counseling and coaching for women. I work with professional women who are overworked, overwhelmed, and heading for burnout. I show them how to dramatically increase their happiness level.

Yvonne LaBelle, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Yvonne LaBelle is a dental assistant and massage therapist looking to devote her later years in assisting others in seeing their true potential.

Zora Meri Harvie, Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc.
Zora is a Spiritual Counselor and Hypnotherapist she has worked in the area of Women’s Health for over 10 years now with a special interest in women’s hormonal health.

Althea Kumara, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Althea Kumara is a clairvoyant, energy healer, and a medium who has been carrying her spiritual gifts throughout all of her life.

Ten years ago Althea resigned from corporate world and stepped on spiritual path by claiming back her powers and reconnecting herself with the Divine.

Presently, Althea is coaching people through Human Design, channeling messages from Akasha, and healing people and humanity through power places and vortices.

Amie R. Ridley, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
As a musician and energy healer, she creates a lucid environment that draws others to hear their soul’s voice and heartbeat. She encourages through her compositions and sessions identification with his/her divine soul and daily action upon this awareness and drive, which is love, and reunification with his/her purpose and destiny.

Aishah Tatum, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Aishah Tatum is a highly sought after motivational speaker and author.  She travels the world giving workshops and keynote presentations to students and young adults on the power of vision and purpose.  She has authored a series of journals, a book and a workbook and is very passionate about creating a God conscious mindset within all humanity.

Amanda Elizabeth McKenzie, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
As a practitioner of The Lifeline TechniqueTM, Amanda is sharing infinite love and gratitude with the people she meets.  With a background in computer programming for large multi-national corporations, her style is methodical and thorough.  Her goal is to bring light and love into the world through as many avenues as possible.

Amanda M. Taylor, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Amanda Taylor has received both her Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Divinity from UMS.  She is a certified Reflexologist.  Also, she is an Atlanta Metaphysical Examiner (writer) for online newspaper.

Amie R. Ridley, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Amie offers a private practice as a Spiritual Counselor and Energy Healer. Providing one-on-one plus group therapy sessions, as well as consciousness and vibrational healing classes, Amie utilizes a variety of modalities and techniques to enlighten and equip others. Fundamentally, she also uses her education as a springboard in her own spiritual journey and consciousness explorations. When she is not doing the above, Amie composes New Age music, writes articles, promotes videos and books, and creates an online environment where anyone can go to be metaphysically inspired and fortified.

Amy Richardson Novack, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Amy Richardson Novack has had a growing massage therapy and yoga teaching practice on the Jersey Shore for the past 7 years -her business-Intuitive Healing LLC was founded in 2006, and offers bodywork and yoga instruction.  She will be offering spiritual counseling and wedding services when her masters is complete, and plans in the next year to open a b and b with her husband, offering a retreat, a healing space to extend this practice.
She holds a BS from Monmouth University in Anthropology and now a M.Sc. from University of Metaphysics, and is working towards her PhD, in Spiritual Counseling.  Her life long love of learning and growth led her to UMS (with the help of a friend who completed her degree with UMS), her studies and experiences pursuing this advanced degree has deepened her understanding of herself, her world, and her clients and she feels it has helped not only herself, but also the people who come to her for comfort, healing and yoga.

Annemarie Seidenberg, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Annemarie Seidenberg is a metaphysical teacher and healer. She operates her own holistic healing business where she combined spiritual connection and counseling with metaphysical healing. She discovered early on her passion in assisting people on their spiritual journey.  Her deep compassion, understanding, and intuitive sensing allow her to help clients realize their fullest potential as loving, caring human beings. She also teaches numerous workshops. She enjoys teaching about dowsing, crystals, and energy work.

Annie Clay, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
With her scientific and thirsty mind, Annie has spent the last 35+ years studying all things under the Metaphysical umbrella, and is importing this knowledge into an holistic counseling practice. At a very young age, she acknowledged the strong connection between the mind and the body together with the underlying energies and vibrations of thoughts and emotions, and uses this realization as a reliable diagnostic tool for revealing some core issues in her clients’ lives. Annie is a certified Life Coach, Reiki Master, Reconnective Healing practitioner and Intuitive empath, and is currently studying for her PhD with UMS.

Anthony James Gourlay, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Thank you to the University of Metaphysical Sciences I am a Master of Divinity, Ordained Reverend, and Practitioner. I will be continuing my education with the University for my Doctor of Divinity. Thank you for all that you have done UMS and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Ashley Nicole Hilger Brothers, LMP, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Ashley N. H. Brothers, LMP & M.Div is a licensed massage therapist, spiritual counselor and shamanic practitioner with a Master’s Of Divinity. Her goal is to facilitate healing of the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual bodies through various techniques such as Massage, Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy, Divination, Extraction, Soul Retrieval, Compassionate De-possession, Curse Unraveling and so much more. Her mission is to assist others by helping them enhance their awareness and find the connection between their thoughts, habits and beliefs as well as the emotional/physical manifestations that result from them. She also helps people to see the spiritual connection within all these things and to deepen their lives experiences by reaching out exploring their place in the Universe. By enhancing this awareness it is possible to heal on so many levels. Ashley has overcome many obstacles and illnesses in her life and is sharing her knowledge, compassion, and experience to her clients through her practice.

Aundraya Taaliba Imani Robertson, Master of Metaphysics, M.M.
Being a student at UMS has been an absolute blessing for Aundraya. She has grown spiritually by leaps and bounds, and has gained an immeasurable amount of insight and knowledge. Her education at UMS helps her to assist others in their spiritual journeys.

Azoré Harris , Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Azoré is a Photographer, Massage Therapist, Reiki Master and Spiritual Intuitive counselor. She owns Sine Wave Productions which is a recording studio. She also is the owner of Process Xpress, a full legal services company where she is the Chief Investigator.
It is her dream and desire to help heal the consciousness of men/women through her music, photography and other spiritual modalities. Her journey has been one fueled by a burning desire to know Oneself and the purpose of.

This journey has led her into the studies of Metaphysics and has yielded many moments of enlightenment through daily meditation, self-study and allowing the lines of communication to always remain open with the Divine.  Through her practices she has gained a clearer understanding of “Self” and how one can live a more fulfilling and peaceful, contributing existence and is now sharing all that she has learned and is continuing to learn with all who can hear her.

Astrud Gabriela Sams, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Astrud is a conscious individual who is here to help the world go through it’s awakening process. She has achieved her Master Degree in Metaphysical Sciences. She has been practicing metaphysics since she was very little. At eleven years old, she was already practicing body-mind-spirit awareness through hands on healing and Yoga. Now she is a holistic coach, leader and teacher of spirituality and metaphysics who travels all over the world, spreading love and knowledge.

Barbara A. Heller, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Barbara is an Inner Calm Consultant and Qigong Practitioner. Meditation practices, Qigong Instruction, Personal Crystal Vibration Assessments, and Reiki are among some of the services offered in the practice. She specializes in helping families to understand the conditions of  ADD/HD and autism from a different perspective and gives them the tools to begin their journey to greater peace.

Beth O’Boyle, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Beth O’Boyle is a Bach Flower Registered Practitioner and Hypnosis Counselor, and is trained in the tradition of Usui Reiki. She is the director of Hudson Healing Arts, a wellness center inspired by the healing traditions of ancient medicine. The center is comprised of a group of independent practitioners with a common goal – that of providing a peaceful space for honoring and restoring balance to body, mind, and spirit.

Drawn to the world beyond the physical from an early age, Beth has found UMS to be a diverse, supportive, and encouraging environment in which to explore the realm of metaphysics.

Beth Lauderdale, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
I have had an interest in all things “woo-woo” since childhood. Several years ago, I discovered the University of Metaphysical Sciences and began a deeper exploration into the world of metaphysics. I have found it to be the most satisfying journey of my life. I most enjoy using my skills with astrology and the tarot to help others navigate this physical existence we call life on planet Earth and in the process I always learn a thing or two about myself.

Betty A. Bonnenfant, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Beth is currently working on her Doctorate Degree here @ the University of Metaphysical Sciences.  She is also working on coordinating “Dream Work” and “Intuitive Workshops”.

Betty J. McCarty, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Betty has studied various metaphysical subjects over the last 25 years with various teachers. She is trained in Therapeutic Touch, Massage Therapy, Essential Oils, Polarity Therapy, Energy Healing and Healing Touch. She is a graduate of Austin School of Massage Therapy, WakePoint School of Energy Healing, Southeastern Oklahoma State University and Texas A&M University. She is a licensed professional counselor in the state of Texas with a private healing practice in Houston. More recently she is pursuing her PhD in Clinical Psychology, along with a Doctoral degree with UMS.

Billetta Rountree, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Billetta Rountree received her Bachelor of Metaphysics, B.M. and Master of Metaphysical Sciences, from UMS. She is very excited about completing her doctorate degree from UMS.
At a very early age, she has experienced a variety of paranormal experiences. Her mission is to counsel, utilize healing modalities, remove cords and blockages, and assist people during their present plane of existence to higher realms in attaining happiness for the soul’s progression.

Bonnie K. Dysinger, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Bonnie K. Dysinger is a Healing Facilitator, a Certified Practitioner of Esoteric Healing, and a national instructor of the philosophy and energy healing methods of Esoteric Healing. She is a Reiki practitioner and instructor, a Certified Hypnotherapist, and includes Fields of Consciousness and Wholistic Manual Medicine in her work. She is the owner of Gentle Touch Healing in Benicia, CA.

Boris M. G. Artemieff, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Boris lived many years in Asia, and got introduced to meditation by different teachers in Thailand and Nepal. Currently he resides in France where he uses Mindful meditation in his coaching practice.

BR Honiball, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Barend Rudolph Honiball was born on the 3rd of June 1967 in South Africa.
Rudi, as most of his friends know him, was always curios in the unknown and magic. It was only later in life, due to very difficult circumstances and mystical experiences that Rudi awakened his curiosity again that prime him to the field of Metaphysics. After completing his Bachelor of Divinity (D.Div) in 2010, Rudi continue to study for his Masters of Divinity. Rudi is still mastering, exploring, seeking and traveling in unknown realms to experience and broaden his view of the Metaphysical Sciences. Rudi is hoping to share his knowledge and experiences to others in the near future.

Brandy Deutsch, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Brandy Deutsch is a leader and a pioneer in the conscious living communities of Houston, Texas. She uses her intuitive gifts and specialized training to help clients achieve fast and often immediate results.

For 15 years Brandy has been an advocate and educator for reducing the effects of stress related illnesses in schools, corporations, and healthcare facilities.

Brandy focuses on blending quantum physics, energy medicine (light & sound frequency therapies), and belief work (ThetaHealing® technique) to develop optimal systems for growth, development, and transformation in group and individual settings.

Bridget Marian Dorward, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Reverend Bridget Marian Dorward, RN, M Sc., is a career professional registered nurse, with twenty years of clinical practice and healthcare management experience. Her practical metaphysical experience began with Reiki in1996 and has continued to include many energy healing modalities.

Bridget desires to assist, teach and lead others to learn the self-healing energy techniques that cross the planes of physical and spiritual dimensions to create holistic transformation and higher consciousness. Also, Bridget is a Quantum Success Law of Attraction Life Coach and an ordained Minister who loves to assist in the creation of sacred life events and everyday spirit nature rituals.

Bridget Oliver, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Rev. Bridget Oliver, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc. Bridget resides in the UK, she has a passion for the Tarot and is a professional Tarot Reader. Bridget is an Informer and Advisor on all things metaphysical and refers to herself as a ‘mystic-soup’. As an Ordained Minister, under the UMS umbrella, she intends to create a Metaphysical Science Church, of Sacred Truth. A tiny oasis for anyone seeking answers, or alternatives to current mainstream life. A place to receive support, and encouragement, a cornerstone to creating a joyful, healthy life.

Brittany Rae Chapman, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
7 year Reiki practitioner and now founder of Inner Light Church in Honolulu, Hawaii. So blessed to have the energetic support of UMS during all my journeys!

Bronwyn Reed, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
I grew up in the Cradle of Humankind, at the foothills of the Magiliesberg Mountains in South Africa. With two wild and wonderfully witty older brothers, who were always on the hunt for adventure (and more snakes), a loving mother as a Healer and a father as a Naturalist Guide, Spirit and Science came together for me at a young age. My passion is Curriculum Development aimed at making the new cutting edge Biology, Science and Spirit subjects available to families as this is not yet taught in our schools. I currently work in the Reed family business, Okavango Guiding School, in Maun, Botswana.

Carla J Adams, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Rev. Carla ‘CeeJay’ Adams has a Masters in Divinity from the University of Metaphysical Sciences and is currently pursuing her PhD in spiritual counseling. She is a spiritual visionary and international edutainer promoting whole-person wellness and soul advancement in a joyful manner that evokes peace, love, unity and respect, empowering all beings to live authentically and joyously with the Divine Universe. She specializes in success development, intuition awakening, and promotion of integrated physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual well-being. Her spiritual-metaphysical modality weaves entertainment, education and intuition for a fun-filled approach to uncovering hidden truths, creating vision and intentional passionate, prosperous living. Through a variety of techniques including traditional counseling strategies, spiritual partnership, shamanistic healing techniques, and metaphysical divination tools, Ceejay helps her clients create abundant joy and boundless vision.

Carol E. Nicholson, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Carol Nicholson holds advanced certifications as a Psychic Medium, Trance Medium, Astrologer, Hypnotherapist, and Accessing the Akashic Records. She has been counseling people professionally for over thirty years and has appeared on radio and television numerous times. Owner of, Carol now devotes her time teaching others and has a successful on-line training school with many distance learning classes available. Author of two extensive home study courses in Mediumship and Clairvoyance training. She also spends her time facilitating numerous training events in Scottsdale, Arizona, and has taught weekend intensives nationally for the last ten years. Carol is an avid paranormal enthusiast and shares many spirit voice recordings with the public for those interested in listening to spirits communicate back to the world of the living offering proof of life after death.

Carol Wilding, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
What a wonderful journey! The University of Metaphysical Sciences courses have helped me grow and learn and blossom. A warm thank you to all of the gracious and generous staff, and a big hug to the Universe for this beautiful experience.

Carole Wolfe, Master of Metaphysics, M.M.
Carole offers intuitive readings, energy work, and distance healing through Windspirit Pathways. She is also a Reiki Master and a massage therapist. Carole currently works at University of Metaphysical Sciences as a Student Advisor.

Caroline A. Cook, Master of Divinity M.Div.
Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Sound and Vibration healing, Certified Angel Card Reader through Doreen Virtue and Hay House, Certified Angel Practitioner through Charles Virtue, Second level Karuna Practitioner, Certified level 1 Solfeggio Tuning Fork Practitioner.

Carolyn Kay Ortiz, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Professional:  Executive Director for the Colorado Law Enforcement Officers’ Association and Colorado Peace Officers Foundation, editor of The Colorado Law Enforcement Officer.  Personally: Youth educator, hospice volunteer/bereavement counselor, prayer chaplain, conduct intuitive/Tarot readings.

Carolyn Marie Cannistraro, Master of Metaphysics, M.M.
I feel grateful for the opportunity to make a difference in the world and bring joy to millions. “Go forth and Life the Life You Were Born To Live.” Blessings, Carolyn

Carolyn Paige Petlow, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Carolyn is a certified Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master/Teacher, Holistic Life Coach and now a practicing Metaphysician, in Santa Barbara, California. She is dedicated to helping others connect to their true inner vision through the power of metaphysical practices and ancient wisdom & healing modalities. It is through this work and guidance that Carolyn hopes to inspire her clients to “turn on the light inside of them”, so they can learn to become co-creators in their own lives, and live the life of their dreams!

Cathy Fuss, Master of Metaphysics, M.M.
Cathy Fuss is a perpetual student of life. She was raised in upstate New York and now lives and works in the Acadia National Park region of Maine in the summer and on the golden sunset Gulf Coast of Florida in the winter. She is a travel writer, a massage therapist, a tax accountant, and the CFO of Vortex SeaDrive Systems, a green technology start-up company. She has also edited two books on Teleology. Cathy is proof that you can be and do anything, that the brain is an integrated whole and not separate hemispheres. She has just been awarded her Master of Metaphysics degree.

Cathy J. Keefe, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Cathy started severally year ago looking for ways to handle life’s challenges, She discovered Reiki and now a Reiki Master, and currently leads a wellness community. Cathy is also a member of the American Holistic Nurse Association as light worker.

Celia Jane Butcher, Master of Metaphysics, M.M.
Celia Jane Butcher, M.M.  Classic Celtic Mystic working with past lives, soul retrieval and other-realm beings to bring understanding and healing to both this realm and the other realms.

Chariss K Walker, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Chariss K Walker, M.Div., resides in Amarillo, TX where she devotes her life to motherhood and as a published author. Chariss writes all of her books, whether fiction or nonfiction, with a metaphysical message. She has authored eleven fiction books: The Vision Chronicles series–Kaleidoscope, Book 1; Spyglass, Book 2; Window’s Pane, Book 3; Windows All Around, Book 4; Open Spaces, Book 5; Stream of Light, Book 6; Lamp’s Light, Book 7; Clear Glass, Book 8; The Retreat; The Journey; and Crescent City (An Alec Winters Series, Book 1) along with five metaphysical books: Make a Joyful Noise: Searching for a Spiritual Path in a Material World; Make a Joyful Noise Study Guide; Chakra Basics: Fundamentals of Spiritual Growth; The Spiritual Gifts: Understanding for the Great Shift and Beyond; and Love and Sex: A Personal Journey that was co-authored with David A. Britner, M.Msc.

Chasity Broussard Vice, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Rev. Chasity Broussard Vice has studied metaphysical concepts and spiritual teachings for over 15 years.  Over the years, she has developed a passion for spirituality and energy work by studying among a fascinating list of teachers.  In her free time, she practices the ancient art of Reiki and teaches natural healing alternatives.  She holds a Master of Science from UMS and is currently a candidate for the Doctor of Philosophy from the University of Metaphysical Sciences.

Chris C.Dayian, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Chris is retired from two professions, law enforcement and special education. With his degrees he hopes to counsel and possibly have a ministry that serves victims of trauma and/or PTSD. He is excited about starting down this new metaphysical path.

Christina R Alvarez, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Christina Alvarez, M.Div. is continuing on to receive her Doctorate with UMS.  She is the founder of Beautiful Life LLC located in Kentucky.  She is a life coach, energy healer and is currently creating her own line of gem essences.  She is currently in the process of writing a series of books.

Christopher Bradshaw, Master of Metaphysics, M.M.
Founder of Urban Revolution Ltd and originally from the UK Christopher is currently living and working in Southern China.  Having completed his UMS Master’s degree with a research project that he carried out in India he is expanding his metaphysical studies in China and continuing to research and practice with Biofield and other non-invasive medical technologies.  His aim is to collaborate with a Chinese organization to create a centre of research where he can integrate the knowledge that he has gained so far into a clinically based Doctorate study.

Christopher Marc Turkaly, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
I have been a student and practitioner of the healing arts for over 20 years. I have studied various holistic health techniques and discovered their inter-relatedness and inter-connectedness to healing.

As an Amazing and Powerful Healer, my mission is to awaken the seeds of change so you can Remember and Radiate Your True Self!

Christopher Wayland Dahlberg, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
I have had the beliefs and practiced a metaphysical lifestyle before knowing metaphysics was a science. I have always known there was more to our existence and had more power than what we’re told we have. UMS has helped me to reawaken this power and rise to my fullest potential. I am so grateful to have crossed paths with Christine and the University of Metaphysical Sciences.

Ciara M. D. Clarke, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Ciara is delighted to have earned her Master of Metaphysical Sciences degree at UMS. She is now looking forward to completing her doctoral degree and is excited to announce the up-coming publication of her book, ‘The Way I See It’, which tells the story of a beleaguered woman with a novel approach to life.

Cindee Hudson, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Cindee Hudson, M.Sc., has been involved in her healing community for several years.  In addition to organizing a local expo, printing a local practitioner guide, and now publishing an E-newsletter, she is a certified healing arts practitioner, certified clinical hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and teaches many modalities through The Enlightenment Institute, which she founded in 2009.  Having achieved her Master’s degree through UMS, she is now working toward her Doctorate degree.

Connie Brown, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Connie Brown is very proud to have attained her bachelor of metaphysical sciences, and master of metaphysical sciences degrees. Her studies at the University of Metaphysical Sciences have pulled her out of the mystic closet and have opened new doors to her spiritual journey. As an ordained minister, practitioner, Reiki master, and certified clinical hypnotherapist, Connie will be of great service in helping others heal the mind, body, and soul. She is looking forward to receiving her PhD in the spring of 2014.

Cottonwood Martin Stone, Master of Metaphysics, M.M.
Founder and President of Arizona TLC Sanctuary and Educational Center, Cottonwood Stone specializes in using sound healing and alchemic practices to step into the authentic voice. Her well-received program, Stage-Masters, assists musicians in refining their stage presence while opening their heart in the sharing of their music.

Crystal J. Newhope, Master of Metaphysics, M.M.
I reside in Phoenix, AZ with my son. With the completion of my Master’s Reflection Project, I can now move forward. The gift of knowledge is a precious thing and I have learned to accept the things that I cannot change and to work at changing the things that I can. May God grant us the wisdom to see that changing comes from the heart of love.

Cynthia Erhardt, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
I have been studying Metaphysics for over ten years. I teach and apply Reiki , I love energy work and the healing process that comes with it, some times in minutes. Angel card readings are amazingly accurate and fun – I cannot say I do any one thing- as I incorporate all my classes, intuition and learnings in whatever is needed at the time.
What a journey I have been on…. and still every day wowed at results, healings, friendships , miracles and JOY.

Daniel Renteria, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
My interest in Metaphysics began back in 2009, and I continue to study the different topics under the branch of Metaphysics and I will continue to practice the art.

I reside in California and I love the weather. I hope to be an inspiration for others, and maybe one day share publicly all the different things that have helped me in my journey through life.

Danielle Hope Hier-Palli, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Danielle Palli is the owner of Birdland Media Works, a writing, publicity, editing and virtual assistance company. She is also an author, presenter and part-time yoga and Pilates instructor. In addition to her ordination and spiritual counseling studies at UMS, Danielle received a Master’s Degree in Professional Writing from Chatham University and a Bachelor of Science Degree from New York University.

David E. Seagraves, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Author David Seagraves, M.Sc. pursues his mission is to manifest a brighter global future by inspiring and mentoring thousands of young people. He focuses a wealth of metaphysical knowledge and energy work in storytelling to help children develop responsibility, optimism, and good character. David is a veteran practitioner of dowsing, I Ching, Sukyo Mahikari, and advanced crystal healing. He studied at Princeton University, later transferring and earning a BA in English from Colorado College. David enjoys living in coastal SoCal with his wife Tanja (a UMS Master’s candidate) and their dog Belinda, while currently studying for his PhD with UMS.

David F. Coons, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
David Coons is the organizer for Colorado Springs Spirituality and Self Discovery, and a General Contractor in the Colorado Springs area, David is also the founder of Abundant Light Outreach. David is combining Construction with Metaphysics to create a business model that is unique to the construction industry and will embrace the new emerging consciousness. In addition David facilitates Monthly meditations, Workshops, spiritual counseling, and Divination in Colorado Springs.

Dawn Labertew, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
My deep connection with animals and Mother Earth has led me to a Pagan path. Nature is my religion, Earth is my temple.
Family, friends, animal friends, reading, gardening, hiking, serving as a Medium, Psychic, Animal Communicator, and Healer brings me great joy!
Earning my Master’s degree through UMS has been enlightening and enriched my life in so many ways.
I am grateful for this divine learning experience!

Deborah Carr Senger, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Gifted from birth, Deborah Carr Senger is a Christian Spiritual and Historic Medium. Her educational credentials include a Masters of Metaphysical Sciences (University of Metaphysical Sciences), a Certified Paranormal Investigator (University of Nevada) Certified MUFON Investigator, and a Certified Parapsychologist (Flamel College). Her life’s work is to follow God’s path to help others spiritually heal and develop by finding and developing their own divine gifts. She is an investigator, medium, teacher, coordinator, speaker and advisor at numerous conferences, private homes, businesses, crime scenes and historical and paranormal sites throughout the world each year. She has developed and taught Ghost hunting I and II, ghost walks and How to Develop Your Own Psychic Ability. She is currently portraying (channeling) Mary Todd Lincoln with her partner Chris Hotz (Abraham Lincoln) to celebrate Lincoln’s 200th Birthday this year. Their company features a variety of historic and paranormal tours in Bloomington, Illinois. Her private practice includes private readings, psychic development and other metaphysical paths for individual and group spiritual development.

Deborah J. Zurawski-Kearns, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
My name is Deborah Zurawski-Kearns and I am honored to be part of a selective calling that is shifting the universal consciousness and doing my part to help in the spiritual evolution of all that IS through the I AM.

My journey expanded over 50 years with the awakening in the last 5. The storm was an expedition to seek and find all the treasures that emerged from my metamorphosis. Through the storm, I have arrived. I welcome this new beginning!

Deborah J. Zurawski-Kearns
Bachelor of Metaphysics
Master of Metaphysical Sciences

Debra Ann Brown, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Debra Brown (aka Debb ),Earth Angel,Metaphysical Teacher,Spirit’s Messenger, Empath and Healer. Debb uses many different modalities in her healings and always comes from a place of Unconditional Love.She assists people from all walks with their journey in this life. Debb Officiates Weddings and Baby Blessings. She is also a Certified Herbalist,Usui-Seichim and Dolphin Reiki Master/Teacher.

Debra Wrye, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Debra has a small private practice on the Eastern North Carolina shore. She conducts workshops that promote self evolution and deeper soul work. Debra is also certified in the following areas: Master Hypnotherapist, Life Coach, Soul Coach, Past Life Therapist and Life Between Life Therapist.

Dena M. Buchanan, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
I’m so excited to have completed the Master of Divinity program through UMS. I have so enjoyed my journey and have learned so much in my travels. When first deciding to pursue my Bachelor’s in Metaphysical Sciences UMS stood out as the university that was best suited to my needs. The staff was always available for questions or just conversation if I was stuck on a topic. They were so supportive that I am so happy that I continued my education with the Master’s degree program. I use my training on a regular basis and encourage others to check into UMS so that they may gain knowledge whether a degree is their desire or just the awesome information it brings. Namaste!

Dennis Flinkstrom, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Dennis Flinkstrom RTR, M.Sc. is lives with his family in New Hampshire. He writes essays and articles on various metaphysical subjects and submits them to various publications/outlets.

Diana Palone-Biro, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Rev. Diana Palone-Biro, B.Msc., M.Div. Master of Divinity.  Offers spiritual counseling, following the journey that began at age 12.  Believes in Native American ideals and practices.  Sharing medical intuitive knowledge and that the Creator supports all people and Mother Earth.

Donna Marie Hickey, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Donna Hickey is a Certified Grief Recovery® Specialist, minister, intuitive Tarot reader, meditation facilitator, spiritual counselor, and energy worker. She is a certified Reiki Master and Integrated Energy Therapy practitioner and holds a Master of Divinity from the University of Metaphysical Sciences (UMS). She is also studying to become a certified Meditation teacher. Donna is a member of the International Association of Reiki Practitioners (IARP), and the American Tarot Association (ATA). As a part of her mission, Donna works with victims and survivors of domestic violence as a volunteer facilitator and advocate at a local women’s center.

Donna J Sharp, Master of Metaphysics, M.M.
Donna is a licensed massage therapist, Reiki Master/ Teacher, Pranic healer, Manifesting Coach and Custom Meditation Guide. She is excited to now add Spiritual Counseling to her practice and looks forward to the journey ahead.

Eileen Garfinkel, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Eileen Garfinkel is a telepathic animal communicator, healer and counselor.  As an animal communicator, Eileen gives and receives messages from animals, whether living or physically deceased.  As a healer, Eileen is able to run Universal energy through her body and deliver that energy to the animal. Her ardent desire to help to spiritually, emotionally, mentally, and whenever possible physically heal the Earth, one being at a time.

Elisabetta Di Nardo (Elohisa), Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Elohisa is a Sound Alchemist, mystic, musician, healer, inspirational speaker, educator and the founder of the Academy of Sound Alchemy.

She has traveled and lived in countries around the world such as Africa, the Middle East, India, Europe and Australia. Learning about different cultural backgrounds and belief systems has helped her to grow more conscious and aware of the differences and similarities of people all around the world.

As a devoted student of life and an Ambassador of Peace and Light, her mission is to inspire, educate, and empower individuals from all walks of life to ‘tune in’ and ‘be-come’ so that they my live to their full potential. Offering practical tools and methods that inspire, awaken, and guide anyone who is willing, the opportunity to change their lives forever.

Elizabeth S. Eiler, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Elizabeth S. Eiler, B.Msc., M.Sc., Reiki III is co-owner of Seven Stars Healing Arts, LLC, a holistic wellness practice in Des Moines, Iowa.  Trained in Usui Reiki, Crystal Reiki, Angelic Reiki, and animal communication, Elizabeth specializes in providing healing energy sessions for animals.  You can read her blog at Metaphysical Connection.  She’s presently working on her doctoral dissertation at UMS and is writing a book about animal spirituality.

Emily Hallinan, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Emily is owner of Soul Transformations 360.  She resonates with the Light transforming your Soul with Love, using different modalities, so that your life may be what you Dream it to be.

Eren Nalani Martin-Beat, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Eren Nalani Martin-Beat is a Marine Biologist, Energy Teacher, Keynote Speaker and Children’s Intuitive Coach. Eren travels and lectures on transformation through a workshop series called, Hana Ea Lani. Hana Ea Lani uses modern day science along with traditional Hawaiian protocols and practices.

She is the Founder of “Earth Angels Sanctuary & Learning Center”. It is a community for your intuitive child(ren) – education for their mind, wholeness for their body & sanctuary for their spirit. By uniting together; we empower a Conscious Child, strengthen Conscious Parenting and transform the world. She is passionate about guiding children to their intuitive gifts/abilities through support, education and community services.

Erin Ashley Hall, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Erin-Ashley is a Confidence Coach for Sensitive People. After a severe and prolonged illness opened her up to her intuitive abilities when she was 19, she went through years of confusion while she tried to figure out what was happening to her and why she experienced the world differently than those around her. In 2011 she finally “got serious” about helping people. Since then, she has helped people in through the world master their intuitions and tap into the strength and confidence of their souls.

Dipl.Ing. Frank Heyde, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Minister Frank Heyde B.M. / M. Div. ordained by the church of heart . Frank is living in Germany. He works with people who are “suffering from the soul”. Grateful to have found the tuition by the UMS and to be listed here, he’ll do his best to spread “the news” about consciousness, souls and invisible energy for perfect healing. There is a lot more as we are able to see with our eyes…

Frank Robert Murray, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Frank lives and works in Gifu City, in central Japan.  He has a college background in Applied Physics and Mechanical Engineering. Being in the present moment, and being in awe of the vast depths of each moment is central to his exploration of the human experience.

Gary Herron, Master of Metaphysics, M.M.
Rev. Gary C. Herron aka Lord Sige-Jen I, is a Wicca High Priest with over 30 years experience, Licensed Minister (Wicca/Ohio), Metaphysical Speaker/Teacher, Spiritual Counselor, Tarot Reader, Scryer, Energy Worker(Qi Gong), Writer and Artist. He currently lives in a 14 room ,1880’s house in New Straitsville, Ohio with his wife Samantha and their Black Maine Coon cat Xena.

George H. Crist, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Having retired from the business world, George now offers spiritual counseling/healing at the Pathways to Consciousness spiritual center, a non-profit organization he founded for this purpose.  He has a degree in Biology from a secular university and has taken classes in many different healing modalities.  His current goal in life is to help as many people as possible to climb the spiritual ladder towards Christ Consciousness and to enjoy the peace that comes with it.

Gerardo Alberto Olivas, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Alberto is a Personal Development Coach and Higher Conscious Lifestyle Engineer.

Gertrud Pehk, Master of Metaphysics, M.M.
Salutations to the Eternal Enlightener of Souls – Gertrud Pehk – Om and Salutations to the Celestial Healer. When daffodils are in blossom, I become animate and indulge Souls in a spiritual symphony of ultimate benevolence, esoteric philosophy, stream of consciousness writing and magnum opus art. One Love.

Grace Neuhaus, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Grace is a native El Pasoan who has been a practicing Psychic and Metaphysician for over twenty five years. Today, she gains a sense of personal fulfillment from sharing her insight with others through her current endeavors. Grace is a contributor to El Paso’s “The City Magazine” where she writes a monthly article on various metaphysical topics. As well as a semi annual publication “The City Spaces” where she writes articles on Feng Shui. She is also a certified Feng Shui Practitioner and Consultant. You can listen to her on the radio at 92.3 The Fox where she is a featured guest speaker.

Hala Rompf, Master of Metaphysics, M.M.
Hala Rompf is a certified hypnotherapist and master NLP practitioner who began her spiritual journey as a teenager and continues to be enlightened with every passing year on this planet. In her hypnosis practice, she dedicates much of her efforts educating her clients on the power of one’s thoughts and on the undeniable effect they have over shaping their future, health, state of mind, and much more.  With many on the path of realization, she is there with full dedication to help them realize their full potential and that they ultimately hold the power within to change.

Hanadi AlMarzouq, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

A very ambitious woman following a path of spirituality, I started being awake spiritually few years back and my whole life has changed in all areas… I started studying Parapsychology and found myself in this field. After few years of practicing what I studied and had clients from all over the globe, I decided to have deeper understanding and help more people. So I joined UMS.. It was a journey of self discovery, and what a lovely journey it was.

I’m a certified Trainer, Reiki Master Teacher, Shihan from Japan, Certified Trainer of NLP from the US, Certified Life Coach from the UK and the US, Certified Hypnotherapist, Metaphysical and Spiritual Healer.

I offer personal and group healing sessions using many healing techniques, and I do many studies on this path…

Harvey L Bailey, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Harvey L Bailey is the father of two, a teenage boy and a young girl. This veteran of the US Army seeks to enlighten others through his two businesses- Harvey’s Healing Hands and The One Thought Life Coaching.

He is a member of Toastmasters and enjoys spending time with his kids, reading and writing, teaching Reiki and Chakra classes, as well as helping people find their path in life through visioning.

Heather S. Stacey, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Heather lives on the south coast of England in the beautiful Dorset countryside where she writes short stories and practices spiritual counseling in the locality.

Helen Dian O’Bannon, Master of Metaphysical Science, M.Sc.
Helen has a background in psychology with an emphasis in counseling. She worked 8 years with domestic violence and sexual assault survivors. Her education and life experiences make her able to help others. She teaches, writes, and gives readings. In her spare time she is a movie buff, she is an animal lover and protector, and she likes to walk, she also enjoys making jewelry. Her spirituality has helped her in her life, love, and work.

Henna Datta, Master of Metaphysical Science, M.Sc.
Henna Datta wants to live in a world where everyone is happy and free to be their authentic self and express their unique gifts lovingly and fearlessly.

As a sought-after Intuitive Healing Coach, guiding and supporting creative women entrepreneurs through their journey to manifest sparkling wealth, health, love, happiness and deep peace in their lives is what truly lights up Henna’s soul. She is humbled and honored to have mentored hundreds of amazing women from all over the world.

When she’s not creating fun, intuitive strategies for her clients or writing her first book, you can find her indulging her eternal wanderlust through exotic cuisine, books or travel.

Her latest courses, Manifest Your Meadow Of Luminescence© and Home Is Your Flower Of Light© are being polished to a shine for their online debut this year.

If those names speak a language that seems familiar to your soul, don’t hesitate to get in touch with her for more information. She is always delighted to meet kindred beings.

Hobert Robbins, Master of Metaphysical Science, M.Sc.
Hobert Robbins
. Birth dagte- 07-12-1941
. Birthplace- Caryville, Tennessee, USA
. United States Air Force veteran – 1960-1964
. 2ASB Degrees (Business Management – Accounting Center for Degree Studies
Scranton, PA
. FCC Radiotelephone Operator Licensee
. Certified Journeyman – Electronic Dimensional Control Mechanic (Dimensional Metrology) 25 years
. General Motors Corporation Skilled Trade Retiree
. Best Personal Affirmation –

If God wants my body, he has got it,
If God wants my mind, he has got it,
If God wants my spirit(soul),
God has got that too.

That I affirmed at AGE 19, Fifty years ago, and he will be the first to affirm, that without spiritual guidance, his life expectancy might have been greatly reduced.
With Spiritual Guidance, his life has been filled with challenging, rewarding experiences.
For instance, acquiring a book by John Bradshaw called “Reclaiming Virtue”
was an inspirationally rewarding experience.
In his book, John Bradshaw describes what is essentially the most important quality of human experience.
Mr. Bradshaw described that quality as moral intelligence-Doing the right thing, at the right time, for the right reason.
Such a great Metaphysical Epigram expresses the essence of human experience in such elegant simplicity.
“Beauty is Truth and Truth Beauty, that is all ye know on earth and all ye need to know.”

So said John Keats in his poem, “Ode on a Grecian Urn,” written in 1819.
How best can wise fulfill our lifetime purpose then to develop a metaphysical appreciation of he beauty and the truth of he Universe, from the infinitesimal to the infinite, so help us, Universal Supreme Creator (aka God)
Wishing Metaphysical Awareness and Spiritual Blessings to all persons on the earth.

Huma Afzal Mehmood, Master of Metaphysical Science, M.Sc.
Huma Afzal Mehmood has been helping humanity through psychological counseling for 22 years with her Master’s in Counseling Psychology. Huma is well traveled; has lived in several countries and visited or studied in many others over the years and speaks five languages. She uses an esoteric approach in her counseling and teaching, incorporating the foundation of Counseling Psychology and building on it with the various methodologies and concepts of Metaphysical Sciences. Known as a mystic in her community, she is sought as a meditation teacher. Huma has been a Reiki Master and practitioner for several years and four years ago, received her certification as clinical hypnotherapist. Huma’s working on developing a series of CD’s of meditation, and positive self-talk. As well, Huma is currently working on completing three books related to mysticism and metaphysics. Huma’s repertoire of services presently includes Reiki session, teaching Reiki courses, hypnotherapy, channeled messages through her guide, tarot readings, spiritual counseling, meditation classes and several workshops on subjects such as energy cleansing, personal power, energy clearing, chakra healing, etc.

Ida Nadzsal, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Ida is a member of American Association of Drugless Practitioner. She works successfully in the health and education field. Ida does presentations all around the world about how we can awaken the self and change old attitudes that do not take us to the level where we can be happy.

Ines Beyer, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Ines is passionate about learning and exploring all facets of consciousness and what makes us who we are at our essence. As volunteer and instructor at the International Academy of Consciousness (IAC) she shares a great purpose of educating and bringing awareness to IAC’s research and the nature of human manifestation, evolution as well as possibilities for personal growth and self-development. Her approach is spiritual, yet practical and down to earth. She is especially interested in helping others to understand the process of death, reducing fears and coping with death.

Isaac Sierra, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Isobel McArthur, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Isobel McArthur Master of Metaphysical Sciences is an International Wellbeing Consultant covering Bahrain, Dubai, Turkey, Middle East and the UK.  Isobel is dedicated to transforming peoples lives by using a holistic integrated approach to health and wellbeing.  With over 17 years experience in the holistic field she is qualified as an NLP Master Practitioner, Master Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression, Reiki Master, Meditation Instructor, Stress Management Consultant, Munay Ki, Professional Kinesiologist, and Life Coach.  She teaches Workshops and runs retreats worldwide.

Jacqueline Backman, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Jackey Backman M.Msc, is an internationally recognized speaker, trainer and author. Her passionate message of purpose and gratitude is embraced by people around the world.  She is joyfully  committed to life long learning and is at her best when she is teaching people how to be their best and experience happier more fulfilling lives.

James Sunday Aremu-Cole, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
James S. Aremu-Cole is a student and teacher of the Bible. He is an ordained member of one of the largest churches in the world: (Winners Chapel International a.k.a. Living Faith Church Worldwide) headquartered in Ota near Lagos, Nigeria.
He is a retired college lecturer with over 30 years’ experience of Bible teaching and Church Administration.,
He has a passion for souls via prayer and intensive outreaches.On his website:, he shares insights on the Christian experience,evangelism and church growth as successfully practiced by The Living Faith Church Worldwide which has vibrant churches in every continent and over a million members worldwide.

Jamie Lynne Hellyer, Master of Metaphysics, M.M.
Jamie Hellyer has a Bachelor of Divinity, B. Div. degree with UMS and a Master of Metaphysics, M.M.  degree.

Jamie Annette Kutcher, Master of Metaphysical Sciences M.Sc.
Jamie started along her focused spiritual journey around 2005 and not long into that, she started studying at UMS to deepen her spiritual knowledge and advancement.

Her personal life was very troubled because of a severely abusive marriage which led Jamie into recurring periods of deep depressions and loss of hope. This halted her scholastic progress for the most part for many years.

At the end of 2010, she was finally able to run far away and hide from her abuser until almost 2 months later, when her abuser passed away. She returned home and started to rebuild her life from the ground up.

12 years of abuse and conditioning left lasting effects that Jamie has been working through with her own learned methods of healing and brain re-patterning. Anxiety, PTSD, depression, isolation, low self-esteem, exhaustion, over sensitivity to stimuli, and being afraid to talk to people were some of the things that she has been working hard to eliminate from her life.

While she was in hiding, she was certified level 1 & 2 in Reiki. In 2011 she received her Reiki Master training and has been working as a Reiki Practitioner since then and now belongs to a full wellness center, working alongside other holistic practitioners.

It took much focus, but Jamie finally received her Master’s degree in Metaphysical Sciences in 2015 which felt like the biggest accomplishment to her. She is adding Spiritual Counseling to her practice and looks forward to helping people rid their lives of unwanted patterns of negativity.

Her next step is to acquire her Ph.D. and she plans on writing books relating to self-help and spirituality.

Janice Lesley, Master of Metaphysical Sciences M.Sc.
Janice Lesley  BSW., B. Div., M.Sc., Reiki Master, Clinical Hypnotherapist
with over 25 years of experience in the helping field, Self-Centered Hypnotherapy and Reiki is located in the Metro Vancouver area of B.C. in Canada.
With Intuitive Counseling, Hypnosis and Reiki she guides her clients towards self-healing in a very relaxing manner.

Janina Kosciuczyk, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Janina is working now on clear channeling with Jesus Christ.

Janis Holiday, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Janis is a Homeopathic Doctor registered with the Canadian Registry of Homeopaths.  As a homeopath she assists individuals seeking to find their balance in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.  This path of healing is a lifestyle not only a choice.  She is a leader, healer and teacher and humbly, an Earth Angel.  Peace and Blessings

Jeanine Marie Aufiero, Master of Metaphysical Sciences M.Sc.
Jeanine Marie Aufiero is a Psychotherapist in New York, working with –
Individuals / Families / Couples / Workplace
*Beyond Consequences Certified Instructor : A Love-Based Approach to Helping Children with Severe Behaviors / Adoption complex issues
*Personality Disorders- Support for families and individuals
*Professional Mediator.

Jeannette M. Peralta, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Jeannette M. Peralta, Master of Divinity, M.Div
. Human Resources Management Professional, Spiritual Counselor, Reiki Master. Jeannette’s journey is to guide others to awaken their spiritual being and energy force.

Jeffery A. Nemeth, B.Msc., M.Div., Master of Divinity, M.Div.
It has been Jeffery’s lifetime goal to become a Spiritual Leader. He applied, entered, and withdrew from Catholic Seminary twice, once in High School and then in College. His attainment of the Master of Divinity through UMS is the fulfillment of that lifetime yearning for a Spiritual path. He is married to Donna, father to three children and two step-children, as well as grandpa to four, soon to be five grandchildren. The path of love is the aim of serving the Divine, All That Is and that love that is embodied in family and service to fellowman. Service to humanity is key to serving the Divine and through his service his expression of love. He has found his place as a Reverend in the Universal Church of Metaphysical Sciences, through service, faith, and love.

Jeffrey Botton-James, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Jeffrey is an active spiritual life coach with an energetic life coaching practice in Sydney NSW Australia

Jennifer (Djen) Burns, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Djen Burns is an Emotional Relief Counselor, Life Coach, Reiki Master, Astrologer and Workshop Facilitator. She holds a Master’s Degree from UMS and is an Ordained Reverend and she is currently living in the United States after Manifesting a Green Card last year. Djen is a caring and compassionate counselor. Her intention with clients is to have them remember “Who They really Are” and give them the tools allowing them to have the Life that they want. Her own life experience allows her to connect with people on many levels and from all walks of life. Her passion is teaching Law of Attraction, Creative Manifestation. “You are Meant to be Happy!”

Jessica Hall, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Jessica Hall recently completed her Master’s in Metaphysical Sciences at UMS, and she is being ordained as a Minister of Metaphysics.  In addition, she has a secular degree as a Master’s of Mental Health Counseling and is a certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Reiki Master Teacher.  Jessica is in the process of transitioning into clinical work in the mental health field and starting a holistic web based business with services including: Holistic consulting and life coaching, reiki, chakra balancing, and spiritual counseling.  She looks forward to continuing to further her knowledge in Metaphysics by pursuing a doctoral degree through UMS.

Jihan Mua’e – Richards, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
I am a writer, artisan and jewelry designer focusing on metaphysical pieces. I also created and run and am currently working on a new interactive project that should launch in the Spring of 2016. I am honored and grateful to have been able to be part of UMS and now part of it’s alumni.

Jo Ruddy, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Jo Ruddy is a metaphysician and the founder of Counseling Concepts, LLC. She has 30 years of experience in the healing professions.

Jo exclusively practices metaphysical approaches to healing.
She actively practices as a metaphysical life coach and specializes in using unconscious models to release chronic pain from the physical body. She is certified in the following modalities: Clinical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Holistic Life Coaching, DNA Reactivation, Medical Intuition, Theta Healing, Unconditional Love Healing, Genetic Reprogramming, and Four-Level Core Belief Repatterning. She has also been trained in Psych-K, Reiki, and Remote Viewing.

Through metaphysical teaching & experiential practice, public speaking, as well as both individual & class paradigm–she assists her students so they can release chronic pain from the body, dissipate painful memories, change negative repetitive patterns, and thereby live a more authentic life.

Johnathan Thomas, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Hello, my name is Johnathan. I’m the spiritual director of New Mind Meditation Buddhist Society. Originally, I was raised Christian. I grew up in the Southern Baptist Church. Ever since I could remember I have loved religion and spirituality. I loved going to church, listening to the teachings and singing the songs. My plan was to go to college and then attend Seminary to be a Baptist preacher. However, that didn’t work out. Life took a different turn. My first exposure to Spirituality and Buddhism was in college. When I got that little taste of it I decided that it was the path for me. I have studied and practiced a variety of different religions. I have been practicing Buddha Dharma and meditation for 10 years. I am a non-traditional Buddhist and inter-faith teacher. I have received and continue to receive teachings by various teachers in Gelug, Dzochen and Kagyu traditions of Tibetan Buddhism as well as other spiritual modalities.

Joseph M. Lutz, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Joseph M. Lutz is a recent recipient of the M.Sc. degree from UMS, and is now working on his Doctorate. After a stint in the Armed Services, he became a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area in the mid 70s. He spent his working years in Hi-Tech, eventually owning and becoming CEO of a small consulting firm in San Francisco. An avid motorcyclist and sportsman, he did not neglect the spiritual side of his nature. He obtained a level 4 Healing Touch Certification, an NLP practitioner certification and Reiki Masters’ certification. He also owns the copyright on IPECC-GARK, a proprietary coaching system that assists practitioners in living spiritually in the material world.

Joy N. Alboro, Master of Metaphysical Sciences M.Sc.
Joy has recently completed her Master of Metaphysical Sciences at UMS, with the ultimate goal of achieving the Doctorate degree. She currently practices Energy Healing, Hypnosis, NLP and Soul Coaching in Honolulu Hawaii.  Her studies at UMS has been valuable, rewarding and has enhanced her healing practice greatly.

Joy Michelle Kochmer, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Joy owns Om Joyful Yoga, a healing sanctuary in South Florida.

JOY Stella Salgado, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Joy is an ordained minister from Wisdom of the Heart Church. She is a Licensed Practitioner for Centers of Spiritual Living, as well as a Representative of Young Living distributing pure essential oils for wellness and longevity.She is also a Representative of Purium Health Products, distributing pure and premium green products for vitality and wellness.

Judith Lynn LeGrand, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Judy is an incredible energy healer, life coach, mentor, and wellness consultant. She has been featured in the Joliet Herald News and the Positive Experience show and is a Wellness Consultant for Holistically-You and the owner of LeGrand Life Coaching, formerly known as Angelic Empath. She is compassionate with the ability to connect with anybody, no matter where they are in their life…

Judy works with clients to assist in the development of their personal goals and dreams by eliminating old belief patterns and bad habits that have been buried deep down into their subconscious mind. Judy then guides her clients to their own awareness of inner talent and gifts to attain personal joy and a successful life that they deserve.

Her love and passion for people and making the world a better place is the force behind her intentions and she believes so deeply in the Law of Attraction and the power of manifesting that she attracts clients who get the results they desire. After realizing her ability to create her own reality, she set out to break free of the corporate arena and pursue the life of her dreams and influence others to live and make their dreams a reality as well!

“I love seeing the transformation in other people’s lives. Personal growth and development are my true passion!” ~Judy LeGrand

Her authentic and loving compassion for life is what separates her from the crowd – a perfect blend of energy, compassion, and leadership. Because of her dedication to personal growth and her life journey, she promotes wellness, happiness, and success in all areas of people’s lives.

“By having the ability to see your inner truth, I can personally guarantee that this process will not only change your life, it will open doors to possibilities that you never imagined before…”

Julie Bleau, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Julie Bleau holds a B.Msc. and M.Sc. with the University of Metaphysical Sciences.  She is a certified Hatha-Yoga and Aqua Kriya Yoga Teacher, a Reiki Master-Teacher, a Crystal Healing Practitioner. She also holds a B.Ed. and taught kids and teenagers with special needs in Montreal-Canada.

Julie is a loving, caring, dynamic, and joyful person.  She loves spending time in nature, doing photography and traveling the world while learning about different cultures.

Julie Loukus, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Registered Nurse for the last ten years. Currently working in a cardiovascular center in the Pacific Northwest. Second Degree Reiki certified by USUI/Holy Fire Reiki Ryoho. Loves to be outdoors hiking and enjoys everything in and about nature.

Julie L. Morgan, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
I am truly blessed to receive such a plethora of knowledge that all clicks. I am an energy healer; direct lineage Reiki Master. Energy is my forte and have recently delved into Shamanic journeying and healing. I have a website that explains all services I provide.

I love to spread the Love and Light and have a deeper connection to all that is. God Bless

Karen Van Hoy Thompson, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Karen sees herself as midwife to those transitioning to greater versions of themselves. She helps sensitive professionals develop the courage to change, to release the past and embrace the fullness of their potential.

Karen (Kaz) Marks, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
To speak the truth quietly,
To listen with an open mind when others speak,
And to remember the peace that may be found in silence.

Karen Knight Price, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Kat Kemm Master of Metaphysics M.M.
Kat Kemm Master of Metaphysics M.M. is an Artist, Author and Teacher. She lives in Southern California with her family.

Kateryna Lauder, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Kate lives in Scotland where she practices hypnotherapy, aromatherapy, homoeopathy & Reiki.

Keri Nanette Miller, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Rev. Keri Miller is a spiritual healer and author who focuses on Energy Medicine, E.F.T., and the Law of Attraction; and is currently working on the development of a chain of holistic health clubs and resorts.

Kerri-Rae Duplessis, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Kerri has worked very hard to obtain her Master’s with UMS. Along with using all the incredible tools the courses have offered, she has sought education in many healing modalities. Currently, she is not only working on her PHD, but also working towards a PHD in Naturopathic Medicine. This world amazes her and she is grateful everyday for the gifts and blessings it provides.

Kevin Jermain Benjamin, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
When I can to the University of Metaphysical Sciences I was looking for a deeper spiritual guidance. The staff and the courses provided above and beyond guidance that I was seeking. I plan on using my Knowledge to help others and start a community healing center.

Kimberly Ann Davis, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Kimberly A Davis holds a Master of Metaphysical Science and studied philosophy in conjunction with practice of yoga, meditation and the principles of Chakras. My goal is to enable youth to make a mind, body, and spirit connection that allows them to understand life at a deeper, more meaningful level and ultimately make decisions that positively affect their lives.

Kimberly Anne Ruble Balstad, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Kimberly is blessed to be the mother of two wonderful sons.  She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. through U.M.S.  She has her own business, The Aum Shop, which she enjoys designing for as it allows me to promote positive spiritual messages to the world. Her experience with U.M.S. has had a wonderful impact on her spiritual journey.  It has helped her to examine her inner self more profoundly and she is very grateful to everyone at U.MS.

Kimberly Kelly Price, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Kim continues to study and research clinical and spiritual transformations in human behavior and conditions. Currently, Kim is working on a thesis regarding the evolution of religious magical practices and resides with her husband in the Pacific Northwest.

Kimberly Rose Harp, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Psychic Intuitive, vibrational therapy, practitioner, medium, reiki master, positive energy replacement practitioner, home and business energy healer, and assist with transition into the afterlife.

Klaus-Dieter Paul Schuepfer, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Klaus completed his Master of Divinity in July, 2014.

Kosta Kourabis, Master of Metaphysics, M.M.
I am from Melbourne, Australia. My curious and inquisitive nature led me to UMS. I am furthering my studies for a career in social work here in Australia.

Krista A. McKeon, Master of Metaphysics, M.M.
I am a spiritually eclectic lightworker with my own healing arts practice, Magic and Miracles. I aid my clients in working through and releasing their layers of energetic junk so that they can live the lives they were meant to live. My certifications include Reiki Master Teacher, Licensed Shiatsu Massage Therapist, Certified Angel Card Reader. I love to share knowledge and wisdom and help others, as well as myself, to reach for our highest potential.

Kristan Deann Simmons-Hardister, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Kristan grew up within First Nation traditions and empathic intuition. After the sudden loss of her Mother and emergency risky birth of her grandson in 2012, her main focus was to stop fighting what seemed to be the demanding pull the Universe had for her.

Bachelors in Metaphysics; University of Metaphysical Sciences
CCH (Certified Crystal Healer); Hibiscus Moon Crystal Academy Reiki III
Certified Member of World Metaphysical Association
Accredited Member of World Metaphysical Association

Metaphysician/ owner of “The Little Things llc” in South Central Kansas. Working with energy as a whole unit of Mind, Body & Spirit to achieve ones purpose. Crystal, Reiki, Meditation, Sound, Energy and Coaching are a just a few therapies used.

Organized and created a community based group to promote and attract like minded people to share, build and promote holistic, alternative, homeopathy ways of life.

Seminars, Public Speaking, Large Workshops, One on One custom client sessions and long distance therapies are offered to clients.
Starting her Ph.D Journey soon, and looking forward to sending healing energy out to whom ever wishes for it.

“Positive IN / Positive OUT, there is no room for anything negative”.

LaTonya L. Engon-Zibi, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
LaTonya is a licensed psychotherapist and reiki practitioner. She also is a certified psychosynthesis teacher.

Laura Padron RN, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Laura Padron RN, M.Sc. is from Illinois. She is practicing bedside Nurse and educator who incorporates metaphysical science into her practice.

Laurie D. Werner, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Laurie D. Werner has been a life-long student of metaphysical topics. Her Christian upbringing provided her with a solid foundation rooted in the belief of a Creator. Her continuing search for a personal relationship with that Creator and her desire to assist people in their awakening and healing process, has taken her on a unique journey.

Her experiences with traditional religion, with paranormal experiences, and meditation led her to formalized education in the healing arts of Reiki and massage therapy. Laurie is a Reiki Master, a Board-Certified Licensed massage therapist of ten years, and has attained her Masters Degree from the University of Metaphysical Sciences. Laurie owns The Healing Space, LLC in Oostburg, WI.

Her goal is to provide others with the information and tools needed so they can follow their own inner guidance to travel their own path and experience their own unique journey to inner peace and health.

L. Elaine Hardy, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Elaine Hardy grew up in the high desert country of Arizona. Where she absorbed the characteristics of the land. She is persistent, strong and creative. She has a practice as a Success Coach, working with individuals, business owners and families. She is a co-creator of YU2SHINE International and through her partnership she desires to reach many with hope. Helping individuals raise their awareness of the light that lies within them and the joy that comes through recognizing, choosing and living within that light.

Leeanne Cheryl Spencer, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
I am a single mum of a wonderful 15 year old daughter. I am also a professional Commercial Banker, Holistic Healer and soon to be Master Coach. My passion is to teach and inspire others to be the very best version of them they can be.

Leila Johnson, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Rev. Leila Johnson is the author of Driving to Success: Let Your Spirit Take the Wheel, which explores her spiritually-influenced professional journey from college to owning and operating a business with her husband. Through their business, Data-Scribe, they provide organizational consulting and Web system implementation services to professional service firms and their partners. Leila enjoys using her experiences to help others to take a holistic look at their lives to improve their personal relationships and strengthen their connection with their career. While she pursues her Ph.D. through the University of Metaphysical Sciences, Leila plans to create a couples ministry that allows her to serve others with her passion for health & wellness and personal & professional development.

Lesa Marie Robison, Master of Divinity, M.Div.

Lesley Cameron-Douglas, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
As a child, Lesley was always a deep thinker and was often called, ‘inquisitive’; she liked to ask, the larger questions in life. She spent a lot of time, alone, contemplating what life meant and at the age of five, she remembers asking herself, “Who am I?”.

By the age of nine, she moved to the United States, in Manhattan, New York; and in her early teens, she moved back to England to live with relatives. As she studied, she went on to be quite spiritual, although she could no longer say, that she embraced any particular religious ideology. Eventually she began embrace ancient philosophies and wrote her first published poem in 1995, called ‘Approaching 2000’ published by Triumph House Publications(1995)

At the age of 19, she went to university; where she earned a teaching degree in Education and English, a diploma in Business Administration and she also she studied British Sign Language. However, she soon returned to her main interest, which is spirituality. In 2008, the main turning point came in my life, when she lost her son, Joshua at the tender age of 15 years old and she again began to question the meaning of life with a fervent passion, ’Who am I?, why are we here?’.

She remembered what Josh had told her, several times before he made his transition, “Get the internet mum!!! ” so she began to teach metaphysical concepts to others. She created a You Tube channel, devoted to Josh’s memory and today she is working on acquiring her PhD in Metaphysical Sciences and is planning on writing more and doing lectures on spiritual ascension. Her main goal is to assist spiritual seekers in discovering who they are and to learn how to ‘stay in the now’ moment at all times.

Her journey in life has taken her through so many experiences; all to teach her and bring her to where she is now. She wants to share what has assisted her to grow and fulfill her life’s purpose here on Mother Earth and to help others transform and empower themselves.

Lillian DelValle Kaiser, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Lilly is the owner of “Living Vibrations,” a holistic wellness center, whose focus is in balancing of the human energy field for a harmonies Mind, Body, Spirit experience.  It is through this balance that illness can to avoid, depression Lifted and Life becomes much more for-filling as you reach your personal goals.

Lilly is a Metaphysical Consultant, Holistic Life Coach, Vibrational Healer and Aromatherapist. She has been studying and practicing various modalities of Vibrational Medicine which when used in combination increases the benefits received by her clients.

Linda M. Adams, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
We are a recognized child of the universe, finally! It took 5 yrs of this Earth Walk to complete UMS course requirements, but with it came many opened doors and lifted veils. Our intended path now, although uncertain, is to walk as a Light-Bearer and share the light and love we carry.

Lisa M. Miller, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Lisa M. Miller, M Msc.. 2011: Lisa’s mission in life is to help others understand their psychic gifts through spiritual development/counseling, psychic and mediumship readings and energy work including Soul Retrieval, Past Life Regression, Shamanic Reiki and explores various applications in Color Therapy.

Lori A. Otto, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Rev. Lori Otto CPC RM/T Psychic, is a Certified Professional Coach, Reiki Master Teacher, and a Psychic, utilizing the many skills obtained through her UMS Degree to help others achieve their dreams. Whether you are looking for a Psychic reading, Reiki session or classes, or Life/Wellness/Spiritual Coaching, Lori can help you! She also teaches private and group classes..

Loretta Althea Erskine, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Loretta A. Erskine was awarded Master of Metaphysical Science in 2013. She also is a Certified Healing Practitioner, Massage Therapist, Medical Lab Technician and Bone Density Technologist. She has her own massage therapy therapy office since 2004. Her interests are: Nascar racing, reading, gardening,sound therapy, traveling and her grandchildren. Her passion for life is to help others heal in whatever modality helps the client. She is active in her Catholic Church as a Eucharistic Minister and in the Handbell choir.

Loretta Greaves, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Loretta has spent more than 30 years of her life in pursuit of metaphysical knowledge. She has devoted many years to the study of shamanism and currently is focused on joining the understanding and use of quantum physics laws with the practice of shamanism. She finds truth in every religion and spiritual tradition but finds her greatest comfort and devotion in understanding the payment of all karmic debt through the Atonement of Jesus, the first Christed human being. Her passion is to assist in and witness the shifting of critical mass of consciousness for Global Ascension and Peace.

Mandy L Paige, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
It has been a challenging and fulfilling journey here at University of Metaphysical sciences. I learned a great deal about myself and all those around me. It most definitely opened doors into new adventures, and confidence into my life’s purpose. I appreciate all whom guided me, and made this journey something I will never forget.

Marcia Morton, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Marcia Morton M.Sc. was born in Honduras and lived there until she was 10 years of age. She endured many hardships as a child. She then came to the United States of America where she was able to start a new life. It was difficult for her to adjust to her new life in a new country as she didn’t know any English. She pursued her goal to obtain her high school diploma and she accomplished this dream. She then knew there were things about life that she wanted to learn. She didn’t know what these things were but she was determined to learn more about these mysteries of life. She was guided to the University of Metaphysical Sciences where she was able to learn so much. This helped to get her mind clear so she could pursue life with a very positive and secure attitude. She is grateful to all involved for this wonderful journey that she has begun.

Marcin Józefaciuk, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Marcy Dunderdale, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Reverend Marcy Ellen is the author of The Soul Truth; Reflections of the Waking Soul, a writer/Contributor for OM Times Magazine, and the host of the radio show The Soul Truth on blog talk radio. She is a Reiki Master, and energy healer, a spiritual channel, and a clairvoyant with a Master of Divinity Degree from the University of Metaphysical Sciences. She and her two children reside in Colorado.

Margit Gressierer, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Margit was born and raised in Munich, Germany and relocated to the United States in 1994, studied and later worked in the design field across the US, Europe and the Middle East.
After a life-altering event, which occurred a few years ago, Margit re-evaluate her life and studied to obtain a Master’s Degree in Metaphysical Sciences, majoring in Counseling. She specializes in work with cancer patients and their loved ones as well as issues in interpersonal relationships. She often uses crystals to enhance her results along with the application of spiritual response therapy to ensure a quick and successful outcome.

Maria Chavez, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Maria has obtained the master’s in divinity through UMS and she is glad she did. She was able to open her mind to diverse metaphysical concepts and practices. She is also a spiritual coach and working towards a master’s in marriage and family therapy.

Marijke Verkerk, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Marijke Verkerk, Mother & Wife, Master of Metaphysical Sciences M.Msc, Artist, Writer, Rebalancer.

Marilyn Willoughby, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Marilyn “Mia” Willoughby, M. Msc. is a practicing energy healer, certified yoga instructor, certified lactation educator, and women’s advocate.  Combining mind, body and spirit, Mia helps bring lives into balance.

Marthe Martel, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
As we all share difficult situations or personal challenges, some unaware problems arises without consciously know  where they all come from and why.  Life brings situations in accord with your destiny, the best way to understand what and how to resolve problems is to actually put your trust in someone that actually listens, suggests answers and can vision some core previous details of your life to help you understand better and accept your challenges and teach you that when you connect with the universe, everything has its reasons.  Faith, without any doubts, takes the burden off your shoulders.
Her capacities to help and give you the strength to accept and walk the path is true, trustworthy and personal.

Martine G. Brousse, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
After graduating from UMS, she published a book under the penname Alix Mahe “Mantras & Words of Power”. A 2nd book and a French translation are in the works. She continues to study and practice various spiritual techniques, especially Hawaiian-based. Martine graduated as a Ho’oponopono practitioner, and also became a Reiki master. She is working on a new project which will combine her expertise as a patient advocate and mediator with teaching self-healing and alternative medicine. She enjoys guiding beginners through the initial ascension journey steps, while encouraging self-practice and individual exploration. Looking forward to a time when her practice is 100% “spiritual”, she enjoys being a Lightworker at any level, sharing her knowledge and experience with those in need.

MaryCeleste Gall, Master of Metaphysics, M.M.
MaryCeleste Gall received her Masters of Metaphysics, M.M. degree in 2010, and will continue on to her Doctorate degree.  Her goal is to establish a spiritual enlightenment center in Fountain Hills, AZ.  Her work with brain/body science and desire to assist people to lead a balanced lifestyle has been the catalyst for her continued education.  MaryCeleste also plans to officiate at weddings, birthing celebrations, home blessings and any other Ministerial needs in her community.

Matt T. Nathanson, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Matt is one of the few ministers in Arizona who officiates totally personalized, fun and laid-back wedding ceremonies.

Melody Barton-Helmick, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
As a Certified Clinical Master Aromatherapist, Science of Mind Practitioner, and Life Journey Coach, Melody is pleased to add Master of Metaphysical Sciences and Minister to her credentials and skills as she assists those searching for their own unique path in life through her practice “Alternative Pathfinders”. Are you on the path You’ve Chosen or the one Chosen for You? If the answer is “Chosen for me” or “I’m not sure”, then let’s uncover it together so you can discover your life purpose and obtain the freedom you desire.

Mende Ward, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Mende Ward, M. Div is a certified Waldorf educator, a Reiki Master, Shamanic Practitioner and Angel Therapist®.  She is usually busy happily teaching her students; however, she also works as an intuitive reader and energy worker.   Mende is an avid travel enthusiast, an aspiring fiber artist, and loves world music.  She is in the process of envisioning the creation of a bookstore/spiritual center.

Michaela C. Brummer, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Michaela C. Brummer, M.Sc. runs a psychotherapy and ethnotherapy practice in Munich, Germany. She devotes herself into spreading out the knowledge of Shamanism, gives lectures, courses and workshops all around Germany and is part of a worldwide healer group. Right know she prepares her dissertation by meeting shamans all over the world to share their wisdom.

Michele A. Leonello, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Michele A. Leonello is a registered Clairvoyant currently working under the Business of name of Sunshine Guidance Services.  My business is located in Auburn, New York.
The service I offer to people are:
Intuitive Counseling
, Mediumship
, Card readings, Angel, Guidance, Tarot
, Spiritual Counseling, specifically with people working with unresolved grief, situational depression, post traumatic stress disorder, compassion fatigue and substance abuse.
She is so pleased to have had the opportunity to receive her Masters in Metaphysical Science through this college.  She is looking forward to extending her services as an Ordained Minister as another opportunity to use her gift for the good of others.  Thank you University of Metaphysical Science and Spirit.

Michelle A. Novenski, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Michelle Novenski shares her knowledge, education and experience of metaphysics, communication and neurolinguistic programming with others through her mentoring business, Turning A New Leaf LLC.  She works from a wholistic perspective helping her clients to understand the connection between the body, mind and spirit.  She uses techniques and modalities such as meditation, intuition development, neurolinguistic programming and hypnotherapy.  Her mission is to help others live their highest good.

Michelle Amethyst Mahoney, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Michelle Amethyst Mahoney is working towards her Doctorate degree.

Michelle Armstrong, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Michelle is as internationally recognized Empowerment Coach & Motivational Speaker.  She is the founder of The Armstrong Method™, author of Manage Your Mind, Master Your Life & contributing author in the book series ‘Thank God I…’  Michelle is a university trained Mental-Health Counselor accredited in Australia, a Clinical Hypnotherapist & NLP Trainer. She is currently completing her certification through ACE as a personal Fitness Trainer. Originally from down-under, Michelle has coached & trained thousands worldwide in the areas of human effectiveness & performance issues, spiritual development, relationships, health & emotional challenges. Michelle has appeared on numerous TV & radio shows in both Canada & the US.

Michelle is as internationally recognized Empowerment Coach & Motivational Speaker.  She is the founder of The Armstrong Method™, author of Manage Your Mind, Master Your Life & contributing author in the book series ‘Thank God I…’  Michelle is a university trained Mental-Health Counselor accredited in Australia, a Clinical Hypnotherapist & NLP Trainer. She is currently completing her certification through ACE as a personal Fitness Trainer. Originally from down-under, Michelle has coached & trained thousands worldwide in the areas of human effectiveness & performance issues, spiritual development, relationships, health & emotional challenges. Michelle has appeared on numerous TV & radio shows in both Canada & the US.

Michelle Paula Hughes, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Michelle Hughes is an author, spiritual counselor, dream analyst, and meditation coach. Her business is called My Spiritual Spa. The purpose of her company is to help adults and children experience a greater sense of peace, serenity, harmony, tranquility, & unconditional acceptance and love.

Michelle has worked as a counselor for the past 19+ years. She has extensive experience, training and certifications (Trauma-Focused CBT, Adult Individual CBT, Anger Management/Coping Skills Training Groups, Social Skills, Parenting Skills, Sexual Assault, and HIV/AIDS) with an emphasis on how everything is connected spiritually. Michelle has a big heart full of compassion and unconditional acceptance for adults and children. She enjoys helping people who have difficult time dealing with stress, anger, letting go, relaxation, and/or who difficulty finding time for important tasks with hectic demands/ schedules.

Michelle has earned two Master’s degrees’ in Marriage, Family, & Child Therapy, and Metaphysical Sciences, and is currently working toward double Doctorate Degrees specializing in Spiritual Counseling and Metaphysical Theology. While studying at UMS, Michelle authored her first book with divination cards named My Spirit Is Me- which is a book for children/parents/adults who want a deeper understanding of who they are and who also have questions about Spirituality and their Divinity.

Michelle is feels in awe and feels so very grateful and blessed to have found UMS and the wonderful, supportive, and loving staff there that have assisted in deepen her spiritual understanding, knowledge, and practice.

Michelle Stephanie Caceres, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Michelle has been drawn to the Divine and had mystical experiences from a young age. She was raised Catholic and later introduced to eastern spiritual practices by her Mother. Her mother was a nun in Peru who later was part of a self-realization healing group situated in a small area in the mountains of Peru. At the age of 17 she had a Near Death Experience during an operation. This experience changed her views of life and death. At the age of 22 she began to have kundalini experiences and since then has been interested in living a more balanced and conscious life all the while helping others along the way. She is an artist, healer, musician, vegan, animal and earth activist. Her current passions include progressing her elemental inspired art (Gold Wizard fantasy art), writing for faerie magazine, helping others become aware of their beautiful divinity and raising conscious children.

Michelle Remsik, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
My name is Michelle Remsik, I am 45 years of age, a mother of two, masters degree in metaphysics and a practitioners degree in the Law of Attraction. I am very Grateful to UMS for existing!

Mikayla Losier, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Mikayla Losier is a Hypnotherapist and Reiki Practicionner who is passionate about Metaphysics. She also teaches meditation classes in her community to help others find their own spiritual journeys.

Molly B. Marchetti, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Molly Marchetti, M.Sc. is a practicing and practical clairvoyant.  She believes in imparting information that enables her clients to heal, grow and learn.  Molly is proud to be an University of Metaphysical Sciences alumni.

Monica Ortiz Duarte, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Monica Ortiz Duarte is a Spiritual Messenger with the purpose to guide others on the Spiritual Path of Truth. Originally from Mexico and of Native American roots she has always been fascinated in understanding the purpose of humanity and life.

In 2010 she experienced a near death experience in a car accident and decided to take her life on different path and follow The Call. She is the first in her family to graduate from college, leave the corporate world and follow her Spiritual Path. Her passion is to share spiritual wisdom, to be a positive role model, and inspire others to discover who they really are.

Monica has a Master’s degree in Divinity (Ordained Minister) from the University of Metaphysical Sciences, a Bachelor’s degree in Advertising from The Art Institute of California-San Francisco and is a Certified Angel Reiki Practitioner. She is a speaker, blog writer, artist and professional Bhangra Dancer.

Monika Lanz, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
BA translation at Zurich University
Studies and diploma at ISAP- International Seminar of Analytical Psychology; C.G. Jung
Own practice and seminars in Switzerland and abroad in spiritual coaching, meditations, channeling, body therapy.

N. Christine Pichereau, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
N. Christine (Chris) Pichereau received her Master of Divinity from the University of Metaphysical Sciences in 2011. She currently serves as the Director of Education at the Cortiva School of Massage Therapy in Tucson Arizona. In addition, Chris leads rite of passage ceremonies, including weddings, union ceremonies, funerals and birthdays. She is a spiritual counselor, conducts workshops and teaches Business and Professional Ethics and Communications at Cortiva. Chris promotes spiritual growth through counseling and bodywork.

Nancy Denise Harvey, D.V.M., Master of Divinity, M.Div.
My primary field of practice is veterinary medicine limited to small animals and small exotics. I am a Reiki Master candidate and student of Phyllis Furumoto. I am also an Arhatic prep and student of Master Co.

Natalie Joan Mowbray, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Registered Hypnotherapist & Mind Therapist, teaches and practices the faith of ‘The Living Spirit ‘and of the subject of Metaphysics. Travels nationally and internationally demonstrating and teaching the foundations of The Living Spirit and Metaphysics.

Nekia Tin’E’E Walker, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
As a physician of Oriental Medicine and ordained Reverend in Divinity, Dr. Walker provides Acupuncture, Massage, Talk therapy, and Herbal Medicine to the people of her island home, Bermuda.  Her talk therapy sessions are aimed at helping her clients attune to various levels of self-realization leading them to becoming beings of empowerment with the ability to achieve greater intimacy, wellness, and manifested will.

Nicole D. Gulick, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Nicole is a certified as a hypnotherapist, she wanted to expand her education and UMS gave her the tools for what she wanted to accomplish.

Nimo Ibrahim, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Born in Somalia, raised in Kenya, Nimo came from a middle class family. She came to the U.S in 2001 and lived in California for several years. Nimo had her spiritual awakening once she joined UMS in 2007, and completed her BA and completed her MA several years later . Metaphysics has completely changed Nimo’s life and made her think in a total different way. The knowledge acquired from UMS has not only changed Nimo’s life in a positive way, but has also changed a lot of her friends and families lives. It is her intention to pursue her PhD in Metaphysics, write books, teach, public speaking and have her own practice.

Olivia Francesca Perillo, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Olivia Francesca Perillo has a Bachelor’s and Master’s Degree in Metaphysical Sciences and is now pushing towards her Doctorate in Paranormal Psychology. She will be the first in her family to earn such a high degree. The idea to pursue a career in the Metaphysical field came after a battle with Non Hodgkins Lymphoma. She credits her Grandma Cora, Uncle Paul and sister Corinne for opening her eyes to the other side and not being afraid of it.

Orchid Tao, Master of Metaphysics, M.M.
Orchid Tao is a Self-Improvement Specialist/Coach, who specializes in personal empowerment, relationship addiction, couple’s coaching, dream achievement, and nonreligious spiritual coaching. She attained her first Life Coaching certification through the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts and is working towards her second Holistic Life Coaching Ph.d degree at UMS. She practices in the central Phoenix area as well as globally via phone and Skype. Concurrently, she’s authoring her first self-help book…Her lifelong commitment to her own spiritual growth and self-improvement fuels her purpose – being a facilitator for these sacred, healing processes for others.

Pamela J. Pennington, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Pamela is a National Board Certified, Oregon Licensed Massage Therapist #8027 and Reiki Master, who currently, volunteers as a hospital Chaplain. Whether offering healing touch or active listening for those in pain, she adds compassion and acceptance for all.

Pamela J. Waters, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Dr. Pamela J. Waters has been a Doctor of Chiropractic, for the past 27 years and 4 years ago became certified in animal chiropractic.  She has traveled, and lived in many countries around the world the since the age of 6. From that early age Pamela has always been interested in the religions and cultures of the many different countries she has visited. Currently Pamela is lecturing on Theta healing®, and energy medicine as it applies to the health of the human body, Pamela is also a cancer survivor, lecturing to the many cancer patients on the power of thought and emotions in the healing process.

Pamela Seager Latour, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Pamela Seager Latour is a spiritual trainer, workshop creator, author, and psychic. She has spent twenty years in the Holy Land and Europe exploring the secrets of life. This exploration began in France and took her to the Middle East. She studied quantum physics and related sciences, theology, philosophy, psychology, shamanism, and many different cultures and perspectives.

Pamela also is an artist, working with sculpture, watercolor and acrylic painting and collage. She has created and is the host of two blogtalk radio stations, Spiritual Connections Radio and Pamela Latour Radio.

Patricia Leigh Scott, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Patricia Leigh Scott, M.Msc – South Africa.  Patricia has spent many years as a practitioner and teacher in the healing arts. Healing and Mastery are very personal, inward journeys and Patricia’s passion lies in empowering people on these journeys through the facilitation and creation of a space that feels safe and comfortable enough for them to heal themselves.

Paul Lindemuth, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Paul Lindemuth- Master of Divinity, M.Div.. Paul is a 13 year veteran of the US Military.  Paul is a graduate of the Clairvoyant program from the Sierra Psychic Academy in Reno Nevada where he acts as a healer and an instructor. Paul is also helping develop a meditation program for returning vets. Paul also founded the Nevada Paranormal Institute and runs the Reno Paranormal Group.

Paul-Andre Mondesir, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Spiritual Psychotherapist since 1992. Active member of New group of World Servers. Motivational speaker since 1990. Spiritual teacher for the largest group in Haiti from 1989 to 2004. Member of Arcane School. Member of Share International. Specialist of right human relationships.

I love meditation and am proud to work for the Emergence of the World Teacher. I dream to become an Ascended Master and be more efficiently used by the Spiritual Hierarchy . I am open and want to go all over the world and inform people about Maitreya and the bright future for Humanity and our Planet.

I am currently working on my Doctoral degree with UMS with passion, joy and sincere gratitude. I spent over 40 years studying spiritual and metaphysical subjects but I confess that as a UMS graduate, I feel I have achieved a great accomplishment in my divinity process and opportunity to serve.

Pauline Marguerite Coleman, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Pauline Coleman was born in Coventry, England and emigrated to Santa Barbara, California with her family in 1974 where she worked as a Retirement Counselor for Santa Barbara County for many years. After her retirement she served on various committees and Boards but once she happily discovered the University of Metaphysical Sciences she began following her lifetime desire to seriously study Metaphysics and gain her qualifications. She plans to become part of a Hospice team and also to write a book on a metaphysical subject.

Peggy E. Winston, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Peggy is a registered nurse and facility manager at an aged care home in Western Australia. Peggy hopes to share her outlook on life and her spiritual strength with her staff and the people in her care. Studying with UMS has allowed her to find a meaningful direction in life.

Quanta Bernadette SriXio Maierhof-Avanzar, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Ms. Quanta Bernadette SriXio Maierhof-Avanzar M.Sc. divides her time between Northern California, Southeastern Europe & Latin America as gypsy identified.

Reverend Quanta Avanzar works as an educator for social reform in SF, Bay area and specializes in Addiction studies, Death & Dying, recovery and resurraction.

Magistra Quanta Avanzar, a clinical supervisor and writer, is currently working on her Doctorate degree and indulges only in a very few vices.

Reverend Quanta planed a new curriculum for a better educational system integrating metaphysical principles and intergalactic solution skills for children in foster care. Those institutions are called the “Avanzar School of Higher Awareness” which will be hopefully funded soon by enlightend stars.

Rev. Avanzar is also a practicing parapsychologist and spiritualist, working in hospital settings, drug treatment centers, and county jails.

Rachel Bato, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Rachel works with dream interpretation and energy medicine, which includes color therapy, guided meditations, Reiki, Pranayama, crystal healing, art and music healing, positive affirmations, life energy movement, biofeedback, kirlian photography, and the energy of nutrition.

Raffi Chefikian, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Reverend Raffi Chefikian is a Lebanese-Armenian. He has made his studies of philosophy and theology in the Holy Spirit University of Maronites, Kaslik- Lebanon. He is the parish priest of the Armenian Catholic St. Gregory the Illuminator church of Athens – Greece.

He lives with a moral code of mine “TODAY I CHOOSE YOU” because its God’s will to choose any one of us without any advanced notice in a any given day, to accomplish his will or to ask us to return home, to the Divine source, to God Himself. So he lives each day as a given gift and he does handle it with gratefulness and he tries to accomplish God’s will, at the same time to be ready when called upon.

He helps people to realize to their Soul Agenda in their Spiritual Journey on earth, heal them from their trauma’s and make them realize and be transmitters in their turn of the Divine energy that surrounds us.

Rainey Marie Highley, Master of Metaphysics, M.M.
Rainey is an award winning metaphysical author and communicator. Her published books include Divine Macroverse and The Water Code, which received a 2012 Living Now book award. Her most recent project is the creation of a children’s book series geared for the new generation of star children. The Long Lost Tale of the Dragon and the Whale is the first book in the series, scheduled for release in early 2014.

Rev. Debbie L. Graham, Master of Metaphysics, M.M.
She wishes to thank the staff at University of Metaphysical Sciences. This coursework is the best she has ever studied. She is honored to forever be a part of this University. Her life has just begun!

Many Blessings.

Rev. Mary Jean B. Manching, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Mary Jean’s love and interest for ancient esoteric teaching inspired her to pursue a study in Metaphysical Sciences. She and her husband founded the Center for Natural Health Remedies, where they practice and integrate body, mind, and spirit connection in helping their clients who are experiencing imbalances, pains, and emotional turmoils. At the Center, we do several natural health services, including, but not limited to, wholistic assessment, education and consultation, proper diet and nutrition, detoxification, remedies and healing utilizing herbs, homeopathy, bach flower, acupressure, body work or energy balancing, aromatherapy, emotional healing and spiritual orientation, and deeper connection through hypnosis and meditation.

Rev. Nancee Sweeney, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Rev. Nancee Sweeney is a 76 yr. retired minister of Religious Science.
Minister in Anchorage Alaska over 20 years.
Lifetime Teaching Credential from State of California.

Rhonda Donahue, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Rhonda Donahue is author of “The Pollution Inside You,” Reiki Master Teacher and Speaker. Dedicated to guiding people toward transformation in all areas of ones life.

Riley B. Hilson-Gregory, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Riley Hilson-Gregory M.Msc is a Hypnotherapist and Counselor based in the United Kingdom. He has previously studies Law and Theology and other universities, but states the his experiences with the UMS have been one of the best learning journeys he has undertaken. He know incorporates much of what he has learnt into his therapeutic practice,  to help client engage with the higher aspects of themselves to find greater well being.

Robert A. Clarno, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Robert A. Clarno has the title of Master of Metaphysical Sciences. Robert is currently writing both fiction and non fiction in the metaphysical field as well as investigating the paranormal.

Ron Goodwin, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.

Rose Lily Guan, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Guan was born in 1964 in South Vietnam. Her original name was Linh Khanh Nguyen Ho. In 1986, as a Communist refugee and daughter of the Captain of Republican of Vietnam, Guan left her country for freedom to the United States.  Guan holds an Accounting degree in George Mason University, Virginia in 1992.  Starting 1995, she had successfully owned several businesses including restaurants and CPA practices across the country.  In 2008, Guan left her excellent business career to live the life of a spiritual practitioner.  She lives happily with her two talented daughters and a holy son in the America.

Royal Amber Rojas, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Royal Amber Rojas is a mother, wife, author, speaker, coach, helping teenagers, young adults, and people from all walks of life, of all backgrounds and beliefs, claim what is given to them by birth – the ability to choose, and to do so with greater respect for themselves and others. Amber inspires them in co-creating with the universe whatever they can imagine for themselves, utilizing a variety of techniques and processes designed to latch on to their spirit, and allow them to soar to heights never imagined. Her style is intense, demanding, inspiring – and at times – relentless. She sees the potential in you and she will never back down or back away until you can see it for yourself.

Sabrina J. Faer, Master of Metaphysics, M.M.
Sabrina J Faer has completed her Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences, B.Msc and now her Masters in Metaphysics, M.M. She is also an ordained minister and on her way to a Ph.D. as a Holistic Life Coach through the University of Metaphysical Sciences. She has a thriving practice as a healer…Certified Reiki Practitioner and a Shamanic Practitioner. It is in her future plans to author a variety of books and further her experience in the Shamanic field. Many thanks to UMS for all their support and opening us up to the beauty of Metaphysics!

Sally R. Snowman, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Sally R. Snowman, M.Sc., is an Earth Energies and Consciousness Shifting practitioner facilitating activities such as outdoor earth ceremonies and Ancient Egyptian Alchemy in Plymouth, MA.

Sahar Ghamati, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
I’m honored to have studied with the university of metaphysics and to have found an amazing journey for myself. I currently teach meditation in Iran and am writing about my experiences and thoughts in this field.

Sandra Lee Horan, Master of Metaphysics, M.M.
Sandra L. Horan has been in private practice for 18 years as a counselor.  For the past 4 years she has been doing readings and group channellings. She has a bachelor’s degree in Counseling Psychology from Antioch University and a Master of Metaphysics, M.M. from University of Metaphysical. Sandra teaches classes on many different subjects both in the field of metaphysics and psychology. She also does coaching with those wanting support in transitioning into the second half of life.  She loves the variety of work she gets to do and believes she is doing her soul’s work.

Sephira E. Bushere, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Metaphysics has been the only thing I have ever been interested in. Growing up, I wanted to be an artist, teacher, counselor, and work as a professional psychic. I wanted to help others and I knew there was more to life than what can be seen.

I began my spiritual education with a certificate in Parapsychology before beginning my studies at U.M.S. During my Bachelor’s studies, I learned about many healing modalities which lead me to becoming a Reiki Master-Teacher and Quantum Hypnosis Practitioner. Most importantly, I have learned how much healing I needed myself. The best spiritual practitioners who have helped me on my path were the ones who had already been through what I was experiencing. I learned that healing oneself first is essential to being able to help others. I now work from home as a spiritual blogger, writer, healer, consultant, custom spiritual jewelry maker, and psychic medium. I’m a “Jane of All Spiritual Trades, so to speak ;-). I look forward to furthering my accomplishments, challenging myself and being the best practitioner I can be, thanks to U.M.S. Blessings to All!

Shahrokh Ferdosi, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Shahrokh Ferdosi earned his MA degree IN “Dramatic arts university” and continued his Doctoral training in Istanbul university. His second degree of study was about “Government Management”.
During the high school, he had especial mentor about spirituality and the study of hypnotism, metaphysical, and human energy field with new scientific method. Ferdosi’s experiences took him through living and studying for a while in different temples to understand and study human & universe energy filed secrets. He is the founder of “Z, theory energy ” and “Z hypnotize theory”.
Dr Ferdosi offers videos’ production to ” Zoroastrian” . Some of his work can be found on you tube for public use. His interest and pursuit in metaphysic science earned him a M.Sc. from University of Metaphysical Sciences and continuing his research for DMs and PhD

Shannon Paige Paczkowski, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Shannon’s light-work is a shamanic style devotion of excavating the soul’s truth using multiple branches of healing including chakra~related counseling, card reading, and reiki + reflexology. Shannon Paige offers an authentic, nurturing experience in getting to the root of past issues, to the center of current changes, and embrace new perspectives in order to embody life as pure joy. “Revealing & Healing” is her motto, helping to turn painful inner-wounding into new intention to create positive possibilities for the future.

Sharon Davis Faulk, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Sharon Davis Faulk is a retired public high school science teacher of 34 years experience.  She received her B.S. in Chemistry/Physics/Biology Education from L.S.U.  She received her M.N.S. in Zoology/Physics and has graduate hours in the major sciences, guidance counseling and education.  Now living in Pine Grove, Louisiana, Sharon takes time to read, write, play with her cats and dogs, and take in unwanted animals.  She has received a bachelor’s degree from U.M.S. and has finished her master’s program.  She is working on her doctorate dissertation.

Shay-Lyn Antoinette Pope, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Shay-Lyn is extremely grateful to UMS for establishing and making such metaphysical programs available to those who are interested in furthering their studies in spirituality and divinity. Through UMS courses she has increased her knowledge, which has helped her to serve more deeply as a Theta Healing Specialist, as well as given her more insight as an energy worker, and aided her in being a more well-rounded useful individual. Thanks again UMS!!!

Sherry T. Puricelli, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Sherry Puricelli, co-founder of AwakeNDream, lives in Madison, Connecticut with her husband and children. She is a life coach, spiritual coach, writer, and dream worker. Sherry offers personal coaching services, customized retreats, workshops, seminars, and classes. Her personal philosophy is that it is never too late to live your best life. She works with courageous individuals who are ready to transform their lives by reconnecting with their dreams, passion and purpose. Sherry brings a soulful approach to living your best life!

Sissel Imsland Bridges, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Sissel Imsland Bridges is originally from Norway, but are now living in USA. She is a Certified Life Coach, and Licensed Massage Therapist. Since 1992 she has facilitated numerous workshops in Spirituality, Health and Healing. She offers spiritual solutions to everyday challenges.

Her mission is to give people simple, grounded, practical tools to be applied in everyday life for people to opens up to their fullest potential , whatever that is for each individual.

Snezzana Alexia Zlatek Garrido, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Been pursuing the spiritual path for years. I have a degree and a Masters in Business Management from the University of Stellenbosh in South Africa, a degree in Theology from the theology faculty of Stellenbosh University, a Masters in Divinity and a Masters in Metaphysical Sciences and in the process of completing the Doctorate.

Sreekanth Gopi, Master of Metaphysics, M.M.
Is a perfect body possible with no disease?
Is a perfect mind possible with no mental stress or disorders in life? Yes.
My Thesis details the practical method that I have followed in the journey towards perfect body and perfect mind. Tremendous transformation is possible within minutes. Your diseases or stress could disappear in minutes. If not, very shortly. Come and experience your transformation with me.
I hold private online sessions for the interested.

Staci Rebeor Formaggia, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Staci is a Spiritual Counselor, Life Coach & Consulting Hypnotist who received her Master of Divinity at The University Of Metaphysical Sciences.  Staci offers online consultation & Inspired-Life Guidance for those interested in cultivating emotional well-being, personal growth & positive living.

Stephen Davis, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
After nearly 30 years working in the field of Psychology I became very serious about the study of Metaphysics and my own personal development. I am very grateful to UMS and all the extremely supportive staff which helped guide me during this journey to my Master’s degree. I am planning on a “post career” in counseling, lectures and workshops, healing, and writing a few books.

Sue Anne Rinehart-Schulz, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Enjoys doing energy work, does it with people, places, plants, and animals, does it distantly as well as in person. Teaches, lectures about how fun doing energy is. Awaiting new steps in the journey of Enlightenment.

Susan Kay Pedersen, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Susan has had a full, interesting life before obtaining her degrees through UMS. She loves learning, and improving her mind, body, and spirit. Her varied life experiences, and the development of compassion as a result, will help her to reach many who will resonate with her messages of love, hope, and triumph over adversity.

Suzanne R. Bully, Master of Metaphysics, M.M.
Suzanne Bully, CVT, MM is the owner of Universal Healing and is dedicated to the physical and spiritual well-being of animals and humans alike.
Suzanne offers many types of Vibrational Energy Healing modalities of which both contact and distant healings are available.

Suzanne Campbell, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Rev. Suzanne Campbell is currently working toward her Doctorate Degree with UMS, having earned her Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences and Master of Divinity. She has been a life-long student of metaphysics and an avid practitioner of Light Body Meditation as taught by Duane Packer and Sanya Roaman. She holds numerous certifications in the healing arts, including that of holistic counselor through The American Society of Alternative Therapists and Master Regression Specialist, from the world-renowned, Hypnotherapy Training Institute.

Suzanne is a Certified Advanced REAP Healing Practitioner and enjoys working with the vibrational energy body to facilitate physical & emotional healing, soul & destiny retrieval activation, and DNA coding activation.

Trained by The Newton Institute as a Certified Life Between Lives Practitioner, Suzanne has founded Spirit Life Hypnotherapy, where she specializes in assisting individuals in learning who they really are as a soul, as the sum total of all their previous lives. This powerful spiritual integration fosters clarity, peace and comfort and alleviates any fear of death.

Sylvia Ann Stallings, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Sylvia Ann Stallings, M.Sc. Sylvia’s  purpose in life is to help those who come to her by being a coach, mentor, teacher, confidant and friend. She is currently the Business Development Director for a locally owned Company in Santa Barbara, California.

T. Ruth Sheldrake, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Ruth is a third degree Wiccan High Priestess of a teaching circle.  She has a personal side interest in the Norse Shamanic ways. The classes and meditations taught in the UMS programs have aided her spiritual growth and have added a richness to the classes she and her High Priest offer to their community.  Ruth is currently working on her doctorate in Metaphysical Sciences and looks forward to adding it to her teaching and ministerial credentials.

Tara Davis Hanalei, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Upon completion of her Masters Studies Tara will leave for India, where she plans to tour the various temples and shrines. She wants to experience the spiritual benefits of India before returning to the US.

Teri Kierbel, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
I am honored to be included on this page as an alumna of UMS. The vision I hold for my work is ever changing. UMS has been an inspiration and a true guide for me in my endeavors to reach beyond my own knowing-ness. I believe in the evolution of the human spirit toward a love and need for individual truth. I believe in the cooperative healing of our planet, and our people. My quest is to serve in that arena. I walk with people where they are and I am honored by the journey we share together. My counseling practice and ministry are planted where ever there is need or desire for Love/Light/Truth/God. My message is Love and my way is Peace. I pray that I will understand more each moment I live how sacred life is in all its forms as I strive to grow in wisdom, reverence and respect. As I grow and mature I pray for increasing integrity in my life. I imagine peace – for myself and the world, that all may know the beauty and perfection of now. A Place of Peace is within you!

THOMAS W MYGRANT, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Thomas W. Mygrant M.Div.  Metaphysics has come on the scene some three years ago. Deeply religious.  Credit and collections have been my way of life for 40yrs. Now  an eternal spark has surfaced and a mile marker has been met , new path doors are opening every day that shine with brilliance. The 3rd eye sensation has been with me for many years, not knowing  how this feeling connects to me, unfolds as part of this brilliance.

Tracy L.L. Martin, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Writer, Spiritual Advisor,  and child in Awakening Consciousness.

Tracy Thielen, Master of Metaphysics, M.M.
I am just wandering through life not sure where the journey will take me just yet. I have a passion for metaphysics and am following my heart in that. I would love to one day become and author of metaphysical books! 🙂

Vashti E. Robin DeNoon Marks, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Vashti is a Spiritual Counselor and Healer.

Vickie Phillips, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Vickie is a Third Degree, Master/Teacher Reiki professional, certified in the Usui Method of Natural Healing through the Omega Institute of Holistic Studies in New York. She is currently expanding her understanding of energy healing and aspires to begin a holistic center for integrated health and wellness with her daughter. With a spiritual journey that began early in the new millennium, she regrets having waited so long but embraces the understanding that all things come with Divine timing. Proud that at age 60 she has earned her master degree and wants everyone to know, You’re Never Too Old To Grow!

Willie Frank Starks, Master of Divinity, M.Div.
Minister Willie Frank Starks, M. Div. is an ordained minister, spiritual teacher, marriage and family counselor, hypnotherapist and regressionist. He lives in Saint Louis, Missouri with his wife Marsha.

Yoshiko Oe Van Meter, Master of Metaphysics, M.M.

Japanese writer and researcher, helping people become aware of “who they truly are” aided by metaphysical modalities and exploration of our inner self as the most beautiful temple.

Zoli Althea Engel Browne, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
I work in the field of the paranormal and offer services to law enforcement and SWAT in learning how to identify and calmly deal with paranormal phenomena they encounter. I also teach the ongoing class The Paranormal World and Metaphysical Laws, encouraging folks to learn about Maitreya and the return of the Masters of Wisdom. The class focuses also on personal responsibility in mind, body and spirit.

Zulfiya Tchaikovsky, Master of Metaphysical Sciences, M.Sc.
Zulfiya has received both her Bachelor and Master’s Degree in Metaphysical Sciences from UMS. Presently, Zulfiya is working on her spiritual evolvement along with studying holistic healing. She is also pursuing her doctoral degree in Business Management.

Abdulaziz Abdulrazaq, Philosopher of Metaphysical Counseling Ph.D.
Abdulaziz (Aziz) has graduated from UMS with degree of Philosopher of Metaphysical Counseling, Ph.D. His main interest is alternative healing modalities and making a positive change in the world while he is celebrating his spiritual journey in this realm of living. He will use his knowledge to make a positive change in his community, and globally by writing articles, leading seminars and most important live his life according to this knowledge.

Adiele Chibueze Jesse, Philosopher of Metaphysics. Ph.D.
He is a male Nigerian and lives in Nigeria. His interest is in Life Coaching, Writing Self Help books and Applying the Science of Metaphysics in helping humanity manifest the Real Being in the present world. He teaches in conferences, seminars, churches, schools, corporate circles and metaphysical organisations.

Ahana Banerjee, Philosopher of Metaphysics. Ph.D.
It is her passion since childhood towards Psychology & Metaphysics that Ahana has undertaken this research in Metaphysics & Behavioral Science as a life long commitment. She is a Philosopher, Sociologist and a Leadership Coach . At present she is working for the Learning & Development of people and is on the process of bringing the spiritual dimension, the importance of Metaphysics in Management & Personal Growth.

Alicja Liwerska-Paluch, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
Graduate of Harvard University and University of California, Irvine.

Since 2010 she is living and working as a teacher, writer, healer, and counselor in Paris, France. She published a book, “American Dream” in Poland. Currently working on its English translation, which will appear under a title “Interview with the American Dream.” This work is describing twenty years of intricating experience and personal development.

Alison J. Kay, Philosopher of Holistic Life Coaching, Ph.D.
Alison J. Kay’s PhD as a Philosopher of Holistic Life Coaching comes as a culmination of years of studying holistic health, wellness and healing.  A practitioner of meditation for 19 years, a meditation teacher for 6 years, a Chi Gong instructor for 5 years, a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher taught in India and certified as a teacher of Ashtanga Yoga, Meditation, Pranayama, and Chanting last year, an ACE certified Personal Trainer, and an active longevity, raw foodist and vegetarian for 18 years, Alison is also a practicing Reiki Master and attuned practitioner of another energy medicine from Tibet for 12 years while working with a variety of other energy medicine techniques.  She has just returned from living in Asia for the past 9 years, completing her PhD upon her return to begin a full time business – after leaving full-time classroom teaching and part time natural healing work for 13 years – using her PhD as a Holistic Life Coach to tie it all together, in service to all of  us shifting during this miraculous time on our planet.

Amanda Dawn Romania, Doctor of Divinity in Metaphysical Sciences, D.D.
Amanda Romania is an international healer, teacher of intuition, and Akashic reader. For the past decade, she has worked with indigenous elders and shamans in the realm of sacred site energy and ritual.

Amanda has a master’s degree in business from Durham University and a Doctorate of Divinity in Metaphysical Sciences. Amanda has a passion and purpose to support others on their spiritual journey. She uses her gifts to engage individuals and groups with their heart and essence. Amanda teaches  how to understand universal energy and how to apply this to everyday life.

Amanda’s experience with the Akashic records is extensive;  she has performed sessions all over the world, teaching a simple “how-to experience” for others, to empower themselves  and gain healing clearing and clarity with all aspects of their  soul journey.

Amanda Noelle Miller, Philosopher of Transpersonal Counseling, Ph.D.
Amanda Noelle Miller, PhD, received her transpersonal counseling degree from UMS in November of 2011. Amanda is a professional matchmaker and dating/soulmating coach who helps women find their Twin Flame through the Law of Attraction by falling in love with themselves first. She is also an alchemist of aphrodisiacs and organic raw chocolates made to invoke spiritual and romantic love. She provides group and individual coaching, and Aphrodite’s Apprentice Coaching Certification for those who wish to partake in a career as a spiritual matchmaker and/or professional life coach.

Amy Donahue, Philosopher of Holistic Life Coaching, Ph.D., Doctor of Divinity in Spiritual Counseling, D.D.
I began my education and work experience in the areas of Criminal Justice and Psychology. I have a BA in Criminal Justice, I’m a Licensed Social Worker, a Certified Addictions Counselor, Certified Reiki Master,and a Non-Denominational Minister. Most recently, I earned a Doctor of Holistic Life Coaching and a Doctor of Divinity in Spiritual Counseling.
My family is very tiny consisting of a husband and one grown son, who is also in Criminal Justice. I have had many rescued pets. Currently, I have 3 rescue dogs, each one is over 100 pounds.
My hobbies and interests have not changed since childhood. They consist of Paranormal Investigation, Metaphysics, Spiritual Readings, dancing, hard rock concerts, white water rafting and traveling the world.
I have had recent health issues, where I have been unable to work out of the home. I hope with the recent degrees that I will be able to create a web site that can offer counseling, advice, and readings. My goal is to establish a successful at home business, by encompassing my education and work experiences into a compete and well rounded service to individuals. My goal is to be able to offer services on a sliding fee scale or through trade, the way it was done in history.

Angela M. Heppner, Philosopher of Holistic Life Coaching, Ph.D.
Philosopher of Holistic Life Coaching, Ph.D. Journalist, Teacher certification in Aromatherapy, Hypnotherapy (Specializing in past life transgression), Crystal, Gemstone and Color Therapy. Meditation, Shiatsu and most importantly, Healing with The Arch Angels. Currently writing first book entitled: “Behind Blue Eyes,” which depicts the journey of the soul, human behavior, soul response, relationships and the path back to love, namely being in love with and true to “Thy Self.” Thus leading the world and mankind back to a world of peace, love and harmony.

Angelica Deborah del Mar, Philosopher of Transpersonal Counseling, Ph.D.
Her studies with UMS have made a tremendous impact on her personal growth and spiritual awakening. She enjoys helping others discover who they are, what their beliefs are, and to develop and grow. She created the Messages From Your Animal Companion card deck for animal communication to facilitate understanding between people and animals.  She is also a certified Reiki Master and certified Tuning Fork Therapy practitioner.

Ann Elizabeth Heystek, Doctor of Divinity in  Spiritual Counseling, D.Div.
A doyenne of local and international marketing, Ann Heystek has spent almost all of her impressive 26-year career in the fields of public relations, research, trends analysis, event management and go-to-market strategics – with particular emphasis on the property, leisure, bespoke luxury goods, publishing and financial sectors.

Her special skill, networking on the national and global stage, has earned her a sterling client base and blue-chip pool of associates, encompassing the top decision-makers in business and media.

Ann has produced several bestselling books on personal finance under the Worth Publishing banner and is now focussing on writing The Miracle Prayer Code and Letters from God Series.

Dr. Anna Marie Mock-Ward, Doctor of Divinity in Spiritual Counseling, D.D.
My journey has led me to UMS, and have found my true calling in life. I have learned many concepts through UMS which will enable me to help others in the pursuit of their happy space. I have also started performing wedding vow ceremonies in my hometown area, and look forward to expanding my healing processes for all my fellow comrades. Again, thank you for this awesome journey UMS, and I will forever be great full for my time with you.

Anna Marie Syke, Doctor of Divinity in  Spiritual Counseling, D.Div.
Anna Syke, Doctor of Divinity in Spiritual Counseling, is owner of Peaceful Pines Healing Practices located in Pine River, Wisconsin.  She practices spiritual counseling, past life regression therapy and energy healing.

Antigoni E. Orfanos, Philosopher of Pastoral Counseling, Ph.D.
Antigoni is a spiritual counselor, mystic, and author, who works to inspire healing by creating the song of one’s spirit through poetry, healing hands, and spirit into the lives of her clients and community.

Antonio Sieira, Philosopher of Parapsychology and Paranormal Sciences, Ph.D.
Founder and Teacher of “The Mindfulness Meditation System”. A professional member of the American Hypnosis Association with certifications in “Smoking Cessation” , “Weight Loss” and “Past-Life Regression” hypnotherapies.   Also certified as an “Alternative Medical Practitioner” by the “American Alternative Medical Association”.

Anya L Kruger, Doctor of Metaphysics, D.M.
I want everyone to feel whole and reach a spiritual level of happiness. I currently live in DC and home base out of MN. I am so proud of this journey I have been on and hope to help others reach their goals.

Barbara J. Pickett, Doctor of Divinity in Spiritual Counseling, D.Div.
Barbara J. Pickett is a recent UMS graduate having received her Bachelor’s, Masters and Doctorate of Divinity degrees. She has had a life long interest in metaphysics which led her to obtain a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Theoretical Physics, enabling her to gain a greater understanding of the fundamental concepts of the physical universe and further her spiritual development.

Barbara has completed the Core Courses in Shamanism through Michael Harner’s Foundation for Shamanic Studies and intends to pursue further training in Shamanic Counseling techniques. She is currently working towards her Master’s Level Reiki certification and is studying Planetary Herbology with Michael Tierra through the East West School of Herbology.

She intends to practice Holistic Healing with an emphasis on Shamanic and Pastoral Counseling coupled with Energy Work. She currently volunteers with a local Hospice agency as her UMS studies brought her to the awareness that helping others to realize their true path and enable them to face life’s transitions should be part of her spiritual work here in this lifetime.

Barbara Z. Lindberg, Doctor of Divinity in  Spiritual Counseling, D.Div.
Barbara Z. Lindberg, Doctor of Divinity in Spiritual Counseling, works as a medical intuitive in Vancouver, Washington. She works with people and animals as a medium and energy healer.

Barbara J. Pickett, Doctor of Divinity, Spiritual Counseling, D.D.
Holistic Health Practitioner (HHP) Certified through the American Association of Drugless Practitioners, offering  Homeopathy, Bach Flower Remedies, Reiki Therapy, Tuning Fork Therapy® and Spiritual Counseling.

Basia Christ, Philosopher of Transpersonal Counseling, Ph.D.
Basia Christ is an Orange County resident, originally from Chicago, and author of “From Ash to Flame: 27 Women Who Saved My Life” that will be available on Amazon as an e-book by June 2013. Christ is working on a new book, “The Up Side of Down: Embracing Life’s Challenges.” She has written for “Today’s Woman,” “Beach Cities Style” and “Empowering Women,” and “Radiance” magazines and the “OC Register” about women’s rights and triumphs. Because she believes we are all connected, she donated her kidney anonymously on November 3, 2010. Christ has advocated for human trafficking victims, worked with the OC Human Trafficking Task Force, and raised money for the Somaly Mam Foundation by doing a parachute jump in 2011. She is available for presentations on gender equality, living kidney donations, presentation and communication skills as well as marketing your small business.

Beth Ann Erickson, Philosopher of Metaphysical Counseling, Ph.D.
Beth Ann Erickson is a freelance writer and author living in Minnesota. She’s the author of five titles and manages one of the largest online ezines for freelance writers. She also calls herself the “Queen Bee” of Filbert Publishing, the umbrella company she formed to house all her publishing activities. More than anything, Beth enjoys her role as a “Light Worker,” helping others awaken to their talents and life purpose.

Blythe Metz-Mändmets, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
Blythe Metz hosts a natural lifestyle show called Blythe Natural Living, educating her viewers on the consciousness of food, and how to eat for optimal health and vitality. Tuning into source energy and sharing with others how to do so is her favorite thing to do. Google search Blythe Natural Living to find her show and all kinds of health and vitality information. Sign up for her email updates!

Brenda J. Holland-Page, Doctor of Divinity in Metaphysical Counseling, D.Div.
Rev. Brenda J. Holland-Page, Doctor of Divinity in Metaphysical Counseling, D. Div. Rev. Dr. Brenda J. Holland-Page is a Minister, Counselor, Coach and Metaphysical Teacher of Ancient Wisdom and New Thought philosophies. She holds several complimentary certifications including: Graphoanalyst®, Master Life Coach, and Numerologist II. Through her Spiritual, Metaphysical Counseling and Coaching Ministry, she facilitates connecting the essential puzzle pieces of life in the areas of Life Path, Work and Spiritual Parenting, to live a more spiritually empowered and authentic life.

In addition to more than four decades of varied and related experiences and trainings in metaphysics, human behavior, and spirituality, she has earned through the University of Metaphysical Sciences a Bachelor of Divinity, a Masters in Metaphysical Sciences, and Doctorate of Divinity. Rev. Brenda brings much love, compassion, and inspiration to her work in supporting seekers to increase their experience of spiritual fulfillment. She is currently pursuing a Ph.D. and working on a new book.

Cara Lynn Grandolfo, Philosopher of Transpersonal Counseling, Ph.D.
Cara Lynn Grandolfo, Philosopher of Transpersonal Counseling, Ph.D., resides with her family in Southern California.  There, Ms. Grandolfo maintains a private practice where she offers spiritu-educational programs and counseling for individuals and groups.  Her passion as well as her professional practice, research and writing focuses principally on the spiritual development of children, women’s spirituality as well as the role of spirituality in those recovering from addiction.

Caranagaran Naicker, Philosopher of Holistic Life Coaching Ph.D.
Caranagaran Naicker is a Philosopher of Holistic Life Coaching, Ph.D. He has been a life coach for the past 6 years and his life work and passion is bring about a synergy of harmony in the mind, body and soul connection. He has a passion for working with people and creating a space for individuals to bring out their highest consciousness and potential.

Carla G. Pearce, Philosopher of Metaphysical Counseling, Ph.D.
Carla G. Pearce is a Reiki Master and a recent graduate of UMS with a Ph.D. in Metaphysical Counseling. It has been a wonderful journey filled with healing and knowledge.

Carla Jane Presley, Doctor of Holistic Life Coaching, D.HLc..
Carla Presley, D.HLc., helps people handle the difficulties of life transitions, primarily with the use of life regression/ progression.  Her specialty is in managing the death transition and the grief that often accompanies the loss of a loved one.

Carla Jean Adams, Philosopher of Transpersonal Counseling Ph.D.
Carla ‘CeeJay’ Adams has her Philosopher of Transpersonal Counseling from UMS and is a spiritual visioneer, relationship coach and transformational author. She has more than 20-years’ experience in spiritual leadership, public and private executive leadership, hot-button mediation, crisis communications and public relations, human development and psychology, relationship and success education, metaphysics and the esoteric sciences. Through her innovative, edutainment strategies she promotes strong relationships through authenticity, intimacy and core psycho-social skills necessary for success.

Carol Nicholson, Philosopher of Parapsychology and Paranormal Sciences, Ph.D.
Carol Nicholson holds advanced certifications as a Psychic Medium, Trance Medium, Astrologer, Hypnotherapist, and Accessing the Akashic Records. She has been counseling people professionally for over thirty years and has appeared on radio and television numerous times. Owner of, Carol now devotes her time teaching others and has a successful on-line training school with many distance learning classes available. Author of two extensive home study courses in Mediumship and Clairvoyance training. She also spends her time facilitating numerous training events in Scottsdale, Arizona, and has taught weekend intensives nationally for the last ten years. Carol is an avid paranormal enthusiast and shares many spirit voice recordings with the public for those interested in listening to spirits communicate back to the world of the living offering proof of life after death.

Carolyn M. Cervantes, Philosopher of Metaphysics Ph.D.
Carolyn M. Cervantes is a recent graduate of the UMS with a Philosopher of Metaphysics, Ph.D.

Catherine Ann Denton, Philosopher of Metaphysics. Ph.D.
Catherine is an Intuitive Spiritual Counselor and uses several healing modalities in her practice. She has certifications as a Reiki Master and DoTerra Aromatouch Therapy Practitioner. She also holds a certification in a suicide prevention training called QPR. She works with the Mental Health Awareness and Suicide Prevention Alliance in Blount County, Tennessee where she lives and has her practice called Willow Pond.

Catherine is writing a book where she shares her journey as a mental health consumer in the medical system and how she changed unconscious beliefs and behaviors using the modalities she now teaches to uncover the person she was meant to be. Her purpose in this life is to show wonderful caring individuals that struggle with their feelings and behavior patterns how to become emotionally integrated while living a life of grace and peace.

Charlene M. Feno-Garcia, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
Charlene resonates with her inner Atlantean and her love of crystals, for crystal healing/therapy.

Chris A. Hunt, Doctor of Metaphysical Sciences, D.Ms.
A spiritual entity on a physical journey.

Corinne A. Allain, Philosopher of Parapsychology and Paranormal Sciences, Ph.D.
Corinne’s passion is the extraterrestrial realms of angels and ascended beings who are helping us in this realm. She lives on the Big Island of Hawaii and is in the process of developing metaphysical classes to teach at her home. There is a book brewing regarding living on the fiery island and having the lava be a reflection of destruction and renewal.

Colin Porter, Philosopher of Holistic Life Coaching, Ph.D.
Colin Porter is a recent UMS graduate having received his Bachelor’s, Masters and Philosopher of Holistic Life Coaching, Ph.D degrees. He is also a Reiki Master.

Cora Corcoran, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
Cora Corcoran lives in Ireland and, having very much enjoyed the course, is delighted to have obtained the Bachelor of Metaphysical Sciences Degree from UMS. Although she currently spends most of her time working in the Business world, she devotes a lot of time to the sharing of healing techniques which support the well-being of others. These include Rebirthing Breath Work, Relaxation Techniques, Meditations and Individually-tailored Visualizations. Cora intends to develop further her Healing Practice and be more available in this field by the end of her course. Her Special Interests include all things Spiritual, People, Reading, Walking, Cycling, Tai Chi and Dance as well as Writing and Poetry.

For the past two years or so my healing work with Clients include the “Havening Techniques” which I have found to be the most powerful, effective and user-friendly methods of healing trauma ever. These techniques turbo-charges the entire healing process and it is so wonderful to see people leaving the room with smiles on their faces and a “pep” in their step, whilst wondering what the heck happened to the old ‘story’ that they were so deeply attached to since as long as they can remember!. It is now completely gone…and all in the space of just one healing session. New adventures await for all!

Corné Jooste, Doctor of Divinity in Spiritual Counseling, D.D.
Corné Jooste  is a dynamic, vibrant and passionate individual from South Africa, helping others to find love, joy and life purpose through his spiritual healing and consulting service, Corius Institute. As a Registered Reiki Master, Meridian & Energy Therapy Practitioner and Red Ribbon Professional Feng Shui Consultant, studying at UMS has truly been a blessing, expanding the possibilities in which to be of service to others.

Corné Jooste, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
Corné Jooste is a dynamic, vibrant and passionate individual from South Africa, helping others to find their joy, health and life purpose through his spiritual healing and consulting service, Corius Institute. As a Registered Reiki Master, Meridian & Energy Therapy Practitioner and Red Ribbon Professional Feng Shui Consultant, studying at UMS has truly been a blessing, expanding the possibilities in which to be of service to others.

Cynthia Boots, Doctor of Divinity in Spiritual Counseling, D.Div.
With a lifetime and arguably, lifetimes of knowledge, experience and wisdom, Cyndi Tatiana Boots is your personal interpreter, tour guide and mystic who will help you travel beyond the limits of your perceived self and into a world you may have only dreamed of knowing and living. With keenly honed intuitive skills, crystal work and shamanic adeptness and through the assistance of spirit guides and etheric beings, your personal doorway to a life beyond life can be opened to you. From childhood to present, as a lightwalker, walk-in, a healer and coach as well as holding a Doctor of Divinity and Bachelors of Science in Psychology, Cyndi can deliver the utmost in personal, spiritual care and guidance.

Cynthia Killion, Doctor of Divinity in Metaphysical Counseling, D.D.
Cynthia Killion is a psychic, astrologer, medium, and channeler. Her joy is doing readings for others to help them gain insight into their relationships, life paths, career plans, family matters, and spiritual gifts. Cynthia is well-known for her on-line newsletter, “The Cosmic Newsletter”, which brings regular psychic & astrological guidance to readers all around the world. She also enjoys teaching others to awaken their own intuitive and psychic gifts through her online, telephone, and in-person seminars.

Cynthia A. Speir, Philosopher of Metaphysical Counseling, Ph.D.
Cynthia has been studying metaphysical sciences for over 40 years, but the extraordinarily thorough education received through UMS has been the impetus to further Cynthia’s career in founding a metaphysical ministry.  Cynthia has been visualizing and planning a holistic counseling and healing center for the last 20 years and feels that she is now ready to share the information she has gathered from Spirit, through UMS and many other sources, with anyone seeking personal growth for the highest good of all.   Cynthia is deeply grateful for being guided to UMS and highly recommends all of the courses, Bachelor’s, Masters and Ph.D., as  it is a most gratifying experience.  Thank you, UMS!

Daisy Jasmine Verbena, Philosopher of Parapsychology and Paranormal Sciences, Ph.D.
DJ Verbena does family outreach for a local mental health hospital. She is a practicing Clinical Hypnotherapist with 16 years experience. DJ is currently writing a book about the effects of politics, religion and popular culture on the paranormal experience in America.

Daniel Patrick Imre, Doctor of Divinity in Spiritual Counseling, D.D.
Spiritual Counseling, Hypnosis, Past Life & Bardo Regression, Reiki, LOA Coaching, Aromatherapy, Massage, Speaking.

Daniela Llombart-Graner, Philosopher of Metaphysics. Ph.D.
She works as a healer and a spiritual teacher. Humbly, she offers energetic healing and intuitive guidance as well as long distance healing. In her center, she also offers psychological therapy, color therapy, Bach-flowers therapy and gemstone therapy. In addition to that, she does foot and hand reflexology, yoga and herb counseling. She guides her patients through meditations and with some students she paints to help them find their spiritual path. Through singing she found a way to reach her students and patients because they gain energy and clear their chakras more easily. She offers seminars about the chakras and has written two books, “The Awakening  of the Soul” and a children’s’ book called “The little giraffe discovers Love”. She loves the journey of light and she wants to thank UMS. It is the most divine place to study and to become supported by the enlightenment path, which at times can be difficult. However, with UMS you do not feel alone – the opposite is true: a lot of love, support and divine information come from all their teachers.

She loves the human spirit/soul and she believes that with the understanding from the heart and the right support we can all reach our Divine self.

Darya Rios, Philosopher of Metaphysics. Ph.D.
Darya Rios is originally Russian, born in the Ukraine and raised mostly in Finland. She is currently writing, practicing martial arts, working with children and studying ancient philosophy and NLP.

David Lester Griffith, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
To continue pursuing the realm of higher consciousness & be of service.

Dominick J. Villella, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
Dominick J. Villella Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences is the founder and team leader of Paranormal Investigation of NYC and a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist. He also is a Certified Meditation teacher and Reiki Master.

Debra Ann Morgan, Doctor of Divinity in Spiritual Counseling, D.Div.
Debra Ann Morgan has been of service to others as a dental hygienist for forty years. Working one-on-one with her patients she acquired the tools of empathetic observer and mindful listener. With her certification as a Reiki Master, Certified Nursing Assistant,
and Doctor of Divinity she focuses her passion towards transformational and transitional spiritual guidance.

Her definitive work will be to assist those who are passing over into their soul awareness with end of life care and support. She volunteers at a local teaching hospital for those patients who might die alone. Love will be her finest instrument to assist them to forgive themselves and others, so as to find the sweetness of freedom in moving forward.

Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn, Philosopher of Metaphysics. Ph.D.
Dr. Andrew Greszczyszyn D.C. PhD. is an intuitive healer, chiropractor and metaphysician. His life mission is to provide spiritual works on abundance, immortality, religion and metaphysics through eBooks, seminars, coaching, and products. His website is

Dr. Darrell Latch, Doctor of Metaphysics, D.M.
Owner, operator of Son Light Power International Power lifting Association

Dr. James Edward Williams PhD., Philosopher of Holistic Life Coaching, Ph.D.
Rev. Dr. James Edward Williams D.Div.. PhD. is founder of Manifest Destiny Ministry in Atlanta Ga. and is author of six manuscripts all of which are in process to be published. He is a certified addiction counselor, a certified alcohol and drug counselor, and a certified spiritual counselor … and intends to obtain a fourth certification (certified opiate treatment clinician).

Dr. Joseph Vitug, Ph.D., Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
Rev. Joseph’s first dream in life was to be a doctor. He took medical courses but was not able to pursue due to financial difficulties. He ended up finishing another Bachelor’s degree majoring in Mathematics from NCBA in Manila, Philippines. During his early years, he worked with the Bureau of Disease Control, Department of Health in the Philippines under the UNICEF Leprosy Control Program. This type of job dealt direct contact with leprosy patients monitoring and administering drugs. However, his dream did not end there. The calling came and he did not ignore the high calling from above to pursue his quest to be a healer in a different way. He finished his Bachelor of Divinity and his Master’s degree in Metaphysical Sciences at the age of 62. This is his greatest achievement besides his family.

He is continuously widening his education and has completed a Bible Study course at the Amazing Facts Bible School in California and is still currently pursuing another Bible Study course at Blue Letter Bible Institute. A born again Christian and received the baptism of the Holy Spirit in October 2006, A personal experience that he will cherish with humbleness. “How great it is to feel the love of God” Said Rev. Joseph.
He is now officially given a title of Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D., and he will concentrate his acquired knowledge in Holistic Healing.   A dream comes true.  Rev. Joseph has his own ventured Media Outreach Ministry along with his wife. The Amazing Kingdom Ministry

Dr. Samantha Vanderslice, Doctor of Metaphysical Sciences, D.Ms.
Samantha has been a student and teacher of Hermetic Sciences for 45 years.  She is a massage therapist, Reiki Master, Bach Flower Registered Practitioner and Certified Trainer, Tarot teacher, reader and published author of Tarot Yourself Into the New Age, certified Angelic Guidance Counselor, and Spiritual Counselor.  After owning and operating a metaphysical store in Austin, Texas for ten years, she is now Director of the Center of Love and Light, providing services and education for body, mind, and spirit.

Edna Erazo Marroquin, Philosopher of Holistic Life Coaching, Ph.D.
Edna Erazo Marroquin graduated from the University of Metaphysical Sciences obtaining the degree of Philosopher of Holistic Life Coaching, Ph.D.

F.R. (Rhys) Robinson, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
F.R. (Rhys) Robinson is a human being dedicated to living a fully conscious life. Rhys is surrounded by wonderful (be)loved beings, people and ever evolving experiences. These amazing manifestations are achieved through constant progressive movement, learning, remembering and growth which occur on multiple levels with and through the experience of life. His wish is that we all live a rich meaningful life.

Gary Michael Levin, Doctor of Metaphysical Sciences, D.Ms.
Gary has been in the field of education for over 30 years as a teacher and currently as an administrator. Seeing how pupils in the tween to teen age group respond to life in general, he is going to use his new degrees to write books on metaphysical topics for this age range.

Gauri  M  Relan, Philosopher of Metaphysical Counseling, Ph.D.
Gauri M Relan is a holistic healer specializing in Natural, Vedic and Metaphysical healings.  She has been healing since 1995 based on ancient Vedic philosophy of healing at Physical, Emotional, Mental and Spiritual level, so that there is total rejuvenation of physical health, emotional happiness with positive set of mind to finally grow spiritually.
Gauri M Relan was granted the status of REVEREND  by Wisdom of The Heart Church, California, USA, in 2010 by UMS. Gauri M Relan did her Masters MS (Botany), M.Phil (Wood Sciences & Forestry) from Himachal University Shimla, INDIA, in 1992 and has participated in CME courses in Complimentary, Alternative & Integrative medicine from Harvard Medical school, USA, was awarded certified Yoga Instructor from SVYASA University, Bangalore, 2006 and is a certified NLP practitioner from American university of NLP. She learnt various forms of Meditation and Energy healing techniques from Great Grand Masters of Reiki and Melchizedek and is a certified REIKI Master in Dr. Usui Mikao system.

Gauri  M Relan is founder of “WELLBEEN AEONS Research Center”, which is an Indian research oriented company focused on reviving and rejuvenating lost and forgotten traditional healing methodologies, from all over the world.

Gauri M Relan has conducted numerous workshops in many corporate namely UNILEVER, HAL, Lucent technologies, Broadcom corporation, many welfare clubs & societies, in various schools and colleges in Bangalore. Gauri M Relan conducts classes on YOGA, Reiki, Tarot and various Vedic and metaphysical methodologies.

Geraldine (Jeri) Roraback, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
She is a Certified Alchemical Hypnotherapist, Life Between Life Therapist, Between Life Soul Regression Therapist and certified in many different modalities.

She is an author, on the Board of Directors for Blending Excellence that is a nonprofit organization combining western medicine and alternative modalities, President of a Toastmasters group, is involved in other organizations and has been a hairstylist for 40 years.

She and her husband have combined 7 children and 14 grandchildren.

Ginny Haddock, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
Ginny helps others explore the many aspects of spirituality through her writing, workshops, and life-coaching business partnership, In Harmony Journeys. She is writing two children’s book series that teach spiritual messages and has published the first book, In Search of the Missing Bracelet. She is also writing a young adult trilogy that focuses on the personal discovery of spiritual ideas. Ginny is also working toward Master of Arts degree in Humanities/Religious Studies to augment her knowledge of all facets of spirituality.

Gregory Ian Buttner, Philosopher of Metaphysical Counseling, Ph.D.
Greg Buttner has a Ph.D. in Metaphysical Counseling. He has been in India for the last 2 years studying under various teachers and will be returning to Encinitas, California soon to open his own practice and work with people who also have this thirst to discover their Spiritual Nature. He truly feels blessed to be alive and to be given this opportunity to work towards the Global awakening of consciousness.

Gregory Kirk Fodrea, Philosopher of Transpersonal Counseling, Ph.D.
Gregory Fodrea, Ph.D. is an Amazon “Top 20 – Self-help” author, motivational speaker, and individual and family counselor. He is the author of “Perfectly Flawed – How to Stop Suffering and Start Living” under the pen name Gregory Kirk, and a contributing author to the bestseller “Tenacious Living – Choose Your Adventure.” In his private practice, Greg counsels people on a wide variety of issues from both a psychological and spiritual perspective. He raises his three teenagers on the beautiful southern Oregon coast.

Gwen Marie Houghton, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
Gwen Houghton is a Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D. She is a Psychic, Medium who channels Archangel Michael and other nonphysical beings. She is a Spiritual Advisor, Advanced Angel Healing Practitioner, Integrated Energy Therapy Practitioner, Reiki Master, and Herbalist. She has been doing readings and healing work for many years now. The foundation of her teachings is Shamanic in nature but with a very eclectic slant based on many teachings. She has many tools in her tool bag and will use “whatever is appropriate” when reading, healing and teaching people. Her Soul Mission is to help people move forward on their journeys!

Hector F. Gutierrez, Doctor of Divinity in Metaphysical Sciences, D.D.
Married for 46 years, father two successful professionals, a lawyer and a University professor; grandfather of four beautiful angels. Ex-administrator, student counselor and bilingual consultant (K-12), retired U.S Army (Vietnam Era & Desert Storm veteran).

Researcher and student of Esoteric, Paranormal and Metaphysical Sciences since 1964. Bachelor of Philosophy, Bachelor of Metaphysics, and Master of Divinity and Doctor of Divinity in Metaphysical Sciences.

Hiroko Unami-Kawakita, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
She is the most popular bilingual (English/Japanese) hypnotist in NYC. She has treated more than 3000 clients. She writes hypnosis articles in “WEEKLY NY LIFE” (Japanese newspaper). She has private practice in NYC & Westchester, NY. She was born in Japan. She is the member of Association of Spirituality & Psychotherapy (NYC). She is NGH Board Certified Hypnotist & Instructor. She is a monk of Japanese Esoteric Buddhism.

Iliycho Tihov, Philosopher of Parapsychology and Paranormal Sciences, Ph.D.
His name is Iliycho Tihov. He has a PhD degree in Parapsychology and Paranormal Studies. He has graduated with distinction. He works in the field of parapsychology.

Inez R.C. Vermeulen, Doctor of Divinity in Spiritual Counseling, D.Div.
Inez Vermeulen is an international human resources consultant, metaphysician, spiritual counselor, author, ICF certified quantum success coach, passionate yoga & meditation practitioner and teacher.

In her work with groups and individuals, Inez provides a holistic and spiritual approach to self-discovery, healing and personal and professional transformation that helps people more easily connect to their innate wisdom and power.

Originally from Belgium, Inez lives near Brussels, Belgium with her husband and 4 stepchildren. She follows the path of Self-Realization.

Ingrid Elgueta Vallette, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
Ingrid Elgueta lives in Canada with her husband, four children and several cats.  Besides her degree of Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D., she also has a B.A. Specialization Sociology from Concordia University.  She paints, writes and makes natural organic soaps.  She enjoys reading, meditating and walking in nature.

Ion Grumeza, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
Ion Grumeza is an unaffiliated scholar and a geo-political historian. A Kentucky Colonel, he is the author of several books and a philosophy website.

Irene Steenhagen, Philosopher of Metaphysics, Ph.M.
Irene lives in South Africa and works throughout South Africa. She makes use of the following modalities; Family Constellations – The entanglements in the family line on both mother and father’s side can be sorted out by your family members being represented by people, crystals, and “double blind” using names on pieces of paper. This is a stunning modality. It is flexible and the results are fast and effective. Transformation Game – A board game that can change your life if you let it, ask a question to something and this game will bring the answers out for you. Sustainable Living – advice on implementing sustainable living from renewable energy, growing your own food, concerning and reuse of water, and living with nature.

J. Andrea Sexton, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
My study of metaphysics has coincided with a career in clinical social work. My ministry focuses on reducing the pervasive fear of death, utilizing the extensive evidence that physical mortality reflects a transition into a dimension of higher consciousness.

Jacqueline J. Waleski, Doctor of Metaphysical Sciences, D.Ms.
Dr. Jacqueline J. Waleski received her D.Ms. from UMS in 2013.  Dr. Waleski is a life-long student of metaphysical sciences and human behavior, and is an advocate for animal rights.   She is grateful that, through her study with UMS, she has learned so much more about the discipline and gives her strongest recommendation to any and all prospective students interested in pursuing a course of study with the University of Metaphysical Science.

Jan P. Gyomber, Philosopher of Metaphysics. Ph.D.
Jan Gyomber Ph.D. teaches Tai Chi and Qigong near Reading, PA.
NQA certified Level III Advanced Instructor.
National gold medalist in Yang Tai Chi.
Developer of SAEFET  Energy Field Enhancement Technique.
National Qigong Association Board of Directors, elected 2010.

Jane Ilene Cohen, Philosopher of Transpersonal Counseling, Ph.D.
Jane is an Intuitive and Transformational Counselor, teacher and author, as well as an NLP & TimeLine Master Practitioner and Hypnotherapist. She has had a private counseling practice since 1995, currently in Encinitas, CA, where she works with adults, children, couples and other relationships. She is also the Founder of the Life Is Meant to Work thought system, which is at the foundation of all of her work.

Janet P. Hosmer, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
Janet is 58 years old, and has been on her spiritual journey for over 25 years. Since the death of her infant son, and the birth of her son Matthew, who is her truest joy and has Down Syndrome, she has devoted her life to helping others find their path and understand their life on this earthly plane. She has degrees in both Medical Technology and Computer Science, and plans to use her life experiences to embark upon a career as an author in order to reach many souls in search of truth and comfort.

Jefferson Viscardi, Philosopher of Metaphysical Life Coaching, Ph.D.
Jefferson possesses a clear sense of self-definition and purpose, he is strong-willed, independent and unconventional. He can be sweet yet very methodical and practical at times. He likes order, organization and harmony. He could easily link everything together. He is convinced of his ideas yet allows and respects everyone else’s. He is foresighted and willful. He appreciates all the good things in Life. Constant and never ending improvement is in his opinion the best idea one could and should focus upon indefinitely because when you know better you can do better and when you do better, EVERYBODY around you benefits from your choices and that is really a worthy goal.

Jennifer Green, Doctor of Metaphysical Sciences, D.Ms.
I have been on a spiritual journey for over forty years. Teaching is my passion- helping others on their journey. I run beginner and advanced groups. I have the privilege of supporting spiritualist churches in their services. I also offer one to one support.

Jessica Brake, Doctor of Metaphysical Sciences, D.Ms.
Jessica Brake has been working towards a Doctorate in Metaphysical Sciences for almost a decade though her interest in the subject began many years before. In addition, she has a master’s degree in Mental Health Counseling and recently received her license in Professional Counseling in the state of Oregon. With her education she plans to work with people from both a spiritual and mental health perspective to help them improve their lives and work through difficult times..

Joan Biddle, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
Joan Biddle Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
Based in England, Joan is also an Acupuncturist and holds qualifications in meditation, Spiritual Counseling, Yoga, Essences and Crystals.

Joan is currently taking a Master’s degree in Transpersonal Psychology and Consciousness at the University of Northampton UK. Joan sees her focus now as helping those who are awakening and need help at either the physical or emotional level.

John Francis Buhre, Philosopher of Metaphysical Counseling, Ph.D.
John Buhre was born in Astoria Queens on May 2 1964. Even before grammar school I had an interest in the big cats like lions and tigers. Then I started grammar school, Our Lady of Hope, which would be nine years. I liked playing sports and drawing big cats during this time. When I was twelve I started playing guitar. Pretty early on I formed a band with my brother. High School I did not like very much, but I did alright. I played in a few bands. After that I attended six months of college. I didn’t like it. That’s when I started running heavy equipment with my father. I did that for twenty years. During this time I had a few girlfriends and wrote songs. After this time there was a brief period where I didn’t work, but wrote a lot of songs Then to make money I started driving a cab. In 2005 I first started to become interested in spirituality. Then around 2007 you wonderful people came into the picture and I got married to a beautiful girl. Since then music and Metaphysics has been my whole life.

John David Williamson, Philosopher of Metaphysics, Ph.D.
John Williamson is a retired senior UK physician with an ongoing interest in complementary medicine and a developing interest in Qabalism and Theology. He has advised the World Health Organization (UN) over many years on Maternal and Child Health and Self Help Programs and has held academic posts in the Medical Faculties of the Universities of London and Brighton (UK).

John Mancuso, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
John is a spiritual being having an Amazing time playing in human form. Blessings.

John Robert Parratt, Doctor of Metaphysical Sciences, D.Ms.
I have always been interested in religion, and extreme outdoor pursuits, but it wasn’t until i started to manifest some psychic abilities that I took an interest in metaphysics, and found the answers that I was looking for. I hope to write a book about my experiences in the near future.

John Paul Wulf, Philosopher of Metaphysics. Ph.D.
We are all professional students, family in the same ocean perhaps merely on different boats… We all have a reason for our being here. If we observe, not only ourselves but understand that what may be a poor choice for one, may be beneficial or better of two not so great options we have much of the understanding to believe and dream for ourselves, and not change yet assist others on their way. To all, we are indeed family. “Don’t give up”, Cher. Thank you all, feel free to contact if I may be of service. Uncertain of next journey… music or ???

Jonathan James, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences Ph.D.
The journey for Jonathan James has reached a milestone with the culmination of attaining his Doctoral Degree as a Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences. Yet, his journey to wholeness continues as he goes forth in the world to help others re-discover who they truly are: love. With help from the universe, Jonathan is developing his own practice as a Holistic Life Coach and Spiritual Counselor in northwest Montana. Visions of teaching/lecturing to a great many people are also on his spiritual path for the near future. Jonathan wishes to thank all of the helpful angels and guides at the University of Metaphysical Sciences for their support, insight, and blessings during his studies as well as all the other students of UMS who are connecting with their higher selves and working towards manifesting their dreams in co-creating a world of love…and the universe rejoices.

Jonathan McCune, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences Ph.D.
Jonathan McCune is an eight year student at the University of Metaphysical Sciences completing his Ph.D. Dissertation titled the Synchronistic Consciousness of spirit. He is a spiritual Intuit, Yogi, Reiki Master, Juicer and loves working in the garden.

Jonean “Janeen” J. Detrick, Philosopher of Transpersonal Counseling, Ph.D.
Janeen is a Personal Development Coach for Prosper, Inc. in Provo, Utah, with an international clientele, specializing in clearing limiting beliefs.  She also owns Good Vibrations Energy Clinic, LLC., where she is an Energy Medicine Practitioner, and sought after public speaker. She is available for distance healing sessions, seminars, and workshops.

Joseph S. Dillon, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
Joseph S. Dillon, Ph.D., earned his Doctoral, Master and Bachelor degrees in Metaphysical Sciences from the University of Metaphysical Sciences. Previously, he earned Bachelor and Master of Business Administration degrees from highly ranked US universities. Joe is also an ordained minister and a certified Reiki Master-Healer-Teacher. He is president & CEO of Synerphysics, Inc., an advisory firm in the healthcare industry and has over 20 years’ experience assessing human health conditions and their treatments. Joe has been an invited speaker at conferences around the world, including the United States, Japan, China, India, Germany, France, Austria, Spain, Italy and Switzerland, and serves clients globally. Joe’s first book, The C-Theory, which explores consciousness and its correlation with quantum physics, is scheduled to be published in 2015.

Joseph Stephen Gracia, Philosopher of Holistic Life Coaching, Ph.D.
Joseph S. Gracia has years of experience in the holistic arena. He is a Reiki Master and teaches the art of energy healing to enlightenment thirsty students. He studied Metaphysics at the University of Metaphysical Sciences in California and is also a Master Herbalist specializing in the Dr. Hulda Clark Protocol. Dr. Gracia has successfully overcome his own personal battle with asthma as well as his Father’s battle with diabetes using these all natural techniques. He has dedicated his life to the teaching of the holistic lifestyle to others and many have seen remarkable results using his coaching and programs.

Juanita D. Lewis, Doctor of Divinity in Metaphysical Sciences, D.Div.
Juanita D. Lewis has been awarded Doctor of Divinity in Metaphysical Sciences, D.Div.. , after all her efforts, hard work, and successful completion of this program. She captures the essence of spirituality through her blessed incites.  She helps others connect to self by reconnecting the mind/body/emotion/spirit through 1 love – self-love.

Juanita D. Lewis , Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
Rev. Dr. Juanita D Lewis Ph.D. has been blessed with helping lost souls find their way back to self.  She has thus obtain her Ph.D. status in 2013.  She belongs to the Spiritual Directors International Association and is an honorary life time member of Covinton Who’s Who.  Her energy is an inspiration to all.

Judith Oliver, Philosopher of Parapsychology and Paranormal Sciences, Ph.D.
Judith Oliver’s goal in life is to help those seeking answers in their spiritual journey. “There is nothing more important to me than this journey.”

Julian Simon Greenstein, Philosopher of Metaphysics. Ph.D.
My practice, Sky of Mind, specialises in the safe and effective location and clearing of the deep roots which are ultimately responsible for our discontent. Sky of Mind also has a unique product which enables us to treat anyone, anywhere in the world.

Karen Teresa Morgan, Doctor of Divinity in Metaphysical Sciences, D.D.
Karen is a natural health and wellbeing tutor, and therapist. Karen runs a small health and wellbeing clinic from her home in Pontypool and actively teaches the therapies that she offers in her local community. Karen is qualified in various styles of massage, aromatherapy, ear candling, reflexology, herbalism, diet and nutrition and crystal therapy. Karen became interested in Metaphysical Sciences through a colleague and felt that the Metaphysical degree courses helped to give balance, expansion and credibility to the knowledge that she already had and has gained through studying at the Metaphysical University.

Kathleen Anne Ball, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences Ph.D.
Kathleen Anne Ball, Doctor of Metaphysical Sciences. D. Ms., Master of Metaphysical Sciences M. Msc from The University of Metaphysical Sciences. and MFA from The Academy of Art University, and retired Professor of Art from Columbia College in Sonora, Ca. continues to explore the connections between the evolutionary process of humanity, as unearthed and documented in the archaeological record, with, memory held in mankind’s DNA and, how this relates to the overall raising of consciousness of this planet. Her artwork reflects both her exterior and interior explorations into these various dimensions of consciousness.

Having experienced an NDE in 1990, and returning with an ongoing connection to realms and dimensions beyond physical reality, and, an enhanced sensitivity to energy in general, she is involved in ongoing travel and research of sacred sites, archaeological dig sites and personal interviews with the oral tradition carriers of indigenous cultures throughout the world.

Kathleen’s television program, a small privately owned station in the Foothills of northern Ca. “Art and Culture with Kathleen Ball”, televised on TSPN Television and accessible on YouTube, presents the topics of her ongoing research, along with national and international guest speakers, and works of Art that express the concepts that are discussed on the show.
Having completed her Ph, D. she is now focused on completing her book entitled “Transfiguration” which covers her NDE in 1990 and the ongoing revelations that have unfolded since. She also discusses the impact these revelations have had on her personally and how the visionary aspect of her NDE, she believes, fits into the raising of the vibration harmonics of this planet, its consciousness and the ongoing evolutionary process.

Kathleen Foster, Doctor of Divinity in Spiritual Counseling, D.Div.
Innately we are all entitled to a life filled with joy and peace. Therefore, she guides people to releasing emotional burdens and to healing.

Kathleen McGill, Philosopher of Metaphysics. Ph.D.
It has been the anchor and purpose since childhood to positively impact the lives of others that Kelly has spent the last 30+ years researching and practicing Metaphysics and Spirituality as a life long commitment. She is a Philosopher, Teacher and a Leadership Coach. Currently she is working for fortune 50 corporations bringing the conscious leadership, compassion and mindfulness to the workplace shifting the relationship between employers and employees and impacting lives globally.

Kelvin Glass, Doctor of Divinity in Metaphysical Sciences, D.D.
In achieving a Doctor of Divinity in Metaphysical Sciences the writer has broadened his horizons in ways that a year ago would have seemed unimaginable! The journey has been wonderful, the sights, sounds and impressions have left an indelible mark. Thank you UMS for the varied curriculum, expert tutoring and professional and courteous manner with which all correspondence was handled.

Kristé B. Sprague, Philosopher of Transpersonal Counseling, Ph.D.
Kristé is owner of Metaphysical Health Services located in Ellsworth, Maine. Kristé uses Transpersonal Counseling methods to help clients discover who they are, what their beliefs are, and to understand how to heal grief, stress, trauma, anxiety, addiction, depression, chronic Pain & Illness and issues related to couples & family communication. In addition she treats clients with Reiki , distant Healing, guided meditations and chakra balancing and clearing.

Kirsten M. Olsen, Doctor of Divinity in Spiritual Counseling, D.Div.
Kirsten Olsen, D. Div. is  a Life Balancing Coach and Minister.  Her passion is helping people find true healing for their lives.  To do this she uses NLP, Hypnosis, Reiki and EFT.  She hopes to bring healing to children by educating parents/guardians.

Kristin Whitelaw, Philosopher of Metaphysics. Ph.D.
Kristin Whitelaw’s passion is holistic healing, helping to awaken the true, original spirit, shedding the false self and actualizing the manifestation of who we authentically are in every area of our life – finding peace, joy, creative energy, true power and purpose. Before her studies at UMS, she attained her certification in Clinical Hypnotherapy also working in crisis intervention, guiding others through experiences of abuse and trauma, grief, addiction and emotional pain. Now Kristin is inspired by ceremony and ritual for healing as it helps to connect with sacred realms and facilitates release and rebirth during the process of transformation. She utilizes the use of powerful ceremony during her “Spirit Awakening” retreats. In addition, Kristin is in partnership with her daughter, Alana, in ‘Get Planted’ – a program to help transition into joyful and fulfilling plant based eating. She has been married to Ian for 34 years living joyfully in Redondo Beach. They have two beautiful daughters – Alana, 32 and Shannon, 30.

Kristine A. Plantz, Philosopher of Metaphysical Counseling, Ph.D.
Kristine is a writer, researcher, and very interested in using her degree to help others on the path to self-acknowledgment!

Lalena L. Fair, Doctor of Holistic Life Coaching, D.Hlc.
Lalena Fair is working towards addressing the issues at hand, by trying to help this slowly dying world through regeneration in healthy holistic choices and practices. Lalena focusing on fixing the problems at hand through community activism, general holistic support and permaculture. With a moderately successful holistic Christian website she is getting the information out there and trying to unite the resources to invoke change. These are just a few of the issues she is attempting to effectively sway into a positive direction, towards change.

LeAnn Walters, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
LeAnn Walters, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, has extensive experience as a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist working in conjunction with licensed professionals including Medical Doctors, Psychologists, Psychiatrists, Chiropractors and Doctors of Oriental Medicine. LeAnn’s areas of expertise include Handwriting and Hand Analysis, Dream Interpretation, and Intuitive Coaching. LeAnn also holds an MBA from California Lutheran University and a BS degree in Education (Communications and Psychology) from Indiana University.

Leo Labertew, Philosopher of Metaphysical Counseling, Ph.D.
Leo Labertew Ph.D. Leo is interested in all aspects of metaphysics. His primary interest is in reincarnation and consciousness. Leo is also a practicing Reiki Master. His intention is to complete his book on consciousness. The book will be written in the form of fiction, in order that it might reach a greater audience.

Leon R. Griffith, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
Leon has been studying and practicing metaphysical concepts and techniques for the better part of 25 years. He is an Accountant by profession and has been lecturing in this field since 1989. His Ph.D. in Metaphysical Sciences has given him the credentials he needs to combine his love for lecturing with his extensive studies in metaphysics and has allowed him to pursue his dream of becoming a Lecturer on metaphysical subjects. He has written numerous spiritual poems and he is in the process of writing a metaphysical novel. He and his wife plan to start a metaphysical foundation in the very near future.

He believes that in this time of despair when many fear for their economic future, people are most in need of spiritual guidance and comfort. His intention is to impart to all souls the knowledge that they are not only connected to each other but also to a divine source of wisdom and love and that everything that they need can be attained by aligning themselves with that inner source. Peace and everlasting freedom are the benefits of all spiritual seeking and all can attain to this who truly desire with all their hearts to do so.

Leslie Ann Collins, Philosopher of Transpersonal Counseling, Ph.D.
Leslie currently runs a holistic center in Northern California and provides spiritual counseling thanks to UMS’ program. She also teaches yoga and strength training and pursues a balanced life.

Leslie Kay Dorez, Philosopher of Metaphysics. Ph.D.
Leslie Dorez has worked in the medical field for fifteen years.  She pursued holistic approach and preventative based medicine in treating the whole person.

Lianne Young Bremer, Philosopher of Holistic Life Coaching, Ph.D.
Lianne Bremer is a Rapid Eye Technician, Life Coach, and Intuitive Reader. She also has a day job as Director of Marketing for Liv International Inc. Lianne is one of the founders of this company.

Linda Jean Wilcox, Philosopher of Metaphysical Counseling, Ph.D.
Linda has an extensive background in education working as a teacher, special needs teacher/counselor and principal. Retirement enabled her to begin a new journey, pursuing her passion for Metaphysics. She is drawn to the new research on feelings and emotions and how they can create dis-ease or impact healing in one’s life. Upon receiving her doctoral degree Linda intends to use her education background to be in service to others, as a metaphysical counselor or life coach. In so doing she will help people to recognize, acknowledge and take responsibility for their self-defeating feelings, thoughts and behaviors and assist them in healing these dysfunctional patterns, using metaphysical techniques and strategies. As one journey ends a new one begins.

Lisa Kumaradjaja, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
Lisa K. is a teacher, author and speaker specializing in intuition. Lisa teaches people how to connect to their inner divine guidance. She is a popular intuitive consultant and has taught hundreds of people intuition development in workshops and seminars. Lisa K.’s public appearances reach people around the world through guest speaking, online media and her popular radio show, “Between Heaven and Earth” on every day spirituality.

Lisa “Elle” Sorensen, Philosopher of Metaphysical Life Coaching, Ph.D.
Rev. Elle Sorensen, Ph.D. is a compassionate Certified Life & Divorce Coach, Freelance Paralegal, Ordained Minister, Spiritual Teacher, and Metaphysician; who has spent over 15 years studying spiritual and metaphysical subjects. Her experience includes successfully guiding and inspiring those in high conflict divorces manage the physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of their lives. Elle obtained her Bachelor’s, Master’s and PhD from UMS. Upon completion of all of her training, she opened her coaching business: Spiritual Laws Coaching. Her spiritual divorce coaching services include conflict resolution, divorce ceremonies, divorce makeovers, getting organized, managing your emotions, negotiation, setting & achieving goals, stress reduction, time management, and so much more! Her signature program ‘Spiritual Divorce Support’ was developed after she realized her own need for spiritual support and guidance after her 3rd divorce. Elle understands and knows first-hand your need for spiritual support before, during, and after divorce. Elle’s life coaching services include intuition and assertiveness training, forgiveness & letting go, healing your wounded inner child, discovering your True Self, discovering your Purpose in life, etc. Elle also teaches and coaches those seeking to enhance/transform themselves and their lives through Spiritual Development. Her spiritual healing services include working with archetypes, astrological charts, chakras, crystals, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Emotional Intelligence (EQ), Law of Attraction, meditation, divination, vision boards, and more. Elle lives in Connecticut with her family and has clients from all over the USA, including Orlando, FL, San Diego, CA and Chicago, IL. Call Elle today for a free consultation!

Logan James Corelli, Doctor of Metaphysics, D.M
Logan is a paranormal investigator with the Oklahoma City Ghost Club LLC. He is also starting to become a author in the paranormal/metaphysical genre. As a UMS graduate he feels he has achieved a great accomplishment in his personal life. The courses through UMS taught him several things about how he can teach others as well as himself on many subjects. Overall he feels that with his success in the metaphysical field he will be a great author and mentor to other people who can benefit from the knowledge he has learned through UMS.

Lori A. Daniell , Philosopher of Transpersonal Counseling, Ph.D.
Rev. Lori Daniell, R.N., Ph.D. is the founding member of Nurse Your Spirit, LLC, which fosters the advancement, spiritual growth and healing of traditional and non-traditional healers.  Nurse Your Spirit provides many gateways to achieve these goals, including individual counseling journeys, guided meditation art workshops and personalized events for healthcare companies.

Louise Anne Starr, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
Rev. Dr . Louise Anne Starr is an accredited Psychophysical Therapist and Hypnotherapist based in New South Wales, Australia. Louise’s commitment is to inspire and illuminate the path to those who seek.

Lynette M. Butcher, Philosopher of Holistic Life Coaching, Ph.D.
Lynette Butcher, RN, NBCC, MAC, MRET. Lynette is a professional transformational
trainer, and has conducted trainings for more than 20 years.  She is a Rapid Eye technician
and Trainer, a Marriage and Family Counselor, a Life Coach, and a Master Addictions counselor.

Life, and her eight children are her greatest teachers.  She is currently involved in starting an alternative counseling/coaching center in tri-Cities Washington.  She currently lives with her partner Lynell their two little white dog friends and one very large aged Siamese cat who should have been named Buddha.

Machele Davis Kindle, Philosopher of Transpersonal Counseling, Ph.D.
Rev. Kindle has earned a PhD in Transpersonal Counseling, integrating spirituality with psychological aspects of life. In addition to her Metaphysics degrees, she also has a Master’s degree in the “classic science” of Physics. While many would feel these two things oppose each other, those in the New Age Metaphysics arena know they complement each other quite well. With these degrees and Ordination, she will be providing services to a wide variety of individuals, including ceremony development, ceremony officiant, teacher and counselor. She strongly feels that the highest goal for human development is self-actualization, a process through which we create our unique connection to all that is Divine. It is her spiritual directive to help people further their development along this path, one person at a time.

Madeline Andrews, Philosopher of Holistic Life Coaching, Ph.D.
Madeline Andrews, Ph.D., is the owner of Quiet Reflection Creations and Intrinsic You, a business transformational consulting company. Further, she is the author of two books, What Do We Know?: We Know It All But We Have No Clue as well as the meditative book, If Water Could Talk. Additionally, she is a spiritual advisor on Voice of the Angels. As a Reiki Master, she is fascinated by the many aspects of energy and nature and vows to be a lifetime student studying them.

Makeeba Ellington, Doctor of Divinity in Metaphysical Sciences (D.Div..)
Makeeba Ellington is a spiritual life coach who holds a Bachelor’s and a Master’s Degree in Metaphysical Sciences she has been consulting for over 15yrs. She uses multiple intuitive and Metaphysical techniques and methods that will assist her clients with personal guidance and spiritual growth to help them live their best life. She has been published in magazines and requested in many media events. She is a firm believer in “when the student is ready the teacher will appear” and that is how she approaches her work with clients. She is currently pursuing her Ph.D. and is also working on a book  Finding ME.

Maria Simard, Philosopher of Transpersonal Counseling, Ph.D.
Maria Simard is from Boston, MA where she lives and practices her craft. She is a Certified Trainer of Neuro Linguistic Programming and Master Practitioner of Hypnosis and Mental and Emotional Release Therapy® Maria is also a practitioner and student of the Ancient Hawaiian Healing Arts of Huna, in Kona, HI learning from the Bray/James Lineage. Her first love is helping coaches, healers and creative souls live their best lives so that they can continue doing the work they love.

Marianella Yepez, Philosopher of Transpersonal Counseling, Ph.D.
Marianella has been a seeker of reasons and explanations for human behavior, capabilities and life events for over 25 years. She is now a spiritual guide, writer and teacher of philosophy.

Marion Elfriede Rose Mantel, Doctor of Divinity in Metaphysical Sciences, D.D.
Born in Vienna, Austria, Marion lives in the South of France, with her husband Jean-Marc and their 9 pets. She is engaged in the non-dual spiritual tradition of Advaita Vedanta and practices Self-inquiry. She enjoys writing spiritual poetry, painting portraits of sages and saints, and creating crystal-pendants.

Mark E Goodeill, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
He is an EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) practitioner partnering with his wife Pat as they teach and train people how to reap the many benefits provided by this amazing modality.  Founders of EFTBeFree they offer healing counsel in person or by phone and conduct EFT seminars in the SF Bay Area.  Clients that banish fears and phobias, eliminate physical pain, eradicate health issues, abolish painful memories is an everyday occurrence for this EFT couple. They feel blessed to be associated with the UMS staff.  Their wish is that UMS will continue to thrive in this most worthy cause.

Marsha Stanton Zahn, Doctor of Holistic Life Coaching, D.HLc..
Min. Marsha Zahn, D.HLc.., CHt.. has spent a lifetime studying the human body, mind, and spirit. Even after all that, she has learned that there is so much more to learn. With an office in Beaver Dam, Wisconsin, the local residents have access to: hypnotherapy, ministerial services, Reiki, holistic wellness and coaching, as well as vibrational therapies. Healing from the inside out is Marsha’s driving passion in life… and in her work it shows.

Maru Dana, Philosopher of Holistic Life Coaching, Ph.D.
Grounded in her detailed-oriented Virgo nature, Maru is a born teacher and lifelong student of metaphysics and spirituality. When she reads to you, she walks you through your unique, cosmic blueprint, helping you to become more aware of your, yet-to-be manifested inner potential. Her mystical rising sign, Pisces, makes her deeply empathetic and compassionate. The intuitive, soul-centered way of reading your energies will allow you to feel empowered, hope-filled and ready to unfold your spiritual life purpose. She has learned how to identify the voice of her higher self; she has developed a fluent, intimate dialogue with her spirit guide and she can teach you how to do the same.

Mary Hartman, Doctor of Divinity in Spiritual Counseling, D.Div.
Mary Hartman, Doctor of Divinity in Spiritual Counseling, D.Div., graduated from UMS in 2016. She is a spiritist, counselor and healer helping others to transform their lives for their highest growth. Her techniques are varied and spiritually guided, while also using a modality to release trapped emotions that cause dis-ease. She is grounded in acres of nature; working the earth and being creative. Her techniques accommodate long distance clients.

Md A Buruhandean,
Philosopher of Parapsychology and Paranormal Sciences, Ph.D.
Dr Md A Buruhandean is a free lance consultant at large. He holds a Master degree in Public Administration along with Bachelor and Master of Metaphysical Sciences. He is pursuing Clinical Hypnotherapy studies to help alleviate sufferings of humankind in relations to psychology related issues. He is a self made student of comparative religions as well as fond lover and follower of world history and its historical evolution surrounding human history in this wonderful universe from the wonderful Creator of Almighty. He is very much likened into the study of Anthropology to understand the humans past and present in relations to social science and lingua formation. He has a great aptitude for detail and a very practical outlook to view people and things in their proper perspectives. He has a deep desire for acquiring knowledge and information through hard labour and foresightedness and with progressive ideas endowed with a beaming will-power. He is realistic in his dimensions, peace-loving, possess firmness of determination and strength of convictions to achieve his goals to help humankinds.

Megan Nicole O’Dell, Doctor of Holistic Life Coaching, D.HLc.
Megan O’Dell is a life long learner who now holds a Master Degree in Public Administration and is a Doctor of Holistic Life Coaching. With the goal of helping others through the knowledge she has acquired she created the business Complete Bliss.

Michael Clarkson-Hendrix, Doctor of Divinity in Spiritual Counseling, D.D.
Michael Clarkson-Hendrix, Ph.D., D.D., is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker specializing in the application of spirituality as a resource to help people heal from trauma.  Michael writes, teaches, and provides psychotherapy services related to these topics with a focus on marginalized, oppressed, and vulnerable people.

Michael L. Clarkson-Hendrix, Philosopher of Metaphysics. Ph.D.
Michael Clarkson-Hendrix, PhD is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Minister, and Metaphysical Practitioner utilizing psychotherapy, Reiki, Tarot Readings, and Metaphysical Classes to assist people with nurturing a deeper relationship with the Divine Consciousness within themselves to promote their personal sense of peace and wellness.

Mikhail Girshovskiy, Philosopher of Metaphysical Life Coaching (Ph.D.)
Mike graduated and earned his doctorate from University of Metaphysical Sciences.
Mike had made poetry in Russian and found that human life could be poetry itself. It could be done by any one – to write one’s life into the book of infinity.
Mike believes that human beings live daily life in many levels and many dimensions of infinity and helps his students to balance the presence of infinite and humdrum of life. It is a difficult, hard and engaging job.

Mitzi Renee Ehrlich, Philosopher of Holistic Life Coaching, Ph.D.
Mitzi Renee Ehrlich PhD. is able to communicate with the angels, departed loved ones, earthbound spirits and the elementals. She is an Angel Therapist®certified by Doreen Virtue PhD. She is also a Psychic Medium certified by Charles Virtue. She received her certification as a Mind Mind Body Wellness Practitioner, in Life Coaching, and Hypnotherapy at Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, Arizona in 2012. She started training in Metaphysics after a vision she received from Archangel Michael before Hurricane Katrina in 2005, in the dream the angel warned her to save her mother and family from the “monster storm” and showed her thousands of bodies floating in the flood water. After the vision and words from Michael, she began her studies and still continues learning about holistic health care and angels.

She offers Life Coaching and intuitive Hypnotherapy sessions to empower and transform your life in a meaningful and most powerful way. Each session is designed to help you attain your goals and manifest your dreams of abundance with your own angels. The angels are ready to help you. Are you ready to follow the angels?

Molly Maureen Gamble-Walker, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
As an artist and spiritual seeker, Molly embraces the goal to help others to deepen and enrich their spiritual journey by assisting them in discovering, nurturing and exploring their creative and intuitive gifts.

Montana E. Leeman, Ph.D., Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
Reverend and Doctor Montana E. Leeman works with God, her White Light Team and the Angelic Realm by teaching people how to perform Heaven See Angel Readings on a Heaven See Angel Reading Board or by performing Heaven See Angel Readings for individuals seeking answers to spiritual questions that lead them to a healthier and exalted way of life, and by teaching people the metaphysics of White Light Meditation. She is the author of A Healing See of Heaven, Books I, II & III which help explain the metaphysics involved in aligning your energy to perform these reading, make contact with your Guardian Angel, infuse God’s many healing gifts, heal Mother Earth, and so much more.

Mooneyes Shakti, Ph.D., Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
My spiritual journey has led me to share the science of metaphysics through astrology. In knowing thyself, I feel it’s important to represent the metaphysical community with compassion, intuitition, science and humor. I will always consider myself a student, therefore my professional viewpoint is about sharing energy that’s indicative of the awakening of one’s inherit gifts.

Mozah Mahanaim, Doctor of Metaphysical Sciences, D.Ms.
Mozah Mahanaim is actively involved in counseling individuals on the use and benefits of herbal health. With the completion of the Doctorate Program, Dr. Mahanaim is ever eager to set up a healing/counseling practice within the commercial establishment, using spiritual knowledge as the basis of this undertaking.

Nancee Lynn Sweeney-Padzieski, Doctor of Metaphysical Sciences, D.Ms.
I am a retired ordained minister of New Thought. I served the Anchorage Center for Spiritual Living for 20 years. Prior to that I taught Music at Cabrillo College. I have a lifetime teaching credential from California. I am currently teaching EFT/Tapping. I am starting a study group in EFT the first week in May. My goal is to teach tapping to children, Middle School and Teens.

Natalie Joan Vickery, Philosopher of Metaphysics. Ph.D.
Natalie who was born in the East End of London to Cockney parents, gave her a firm grounding and an abundance of good old common sense. Brought up in an environment of the practice of telepathy, telekinesis and mind power and with the philosophy that most people live in the physical material realms interacting with the spirit realm, whereas Natalie lives in the spiritual realm and interacts with the physical realm.

Natalie a Registered Hypnotherapist, psychotherapist and mind therapist is one of the UK’s leading Tutor and Consultant in the field of Metaphysics, Ancient Art and mind therapy.
Natalie founder/principle of Le Monde Nouveau School of Metaphysics and Ancient Arts teaches how to nurture your inner spirit and to transmute lower thoughts so one can achieve their dreams and desires by transforming their mind set also creating an inner world that assists in the aspirations and one’s ideals.

Noelle C. Parenteau, Ph.D., Philosopher of Metaphysics. Ph.D.
After extensive and in-depth studies through UMS, Noelle feels her channels to inner and higher wisdom have expanded greatly. Her passion is ignited as she offers ‘Divine Readings’ to assist others, and she continues to embrace new opportunities that inspire her Soul.

Omobola Wusu, Philosopher of Metaphysics. Ph.D.
Omobola was a software engineer. She has a BS degree in Computer Science and a Master of Business Administration (MBA). She also has an advanced Yoga Teacher Training Certification. She is an aspiring writer and teacher. She has founded A World Cultural Center. This organization provides a supportive environment to all people from different cultural backgrounds to come together to practice exercises to improve vital energy and to celebrate their cultural diversity to foster world peace.

Pamela Dorian, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
After an accident threatened to end Pamela Dorian’s modeling career, she took the event as a wake-up call to re-connect with her passions for learning and exploring the meaning of life. With an undergraduate degree from Columbia University, life coaching certifications from NYU and Life Purpose Institute, and now, B.Msc, M.Div and PhD degrees from UMS, Pamela hopes to bring the metaphysical world to the masses. Using her background in entertainment and the arts, her love of writing, and her rich and diverse life experiences, Pamela hopes to entice others to go deeper and see their lives from a more exciting and meaningful perspective.

Patrizia Cannella, Philosopher of Metaphysical Counseling, Ph.D.
Patrizia is a registered nurse with a background in public health studies, meditation and spirituality. She organises metaphysical classes and workshops on self empowerment, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

Pedro Zaragoza, Doctor of Divinity in Spiritual Counseling, D.Div.
Pedro has devoted his life to God. He is deeply grateful for the profound joy and beauty of life and is eternally grateful to God for his family, friends, business and spiritual community. A special note of gratitude to his beloved teacher Dr. David R. Hawkins and to the University of Metaphysical Sciences for their love and guidance. Gloria in Excelsis Deo!  (Glory to God in the Highest!)

Peter C. Rogers, Doctor of Divinity in Spiritual Counseling, D.D.
Peter C. Rogers, D.D., Ph.D. is one of our planet’s chosen Light-Workers. He is the co-founder along with his wife Elsa of a Non-Profit organization called P.E.L.S.A which assists recovering persons with support services. He also started TRUTH Dynamics and organization that provides workshops, lectures, books, motivational speaking and spiritual counseling services. He has been studying Spirituality and Metaphysics for over 19 years. He currently resides in Long Beach, California where he actively serves on various service based committees. He is an inspirational speaker on the recovery circuit and he also volunteers his time and energy by mentoring other individuals on their spiritual journey. Through many of his hard-won experiences, he has been able to garner much of his insight from first-hand knowledge of the Spiritual process. He is an avid reader and researcher of Spiritual and Metaphysical subject matters much of which he conveys in his book Ultimate Truth: Book I which is the first volume of what he calls the ‘TRUTH’ series. For more information please visit or

Peter C. Rogers, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
Peter C. Rogers is the author of ULTIMATE TRUTH: Book I and UNIVERSAL TRUTH: Thinking outside the Box: Book II from the “Truth” series. He is the co-founder of the P.E.L.S.A Corporation and Truth Dynamics along with his wife and partner Elsa Rogers. He is currently working on his third book titled, 100 Disciplines to Higher Consciousness: A Conclusive Synopsis on Spiritual Principles. Dr. Peter C. Rogers is also a Certified Professional Life Coach from the Fowler Wainwright International Institute and an inspirational speaker and lecturer. Dr. Rogers teaches his brand of spirituality through various workshops and direct one-on-one mentoring. He currently resides in Long Beach, California where he continues to practice, study and research the expansive field of Metaphysics for his continuing book series.

Philip Anthony Cloney, Doctor of Holistic Life Coaching, D.HLc..
Phil doesn’t ‘do’ anything. However, he is a self-published author and his current Master’s Thesis is to be his second tract and is named ‘Transmigration & the Holy Qablah (An Introductory Opening to Esoteric Anthropology),’ though this time, who may be his Auntie Christine, shall be assisting him with the editing before it is submitted towards a Literary Agent (and again for the Doctoral).

Phillip Edward Higginbotham, Doctor of Metaphysics, D.M.
Phillip “Mockingbird” Higginbotham, Doctor of Metaphysics, D.M., is an artist and healer who enjoys creating sacred space and blessing life.  The creator of Flowering Reiki, Phillip has traveled across the globe for the last twelve years practicing and teaching Reiki and most recently, taught Reiki classes for four years through his college alma mater, the University Of Louisiana at Lafayette.  As an artist, Phillip creates beauty through his online art store, OmVillage.  He lives with his wife and their four cats and looks forward to the continuing journey.

Pong Sai TAY, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
A practising healer by the use of the holistic approach.
Understanding the Body, Emotions, Mind and Soul is essential to hasten the recovery of a sick individual.

Praveena Sanjay, Philosopher of Holistic Life Coaching, Ph.D.
Praveena Sanjay- A Ph.D. in Holistic Life Coaching from UMS, She is a practicing Reiki Healer and Meditation Teacher and has been healing and Teaching Reiki and Meditation for about 8 years now. She has an expertise in Distance healing (Absentee healing). She has a Degree in Nutritional and Holistic Nutrition as well from VLCC , India.

Radka Ruzicka, Philosopher of Parapsychology and Paranormal Sciences, Ph.D.
Radka is a Natural Medicine Practitioner, Master Herbalist and Nutrition Expert in private practice. She also teaches workshops in Paranormal studies and offers a professionally-recognized home-study course in Natural Nutrition.

Rami Audi, Philosopher of Metaphysical Theology, Ph.D..
Dr. Rami Audi, PhD graduate in Metaphysical Theology, with previous higher studies in political science and public administration. Rami has been guided by an inner voice and a total devotion to Christian spirituality. His talks are original, innovative, and geared to enlighten people to the truth, not only the individual but the collective of which we are a part.

He is currently the sole middle east and eastern Europe representative of MPrime, a. French industrial company specialized in sustainable energy and marine renewables. He is also the founder of BMC-Body-Mind Consultancy an alternative healing centre. Reverend Rami also established the white sand church (unofficial) where a spiritual group meet bi-weekly and sometimes more and they do different kind of spiritual events and constructive workshops. He heads the spiritual discussions and teaches Christian spirituality from an advaita point of view. Rami is hoping to expand the church and soon make it official in order to accommodate and help as many people as possible and spread light and love. He lives in the island of Cyprus.

Raymond Charles Young, Philosopher of Parapsychology and Paranormal Sciences, Ph.D.
He explores the concept that our true natural state of being is beyond the body and not confined to the body and teaches all aspects of metaphysics that support this reality.

Rebecca S. Zawadiwsky, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
Her interest in metaphysics started in the early 1980’s with a profound spiritual awakening with amazing personal experiences that continue to weave her life.  She currently provides Metaphysical Life Coaching, Astrological services, and community education to help others realize their highest potential for personal and spiritual transformation.  Other accomplishments include: Master of Arts in Geography, Certificate in Geographic Information Systems, Reiki Master Teacher, Basic Biofeedback Provider, and retired Massage Therapist/Bodyworker.

Recha G. Faulkner, Doctor of Divinity in Spiritual Counseling, D.Div.
Recha G. Faulkner is an author, poet, performance artist, workshop facilitator and motivational speaker. Recha has devoted her life to service and ministry with a primary focus on Mind, Body and Spirit Behavior Modification. With over twenty years of experience in the medical field her credentials include a B.S. in Medical Technology, B.Div. in Metaphysical Sciences and M.Div. in Metaphysical Sciences.

Regina E. Webster, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
I own a holistic event management company along with my husband, Jean-Pierre. My career in fundraising/development spans 25 years and I presently work in a non-profit foundation that supports a medical center. My mission is to help individuals awaken to a “wholistic” life that allows them to reach their spiritual mission in this lifetime.

Rev. Jeanette M. Pintar, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
Rev. Jeanette M. Pintar, Ph.D., is a graduate of UMS, and a Master of various Healing Arts offering services in Advanced Theta Healing, Reiki, Angel Therapy and Intuitive Readings.  She has been certified by Dr. Doreen Virtue as an Angel Therapy Practitioner.®   Rev. Jeanette is also an author, speaker and workshop facilitator.  She is the founder of Sir Froggie’s Positive News Network, a free daily inspiration e-zine which can be found online and on Facebook.

Rev. Samantha Vanderslice D.Ms, Doctor of Metaphysical Sciences, D.Ms.
She owns a holistic center in Austin, Texas that offers natural products, books and cards, crystals, vitamins and herbs, gifts and metaphysical tools, as well as holistic services and classes.  She is a Spiritual Tarot reader and teacher, massage therapist, Reiki Master, Herbalist, Bach Flower Registered Practitioner, Ayurvedic practitioner, and metaphysical teacher. She is on a journey of joy.

Richard A. Ferris, Philosopher of Transpersonal Counseling, Ph.D.
Rick has an academic background in psychology. Over the years, he continued to read and study various psychological literature. In addition, be began to integrate the spiritual and the ontological into his readings.

One day, while spending a beautiful day at the beach in Cape Cod, his wife showed him a course curriculum for UMS which she found in a local, Holistic store. He had an “AHA” moment after reviewing it. Why not attach a goal to the subject matter he had already been reading for pleasure.

He enrolled in UMS, finished the 80 courses and began a two year journey of study and research in the fields of “Spiritual Intelligence and The Intuitive Thought Processes” Upon completing his Master’s degree, he began another two year journey researching and writing his Doctoral Dissertation, hoping to show that the root cause of stress is fear and why a holistic approach for coping is preferable to an allopathic one.

After seven years, this phase of Rick’s journey has been completed. The next phase is to pursue a path in “Transpersonal Counseling”. Pura Vida. 🙂

Richard James Kajuth, Doctor of Divinity in Metaphysics ,D.D.
Richard J. Kajuth, EdS, DD, has been a student of both Western and Eastern religions and their metaphysics all his life. In 2002 he was traditionally initiated through Pancha Samskaras (five-fold sacraments) into the Hindu Sri Vaishnava Sampradaya. As a consequence of his study of Eastern philosophy and religion and in combination with his literary skills, Richard’s services have been employed to edit works of Hindu spirituality, most notably as the editor of Swami Mukundananda’s new commentary on the Bhagavad Gita (2013), as well as other books on yoga meditation and Hindu religious topics by other authors. As a certified yoga teacher, he has also made a study of various alternative-healing modalities, developing and conducting sessions in meditation and yoga nidra targeted to referred medical patients who might benefit from Relaxation Response Therapy.

In 2014, as a community service and metaphysical outreach effort, Richard began a monthly study group, open to the public, through a local library in the Carnegie system entitled “Alternative Readings in Everything.” The group is designed to explore theories about the nature of consciousness, mind/body/spirit connections to health, and intriguing archeological findings that don’t fit existing historical paradigms. Richard retired in 2010 from the Ohio Department of Education as a director of a state support team for school improvement covering a four county region in eastern Ohio. He now devotes his time to spiritual and alternative health endeavors.

Robert C. Alex, Philosopher of Transpersonal Counseling, Ph.D.
Robert C. Alex, Ph.D. is globally awakening couples to the Blended Spirit.  Showing people that relationships are a spiritual path and allowing them to find the sacred and sensual side of their relationship.  He was created wonderful products and books, such as Sexy Challenges to help couples enjoy this spiritual awakening.  Robert has also formed a company, Inward Oasis, with his partner to help spread this message and bring couples closer together spiritually.

Robin Ann Clark, Philosopher of Metaphysics. Ph.D.
She is very excited to be living in a time when metaphysics and science is finally finding common ground.  The merging and acceptance of both sciences together as a whole, is unveiling the hidden knowledge that is finally allowing our minds to open to so many new possibilities. With my PhD, she plans to concentrate on the study of the mind, hypnotherapy and past life regression.  As we are beginning to truly understand, the brain or the mind is a very powerful organ, and she is looking forward to continuing her work in this area of metaphysics.  Thank you UMS for the support, the journey and the fantastic opportunity to work in this field!

Rodney Forrest Collins, Philosopher of Metaphysics. Ph.D.
Mr. Collins is a practicing Buddhist Scholar and Clinical Biotechnology Researcher. His Linage benefactor was Roshi Suda Doki of Tenyuji, Soto-Zen Temple in Isahaya, Japan with whom he co-founded Tenkaiji Mani Zen Institute in San Francisco. His published work includes Mani-Zen, The Dark Jewel Transmission, and “Understanding Zazen”, as well as several clinical Oncology papers. He is currently working on several translations of Tendai Taishu Kaju daily Scriptures for The California Tendai Monastery and daily Buddhist scriptures in Tagalog for the Philippines Buddhist Society.  He is well known and sought after for his culinary capability and his love and patronage of artists and musicians worldwide. He works with State and private organizations on behalf of people with cognitive and physical disabilities. He is recognized as an industry leader in Industrial Compliance and a proponent of Corporate Responsibility and Lean 6 Sigma Methodology.  His personal practice is based on his training in Japan and Korea and a ongoing study of Mahayana Mūlamadhyamaka-kārikā (Fundamental Verses of the Middle Way).

Ronald Wayne Nickell, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
Ron Nickell lives in Austin, Texas. He earned his Ph.D. Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences degree from UMS in 2011 and hopes to use it to help other people understand their true Selves within the metaphysical universe.

Russell A. Schmitz, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
I have a private practice offering a holistic approach to healing. My journey began at the School of Metaphysics in the early seventies continuing with Dr. Michael Ryce learning and teaching reality management through Forgiveness. I continued with Healing Touch and Kim Seer as a Medical Intuitive Quantum Practitioner. I’ve completed school at the Awakenings Institute. From my years of practice I have formulated a healing structure based on four modalities offering a return to wholeness with amazing success.

Santos Oscar González, Philosopher of Metaphysical Theology, Ph.D.
Currently writing two books: one on Meditation and another on Christ Consciousness. Currently teaching meditation to small groups, also teaching lessons on Enlightenment and how to attain Christ Consciousness.

My ministry is a teaching and healing ministry. The healing ministry includes “laying on of hands”, transpersonal counseling, energy healing, Pranayama, Qigong, and Ayurveda. A home church is being started as well.

Scott Arlen Musick, Doctor of Divinity in Spiritual Counseling, D.Div.
Scott Musick is a Licensed Massage Therapist, Reiki Master, and published author.  In addition to the metaphysical degrees, he also has an AAS and a BS in Human Resources.  Scott is an adjunct instructor for a college in southeast Ohio where he lives with his partner and their animals on a small farm.

Sean J. Hyland, Doctor of Divinity in Metaphysical Counseling, D.D.
Dip.Theololgy (Maynooth Ireland), S.T.L (Gregorian University Rome), D.D. (U.M.S.) and Ph.D. (U.M.S.).  Sean was ordained a Catholic priest in 1984 and has ministered in South Florida in the interim years.  His association with U.M.S. has helped him develop a deep awareness of life’s origins and purposes in ways organized religion have dared not tread. He sends forth his conscious energy and breath upon all who seek to know and understand who they are and where they are going.  Namaste.

Sean J. Hyland, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
Sean J. Hyland, Ph.D., has been a Catholic Priest for nearly three decades and works in South Florida.

Seb S. Baghoomian, Doctor of Metaphysical Sciences, D.Ms.
In 1980, I earned my Diploma from The Armenian Catholicos (Universal Church) of the Great House of Cilicia in Beirut, Lebanon. In my twenties, I became very attached to the studies in humanities: religion, philosophy, metaphysics, history, literature, poetry, art, music, paintings, psychology and politics.
The curriculum in the academic circles could not provide answers to the on-going ontological, epistemological, teleological, and especially, metaphysical questions.
It has taken more than thirty years of self-introspection, meditation and self-study courses (i.e.; Great Books of the Western World) that have blossomed into a mature understanding of the self, the nature of the soul, the nature of God, the nature of spirit, ourselves as humans and the cosmos at large.
I’m thankful to both UMS in California and UMS in Minnesota for having provided me with the opportunity to voice my thoughts in the domain of metaphysics so crucial especially in the New Age where humanity is faced with many challenges in their pursuit for spiritual growth, peace, love and happiness.

Sharon Nitka, Philosopher of Metaphysics. Ph.D.
Sharon is a channeler, Medical intuitive and a psychic that empowers individuals to pursue their true passions and dreams.

Sharon helps the individual get rid of old belief and patterns that gets them stuck in their life. Thus, enabling the person to renew themselves. Most importantly she teaches self-love.

Sheri Allison Muntean, Philosopher of Metaphysics, PhD
As a UMS graduate, Certified Public Accountant and M.S. in Psychology, Sheri brings a unique approach to supporting her clients as they work through their financial challenges. Her mission statement is “Serving Community – Providing Peace-of-Mind.” Unlike many of her peer, Sheri specializes in providing a centering and calming influence based in years of scientific and spiritual study to potentially stress-filled issues such as taxation and business management. Furthermore, as part of this mission, Sheri volunteers heavily in the community providing hours of discounted and pro-bono services to the community, local churches and non-profits.

Sonya-Prajna A. Patrick-(Lasker) Kongira, Doctor of Divinity in  Spiritual Counseling, D.Div.
Rev. Sonya-Prajna Kongira, Ph. D., D. Div., CHt. has always been fascinated with metaphysical studies and New Age awareness. She has been fortunate to attend classes, in the areas of mind-body-spiritual connection, with influential instructors. She has gained unique skills and techniques, and has incorporated her learning in order to provide unique instruction and healing when working with others.

Sonya-Prajna is also an Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master and practitioner. She has completed a yoga teacher training course, and has taught yoga and meditation classes.  Through her spiritual journey, she discovered UMS.

Through UMS, Sonya-Prajna has completed her Ph. D., and D. Div.  While completing her coursework, she was introduced to hypnosis. Sonya-Prajna believed the hypnosis classes, that were a apart of UMS, were interesting. So she decided to obtain additional education in hypnosis. And, she is a certified hypnotherapist. Sonya-Prajna brings enthusiasm to teaching, and sincerity to healing. She enjoys working with others who are seeking guidance and direction with the mysteries of life.

Sonya-Prajna A. Patrick, Philosopher of Parapsychology and Paranormal Sciences, Ph.D., Doctor of Divinity in Spiritual Counseling, D.Div.
Rev. Sonya-Prajna Patrick, Ph. D., D. Div., CHt. has always been fascinated with, and sought knowledge in, metaphysical studies and New Age awareness. She has been fortunate to attend classes, in the areas of mind-body-spiritual connection, with influential instructors. She has gained unique skills and techniques, and has incorporated her learning in order to provide unique instruction and healing when working with others.

Sonya-Prajna is also an Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master and practitioner. She has completed a yoga teacher training course, and has taught yoga and meditation classes. Through her spiritual journey, she discovered UMS.

Through UMS, Sonya-Prajna has completed her Ph. D., and D. Div. While completing her coursework, she was introduced to hypnosis. Sonya-Prajna believed the hypnosis classes, that were a apart of UMS, were beneficial. So, she studied in order to obtain additional education in hypnosis. And, she is a certified hypnotherapist. She continues to increase her intuitive awareness in the areas of yoga, meditation, crystals, herbs, aromatherapy, angel work, oracle readings, workings and spiritual guidance. She wishes to teach her wisdom to others, while still remaining an ever-seeking learner. Sonya-Prajna brings enthusiasm to teaching, and sincerity to healing. She enjoys working with others who are seeking guidance and direction with the mysteries of life.

Sreekanth Gopi, Philosopher of Metaphysics, Ph.D.
Basically a Mechanical Engineer, MBA graduate, I am tuned in to serve the working class and the top management. I do conduct courses for the companies and colleges. I also do excellent personal counseling and give you instant healing and transformation. This can be in any aspect of your life including health, wealth and abundance – in the in life and in mind.
With the three additional degrees (Bachelor in Metaphysics, Masters in Metaphysics and Doctorate in Metaphysics), I am enriched and qualified to do outstanding sessions. Please contact me in case you want to associate in any part of the world.

Tamaey Gottuso, Doctor of Holistic Life Coaching, D.HLc..
As an Inspirational Speaker, Transformational Leader and Holistic Life Coach, Tamaey has inspired thousands of people with her contemporary teaching style and philosophies. She gives usable tools to help breakthrough and breakdown the walls that are blocking you from living the life of your dreams.

Tamaey is known for sharing her inspirational presence, authenticity, and passion with her audiences around the world.

Tami Brady, Philosopher of Transpersonal Counseling, Ph.D.
A Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome diagnosis in 1996 introduced Tami Brady to alternative health therapies. In her quest to ease her own suffering, she became interested in the Whole Health approaches used in Reiki and other transpersonal methodologies such as meditation, guided imagery, belief work, shadow work, and energy integrity training. Tami now writes about Whole Health and its role in developing a sustainable balance between health, happiness, and all life’s complexities.

Tanya Lynn Ebert, Doctor of Metaphysical Sciences, D.Ms.
At age thirty-five, Tanya experienced a dirt bike accident that left the doctors puzzled and unable to relieve her of the pain that she experienced daily, due to a stuck bent leg. A year after her accident while trying to cope with being disabled and unable to function without daily help, suicide seemed the only option.

After embarking on a journey in Sedona, Arizona, she came back full of life and in a state so blissful it was almost too much for her to handle. After discovering something phenomenal was happening to her, she embarked on another journey to put the pieces together of why she was so different from everyone else. This event led her to enroll at University of Metaphysical Sciences as well as write and publish, “Mystical Puzzle”

Three years after her accident, through the use of crystal gemstones and reiki, Tanya no longer required the use of a wheelchair to get around. Her passion is to learn as much as she can about energy based healing modalities. With that she hopes to teach others that they too can heal themselves in profound ways that they did not think was possible.

Tasha Heart, Doctor of Divinity in Metaphysics, D.D., Philosopher of Metaphysics, Ph.D.
Heart is an Ojibwe Intuitive Empath, Claircognizant, Water Dowser, journalist and writer. She attended UMS to further her education to expand her writing knowledge and skills into the field of Metaphysics.

Teressa Carol Skelton, Doctor of Metaphysical Sciences, D.Ms.
Her life is focused on healing with an eye toward enlightenment. Teressa is a certified Reiki Master/Teacher, and enjoy exploring healing in general. She also offers life counseling with the understanding that we are on the journey together and learn from each other. Her studies in metaphysics have been a great leap forward and there is so much more to learn.

Terri “Tara” Lynn Russell, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
Terri “Tara” Lynn Russell, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D. a graduate of University of Metaphysical Sciences. She began her journey searching for answers and was lead to discover the University of Metaphysical Sciences whose staff has been a great asset to her success. While attending UMS she has travelled abroad to Afghanistan to work as a contractor alongside of our US military. Despite dangerous conditions of a war zone she was still able to find beauty working with dynamic and diverse cultures and lifestyles. During this time frame, UMS continued to assist as needed, encouraging my journey in the midst of her studies. She is the founder of Signature Vibrations and is currently teaching and sharing her research with those who desire to learn.

Theresa Marie Ellis, Doctor of Metaphysical Sciences, D.Ms.
Terrie Marie is highly attuned with the Realm of Spirit and Angels. Her Life Purpose is to assist all who seek their Spiritual Path with unconditional love and light. The light that radiates from within outward, is a gift from Divine Source.

To all who share the path and the journey, know Angels are always with you.

Thomas DuWayne Kinsey, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
Thomas intends to use his educational experience at UMS to write books and articles, teach meditation and practice energy healing.

Thomas Leigh, Doctor of Metaphysical Sciences, D.Ms.
Tom, now in retirement, lives afloat while continuing to study and write articles, books and courses on the fascinating subjects of  quantum mind and soul evolution, many worlds and the real meaning of success as the conscious evolution of self. His life-changing tuitional novel of how mind and soul evolution works in real life, is called: The Rhiannon Blade

Trudy Dintzner, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
Trudy Dintzner realizing that her spiritual calling intertwines with her calling as an RN, has earned her B.Div, M.Div, & now Ph.D at UMS. She is currently working on a book blending the chakras into clinical care to accentuate a positive experience for caregivers ultimately leading to improved patient outcomes.
She lives in Southwest Florida with her husband Drew & their four dogs.

Veronica Dearing, Doctor of Holistic Life Coaching, D.HLc..
Veronica “Nika” Dearing is a Holistic Life Coach specializing in self-development and holistic wellness. She is author of the highly acclaimed book, Inspire Me! 150 Meditations and Affirmations Guaranteed to Inspire, Motive, and Empower YOU into More Positive Thinking.  In addition to working with clients at her office in Houston, TX, Nika presents classes, lectures, and workshops around the world.

Vicki A. Clough, Doctor of Metaphysical Sciences, D.Ms.
Vicki Clough has worked in the Mental Health Arena for over twenty five years.  She writes and conducts retreats and workshops designed to awaken the spirit and empower creativity and spiritual evolution.  Vicki has attained a Doctorate degree from UMS to enhance the work she is so dedicated to.

Victoria Rader, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
Victoria Rader is an internationally best-selling author of Until You Win: Eight Secrets to Winning the Race of Life. She travels the world speaking on re-igniting the divine light within and attracting the life one desires. Co-founder of YU2SHINE International, a global coaching and training company, Victoria is also certified in diverse healing energy modalities as well as in both traditional and alternative coaching approaches. She is also a certified consultant on Patterns of Human Behavior.

Wendy Hill, Philosopher of Pastoral Counseling Ph.D.
Wendy Hill, PhD has been practicing psychotherapy and hypnotherapy for many years and is the president of CentrePoint, Inc., a counseling non-profit. She specializes in identifying and transforming subconscious self defeating core beliefs into beliefs that support healthy adult experience. Wendy is author of The True Seeker’s Guide To A Better Life, The Call To Adventure, and many articles on personal and spiritual growth.

Wendy Kathleen Pierce, Philosopher of Metaphysics. Ph.D.
This has been an amazing journey for me. I have learned so much and achieved all that I set out to do. I very much appreciate the help and support from the UMS staff and for the courses that were provided which were knowledgeable and offered a wide range of subjects. As a result of my studies, I have now written a children’s book and in writing my dissertation, I am even more aware of the need to raise our global consciousness and recognize our interconnectedness with each other and with the world. Let it be so.

William B. Underwood, III, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
Bill is an attorney and counselor in Houston, TX, concentrating in assisting with complex litigation matters from a spiritual perspective. He also owns and operates a holistic day spa and Reiki Center in the Houston area.

William Dale Koehler, Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences, Ph.D.
William Dale Koehler, a serial entrepreneur, is currently the Co-Chairman, President, CEO, and Founding Partner of AutoGnomics Corporation (AC), where he oversees all aspects of the company. Bill has led the company’s funding and product development initiatives and has the company now poised for a go to market stage with its synthetic intelligence cognitive products.  The company’s IP portfolio has grown from 5 patents to 23 issued patents during his tenure. Prior to joining AC in 2002, Bill had accumulated over 30 years experience as an entrepreneur and also as a senior-level corporate executive having launched over 25 entertainment businesses from the conceptual stage to the operational stage. One of Bill’s earlier positions was as Vice President for a Time, Inc. subsidiary for which he was responsible for the complete and successful start up of a multi-million dollar over-the-air prototypical pay television movie package.

Bill has a degree in Business Finance from LaSalle Extension University, a Bachelor and Masters and PhD, (Philosopher of Metaphysical Sciences) from the University of Metaphysical Sciences, and additional Certificates from Wharton, The Ohio State University, University of Cincinnati and the College of Charleston. Bill is currently in defense of his Ph.D. dissertation. He has taught university-level courses and has actively mentored University at Buffalo’s School of Management’s Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership Fellows. Bill is a decorated Viet Nam veteran who was honorably discharged as an E-5 at the age of 19 from the United States Marine Corps. Bill is also a seven-time Lakota Sioux Buffalo Sun Dancer.

Yasmin India LLuveras, Philosopher of Metaphysical Counseling, Ph.D.
Yasmin LLuveras is a psychotherapy practice which specializes in providing care to youth, couples and Latino families in the Washington DC metro area.   Ms. LLuveras is also a mediator and a member of the Maryland Professional Volunteer Corps who respond to the mental health needs of those affected by natural disasters throughout the country.

Yvonne M. Glasgow, Philosopher of Holistic Life Coaching, Ph.D. Yvonne M. Glasgow is a professional writer and published book author who loves sharing her knowledge of healing, fitness and nutrition with everyone. Yvonne is a follower of the law of attraction and considers herself a very spiritual soul and an eternal learner.